How to be respectful

Do you want to know how to be respectful?

As a business owner/entrepreneur, do you want to learn how to be respectful to treat your employees better and teach them how to be respectful to others?

Being disrespectful shows wrong moral upbringing, disregard for cultural values, and lack of value for humans.

A society where people lack respect for each other would always be a chaotic one.

Even more, so is an organization where people disrespect each other.

If you’re not always been respectful, you can always learn to be more respectful.

Thereby helping you value people in general, be a better person, and build respect.

So, let’s dive in on what you need to know on how to be respectful.

How To Be Respectful

What are ways to show respect

As humans, it is natural to have your opinion about issues, get angry, and have negative emotions.

However, letting this emotion get the best of you and making you insult, disregard, and disrespect people is very bad.

Hence, the need to be respectful.

First, What Does It Mean To Be Respectful?

To be respectful means to value humans.

You value their space and opinion.

It also means to be aware of and respect the feelings of others in your manner of speech and behavior.

It’s commonly said; “do unto others what you want them to do to you.”

Hence, you do not put people in uncomfortable situations or positions.

You see and treat people the same way you see and treat yourself.

Most people really do not know how to be respectful

Also, when they have the slightest opportunity, they abuse and insult people.

As such making society a scary and insecure place for people to live in.

However, there are some practical steps to help you know how to be respectful.

Let’s discover what these steps are.

Steps On How To Be Respectful

What are the qualities of a respectful person

Always Be Well-Mannered

To be respectful does not only mean being polite or kind.

Do you chew gum or wear a headset when someone is talking to you

Or perhaps you walk out on people?

This act alone shows you are disrespectful.

When you are around people, be conscious of your environment.

Also, if you’re talking to a group of people, try to be as attentive as possible.

Pay attention and remove anything that will distract you.

Be very attentive to that person, and if you need to do something or go somewhere else, take proper permission and excuse yourself.

Be Kind, Polite, and Courteous

Once the issue of respect is brought up, these three words must be in place.

To be kind, polite, and courteous means you consider the feelings of people.

You respect the feelings of others in the way you talk and in your behavior.

You are friendly with people and do not see yourself as higher or more advanced than people.

What are some signs of respect

Respect Peoples Space And Belongings

It means respecting people’s boundaries and properties.

What are those things you know people are not comfortable doing?

Do not impose it on them to do your bidding or for them to break their boundaries.

If someone wants to have time to themselves every day, let them have it.

If they do not pick late-night calls, then do not call them when it’s late.

More so, have respect for people’s properties.

Many of such properties might be given as gifts from loved ones, so respect these belongings.

If you really want to make use of these properties, take permission and when you are done using these items, return them to the right position and in the right state.

Respect Peoples Opinion

Allow people to air their opinion about issues.

Do not think that because you are in a top position in an organization or highly placed in society, people’s opinions are useless.

See their opinion or ideas as equal to yours.

Also, even when you disagree with that opinion, let the disagreement be based on facts and not because of their level.

Always ask for their opinion and suggestions about an issue frequently to show that you value and respect their opinion.

However, when they air out that opinion, idea, or suggestion, you need to show genuine interest in what is being said.

Consequently, helping you to respect other people’s thoughts and ideas.

What do respect look like

Respect Peoples Body

This step is really a challenge for most people.

This aspect brings up the issues of sexual abuse or harassment.

It’s all about asking for permission before touching anybody, especially when dealing with women.

Even if it is to help dust their clothing, call their attention to it and ask for permission to do so before you do it.

You need to know that when someone tells you no, they mean No.

Do not exaggerate the issue.

When it comes to talking to people, be careful about the choice of words you say because people can be very sensitive and read meaning into things very fast.

Communicate Effectively

How you communicate matters a lot, not just to women but to humans also

However, how do you speak with and to people?

Do you allow people to speak concerning an issue?

What kind of attitude or manner do you display when you are around people?

All these are questions that you need to ask yourself.

The kind of tone and words you use when speaking to people matters a lot.

Nobody wants to be spoken to in a harsh tone and talked to in abusive languages.

When discussing with people, do not assume someone’s opinion because of the person’s gender, race, or nationality.

Allow the people to speak and try to know what they think about some issues too.

When people are given an opportunity, be patient with them.

Try to listen to them and be present also.

When you are also given an opportunity, think before you speak.

This is so that you will not tamper with people’s feelings or emotions.

The Qualities of People Who Are Highly Respected

Be Grateful, Acknowledge And Encourage Others

The art of being grateful shows that you’re respectful and value people.

Even if it’s a stranger who helps you, be grateful to that person.

Know that you live in a world surrounded by people.

These people could be your parents, siblings, friends, relations, colleagues at work, employees, and even strangers but in all of these, tell them how much you value and appreciate them.

Encourage people also, especially in their down moments, even when they fail in a task, to try as much as possible to boost their confidence in themselves.

Accept You Are Wrong  And Apologise 

You are not perfect, and you can hurt the feelings of others.

However, when you do hurt the feeling of others, try to accept that you are wrong and apologize sincerely and quickly.

Arguing to prove or justify a point is pointless; instead, apologize.

Also, even if you want to justify yourself, let it be after you have apologized, and the environment is now calm for you to talk about it.

Note; You hurting someone’s feelings is not as important as the action you take after that.

Ways to be Respectful of Others

Assist People And Address Flaws With Kindness

Always be ready to give aid to someone.

Assisting someone may not necessarily mean money.

It can be words of encouragement, time, and service rendered.

If you come across someone in need, try to give such a person your attention and create room for the person to feel comfortable with you and say what is troubling them.

When opportunities come to offer assistance, do not overlook such opportunities and attend to them with urgency.

Remember that you can assist someone with your act of service.

Hence, look for someone you can render a service to.

It can aged-persons or even children, but whoever it is, give a helping hand to them.

When you assist someone, you let that person know that they matter to you, making them feel valued.

Be patient with such persons, even with their flaws or mistakes.

Correct them in kindness and do not humiliate them or shout at them while correcting them.

Try to consider their emotions.

Judge Rightly And Do Not Be Biased

We are in an era where merits are no more significant, and favoritism is the order of the day.

But you can change that.

When asked to decide on something, take that decision because you know it is the right decision and not because of the people involved.

Even when you know the right decisions are in the less popular views, take it and say it because it takes guts to support less popular views.

Also, do not play favorites or discriminate when making decisions or passing out judgment.

Do not save or keep your respect for people you want to please or make a good impression and be abusive to everyone else.

Respect people’s belief systems, cultures, opinions, or preferences, and give judgment or make decisions rightly.

how to be respectful at work

Do Not Abuse Privilege Or Power

You may get to that point where you are to be in charge of something, no matter how small or little it may be.

Being in power does not only refer to governors or presidents but to you also.

As a business owner, leader, chairman of an occasion, secretary, or even treasurer of an  NGO, do not abuse that power given to you to lead people or supervise an activity.

Do not talk disrespectfully to the people you are leading, especially as a business owner.

Always be kind, humble, and polite to these people, irrespective of their positions.

You being a leader, is for your service to your followers.

A good leader must know how to serve well.

The act of service shows that you care about your follower.

As a leader, please keep to time.

Ensure you are at the meeting at the said time and you don’t keep people waiting unnecessarily.

Time is essential to humans, so try to make sure you do not waste people’s time.

You are now aware of the steps you need to take on how to be respectful.

Let’s quickly discover the advantages of being respectful and the disadvantages of not being respectful.

Advantages  Of Knowing  And Practicing  How to Be Respectful

how to be respectful in the workplace

Activation Of The Golden Rule

The golden rule says, treat others the way you want to be treated.

Therefore, once you start treating others with respect and dignity, you automatically start to draw respect to yourself.

You will notice that people are treating you with respect and value.

Basis For Every Relationship 

Respect is the basis for every relationship

Everyone wants respect, and every relationship (business or social) needs respect to thrive.

Treat people with love, care and attention because they love being treated that way.

Any relationship without respect is an unhealthy and toxic relationship.

To have a strong relationship, value, and respect people.

Life Is Valued

Showing respect to people means that you value them.

On the other hand, holding back respect means that they are not valued and are not worth being loved.

You tend to acknowledge them, telling them how happy you that they are alive.

You are grateful to them for the services they have rendered, making them feel valued and loved.

When you see people discouraged, you encouraged them to keep moving because you value their lives.

You do not consider nationality, skin difference, religion, etc.

Instead, you consider all to be human and value their lives.

 Fulfillment And Happiness

Being respectful also leads to fulfillment in life.

You see someone in need, and you render that little service or assistance to that person.

The joy the person displays after such service give us fulfillment.

Responsibility is now on your shoulder to render services to people no matter who they are.

Making the right decisions and not being biased in any way brings fulfillment.

This is because you know that decision is about others and not about you.

You are fulfilled and happy, seeing others happy.

It Creates Room For Peace And Harmony

Since you live in a civil society, showing respect to fellow citizens is paramount and important.

Once respect is practiced in that society, there’ll be peace and harmony in such an environment.

Everyone now is a brother’s keeper.

Therefore you look after one another and value people.

You would not hurt anyone because of the value of their lives.

Learn More

Remember that showing respect is not only for the people at your level but for everyone at different levels.

Therefore, showing respect to people gives them room to teach you more.

Showing respect to people allows them to create space to accommodate you.

They will impact new knowledge into you, which can be life experiences etc.

Trust Is Gained

You are now seen as a trustworthy person.

When you’re respectful, it becomes easy for people to approach you and build relationships with you.

Consequently, helping you earn people’s trust.

Disadvantages Of Not Knowing How To Be Respectful

examples of how to be respectful

The negative impact of not knowing and practicing how to be respectful is too much to list down.

However, you need to be aware of the disadvantages to stay on the safe side.

Below are the disadvantages;

  •  You become an island as no one would want to relate with you.
  • No new knowledge is gained, making you remain at a particular stage or point in life.
  • Not being respectful causes a rift between you, family members, friends, colleagues, and even strangers.
  • You won’t earn the respect of others.
  • You’ll lack the sense of fulfillment, and happiness is not in you that comes with being nice to other people.
  • You become a threat to individuals and society. Since you do not value people’s lives, you can easily hurt anyone without having a remorseful heart.

Final Thoughts On How To Be Respectful

how to teach your child to be respectful

We have come to the end of this blog post.

Being respectful is to value people and speak to them politely, kindly, and courteously.

It is also respecting peoples’ space and opinions regardless of their social standing in life.

It is also respecting people’s cultural differences, skin color, nationality, and religion, etc.

Above all, it is not enough to know the things you need to do to be respectful.

You also need to practice it by being respectful in your day-to-day activities in any environment you find yourself in.

So, practice these tips to be respectful so you can earn the respect of others.

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How To Be Respectful