How To Build Respect

How To Build Respect

Do you want to know how to build respect?

How would you like to be respected as a business owner, leader, employee, or regular individual?

Are you wondering how people attract respect and admiration from others without trying too hard?

Either as a business owner, entrepreneur, or in your personal life, earning respect will greatly boost your confidence level and charisma.

Most times, as leaders in an organization, you feel entitled to be respected due to the leadership position you occupy.

However, this sort of respect fades over time.

This is because this is conditional respect that’s tied to the position you occupy.

Once you’re out of that position, chances are that you won’t be respected any more.

As the saying goes, respect is earned not forcefully demanded.

Certainly, if you aren’t worth respecting, you will never earn it.

Have you taken a deep thought about those you respect so much, what do they do that is so different from the average people?

In this article, you will see some amazing and effective tips on how you can also build respect.

So kindly pay close attention to this article and follow these on how you can build and earn respect from people around you.

Read through to find out more!

How To Build Respect

Simple ways to gain respect

Respect is not something you command, it is something you earn.

However, it isn’t just earned in a day.

So, What Is Respect?

Firstly, respect is a two-way process; you give respect and attract respect.

Hence, it can be defined in two ways.

Respect is having regard for the feelings, rights, or wishes of other people.

Respect also means a feeling of genuine regard, admiration, and loyalty towards someone due to their special attributes, personality, or achievements.

Simply put, it means admiring a person due to his/her qualities or abilities.

For the purpose of this blog post, we’ll stick to the second definition.

Given this, building respect means acquiring natural likeness, admiration, and loyalty from people around you.

To do this, you’ll need to develop a unique personality and qualities that’ll make you admired by people around you.

More so, you need to hold certain high standards, ethics, and values that will make you valued and respected.

Now you know what respect means and what building respect entails.

Let’s consider some of the tips for building respect.

Tips On How To Build Respect

How to gain respect back

Respect can be interpreted in so many ways.

There are certain things you can do to earn it.

In as much as you want to earn it, you should also know that it is a two-way thing.

You also have to show respect for other people.

Below are a few points you should follow for you to build respect.

Show Respect To Other People

How to Gain Self-respect

You want to earn respect as a leader, business owner, or regular individual, then you need to set the foundation of respect.

Treat others the way you want to be treated.

You have to be an example of what you want others to do to you.

This is because everyone sees the way you treat them.

The respect you give to others will show them how you want to be treated.

If you’re rude and arrogant towards people, it would be very difficult for you to earn their respect.

Hence, if you want to be respected by others, treat people with respect.

This way they’ll see you as a person deserving of respect.

Consequently, helping you gain admiration and building respect.

Develop Active Listening And Effective Communication Skills

Must know tips to have respect for yourself

Most times people just want to be valued, respected, and listened to.

This proves to them that you are concerned about their wellbeing and their feelings.

As a business owner or leader in an organization, developing active listening skills will help you attract and gain the respect of your subordinates.

Your capacity to listen as a leader does not only create room for better communication.

It also makes them feel that you care about their thoughts and opinions.

Consequently, making them hold you in high esteem.

More so, working on your communication skills will go a long way to help you build respect.

As a leader, the way you speak and the words you use matters.

The tone of your words and how you express yourself is also as important as the word you speak.

Every aspect of your communication matters when it comes to building respect.

Regardless of whether it is in public or private how you speak and communicate generally will influence people’s opinion of you.

Hence, you should consider working on your communication skills when trying to build respect.

Good communication skills involve speaking confidently, clearly, timely, and using the right body language.

Hence, when speaking you should maintain an upright posture, be bold, and confident.

Likewise, you should maintain eye contact and be calm and steady in the way you speak.

This would help you gain their attention whenever you want to speak.

Consequently, helping you build respect.

Maintain Integrity Through Consistency; Be Consistent In Your Character And The Values You Uphold

How do you gain self-respect

Consistency in character will also help you to build respect.

Integrity and respect go hand in hand.

When you maintain integrity, people will hold you in high-esteem, value, and respect you especially as a leader in an organization.

What does integrity entail?

It entails being consistent in your ways and the values you uphold.

It also entails that people can hold on to your word for what it is.

This is such that you’re firm about your good values and would not change them for selfish reasons.

For instance, if you hold a certain value or work ethic of honesty and diligence towards work, then these qualities should not be questionable due to your inconsistency.

When people know what to expect from you at all times in terms of behavior they’ll see you as a transparent, honest, and responsible person.

Thereby, making them hold you in high esteem and helping you build respect.

Always Be Willing To Help

Building Respect, Trust, and Authentic Connection

Another way you can build respect is your willingness to help at all times.

Being genuinely willing and ready to help others makes people open up to you and hold you in high esteem especially as a leader.

This is because when you help others, you prove that you’re a good person and that you genuinely care about others.

It also shows that you have empathy, which is a valuable skill to possess as a leader in an organization.

Thereby, helping you attract the admiration of people around you.

Hence, either in your business, professional or personal life, pay attention to people around you.

This is so you can recognize when people around you are experiencing challenges and ways you can help them mitigate it.

It doesn’t always have to be financial help.

It could just be as simple as talking to someone having a bad day and cheering them up or helping a colleague with a hard task at work.

Consequently, making people develop a positive image of you, holding you in high esteem, and helping you build respect.

Practice Humility 

Build trust and respect in workplace

Another thing that can help you build respect is humility.

People don’t respect arrogant people.

Rather what they have is resentment and sometimes fear if the arrogant person is also a bully.

As a business owner or leader in an organization, what you want is for people to respect you and not to fear you.

Hence, in your relationship with people be humble.

Even as a superior, you need to understand that you do not know it all and be humble and willing to learn from your subordinates.

More so, you should be polite in your interpersonal relationship and treat everyone with respect.

This is not to say you should be everyone’s floormat such that people can easily walk over you or undermine your authority as a leader.

It just means that you should understand the difference between confidence and arrogance and let it guide you in your interpersonal relationships.

Consequently, helping you to be firm, polite, and earn the respect of people around you.

Don’t Be Too Nice¬†

Important ways great leaders earn trust and respect

You should be able to distinguish between being kind, courteous, and being too nice.

Being kind and friendly is good but not at the detriment of your happiness and dignity as a person.

You must understand that you can’t make everyone happy.

When you try to make everyone happy, it probably won’t take you far.

Similarly, when you try to be too nice, you will end up losing your respect

However, this doesn’t mean that you should be a pushover or be a wicked person.

Hence, be nice and kind to people but don’t be a people pleaser.

Learn to say no when people make an outrageous request from you.

Consequently, helping you preserve your dignity and helping you build respect.

Avoid Unnecessary Excuses; Learn To Take ResponsibilityIncreasing trust and respect as a leader

Making unnecessary excuses will definitely mar your potential of building respect.

As an entrepreneur, you must know that your actions are based on your choice.

You choose to do what you do.

So you must be ready or able to take responsibility for your actions.

You must learn to accept your own mistake instead of making excuses.

Also, be willing to move on from your mistakes, learn from them, and be ready to do better next time.

Thus, helping you build integrity and earn the respect of people around you.

Let Your Appearance Also Speak; Dress Nicely And Neatly

Ways leaders earn respect from their employees

As a business owner, your appearance should also speak for you.

You should always take pride in your appearance.

Take time to practice good hygiene.

How you dress says a lot about your personality.

More so, it is said that how you dress is how you will be addressed.

You can’t dress irresponsibly and be expected to be treated with respect.

Hence, if you want to be taken seriously and treated with respect, let your dressing speak well of you.

Make it a habit to always dress in neat and clean clothes.

You should always take cognizance of your nails as well as your hair.

Hence, take your personal appearance and hygiene seriously and always make your physical appearance make a positive statement.

Consequently, helping you build respect in your business, professional, and personal life.

Build Confidence

Actions You Can Focus on to Influence Culture of Respect

Another vital and important way for you to earn the respect of people is to work on your self-confidence.

It doesn’t matter your position.

For you to gain the respect of other people, you need to respect and believe in yourself as well.

When you lack self-confidence, it will be very easy for anybody to recognize this as your weakness.

Due to this, you will be easily pushed over and disrespected either as a leader or a regular individual.

More so, you won’t be taken seriously.

Hence, build your confidence level.

This is so you can easily stand up for yourself in any situation and confidently express your feelings and opinions when necessary.

Thereby, making people value you and helping you build respect.

Show More Self-Control; Learn To Control Your Emotions

How do I gain respect

For you to build respect, you must always check your emotions.

Not all things should get you angry especially as a leader.

Certainly, you will get frustrated or stressed by certain things or the behavior of people around you.

Losing control of your emotions at all times doesn’t speak well of you as a person.

More so, it would also make people lose regard for you.

However, your ability to manage your emotions would earn you more respect from people around you.

More so, it would also show your level of emotional intelligence.

Hence, learn to exercise more control of your emotions.

This way, people will hold you in very high esteem.

Thereby, helping you build respect.

Always Appreciate And Value People’s Effort

Ways leaders earn respect from their team


Another way you can build respect is by appreciating people for their effort.

Tell them what you appreciate about them.

Appreciation means valuing or showing recognition of the good qualities of something.

As a regular individual, when you are able to appreciate people for their effort, it does not only make them respect you.

It also makes them hold you in high esteem and look up to you for inspiration to be better at whatever they do.

There are several ways in which you can show appreciation.

A few of them include;

  • Showing compliment for their skillBeing able to complement what you admire about them is a way of showing appreciation and reinforce good behavior.
  • Share a testimony of what they have done and how relevant it is to you.
  • As a superior, you could give them bonuses or gifts.

This way they’ll recognize that you value and respect them.

Hence, they will value and respect you as well.

Always Fulfill Your Promises; Let Your Word Be Your Honour

How to be respected and admired

A leader or business owner who doesn’t keep his/her promises will definitely lose the respect of the team.

So keeping promises is one of the most important tips you must work on for you to start building respect.

This is because keeping your promises will lay the foundation of trust and respect for you.

It makes your colleagues and team feel that you are responsible.

However, when you don’t keep to your word, it doesn’t speak well of your personality.

It diminishes your integrity and credibility especially as a leader.

Thereby making them not to respect you.

So as a business owner, leader or regular individual, your ability to fulfill promise will definitely go a long way in helping you build respect.

Acknowledge Your Mistakes

How to earn respect as a leader

No man is an island of knowledge.

This is why everyone is bound to make mistakes.

However, it is your ability to admit your mistakes that will distinguish you from the regular.

Regardless of your position, you should take responsibility for your error.

In fact, people tend to give more respect to a colleague or boss who always acknowledges his/her mistakes.

So, when you are able to admit your mistakes, you will certainly be able to earn the respect of the people.

Conclusion On How To Build Respect

How do leader earn respect

Overall, respect is a two-way process.

It’s not just enough to want to be respected by people.

You have to be willing to respect others as well.

Afterall, you earn respect by behaving in a responsible and respectable manner.

So, as a business owner, leader, or regular individual, to overcome the challenge of lack of respect from people around you, apply these tips to help you build respect.

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