How To Build Trust With Clients

How To Build Trust With Clients

Do you want to treat your clients better? Are you thinking of ways to retain and get your clients’ loyalty? Do you want to know how to build trust with clients?

If you have all these questions in mind and more, then you are not alone.

Clients or customers are considered to be the most important factor of a business.

This is because when a business lacks clients it will not function; there will be no one to patronize the business.

 Hence, businesses have to treat their clients well, to ensure they get their patronage.

One major way of doing this is by building trust with them.

In this article, we will be discussing how this can be done.

To begin, we shall be looking at the basics.

What does it mean To Build Trust with Clients? – How to Build Trust with Clients

To build trust with your clients means to build a business relationship where your clients believe and rely on your business services and products.

In other words, trust with clients is when they believe you and your business to be credible, and reliable.

As a result, they believe that you have their best interest in mind and will not intentionally hurt that belief.

Reason Why You Should Build Trust with Clients – How to Build Trust with Clients 

Your motivation to build trust with clients might be below what it should be if you do not know the benefits of doing so.

So, we will share with you reasons why you should build trust with clients.

Increases Customer Loyalty

When your clients have trust in you, it most likely will reduce the chances of them switching to other businesses.

Even when other businesses provide some benefits that your business does not provide, your clients will stick by you.

Their trust in you will solidify their loyalty.

Hence, they will rather stay with you than go to a business that they do not trust.

Their loyalty will make it easy for your business to retain them and have them explore and purchase other products or services you offer.

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Builds Good Reputation and Awareness – How to Build Trust with Clients

As we just said, trust helps to build loyalty and retain customers.

The spin-off of this occurrence is that it can help your business reputation and build awareness.

When your client trusts and are loyal to you, they tend to spread the good news about your business.

They will refer your business to other people because they believe that you will deliver excellently just like you did with them.

This makes more people get to know about your business.

Furthermore, your business reputation will improve because your clients will only have good things to say about your business.

Increases Market Authority – How to Build Trust with Clients

When your client’s good words spread out, it will not only reach the ears of potential clients but also your competitors and peers.

This will help to increase the authority you have in the market.

The demands for your products and services will lead to better distribution terms for your business.

Also, your business will find it easy to access your targeted clients.

Furthermore, with your business name prominent in your sector, you will find it easier to recruit the best skills and talents.

This is because a connection to your business will help their careers.

Increases Profit Margins

Your customer’s loyalty and market authority will lead to your profit margin increase.

Profit margin measures the degree to which business activities or a company earns money.

Hence, the more attention and patronage your business gets, the higher your profit margin.

Your customer’s loyalty and market authority will make more clients patronize your business

Motivates Staff – How to Build Trust with Clients

Finally, your company culture gets a positive lift when your business gets wins and flourishes.

Your employees will be more motivated to put in their effort.

This is especially true when you extend your open and respectful treatment of your clients to your staff.

As a result, it will create a conducive work environment based on trust and respect.

Your business will then operate better externally and internally.

The business mission will then become the employees’ mission.

Hence, everyone will work together to achieve the business mission and goals.

Pillars of Trust – How to Build Trust with Clients

To build trust with clients there are qualities or attribute you have to exhibit.

These qualities/attributes will make your client see that you are trustworthy.

You cannot fabricate trust.

So, do not try to fake these qualities/attributes.

Instead, if you do not possess them, work and develop them.

These qualities/attributes are called pillars of trust:

Clarity – How to Build Trust with Clients

Ambiguous or complicated individuals hardly gain the trust of other people.

People do not want issues understanding things or a person

So, they rather trust straightforward individuals and things.

What you understand is what you trust.

Clarity is an attribute you will need if you want people to trust you.

It will make you and your business easy to understand.

When you are clear about what you mean, what your products do, and how your services work, your clients will appreciate the clarity.

This will make them not take their time questioning and working out what you mean.

As a result, it will help to quicken their demand for your products or services.


To gain your clients’ trust you need to possess integrity.

Integrity is when a person has strong ethical principles or is honest.

It is a big factor when building trust.

This is because people easily trust people who do things the right way, even when it seems difficult to.

Also, people only trust the truth.

So, you have to ensure that you and your business are honest and follow strong ethical principles to gain your clients’ trust.

Compassion – How to Build Trust with Clients

People tend to trust individuals who care for more than themselves.

Therefore, compassion is important to build trust with people.

Compassion will help you to show care to others and even make moves to help people.

When you do things to help people other than yourself or your business, your clients will appreciate and trust you.


Being committed regardless of challenges and difficulties can help to build trust.

When you stay committed to your business, it will make people believe your business to be trustworthy.

In other words, your commitment to your business will show that you want the best for it and will not settle for less.

As a result, your clients will trust you to provide the best.

Competency – How to Build Trust with Clients

Nobody believes or trusts incompetency.

If you are not capable of doing your job, then what is the point of trusting you to do other things?

Competency shows people that a person can be depended on to effectively execute their tasks or duties.

People do not want to waste their time or resources on incompetency; everybody wants the best for themselves.

So, they go for the best.

Therefore, if you want to build trust with your clients you need to be competent.


No matter how you see it, people enjoy feeling connected to other people.

Connections can help to grow trust quickly.

For instance, if you meet someone who you like and connect with, there is a high possibility that you will trust that person.

Learn to develop connections with your clients.

Your relationships with them do not have to be all serious and impersonal.

Consistency – How to Build Trust with Clients

Consistency is the ability to keep doing or acting the same way over time.

This might seem boring to you, but you ought to know that it builds and sustains trust.

Most people love stability, especially when it is good.

Hence, they trust what or who provides that stability.

Your business has to consistently keep doing good things to build trust with your clients.

Tips on How to Build Trust with Clients

Your clients’ trust for you is dependent on those things that you do.

Hence, the responsibility to build trust with your clients falls on you.

The question is ‘how do you accomplish this?’

The following tips will answer this question:

1. Be Respectful to Your Clients

Respect is a key ingredient in getting your clients’ trust.

When you are respectful towards your clients, they will also reciprocate it.

Also, when you respect them, they will see you as someone trustworthy.

Your clients’ time is very important to them.

So, ensure that you respect their time.

When you schedule meetings ensure that you are there on time.

Also, when you promise to get something done for them at a given time, make sure you get it at that time.

Furthermore, you have to ensure that your communication with them is proper.

In other words, be honest, proactive, and timely when communicating with them.

Your tone should be genuine whenever you are speaking to them.

Understand that they are not experts in your field.

So, make your explanation as simple as possible; do not use your field jargon.

If you cannot do without the jargon when explaining, then be patient and carry them along.

When you do, it shows that you respect them.

As a result, they will trust you to do right by them.

Respect your clients at all times.

2. Work on Leveled Ground – How to Build Trust with Clients

Learn to work on a leveled ground with your clients.

The way to do this is by asking them for their input.

Yes, they hired you for your expertise and skills, but you should know that to do the job to please them, they have to contribute.

Make them feel free to chip in their contribution concerning their projects.

When they do, work with what they have said.

Ensure that you get to know what they want.

This way they will feel satisfied with the job when is done.

When you do all of this, they will be pleased that you wanted their input and their trust in you will start growing.

Ensure that it is not one-time; do it all the time.

3. Accept and Correct Your Mistakes

You need to understand that everybody makes mistakes.

In almost all relationships, someone tends to mess up.

So, you should not hide your mistake or blame someone else.

When you make a mistake accept that you did, and then apologize to your clients.

Take time to openly communicate with your client about how it happened and plan how to correct the mistake.

When you confess and correct your mistakes, your clients will see that you want what is best for them.

How you act and follow up on a mistake will help your client to know what to expect if something similar occurred again.

On the other hand, if it is your client that is wrong, forgive them and let them know that everybody makes mistakes.

Then help them to correct things if there is a need.

As you do this, they will respect, appreciate, and trust you.

4. Go a Little Personal – How to Build Trust with Clients

Just because you have a professional relationship with your clients does not stop you from being personal.

Professionalism is not being impersonal ad it won’t hurt you to go a little personal.

Most people would like to know the person they are doing business with better.

So, do not be scared to build that connection.

You can talk about things that you enjoy like sports, parties, or television series.

From there you can go on to talk about something more personal like your family, or your career path.

The more your clients know about you, the more comfortable they will be.

This will make them open up to you and built trust.

5. Exceed Their Expectations

When dealing with your clients, ensure that you exceed their expectations at all times.

Your delivery should be better than any promises made.

Go that extra mile to surprise your clients.

No matter how small that extra input is; just do it!

Your clients will appreciate you for that unexpected value.

This will make them look forward to doing more jobs with you.

When you show them that you are competent, they will trust you.

6. Listen to Them and Respond – How to Build Trust with Clients

Sometimes, you might not be able to dig deep into what your clients want with the series of meetings and many tasks in-between.

So, in the middle of all of these, stop for a second and ask your clients what they do not appreciate about your services.

Get them to tell you about how you are operating.

Is there anything you are lacking?

Do they think that you are not giving your all?

Are you not communicating well with them?

If they do have any concerns or complaints, listen and take note of them.

After you have done that then you should accordingly act to correct their concerns or complaints.

When we say listen, we mean you should listen actively and understand them.

Do not just listen to immediately defend or respond.

7. Appreciate Them

Some people tend to find it difficult to trust when they are not appreciated.

They want to be treated specially and not indifferently.

As a result, they feel like you do not care about them.

So, when they do not get this ‘special treatment’ they tend to feel the need to get it somewhere else.

Hence, you should learn to appreciate your clients.

Beyond the regular or general appreciation after their patronage; go a little out of your way.

You can do this by sending them appreciation emails, mail cards, and have them invited to your business event, and so on.

Additionally, you can send them congratulatory cards after getting their projects done, and even on their birthdays.

However, while you are doing all of these, make sure that it comes from your heart.

Some people can sense when a person is insincere or inauthentic.

When they do they will not trust you.

So let your action be in sync with your words and thoughts.

8. Be Accessible – How to Build Trust with Clients

A business that is not accessible cannot gain clients’ trust.

This is because the clients will wonder how they will get to you when they need your help or want to know about the project you are working on.

They might have been developing trust for you because of some other reasons, but doubt will cloud that trust when you are not accessible.

To be accessible goes more than them being able to communicate with you.

It goes as far as being someone approachable.

Do not be someone people cannot talk to.

Be friendly, open, and welcoming.

Smile often, and make your clients feel comfortable.

This way they will find it easy to share their thoughts with you.

Furthermore, have a fixed duration for when your communication lines will be open.

That is, your business should have a closing and opening time.

In-between that time, you should be accessible for calls, emails, and messages.

You should communicate to your clients the time you will be accessible.

This way they when they can reach you and when they cannot.

9. Work with Your Clients’ Style

Some clients might find it difficult to come over to your office to talk about what they want due to their busy lives.

Hence, you need to learn to adjust and adapt to effectively reach them.

For instance, your client might be someone who has a lot of work to do and hardly leaves their office.

As a result, they do not have the time to come over to your office to discuss details.

So, what you need to do is to find a more suitable way to communicate with them.

Fortunately, we can now connect with people on video calls and emails.

Therefore, you can make use of one of the available tools to communicate with that client.

You can both plan and talk details on video calls, and you can then work on the project.

Once you are done, payment and delivery of the work will be made with no issues.

This way you get to satisfy your client without meeting them face-to-face.

The client will make them trust you and tell others of your fantastic work.

Conclusion on How to Build Trust with Clients

Your clients’ trust is essential for your business.

It will generate clients’ loyalty and other necessary benefits that will enable your business to grow.

So, we advise that you put the information we shared with you to use and build trust with your clients.