How To Beat Monday Blues

How to beat Monday blues

Do you suddenly get scared whenever “Monday” is around the corner? Truth is, at some point, we’ve all probably dreaded this day of the week. For most people, Monday is the beginning of a new work week, the extension of pending tasks, and another day to get stuck in the four corners of your office. But, whatever it is that you’re feeling come Monday, know that there are ways on how to beat Monday blues.

After having a good weekend rest, it is normal that your body would still ask for one more day off work.

However, while it is indeed tempting to extend your weekend, the reality is that you have to get back to work or to whatever keeps you busy on a Monday.

How to beat the Monday morning blues

Therefore, this article will shed light on ways to finally say goodbye to ‘Monday sickness’ as most people would call it.

The following ways may help you in beating the Monday blues and finally get some real motivation to welcome this particular day of the week with a smile:

1. Identify What’s Keeping You Demotivated

How to beat Monday blues at work

This is the first thing that you have to do.

Know why you’re dreading Mondays.

Determine what’s wrong in this day.

Figure out the underlying problem behind your perspective of this first day of the workweek.

The moment you know the problem would also be the time to think of ways to empower yourself and look for ways to resolve the issue.

Easier said than done, but you will be one step closer to finding a solution to Monday blues if you know what’s keeping you from hating this particular day.

Monday blues

We’ve all been through this, and perhaps the most valuable thing to do is to analyze yourself.

Do you feel extra grumpy on a Monday?

Upon waking up on a Monday morning, what do you usually do?

Do you feel tired already even if you haven’t started your Monday?

Ask yourself these questions, so you’ll be able to unearth what really is wrong.

2. Take Off The Pressure And Learn To Unload

Monday morning blues

Learning how to beat Monday blues can be really challenging, but you’re the only one who can help yourself.

Perhaps, you have been putting too much pressure on yourself every Monday that your body automatically thinks that come this dreaded day, you will be doing loads and loads of stuff.

Avoid making Mondays your big and challenging day of the week.

Treat it just as you would the other less stressful days of the week.

You can do this by scheduling big tasks on other days.

Monday depression

Do not fill your schedule on a Monday because chances are, you’re always overwhelmed with so many things to do.

As an end result, you begin to dread Monday thinking that you will be welcomed with a lot of major things to do and accomplish.

If you really want to beat Monday blues, you must learn to admit to yourself that you can’t do it all on a Monday alone.

Your tasks require more than just your Monday.

Accepting this fact will help you unload your baggage and provide less pressure on yourself.

3. Do Not Put Too Many Tasks On Your Plate

Beat Monday blues

The problem with most people is that they think they can do all things in one go.

Perhaps you have been taking on way to much more work than what you are asked and required to do.

If you’re serious about getting your Monday calm back, you have to deal with this.

Avoid taking on too many tasks especially during Fridays and on the weekend.

This is because chances are, you will have loads of pending tasks that require immediate attention and completion on a Monday.

Monday anxiety


Beating Monday Blues is possible if you just treat Monday just like an extension of your weekend by being easy and calm.

Now, this does not mean to say that you have to get lazy on a Monday.

What it means is that you can change your perspective and  treat your Monday as if it is the best day of the week.

4. Be A Master Of Composed And Calm

Monday sickness

It is normal that the calm and relaxed state of the weekend often affects our body clock come Monday.

So, instead of angrily fighting the snooze button and hurrying your way to the bathroom to take a bath, eat breakfast, and leave the house, why not do it in a calm and composed manner.

Again, this may be easier said than done, but all it takes is practice.

One of the ways to beat the Monday morning blues is not to fight it at all.

When the alarm clock rings, calmly rise up from the bed and do your morning routine.

Take a calming bath, prepare and eat your breakfast unhurriedly, and walk out the door calmly.

Of course, all these will only be possible if you go to bed early the night before.

5. Get Enough Sleep, So You Can Wake Up Early                  Feeling Recharged

Why are mondays so depressing

Make it a habit to go to bed early on Sunday nights.

If you’re going to sleep late on a Sunday, it’s impossible that you’re going to feel great the next day.

That won’t happen at all.

Remember, lack of sleep affects your next day routine.

You become grumpy and irritated.

Although this next idea may seem to be counter-intuitive, trying to wake up 15 to 20 minutes early on a Monday can help you prepare physically and mentally for your day ahead.

This is because you have given yourself an extra “me time” before you head out the door and meet the world.

Treat it as your alone time even for just a few minutes.

Reflect and plan your day ahead.

Doing this prepares you for the day ahead.

6. List The Things That You’re Excited About Doing On A  Monday

Monday morning depression

People often look at how busy the week will be ahead of them.

They often associate Monday as the start of all the hardships they will endure before they see weekend again.

So to provide motivation, it would be best to list down things that you’re excited about doing when you get back on the first day of work.

List down at least three things you are excited about and do these things when you get back to work.

This will help you become excited again.

7. Prepare For Next Monday As Early As Friday

Back to work monday

How do you fight Monday blues for increased productivity?

Plan ahead.

Even before you go ahead and do your planned weekend activities, planning your Monday as early as Friday evening will help start your Monday better.

If you think there will be challenging and complicated tasks that are waiting for you come Monday, start doing the difficult ones as early as Friday.

This way, you will only have to deal with the easier ones when you get back to work.

If possible, finish work on Friday evening.

The problem with most people is that they often have Monday as the day where they complete tasks left from last week’s.

As a result, they feel tired and exhausted at the start of the week.

If you already sent that complicated email or made that nerve-wracking phone call on Friday, you won’t have to do it on Monday.

Cleaning up the mess on a Friday will help you feel a lot better when you go back on Monday.

8. When You Go For A Weekend Off, Make Sure That You Really Unplug

I dread Mondays

Stop making those calls, sending those emails, or answering the phone when you’re off on the weekend.

If possible, turn off your phone or don’t accept calls during this 2-day off.

This is your opportunity to recharge and take the time off from work, so use it wisely.

Yes, you may be tempted to know what awaits you on Monday, but work-life balance is very important.

You must draw the line between work and home.

The moment you leave for work on Friday night, leave everything behind in the office.

Avoid getting paperwork done at home.

Your office problems should remain in the premises of your workplace alone.

Monday motivation tips

Take the time to really enjoy your weekend with the family and clear your mind off things that are work-related.

Doing so will help you feel refreshed and recharged, and are more ready to take on the week.

Sometimes, all it takes for a person to be excited about Monday again is a change in environment.

When you break the monotony of working and truly enjoy the weekend, it would reduce your dread of Mondays.

Moreso, do something on the weekend that is totally different from what you’re doing from Monday to Friday.

Give yourself the chance to learn something new, so you’ll have both a change of setting and perspective.

9. Dress Up

Beating the Monday morning blues

This is another good motivator to go back to your usual Monday routine.

Whenever you feel the need for an extra push to go back to work on a Monday, think of a nice outfit to wear for the day.

Get yourself something that will make you feel good about yourself.

Wearing a nice outfit for work will boost your confidence and allows you to feel good all day.

Remember, when you look good, you definitely feel good.

So make it a habit to always dress up even if there’s no important affair at all.

Be someone who exudes positive vibes, so when people see you, they only see a positive aura.

10. Check If You’re Still Challenged At Work

That Monday feeling

There are times when people hate Mondays because they feel as if they’ve already done everything at work and doing it again will be a routine.

They hate doing things repeatedly that they tend to lose their zest for work.

When this happens, ask yourself of the things that you think will challenge you more at work.

Is my present position still making me want to go to the office every day?

If you’re a student, ask yourself if you want to try other things in addition to you course.

Monday morning syndrome

You may enroll in a painting class that is scheduled on a Monday morning, or yoga, or a dance class.

Breaking out of the common things we do in life helps in giving yourself a time out from the usual.

Best of all, these new things also challenge you to do more.

If you want to know how to beat Monday morning blues , allow time for doing other activities that are not on your everyday to-do list.

11. Check Your Relationship With Your Colleagues

Monday work blues

Monday morning anxiety often roots from the kind of relationship we have from the people we work with every day.

If you think you find it rather challenging to get along with your officemates, assess yourself and get to know what seems to be the problem.

Be a little kinder, generous, and approachable than you were before.

Perhaps there is an underlying problem why you don’t seem to get along well with your co-workers.

Look into yourself and check your attitude towards other people.

Mondays are tough

If you think there is really nothing wrong with you, check for your co-workers or a particular coworker’s attitude.

If your Monday is affected by an annoying coworker then you should do something about it.

You can either talk to the person, try to befriend him/her, or you can just put some distance between you and that person.

If necessary, you might want to discuss this with your bosses, so they will better understand your situation.

You see, things like this make you hate Mondays and even the rest of the workweek.

So instead of making your work life miserable, do something about it.

12. Focus On The Good Things

How to fight Monday blues for productivity

Monday morning anxiety is best remedies when you fix your eyes on what is good and positive.

While this may be a bit challenging given the stressful situation at work, it would always benefit you to not focus on the hate.

Do you hate Mondays?

Why not try to make Monday your favorite day of the week?


Do something so exciting on Mondays such that you can’t wait for the day to arrive.

The key here is to really do something to banish the anxiety away.

Try meeting a friend over lunch on a Monday or do something new during your break.

Think of ways where you can make your Mondays exciting and something that you can look forward to.

13. Treat Yourself To Some Good Times

Mondays at work

Resuming work on Monday will be enjoyable if you learn to treat yourself from time to time.

Self-care is very important in keeping your sanity in check.

If you’re a stay at home mom and your tasks usually revolve around feeding the children, taking them to school, or cleaning the house, now is the best time to pause.

Yes, there will be major adjustments especially for the kids, but know that you’re doing this to become a better parent.

One thing that you have to keep in mind is to never allow guilt to take over.

Not ready for Monday

When you need a Monday break from all the hustles and bustles of your home and the kinds, have someone take care of them for a few hours.

Yes, all you need is 2-3 hours away from your usual home routine, and then you’re good to come back refreshed and recharged.

Learn to love yourself.

Allow yourself to have a good time even for just a few hours.


Work on Monday will never be the same again if you give yourself the time to analyze and apply all the tips mentioned above on how to beat Monday blues.

Remember, don’t put too much pressure on yourself.

You got this!

You have been through a lot of difficult situations in your life and Monday blues are just a small piece of a puzzle.

Notice how your life will transform if you allow these small changes to take place in your life.

Have a good monday

Monday is a perfect day to start anew.

Change your perspective of this day, claim it to yourself, and affirm it.

Don’t let Monday blues eat up your productivity, work, and quality of living in general.

Make your Mondays exciting once again and believe that you can overcome Monday blues.

If you do all these things, you won’t have to dread this day again.

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How to beat monday blues