How To Build Up Self-confidence

How To Build Up Self-confidence

Is it getting frustrating putting yourself down with doubts and insecurities? Do you want to know how to build up self-confidence?

Just like you, several people have these questions and more running through their minds.

So, do not be scared.

Take a leap of faith and join us as we discuss how to build up self-confidence.

To begin this amazing journey of bettering yourself, we will be looking closely at what self-confidence is.

What is Self-confidence? – How to Build Up Self-confidence

How do I build my self-esteem and confidence

Self-confidence is a person’s trust in their abilities and skills.

In other words, self-confidence is about valuing and accepting yourself for who you are regardless of what others think about you or any imperfections.

So, when you are self-confident, you see your weaknesses and strength and still feel worthy of good things.

Self-confidence makes you feel comfortable in various situations or conditions and while being yourself.

As a result, you communicate effectively and assertively, set realistic goals and pursue them, and handle criticism.

However, when your lack self-confidence, you might feel unloved, inferior, sensitive, and incapable of handling criticism.

When you lack self-confidence every area of your life will be affected negatively.

Difference between Over-confidence and Self-Confidence – How to Build Up Self-confidence

Some people often mistake over-confidence for self-confidence.

However, these two things are quite different.

Their differences usually make a great difference in people’s personalities.

As we earlier shared, self-confidence is one’s trust in their abilities and skills.

Meanwhile, over-confidence is one’s overestimation of their abilities and skills.

One major difference between over-confidence and self-confidence is that over-confident people believe in themselves without seeing their weaknesses or believing that things can play out badly.

Whereas, self-confidence makes a person see their weaknesses and the mistakes that can occur but still believe in themselves.

As a result, they plan and work to minimize their weaknesses and mistakes and depend on their abilities.

This usually helps them to achieve goals and success more easily than other people.

However, the same cannot be said for over-confident people because they will only be depending on those abilities they do not have without working to minimize their weaknesses.

The result of this is that they often fail.

Common Attributes of Self-Confident People – How to Build Up Self-confidence

How do I stop being so insecure

To better understand what self-confidence is, we will look closely at some common traits and attributes of self-confident people.

Self-confidence people are goal-getters, and these are their common attributes:

They are Assertive

Self-confident people are known to be assertive.

That is, they are not scared to stand up and speak up for themselves.

An added benefit is that their self-confidence makes them believe that everything will work out fine provided they keep pushing, chasing, and working hard for what they want.

They Possess Self-awareness – How to Build Up Self-confidence

Self-awareness is the ability for one to know and understand their weaknesses and strength.

Self-confident people are not blind to their imperfections.

Instead, they get to know what those imperfections are.

Hence, this helps them to know where they are lacking and work to better it.

They Set Standards

Since these people know who they are, they ensure that they never settle for less.

They do not allow others to mistreat them.

Self-confident people set standards and boundaries for how they want others to treat them.

They stick by those standards and boundaries by standing up for themselves without getting sensitive.

However, they ensure that they respect others to get back equal treatment.

They Exhibit Temperateness – How to Build Up Self-confidence

Temperateness is the quality of being moderate.

Self-confident people are temperate with their emotions.

They do not get overly emotional or sensitive when things happen.

Instead, they avoid overacting and calmly address issues and situations.

People’s comments hardly get to them excessively because they know who they are and their worth.

They are Decisive

Self-confident people find it easier to make decisions and see them through.

They are rarely indecisive because they know who they are and what they want.

So, even when their decisions bring negative results, it does not put them down.

Instead, they look for ways to correct them and keep moving on.

They can say ‘No’ – How to Build Up Self-confidence

Not everybody can say ‘No’.

As a result, they end up agreeing to things that usually stress or depress them.

As we earlier said, self-confident people, set standards and boundaries.

Hence, they know the things to agree to and what not to.

This makes them capable of saying ‘No’ to things that do not fit their standards or are not within their boundaries.

They take control of how they live their lives.

They are Good Communicators

Self-confident people are good communicators.

They know what they want, so they ensure that they effectively communicate to people about their standards and boundaries.

Also, as they are good at passing information, they are good at receiving information.

They know that for them to understand people, they have to listen.

So, they make it a duty to actively listen when communicating with people.

They are Risk-takers – How to Build Up Self-confidence

Self-confident people do not stay in their comfort zone or inside a box and expect great things to happen to them.

They ensure that they take those necessary risks that will make them successful.

Everybody is scared of risk, but self-confident people can stomach risk-taking better than other people.

However, when they take risks, they ensure that it is calculated.

They do not take risks carelessly.

They Celebrate Their Wins

Self-confident people aim to increase their confidence in themselves.

So, when they win something they ensure that they celebrate it.

No matter how big or small that win is, they make sure that they praise and celebrate themselves.

This way, their confidence gets a boost and it makes them keep pushing for higher levels.

Why You Should Build Up Self-confidence – How to Build Up Self-confidence

How to Be More Confident

Self-confidence helps you to see yourself in a positive light and this affects the different aspects of your life positively.

We want you to seriously work to build up your self-confidence and better your life.

Hence, to encourage you to do this, we have prepared some reasons why you should build up your self-confidence:

Decreases Anxiety

One major attribute of people who lacks self-confidence is that they are usually, anxious, in doubt, scared, and depressed.

They cannot do things for themselves.

These people rather work alone and at the back instead of leading, even when they can.

Their doubt in their ability will make them stay back and avoid getting anxious about leading.

As a result, the cycle keeps going on and on, while anxiety eats at them.

However, when a person is self-confident they will be happy with who they are, and are pleased with their abilities.

Hence, they will not be scared to do things they want.

This helps to decrease anxiety in their life.

The more they keep growing their confidence the less anxious they will be.

Increases Motivation – How to Build Up Self-confidence

Self-confidence makes people to be motivated in living life and performing their everyday activities.

Even when they need to engage in something they have never done before, their self-confidence will motivate and encourage them.

However, when a person lacks self-confidence their everyday life will be filled with fear.

As a result, they will lack motivation and be scared to do those things that will ensure their success.

People who lack self-confidence usually live in fear of failure.

Promotes Self-worth

Self-worth is closely associated with self-confidence.

As we earlier said, when you are confident you will value and accept yourself for who you are regardless of what people think or imperfections.

With self-confidence, you will be comfortable being yourself.

Your flaws and weaknesses will not make you lose confidence in yourself.

Instead, you will work to minimize while accepting them for what they are.

You will not feel inferior when you are with people or go to places.

As a result of all this, you would know what you want for yourself and set goals to achieve them.

Brings Happiness – How to Build Up Self-confidence

When you are self-confident you will go for the things that you want in life.

You will gather skills, acquire knowledge, and experience things you want to experience.

As a result, you will not regret or accuse yourself of missing out on opportunities and things you wanted.

When you do things you want and do not regret things in your life, you will become a happier person.

Improves Relationships

When you are self-confident you will be true to who you are, and make sure people see the real you.

As a result, you will not worry about being another person to please people.

Instead, you will be sincere about who you are and constantly make your thought and feelings known to people you relate with.

When you are genuine and open in your relationships, it will make your relationship interactive.

You will listen to your partners, friends, family, and colleagues, and have them listen to you.

This will lead to improvements in your relationships.

Improves Health – How to Build Up Self-confidence

When you lack self-confidence you tend to be depressed, anxious, and scared.

These emotions can likely lead to some health issues such as panic attacks, heart issues, and so on.

However, when you are self-confident, you will be happier, more satisfied, and positive.

As a result, it will help you rise above challenges and engage in activities that will improve your health.

Improves Decision-Making Abilities – How to Build Up Self-confidence

Several people find it difficult to make decisions.

Most times, the reason for this is because they doubt their abilities, what they want, and are scared of having a negative outcome.

So, they struggle with deciding on what they should do.

Meanwhile, self-confident individuals will find it easier to make decisions because they know what they want and do not doubt their abilities.

They are not scared of the outcome, because they believe that one has to make moves to make changes.

So, they do what is right for themselves.

If the outcome is not what they expected, they learn from it, make corrections if needed, and move on.

Makes for Better Leaders

Leaders need self-confidence.

In other words, leaders need to be confident and trust their abilities.

If a leader cannot trust their abilities, how can they trust the abilities of the people they lead?

Also, their trust in their abilities is necessary because it is only then that they will effectively make use of them to ensure success.

Furthermore, self-confidence makes other people deem a person to be trustworthy and leadership material.

So, self-confidence alongside other qualities helps to make for better leaders.

Tips on How to Build Up Self-confidence

Easy ways to build self-confidence

To build up your self-confidence, you have to look at those things that make you lack self-confidence and deal with them.

After that, you will have to start making changes that will build your self-confidence.

So, to help you do that, we have prepared some essential tips on how to build up self-confidence:

1. Work on Your Thoughts

Doubts, fears, insecurities grow out of the negative thoughts a person has.

These emotions are what eat at a person’s self-confidence till there is nothing left.

So, to build up your self-confidence you will have to deal with them.

The way to do this is by uprooting the main source of these emotions.

As we said, that source is the negative thoughts you play in your head.

You can do away or minimize negative thoughts by doing the following:

Identifying Negative Thoughts

Some people have gotten so used to having negative thoughts that they cannot identify them as being negative.

If you are one of those people, what you need to do is to make it a habit of consciously following your thoughts.

For instance, when a thought comes to your mind, take time to reason if it is putting you down, making you scared, or unhelpful.

If the thought is something that will stop you from believing in yourself, then it is a negative thought.

Continually sort out your thoughts and you will find it easier to identify negative ones.

Countering Negative Thought With Positive Thoughts – How to Build Up Self-confidence

The way to reduce those negative thoughts you have is to counter them with positive thoughts.

At this point, you should have been able to identify negative thoughts.

So, once they come up, come up with a positive thought and keep repeating it in your mind till the negative thought goes away.

For instance, your mind can come up with something like ‘you are stupid and ugly’

So, instead of allowing it to play, say the opposite and let it keep ringing in your mind.

You will stop having negative thoughts faster when you keep practicing this.

2. Connect With Positive People – How to Build Up Self-Confidence

Yes, self-confidence comes from you.

However, when you associate with positive people, your confidence will grow faster and better.

This is because, they will make you see the positive side to things, and value and accept you for who you are.

As a result, you will become more positive, and value and accept yourself.

3. Avoid Negative Reminders

As you connect with positive people you have to ensure that you avoid negative reminders.

Negative reminders are those things that make you think negatively.

They can be people, activities, losses, accidents, and so on.

You need to avoid all these things to ensure that they do not ruin the progress you have made in building up your confidence.

Identify those things and stay away from them.

4. Identify Your Skills and Talents – How to Build Up Self-Confidence

Just like everybody, you also have something you are good at.

So, find out what they are, and focus on them.

Allow yourself to be proud of your talents or skills.

Express yourself through your talents.

It is therapeutic when you follow your passion.

Usually, it helps people to feel accomplished and unique.

This can help you build up self-confidence

Check here to discover 3 ways to discover your hidden natural talent.

5. Be Proud of Yourself

Being proud of yourself does not mean you are arrogant.

An arrogant person is an over-confident person.

They do not see their fault or weaknesses.

Meanwhile, when you are proud of yourself, you get to see your flaws and weaknesses and still be happy with who you are.

Being proud of yourself is loving yourself for everything that makes up you and showing it.

So, dig deep into who you are, look at your wonderful qualities.

You are a beautiful human with a great personality and flaws.

Understand that humans are flawed and love yourself.

Furthermore, learn to not compare yourself with other people.

They are who they are, and you are who you are!

In other words, those people do not have what makes up you, and neither do you have what makes them.

So, rejoice in your uniqueness.

6. Practice Gratitude – How to Build Up Self-confidence

Insecurities are one of the major emotions that cause a lack of self-confidence.

This emotion happens when a person feels like they do not have enough.

For instance, a person who feels like they are not rich enough can start feeling insecure.

When such a person is among richer people their insecurities might start playing on their mind.

The more this happens, the more such a person’s self-confidence reduces.

So, as someone who is building up their self-confidence, you have to counter that feeling of not having enough.

The way to do this is by practicing gratitude.

Be thankful for what you have.

Some people do not have up to that.

So, you are lucky and blessed to have those things.

Make it a habit of being thankful for them, and your insecurities about them will start fading.

7. Be Patient

As you build up self-confidence, understand that it cannot and will not happen overnight.

It is a gradual process.

So, do not beat up on yourself when you do not behave or think like a confident person.

Instead, keep pushing and working on those things that weigh your confidence down.

With time you will grow to be a confident person.

8. Work to Balance Your Confidence – How to Build Up Self-confidence

In life, there is a need for balance if not chaos will ensue.

So, as you build your self-confidence up, ensure that you balance it.

Too little confidence equals to a low-confidence and too much confidence equals over-confidence.

None of these two are good.

So, you have to be realistic and true to your weakness and also believe in yourself and your abilities.

This way, you will see both sides to things, accept yourself, work to achieve success, and stay self-confident.

Conclusion on How to Build Up Self-confidence

Is self confidence and self-esteem the same thing

Your self-confidence determines how you treat yourself and how you allow others to treat you.

If you lack confidence you will miss out on several things in life.

So, build up your self-confidence today with the information we shared with you.

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How To Build Up Self-confidence