How To Build Yourself Up

How To Build Yourself Up

Do you want to see positive change in yourself? Is it getting tiring staying at the same level? Do you want to know how to build yourself up?

If you are having these questions in your mind, then join the queue.

Several people want to advance, improve, and become a better version of themselves.

Yet, not all of these people know how to go about this.

So, we are here to help out.

In this article, we will share essential information on how to build yourself up.

Therefore, we advise you to join us on this journey to self-betterment.

To begin this journey, we will look closely at what it means to build yourself up…

What does it mean to Build Yourself Up? – How to Build Yourself Up

How do you build yourself up from nothing

Everybody is unique and different.

In other words, different characters, traits, personality, talents, possession, knowledge, and so on makes each of us who were are.

For instance, one person can be smart, perceptive, physically strong, and reserved.

While another can be smart, perceptive, physically weak, and outgoing.

These people are almost alike, but there is diversity in their sameness.

That is how everybody is, some people might seem to be the same but one thing or more provides variation.

Nobody is the same.

Yet, every human is made up of two major factors; physical and mental.

They are also referred to as the body and soul or mind.

So, here what it means to build yourself up is to better these two factors.

In other words, to build yourself up is to build up your mind and body.

Factors That Make Up a Person – How to Build Yourself Up

How do I build my self-esteem and confidence

As we earlier explained, two factors make up a person.

They can be changed, built, remolded, and sharpened differently.

Yet, they still determine who a person is.

So, for you to effectively build yourself up, you need to understand these factors well.

Hence, we will look closely at each of them to understand what they are all about.

Physical Factor– How to Build Yourself Up

When we say physical factor, we mean a person’s body and health.

The physical is what we can see.

We can see when a person is tall, short, chubby, slender, and so on.

Also, even if we cannot see into a person’s body, we can tell when they are sick, healthy, strong, or weak.

Since we live in a physical world, the physical is the first factor we consider.

When a person is sick, it is the body that shows it.

Also, when a person dies, every other factor that makes up that person is lost to the people still alive.

Hence, the physical aspect of a person has to be properly taken care of.

Not everybody wants to build muscles and all of that.

Yet, everybody needs to be physically strong and healthy.

Mental Factor

The mental factor is all about your mind.

Your mind is responsible for the thoughts, intelligence, emotions, and some qualities you possess.

For example, if you think in your mind that you are a confident person, there is a high tendency that you will exhibit confidence.

In other words, your mind determines your personality, level of intelligence, and feelings.

When a person’s mind is disordered their personality, intelligence, and feelings will be in disarray.

They will not think, act, or feel the same way.

Hence, one has to take proper care of their mentality so as not to lose themselves even while alive.

Your mentality can be built, remolded, and sharpened.

So, one has to be careful what they allow into their minds.

Tips on How to Build Yourself Up

how to improve yourself in life

You cannot build yourself up overnight.

It will take a while to get this done.

So, you will need to be determined and disciplined to keep pushing and building till you get what you are after.

Even after then, you will still keep building.

We have prepared a list of amazing tips that will enable you to build yourself up.

Therefore, we advise that you carefully follow us as we shared them.

1. Say Nice and Positive Words to Yourself

Negative thoughts and words can affect a person’s emotions and thinking process.

So, when building yourself, you have to learn to minimize those negative thoughts and self-talk.

You need to start within yourself to become better.

Hence, become your cheerleader and be nice to yourself.

Say nice and positive things to yourself every day.

Speak them to yourself and let them continue ringing in your mind.

Be conscious of your thoughts.

When negative thoughts want to sneak into your mind, catch them before they get rooted in your mind.

Recognize that they are untrue, and then change them into positive thoughts.

2. Learn New and Different Things  – How to Build Yourself Up

Gathering and acquiring knowledge is one way to build yourself.

So, you should make it a habit of learning new and different things daily.

Challenge and motivate yourself to acquire knowledge about different things.

This will help develop your mind.

Also, it will enable you to know different ways of doing things.

Furthermore, when you learn different things, you will be able to hold conversations concerning different topics.

This will make people seek you, and boost your self-confidence.

Do not allow ignorance to keep you tied down.

So, be curious, informed, and aware of different things in the world.

3. Eat Healthily

Your body needs adequate care for you to grow, stay healthy and become better.

So, you have to eat healthily.

Eating healthily involves eating balanced diets.

When you eat healthily, you will consume fruits and vegetables which are rich in vitamins and good for the brain.

This will make both your body and mind, healthy and sharp.

4. Think Critically – How to Build Yourself Up

You have to avoid jumping to a conclusion immediately after you hear, read, or deal with something.

This will not help you to grow.

Learn to be attentive to details and question things before concluding on anything.

When you do this your brain will develop.

In other words, it will improve your thinking process and ability, make better decisions, and act accordingly.

Check here to discover why critical thinking is important for current businesses.

5. Express Your Emotions

When you bottle up your emotions for too long, there is a high tendency that you will snap after a while.

This will not help your mental health and even your physical health as it will cause stress.

So, to avoid this, express your emotions.

If you need to scream into a pillow, cry, or talk to someone, then do that.

Understand that you are human, and you are full of emotions.

When you express your emotions you will find it easier to deal with them and move on.

However, you should avoid every violent expression.

6. Sleep and Relax – How to Build Yourself Up

Several people do not allow themselves to relax or rest during the day, and then at night they hardly sleep.

No matter how busy you are, this will not help you.

Instead, it will cause you to burn out and be less productive.

Sleep and relaxation calm and nurtures both your mind and body.

So, it is a key factor to building yourself up.

When you sleep adequately your mind will be sharp, and your body will be strong.

You will find it easier to deal with situations and issues, and carry out your daily activities.

Also, learn to relax or take a power nap during the day.

You can take a short break from work and rest.

Do not underestimate the power of sleep and relaxation in building yourself up.

7. Learn to Stand Up For Yourself

In our world today, people make use of other people who cannot stand up for themselves.

As a result, those people are often stressed, depressed, and not confident.

Your confidence, happiness, and health should not be abused or discarded.

So, you have to learn to stand up for yourself.

Let people know that you refused to be used, and disrespected.

You can do this by setting boundaries and limits.

Then, practice saying no to those things that are outside your limits.

Understand that you do not have to explain your reason for not doing something to anybody.

It is your well-being that is at stake here.

8. Practice Being Calm in Tough Situations – How to Build Yourself Up

As we earlier said, you should not bottle up your emotion.

However, you should also not let it get the best of you in situations.

When something happens, you need to keep your emotions in check to avoid doing impulsive or reactive things you might regret later on.

Instead, calm yourself down, look critically at the situation and then think of the best way to go on.

When you feel like you want to lose your calm demeanor, you can try counting down and breathing slowly.

Practicing meditation can help you stay calm, so you can consider engaging in this activity.

How to build yourself up from nothing

9. Fight Addictions

Addictions can serve as a hindrance to a person’s success.

Also, if the addiction is a bad habit it could lead to a bad health condition.

For instance, if one’s addiction is alcohol, then that person is in danger of liver problems.

Also, such a person will be incapable of doing most of their tasks and duties as they might have a hangover or be drunk most of the time.

This will not make them productive.

So, if you are addicted to anything, you should fight to overcome it and become a better version of yourself.

Seek ways to stop that addiction.

If the addiction is more severe, then you might need treatment to recover from it.

You can talk to someone you trust about it or you could see a therapist.

They will work as your support system as you get over that addiction.

As you are fighting your addiction, you need to stay disciplined to avoid falling back into it.

However, be patient with yourself.

Addiction cannot go away overnight.

Do not beat yourself or discourage yourself when you fall back into that addiction.

Instead, forgive yourself and start again.

With time, you will get stronger at fighting the temptation of going back.

Additionally, it is usually best for you to avoid those things that might trigger your addiction.

10. Daily Practice Self-care – How to Build Yourself Up

As the word implies ‘self-care’ is when you take care of yourself.

You should not overlook self-care as you build yourself up.

If you desire for others to treat you well, then you should also treat yourself well.

When you practice self-care you will find it easier to love and care for other people.

So, everyday take time to deep care and treat yourself.

Self-care could be alone time reading or getting soaked up in a bath.

Or it could be having a spa day, getting a manicure, or a massage.

Also, it could be a nice stroll around your favorite location in your area.

Whatever it might be, make it a point of duty to care for yourself every day.

11. Engage In Physical Activities

Physical activities do not only build the body muscles and reduce weight.

It also comes with health benefits, mood improvement, confidence boost, and sex benefits.

So, do not just see them as something people do to reduce weight and build muscles.

Engage in physical activities.

There are simple and effective exercises like running, jogging, and dancing.

So, if you cannot engage in those that demand more effort, you can stick to the simple ones.

When you do regularly, you will ripe the benefits.

Understand that you will need to be self-disciplined to exercise.

Hence, build your self-discipline to exercise avoid quitting.

12.  Practice Gratitude – How to Build Yourself Up

Complaining can take a toll on a person’s mental health.

It will negate the good thing and progress you have made in your life.

So, you have to do away with complaining.

Instead of complaining, try gratitude.

Be thankful for the progress you have made, what you have, and your unique personality.

The more you practice gratitude, the happier you will become.

13. Have Fun, Smile, and Laugh More

Laughter can strengthen lungs, warm hearts, and fill people up with a good feeling.

So, make it a habit to do it more often.

Do not be so busy or serious that you will not allow yourself the freedom of a fun time.

Your fun time could be a day in the park playing and laughing with your loved ones.

Or it could be watching funny videos or movies.

Whatever it is, you should do it.

See the humor in things and smile.

Crack jokes in your mind, do silly and fun things, and laugh.                  

Live a life full of love, smiles, and laughter.

14. Limit the Time Spent On Social Media – How to Build Yourself Up

In the world today, people get so lost on the internet and social media.

Some people spend most of their day going through feeds, news and threads on social media that they have very little time to do things for themselves.

They also spend time comparing themselves to people on social media.

As a result, it can make them start feeling inferior, and sad about their lives.

Furthermore, some comments and news on social media can make people feel sad and less of themselves.

All of these will not help their mental health.

So, as a person who wants to build yourself up, you should spend less time on social media.

Get your face out of your phone, iPad, and laptops, and work to better yourself.

Do not spend all your time looking at people’s posts and pictures.

Stop comparing yourself with people.

Happily and gratefully live your life.

15. Break Free From Toxic, Unhealthy Relationships

Your relationships are an important aspect of your life.

This is because the people you associate with influence your life.

So, you need to be careful about your relationships.

If you are indulging in toxic relationships it will negatively affect the way you think, feel, look, and act.

For instance, if you are in a relationship where you are not appreciated, you will find it difficult to receive compliments from people.

You might feel like they have ulterior motives when they do not.

So, get out of those toxic relationships.

It might not be easy, especially if you have been in it for a while.

However, try your best and motivate yourself to do the necessary things for yourself.

When you get free of that relationship, you will become a stronger, better, and happier person.

Ensure that you do not go into another unhealthy relationship by building healthy relationships with positive and good people.

Be with people who love, appreciate, value, and celebrate you.

16. Set Realistic Goals and See Them through – How to Build Yourself Up

Some people do not find satisfaction or happiness in their lives because they do not accomplish their goals.

As a result, it can negatively affect their mind and self-confidence.

So, to avoid this and become better, you have to do better when setting and pursuing your goals,

One major reason why people’s goals do not get actualized is that they were unrealistic.

Hence, when you are setting your goals, ensure that it is something realistic and attainable.

If not, you will end up disappointing yourself.

When you have set your realistic goals, you also need to have clear objectives that will enable you to achieve your goal.

Be specific with the details.

After you have done that, you should start working and pursuing that goal.

You ought to know that while you chase your goals, there will be distractions and challenges.

So you will need self-discipline and resilience to stay true till the end.

17. Change Your View

One thing that will help you grow is seeing things from different views.

When you are open to learning and accepting new and different perspectives, you will find out different ways of doing things.

So, if you are rigid and stuck in your traditional way of doing things, then you need to change your view.

Some ways to do this is by reading more, listening to other people’s opinions and ideas, traveling, and experiencing new things.

When you do these things, you will have a wide range of ideas, and perspectives about life.

Some perspectives are very negative.

So, ensure that you only pick up on only the good and positive ones.

18. Stay Positive – How to Build Yourself Up

As you build up yourself, you have to ensure that you are positive at all times.

Negativity will destroy the good things you have built up in yourself.

So, consciously pursue positivity.

Engage only in positive activities that will improve your physical and mental health.

Conclusion on How to Build Yourself Up

Building Yourself Back Up After a Setback

Building up yourself means bettering your physical and mental health and condition.

When you get mentally and physically fit, you become a better version of yourself.

So, make effective use of the information we shared and better yourself.

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How To Build Yourself Up