How To Build Self-discipline To Exercise

How To Build Self-discipline To Exercise

Do you want to stop quitting your exercises? Are you frustrated that you haven’t been able to achieve your desired exercise goals because you quit? Do you want to build self-discipline to exercise?

Several people have these questions running through their minds.

This is because, in the first place, it is easy to decide to exercise and keep your body in shape.

However, when you begin to exercise, it can get quite tough to continue with the exercise routine.

 Several distractions, excuses, and weaknesses will surface that might make you quit your exercise.

Not many people keep going once distractions and weaknesses surface.

However, those who preserve and get their desired results are those who are self-disciplined.

Hence, in this article, we will be sharing with you essential information that will enable you to build self-discipline to exercise.

To begin, let us look at the basics…

What is Self-Discipline? – How to Build Self-discipline to Exercise

How do you discipline yourself to practice exercise

Self-discipline is one’s ability to control their feelings and overcome their weaknesses.

When you are self-disciplined you will push yourself, be motivated, and take the necessary actions that will enable you to achieve your goal regardless of how you feel emotionally or physically.

Common Traits of Self-disciplined Individuals – How to Build Self-discipline to Exercise

To better understand what self-discipline is, and how it works in a person, we will share with you some common traits of self-disciplined individuals.

They Commit

Self-disciplined individuals stick to their words.

That is, whenever they make decisions to perform a particular task, or activity they ensure that they do it.

They do not need someone to be accountable to before doing what they ought to do.

They Steer Clear of Temptation – How to Build Self-discipline to Exercise

It is generally hard to resist temptation.

Even self-disciplined individuals find it difficult to resist temptation.

However, these individuals know a way to prevent themselves from falling into temptations.

Instead of letting something entice them, they steer clear of it altogether.

They Care For Themselves

Self-disciplined individuals do not play with their bodies.

They do not take their bodies for granted.

They know that if their body is not healthy it will make them less productive and will likely have an effect on their life quality.

So, they care for themselves by sleeping well, eating healthy, and exercising.

They Have Limits – How to Build Self-discipline to Exercise

Self-disciplined individuals can achieve tasks better because they know their limits.

Hence, whatever they do stays within their limits or boundaries.

They only stick to things that will help them accomplish their goals.

These people set boundaries and do not accept things that will serve as a distraction.

They Do Not Let Emotions Control them

Emotions can make people do things that they sometimes regret.

It can make a person quit when they ought not to.

Self-disciplined people do not let their emotions get the best of them.

They deal with whatever they are feeling and keep pushing forward to achieve what they have set their minds to.

They Have Defined Goals – How to Build Self-discipline to Exercise

Self-disciplined individuals do not just stop at keeping their bodies fit and well-rested, their discipline goes beyond that.

It leads to the actualization of professional and other personal goals.

These people understand that their goals cannot be actualized if they are not clearly defined.

So, they ensure that they set clear goals, and are specific with the objectives and tasks that will help them achieve them.

They Live By Deadlines

Self-disciplined individuals are serious with their dates and timing.

They do not only set clear goals, they ensure that they also set a timeline to when their goals are to be achieved.

These people track their process by looking at their milestones and mini-goals.

Check here to discover why deadlines are important to entrepreneurs.

They Focus on the Result/Prize – How to Build Self-discipline to Exercise

Self-disciplined people are focused on getting their long-term pursuit or result.

Hence, they do not let immediate satisfaction derail them.

These people will readily sacrifice what they can get at the moment to ensure that they achieve their desired result.

They are good investors, who invest, work, and stay on track till they get what they are after.

What is Exercise? – How to Build Self-discipline to Exercise

What are the steps to building self-discipline

Exercise is any activity that requires physical effort and is performed to improve or sustain body fitness and health.

There are several types of exercises that are performed for different reasons.

Examples of exercises include walking, running, dancing, jogging, swimming, and many others.

Benefits of Exercising Regularly – How to Build Self-discipline to Exercise

To further encourage you to build your self-discipline to exercise, we will share with you some benefits of exercising regularly.

Note that a person can only exercise regularly and enjoy all the benefit that comes with it when they are highly self-disciplined.

The following are the benefits of exercising regularly:

It Fights Diseases and Health Condition

One major benefit of exercising regularly is that it improves the overall health condition of people

It Controls Weight – How to Build Self-discipline to Exercise

Exercise can either help to reduce weight gain or sustain weight loss.

Whenever a person performs any physical activity they burn calories.

The intensity of the activity determines how many calories a person burns.

When you regularly exercise, you will reap the harvest with a well-fitted body.

It Boosts Energy

When your energy is depleted from performing tasks and chores, you can recharge it by exercising.

Regular exercise can improve and boost your physical strength and endurance.

This is because when you perform physical exercises, nutrients and oxygen are delivered to your body tissues.

This helps to make your circulatory and respiratory systems work better.

As a result, you will be fueled with more energy and strength.

It Improves Mood – How to Build Self-discipline to Exercise

Exercise stimulates different brain chemicals.

When this stimulation happens, it can make you feel less anxious, more relaxed, and happier.

Also, regular exercise can make you feel good, confident, and happy with your appearance.

As a result, it can boost and improve your self-esteem and confidence.

It Promotes Good Sleep Quality

Exercise can help promote good sleep quality.

Often time after exercising, the body requires rest to fully restore energy.

As a result, it can make you sleep faster, and also get a more deepen and better sleep.

It Can Enhance Sex Drive – How to Build Self-discipline to Exercise

Performing physical activities can help to improve tone muscles, blood circulation, enhance flexibility, and boost heart strength.

All of these improvements can better a person’s sex life.

Exercise increases sexual pleasure and sexual performance.

Why You Need Self-discipline to Exercise – How to Build Self-discipline to Exercise

How can I motivate myself to workout at home

Performing exercise can be difficult, especially if you are not used to it.

Most people find it difficult to exercise because they have so many daily tasks to perform that make them feel overwhelmed to perform their exercises.

In some cases, some people don’t perform their exercises when they lack willpower.

While sometimes people are just lazy to get themselves to exercises even when they plan to and need it.

Lastly, some people get distracted by one thing or the other and carelessly allocate their exercise time to distraction.

All of these reasons and more make people not perform their physical activities even after planning to.

However, as a person who decides to exercise to gain one benefit or the other, you have to push yourself to do so regularly to get your desired result.

The one way to do that is to become self-disciplined.

Self-discipline will help you to eliminate whatever reason that stops you from exercising.

When you are self-disciplined you will know how to plan your day that no matter the number of tasks you may have to perform, you will still make time to perform your exercise regularly.

The self-discipline you possess will push you to perform your exercises no matter the mood you are in.

This is because your decision and action will not be controlled by your emotions when you are self-disciplined.

Furthermore, self-discipline will enable you to do away with distraction, focus your energy, and allocate your time properly to perform your physical activity.

Finally, it will help you to preserve daily till you get your desired result.

So, you need self-discipline to see you through all your exercise routines till you get your desired result.

Tips on How to Build Self-discipline to Exercise

How long until exercise becomes habit

No matter how unmotivated, tired, or busy you might seem to be, you can discipline yourself to perform that exercise.

The following tips will help you to build self-discipline to exercise:

1. Focus and Seek the Instant Benefits

Several people decide to exercise because of one benefit or the other that comes with exercising.

As an individual, you also have something you want to achieve from exercising.

Your desired result or benefit might be long-termed or short-termed.

Instead of pinning for your long-termed result, you can focus your mind on the short-term benefits you are getting from your exercise.

This is because it will make you feel more motivated to keep going.

Even if the result is not your main focus, it will build your self-discipline to keep exercising regularly until you get your desired result

For instance, your desired result might be to lose excess weight, but that might take a while to achieve.

So instead of focusing on that, looking at yourself in the mirror, and getting discouraged at the pace at which your exercise is going, fix your attention on something else.

Your physical activities will not only be working to reduce your weight, but it will also be doing other things.

It could be helping you sleep better, have clearer thinking, improve your mood, or reduce stress and pain.

All of the aforementioned things are the instant benefits you can get from exercising.

So, identify the ones you are getting, focus on them and it will build your self-discipline to keep exercising to get your desired result.

You can go further and have those instant benefits pasted on your fridge, bathroom mirror, or any other place you can get to see them easily.

2. Have a Convincing Reason – How to Build Self-discipline to Exercise

Sometimes you find it difficult to exercise because you have no convincing or compelling reason to.

Some people after exercising for a while get tired of doing so because they do not care much about achieving their fitness goal from the beginning.

For instance, you might have decided to start swimming because you want to become more impressive to people.

However, the motivation to regularly perform that physical activity might run out because you were only doing it to impress people.

So, it will become tasking to go to the pool and take those laps because your reason for starting was not convincing or compelling.

When you base your reason for exercising on something more convincing or compelling you will discipline yourself to see that you exercise.

An example of a convincing or compelling reason for exercising can be because you want to enjoy better health and live longer.

To build self-discipline to exercise ensure that you are exercising for reasons that are compelling enough to get you going.

3. Be Realistic

Another thing that can build up your discipline to exercise is being realistic.

As we earlier stated, everybody decided to exercise for one benefit or the other.

However, not everybody is realistic when setting their exercise goals.

For instance, if you set a goal to build up your body muscle in one week, you are most likely setting yourself up for disappointment.

When that one week is up, you will get discouraged to keep exercising for the other fitness goals you might have set for yourself.

So, you have to be careful when you set your exercise or fitness goals.

Ensure that they are realistic and attainable.

This way, you will know that you are not fooling around or deceiving yourself.

When you know that you are not joking about what you want to attain from your exercise, it will build your self-discipline to exercise.

4. Create Your Exercise Plan – How to Build Self-discipline to Exercise

One thing that enables a person to stay on track is a good plan.

A good plan has good time allocation and objectives that ensure a goal is met,

It also prepares for the unexpected.

For instance, your plan can be to exercise every morning before starting your day, but one morning you could not due to an emergency.

Then, your plan should be able to accommodate that change.

The change might be to do the exercise later in the evening or do the routine you were supposed to perform the next day.

Your plan has to be strict but flexible enough to undergo change and still go back to normal.

If you exercise after work, or away from your home, then you should be prepared every day to do so by having a bag packed with your exercise clothes and accessories.

Also, you have to ensure that your exercise plans are realistic as your goals.

Do not plan to exercise at the time you know you spend with your family.

Instead, find a suitable time that will not affect any aspect of your life negatively.

Also, if you exercise away from your home, you have to ensure that you do not choose a location that is far away.

The farther your exercise location is, the easier it will be for you to cancel.

A good exercise plan will help build your self-discipline as there will be an order to how you do things.

5. Prioritize Your Exercise

If you do not prioritize your exercise your plans will not work, your goals will not be achieved, and neither will you build your self-discipline.

Prioritizing your physical activities will allow you to take them seriously.

You should not see them as something that you can go on without doing.

You can only build self-discipline to exercise when you feel and think that your exercise is relevant in your life.

6. Reward Yourself – How to Build Self-discipline to Exercise

One thing that motivates people well is rewards.

A person’s self-disciplined towards accomplishing a thing gets stronger when they feel motivated.

So, if you want to build your self-discipline to exercise, reward yourself for exercising.

This might seem somewhat silly, but it will work to make you more motivated.

You do not necessarily have to give yourself money.

The reward could be something you want such as a new top, bag, book, your favorite meal, and so on.

Also, the reward does not have to be something tangible; it could be a long warm bath, an evening stargazing, a good massage, etc.

However, you should not gift yourself with these rewards every day to avoid losing the excitement and thrill of it.

Instead, gift yourself every time you have gone a milestone in your exercise progress.

To know your milestones, you have to keep track of your progress.

Or you can gift yourself on a weekly or monthly basis, or when you exceed your expectations or limits.

7. Self-Parent Yourself

Nothing screams self-discipline than self-parenting.

Becoming your parent will make you see things and do things that will benefit you.

Good parents will not allow or watch their child play around or late into the night when they have exams first thing the next morning.

You have to understand that it cannot be all fun and no work every time.

Be your own parent and make yourself perform your exercise even when you do not want to.

This might seem funny, but scold yourself when you are getting lazy or want to give up.

Know that your exercise will help to better your life.

So, just as good parent believes in their children, believe in yourself that you perform your exercise no matter how difficult they might be.

Conclusion on How to Build Self-discipline to Exercise

Is it better to workout at morning or night


You do not need anyone to make you do that exercise.

All you need is self-discipline.

We have shared with you tips on how to build self-discipline to exercise.

Practice them and get your desired results from your exercise.

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How To Build Self-discipline To Exercise