How To Build A Good Reputation

How To Build A Good Reputation

Do you wish to learn how to build a good reputation?

Has it ever occurred to you that you can learn to build a good reputation?

Most people in life assume that a good reputation comes with social status or success.

Some others can not differentiate between a good reputation and being wealthy because they assume that money buys a good reputation.

Being kind, generous, cheerful, hardworking, honest, etc., has nothing to do with wealth or social status. 

None of these truly define what reputation is.

Before you walk towards building your reputation, you need to understand what reputation is.

Therefore, what is reputation?

Reputation is simply who people know you as, who they describe you as, who they refer to you as, and what they think of your personality. 

It is all about how people see you and what you are known for. 

Reputation, according to Forbes, is the only currency that doesn’t fluctuate in the market. 

Likewise, Warren Buffet says, “reputation is the only business that takes years to build and just five mins to destroy.”

Also, like humility, it is one of the simplest virtues to cultivate in life because it is part of what makes you human. 

Hence, let’s consider how to build a good reputation.

How To Build a Good Reputation

How do you create a good reputation

Having a good reputation is something you can build on your own without money or anyone’s help. 

However, it requires you to be true to yourself and humane. 

Here are some tips on how to build a good reputation 

Take Care of Your Foundation; It Will Give You a Headstart on Building a Good Reputation 

Your foundation refers to your core values, your truth, principles, etc. 

These principles are the foundation on which every other thing is built. 

When it’s weak, it will be hard to build a good reputation.

Your philosophies/principles makes you who you are.

When you discover and understand yourself better, it will help you amplify your good qualities and work on others. 

Once you fine-tune your foundation, you can build your reputation by continuously working on your bad side and strengthening your good values.

How long does it take to build a good reputation

Work Hard Even When Noone Is Watching

One thing about reputation, either good or bad, is that it speaks for you in your absence. 

Therefore, to build your reputation, you should do your work to the best of your ability, even in the absence of your supervisor. 

Do not try to impress people by working when they are around and relaxing on your work in their absence. 

Working hard in the absence of your supervisor and co-workers earns you the reputation of being hardworking and not prone to eye service. 

Consequently helping you build good reputation in your career life.

To Build Your Reputation, Take Responsibility For Your Actions 

Owning up for your mistakes can be difficult. 

It may even land you into bigger problems and take away your entitlement.

However, taking responsibility for one’s action is a sign of maturity. 

This attitude earns you respect from your colleagues or people around you. 

To build a good reputation, never give excuses for your actions. 

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes; just make sure you own them. 

Even if you have a team working under you, take responsibility for the team’s action. 

It will help you build respect and a good reputation as a good team leader.

How do I fix a bad reputation

Be Honest; It Will Help You Build A Good Reputation

Honestly is a virtue that makes you stand out as a human. 

It’s not always easy to do because sometimes, saying the truth comes with great repercussions.

Likewise, you’ll get judged or condemned by dishonest people for being self-righteous.

However, it is better to be honest and hurt someone than to tell a lie in the name of protecting someone.

You are only saving the hurt for the future, and it may be the kind they may find difficult to recover from.

Therefore, to build a good reputation, imbibe the habit of telling the truth in all situations. 

It will earn you the reputation of being trustworthy. 

To Build A Good Reputation, Keep To Your Words 

A good reputation is usually built based on earning respect and self-fulfillment both externally and internally. 

One of the best ways to build a good reputation is by keeping to your words. 

Nothing earns you self-respect and external respect like doing what you said you would do. 

It helps you build trust and reliablity.

Also, it earns you credibility, especially in your business or in the workplace. 

This kind of reputation is hard to come by, but it is one of the outstanding things required in every workspace and personal life. 

It’s essential in a workplace because it makes your colleagues and employers rely on you, knowing that you can do something. After all, you said so.

It enhances productivity in the workspace and strengthens relationships, both personal and professional. 

Can reputation be managed

Never Speak Poorly Of Others

If you want to destroy your reputation or a good name, you should get involved in gossip or side-talks scandal. 

It reduces your worth as an individual and makes you lose respect from colleagues.

When a colleague isn’t performing up to expectation, the ideal thing is to find a way to correct them lovingly without criticizing them.

Another way to avoid being in a gossip scandal is to avoid listening to one. 

Even if your friend behaves poorly, correcting them will be a way to let them know of their bad behavior instead of telling others about it. 

Therefore, when working on building a good reputation, avoid speaking ill of people. 

It strengthens your reputation, your relationship with people, and helps you build trust.

 Be Kind With Your Words; It Boosts Your Good Reputation

Reputation is not built on the altar of self pretense, and it is built on the altar of love for others and yourself. 

One of the things that mar people’s reputation is how they talk to people. 

When talking to others, be as soft as possible, even if they are junior members of staff or even domestic staff in your environment. 

Your reputation is not only meant to speak for you within your class or just in your workplace. 

It speaks for you everywhere. 

Therefore limiting your good reputation to your workplace or within your friendship circle and treating the next person as inconsequential is the same as a pretense. 

Therefore, to build a good reputation, treat and address everyone as equal no matter their class. 

What do you need to build a professional reputation

Practice Integrity At All Times; It Would Help You Build A Good Reputation

Integrity is the ability to express steadfast, sound, moral, and ethical codes. 

It comes in handy, especially in business. 

Every business has its code and principles, and it is left for the persons running the business to uphold it.

This is the part you come in. 

Just like in working hard when no one is watching you, upholding the standards and principles of your workplace should be your number one duty as a staff of any workplace.

It is what differentiate you from we very another person out there.

Remember that your integrity is one of the parts of you people don’t see.

Therefore in building a good reputation, practice genuine integrity at all times. 

How do you know if you have a good reputation

Always Offer Helping Hands Even Before People Beg For It

Many people like to be in a position where people beg them before they render the help. 

When working towards building a good reputation, do not wait to be begged to render a helping hand before you do it. 

It doesn’t only help to boost a good reputation; it makes you more human than you have been. 

Volunteering is a way to offer hand-ups. 

It allows you to acquire new experiences and create friendly relationships with new people. 

For instance, in your workplace, you can help other team members with difficult tasks even when they do not ask you. 

However, don’t over do it so that you’re not called names.

Help when necessary and if it’s within your capacity to do so.

It will earn you respect among your colleagues and give you a sense of fulfillment. 

How do I rebuild my professional reputation

Show Appreciation And Gratitude

There is a saying that one should not expect a thank you when they render help, but nothing beats a gesture of gratitude shown to a helper.

This motivates them to do more.  

It can come in different forms like gifts, doing something in return, and even a simple thank you can go a long way in conveying gratitude. 

Showing gratitude showcases you as not being ungrateful or belittling the help. 

Overall practice gratitude as a lifestyle and be grateful for everything and to everyone either big or small.

Be Authentic And Consistent

In today’s society, where almost everyone wants to be famous and recognized by flaunting glam and glitters, it is difficult to be authentic. 

Even when you try to be yourself, there is always a part of you that wants to jump at the offer of being fake just to meet up with current standards. 

However, building a good reputation requires not just be authentic but also consistent in being yourself. 

You don’t have to be anyone else, and you shouldn’t allow people to influence you into becoming someone else. 

All you need to do is always remember who you are and what your goals are. 

These two things will keep you focused on not just being yourself but building a good reputation. 

How do I protect my reputation at work

Build Charisma; It Enances Your Reputation

Charisma is all about having a likable personality.

Likewise, being likable entails being easy to talk to and being open-minded towards opinions. 

A likable person explores the different points of view not to win them over to their side but to learn more about them.

It is a habit that endears people to you. This is because they feel free to talk to you about any issue. 

Also, they know you have listening ears, and you are open-minded about different opinions. 

Overall, these are some things that can help you build charisma and a good reputation.

Don’t Be A People-Pleaser

Many times people, out of the desire to please people, act in certain ways that doesn’t truly define their personality.

Hence, they go out of their way to do things to please people.

Even more, they pretend to be who they are not and claim to have certain things they do not have.

In the end, they disappoint the people they are trying to please.

There is no shame in saying that you can not do a thing, but you are willing to offer your little help. 

It doesn’t make you incapable or a weakling. It makes you unique and strong. 

Therefore, when building a good reputation, understand your limits and work with them. 

Why is reputation so important

Behave Appropriately Online

The social media space has given us the liberty to be who we want to be and explore all there is to explore. 

However, it should not be an excuse to hurt others or paint a bad picture about ourselves. 

To build a good reputation, it is advisable to be careful about the content we share. 

We should also be aware of the kind of persons we mingle with. 

Also, you should be careful of the news you share, not just because it may paint you bad, but because it may be putting another person in danger.

More so, social media is an extension of who you are in reality. 

Therefore, it is advisable to represent yourself properly in that space. 

Be Humble

Humilty is one of those virtues that can give you a good reputation in every sphere of life.

Humility is all about treating people with value and respect regardless of their social standing or achievements.

Also, regardless of how important you think you are, humility requires you not to think of yourself as more deserving or more important than others.

When you’re humble people around you can see it in the way you treat others.

Thereby it would help you earn their respect and build a good reputation.

Final Words On How To Build A Good Reputation

What is a reputation management strategy

Our reputation preceeds us. It speaks for us ieven n our absence. That is why it must be a good one. 

Reputation is not an inherited trait. Therefore, it can be built gradually.

However, building a good reputation requires you to start from the foundation.

Your foundation refers to your values/principles and it determines who you become.

Also, learn the virtues of kindness (especially with your words), being grateful, offering a helping handing and taking responsibility for your actions. 

As simple as they may seem, these things are part of what builds and strengthens our good reputation. 

Likewise, honesty is another virtue to cultivate when building a good reputation. 

It allows you to win people’s trust and build respect.

More so, be likable and approachable.

It will give people the ability to trust you enough to tell you anything that bothers them. 

A good reputation is quite easy to build and also easy to destroy. 

To cap it all up, ponder on these words from famous and successful man; Warren Buffet.

” it takes twenty years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it, if you think about that, you’ll do things differently.

Next time before you do anything that could tarnish your reputation, think twice.

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How To Build A Good Reputation