How To Build An Internet Business

How To Build An Internet Business

The internet has revolutionized a lot of things in our world today. The business world has not been left behind in this revolution. Now, businesses can be fully operated on the internet; and a lot of people have been made millionaires and billionaires through this. So, that you want to learn how to build an internet business is a great decision that has the potential of helping you generate tremendous profits.

There are so many ways, steps, and things to do if you want to build an internet business.

Luckily, this article will be discussing all of these in a clear and easy-to-follow way.

So, ensure you read this article to the end so you can learn everything you need to know to start up your internet business.

What is An Internet Business – How to Build an Internet Business

The first thing you should know about building an internet business is knowing what exactly the term means.

The term internet business is typically used to refer to any business that is run or operated on the internet.

While internet businesses are solely operated online, some businesses can be run both offline and online.

These hybrid kinds of businesses often have a physical location and at the same time carry out some of their operations on the internet.

So, you can choose to run your business solely on the internet.

Likewise, you can decide to run it both online and offline.

Your choice would be based on a lot of crucial factors especially your preference and your business type.

Examples of Internet Business – How to Build an Internet Business

Below, some common examples of internet business will be given.

These examples will help you get a better understanding of the term “internet business”.

Affiliate Marketing

If you want to start up an internet business but you do not want to sell your own products, then affiliate marketing may be the best choice for you.

Affiliate marketing happens to be one of the most common ways people make money via the internet.

It simply means selling other people’s products for a commission.

That is to say, when you sell some other person’s product as an affiliate marketer, you will be paid a certain amount for the sale.

The steps to becoming an affiliate marketer are quite simple.

First, you need to become a member of any affiliate program of your choice.

Once you do this, you can now choose the product you want to sell.

This could be anything from a digital product like online courses, eBooks, apps, and so on, to any physical product of your choice.

When any product is bought via your referral link, you then get the agreed commission for the sale.

One of the best ways to generate sales as an affiliate marketer is via blogging.

If you can properly optimize your blog, you’d get organic traffic that you can then convert to sales.

Likewise, you can decide to promote the products you are selling on social media platforms.

This internet business idea is very lucrative and yet its startup cost is extremely low.

And if your affiliate business does so well, you can even decide to take it a step further by releasing your own products.

This way, you get to earn way more.

eCommerce Store

Another internet business idea worth considering is an eCommerce store.

This is not a new concept and has been existing for about 40 years now.

And while it is not new, now is probably the best time to start an eCommerce store.

This is because online shopping has become a whole lot more popular in recent times.

People do not even mind making big purchases like cars on the internet these days.

If this internet business model appeals to you, then you can start up your business in no time as the steps involved aren’t complex.

First, you need to decide on what you want to sell.

Once you’ve made that decision, you’d have to set up your store on any eCommerce platform of your choice.

There are several options available to you such as WooCommerce, Shopify, BigCommerce, and so on.

Therefore, getting a platform that suits you best should not be difficult.

You can then decide to sell on any online marketplaces of your choice or self-host.


If you have an in-demand skill, then you can become a freelancer on the internet.

This simply means using your skills to provide certain services to interested people.

Your skill can be anything from photography to web designing, to programming, and so on.

Dropshipping – How to Build an Internet Business

With dropshipping, you can sell physical products without having an inventory yourself.

How does it work? Well, it is quite simple.

You would simply be buying products straight from the manufacturers whenever you have an order for the product.

Let’s break it down a bit.

First, you need to decide on the product you want to sell and the manufacturer you will be working with.

Also, you need an eCommerce store which your customers can order your products from.

So, when an order is made, you would then send it to the manufacturer.

They will in turn ship the order to your customer.

This is a great choice for you if you want to run an online business without having an inventory and taking on the monetary risk associated with it.

While this is a big advantage of this business model, there are also some major disadvantages attached to it.

One of these major disadvantages is that the profit margin is typically low.

Other disadvantages are zero supply chain control and slow shipping.

Therefore, before you decide on going into dropshipping, ensure you consider both its advantages and disadvantages.

Blogging – How to Build an Internet Business        

Blogging typically involves putting out high-quality written content for the consumption of a specific audience.

This in itself is not a business model, but it is rather a means to an end.

As a blogger, you have the chance of building an online audience and gaining their trust and loyalty.

Then, when you have your loyal audience, you can then sell products/services to them.

The products/services you offer may be yours or they could also be that of other people (affiliate marketing).

If you are quite popular, you could also earn more money by speaking at webinars or you could even get book deals.

Read this article on how to Start a blog and get paid to learn more about this topic. 

Why Should You Build an Internet Business – How to Build an Internet Business

Since you are here, then chances are that you are already interested in building an internet business.

However, if for some reason you are still on the fence about starting your internet business, then this section would help you to finally make up your mind.

High Potential to Grow – How to Build an Internet Business

Physical businesses are often limited by several real-life challenges.

For instance, renting a spot for a brick-and-mortar business can be quite expensive in prime locations.

And if you want your business to grow well, you most likely won’t mind spending a lot of money just to get a spot in a prime location.

But if you do not have that much capital for your business, you may be forced to go for a less desirable location.

And this may end up affecting your business growth.

But this is not the case with an online business.

All the “real world” limitations have no hold on an internet business.

Your product can get to anybody regardless of where you or they live.

You typically would have a wider reach because your customer base isn’t limited to your locale.

This is why the growth potential of internet businesses is significantly higher.

Operate Your Business Round-the-clock

Unlike brick-and-mortar businesses, online businesses can operate 24/7.

Because your business is online and you do not have to be physically present to run it, it means it can always be open.

People can place their orders regardless of the time of the day.

Starting Up an Internet Business is Relatively Cheaper

A lot of people have great business ideas that remain merely ideas because they do not have the funding to start the business.

There are so many expenses involved with starting a physical business including, paying for a store (either buying or renting), buying inventory, employee salaries, and so on.

But most of these are not needed for an internet business.

With an internet business, you typically need a computer, domain name, and website builder.

You most likely already have a computer, a domain name would cost a minimum of 10 dollars per year, while a website builder plan can go for as low as 30 dollars per month.

In total, you could spend as low as 100 dollars to start up your internet business.

Yes, more business opportunities would be open to you if you had more capital.

However, the point here is you do not have to put a lot of money on the line for you to run a successful online business.

Steps on How to Build an Internet Business

Now that you are sure of your decision to build an internet business, it’s time to learn the steps involved in doing so.

Here, everything you need to know to build your internet business would be discussed.

1. Choose Your Niche/Decide on a Business Idea

The first thing to do before anything else is to come up with a business idea and choose a niche for your business.

A niche is simply a fancy word for “focus area”.

It refers to an area of the market and your target audience.

So, how will you know a good niche?

Well, the best way to do this is to review the target audience and ensure they have the following:

  • A need that has not been satisfied or properly catered to by another business.
  • Readiness to spend their money on a viable solution for that need.
  • Enough income that can allow them to pay for the solution.

If the niche you are considering does not have these three important factors, then it would be best to avoid it.

This is because you would go through some challenges as you try to build your online business.

And these challenges would be amplified if your target audience does not need the product, is not interested in it, or cannot afford it.

2. Study Internet Business Laws

Before going into any business, it is often better to familiarize oneself with the legal aspect of that business.

The same goes for internet business; the worst mistake you would make is assuming you are free of legal requirements just because you are operating an internet business.

Even as an internet business owner, you would still need to meet some legal requirements. 

So, you should take out your time to study these legal requirements before you start your internet business.

Find out if you need a business license to run your business.

If you do, figure out the type needed.

Other things to learn about include permits, inspections, sales tax licenses, and rules and regulations involved in the business of your choice.

The laws may vary between states and countries.

So, ensure you find out the laws of your local authorities concerning the business you intend to go into.

You can even seek help from a legal practitioner. 

3. Carry Out Market Research – How to Build an Internet Business

Now, you need to know as much as you can about your target audience.

One of the best ways to do this is via market research.

This will help you find out the depth, profitability, and competitive nature of your selected niche.

The following are some of the things you can do when conducting market research for your internet business.

Review the SERPs

SERPs is an acronym for Search Engine Result Pages.

It refers to the result pages that are shown whenever a search is conducted on any search engine.

You can learn more about your target audience by searching for keywords relating to your service and/or product and then analyzing the SERPs.

Find out the ranking content for the keyword.

This will also help you to learn more about your competition.

Research Competitors

As you study the SERPs, take out time to also research your competitors.

Find out the big businesses in your chosen niche and how they are performing.

Know what they are doing, and know their weaknesses and strengths.

This way, you can avoid making the mistakes they made when they started.

4. Know Your Target Audience

Find out all you can about your target audience.

This is the only way you’d successfully be able to get them to make buy things from you.

Know both the psychographics and demographics of your target audience.

Their psychographics refers to their psychological characteristics including their interests, opinions, values, belief, and so on.

Their demographic on the other hand refers to socioeconomic characteristics like their gender, age, ethnicity, job title, and so on.

Knowing these things will help you understand the needs and preferences of your potential buyers.

This way, you’d know how to satisfy these needs.

5. Research Your Product – How to Build an Internet Business

As an internet business owner, you can sell either physical or digital products.

You can also render certain services based on your skills.

At this point, you most likely already know the product/service you want to offer.

But you can’t start your business without researching your product to see whether or not it is viable.

When evaluating the viability of your product, consider the following questions…

  • Is this product in demand? If it is, is its demand seasonal or sustainable?
  • Is there a business already offering this exact service/product?
  • How profitable is the sale of the product?

Once you are sure that the product is viable, you need to get a source for the product.

Will you be making the product by yourself, or would you rather work with a manufacturer?

If you want to produce the product yourself, then you should know that you most likely would be spending a lot of money on manufacturing the product.

The good news is that manufacturing your products also comes with several advantages that would be beneficial for your business.

Working with a manufacturer (dropshipping) is relatively cheaper.

However, you may not make as much profit as you would have if you were manufacturing your product yourself.

But for a small business, dropshipping is usually one of the best options.

Finally, you can simply buy products from a wholesaler in bulk and then distribute them as your order comes in.

6. Work on Your Brand – How to Build an Internet Business

Your business must have an identity; this is your brand.

The message every aspect of the business passes on has to be consistent.

It won’t be right if your business idea, business name, and web design are all conveying different messages.

So, take your time to define your business image and brand.

Focus on certain aspects like your color scheme, logo, pay layouts, and graphics.

7. Launch Your Business

Finally, you can now launch your internet business.

This is the stage where you get to set up your eCommerce store.

The first thing you need to do here is select an eCommerce platform that would best suit your business.

This platform is the power horse of your business.

It’ll offer you features that will help you successfully run your business on the internet.

This typically would cover everything from cataloguing to processing payment.

Once you select a platform, sign up on it, and then start adding your products/services.

When adding your products, ensure the product images are high-quality.

Also, make sure the product descriptions are great and catchy enough to attract people.

Next, decide on a shipping strategy.

There are several strategies available such as LTL freight carriers, in-store pickup, next-day or same-day delivery, and free shipping.

When you have all of the above in place, take your time to go through everything again.

Ensure everything is working the way it ought to be working.

Conclusion on How to Build an Internet Business

You can become a successful internet business owner if you set your mind to it.

This article does not cover the challenges you most likely would encounter on your path to success as an internet business owner. 

But, this should not make you assume that you won’t face challenges as you try to build your internet business.

On the contrary, you would.

You just have to stay motivated and determined and make sure you stand strong even in the face of these adversities.

This is the only way you can overcome them and become successful as an internet business owner.