How To Change Your Thinking

How To Change Your Thinking

Do you want to know how to change your thinking?

If you have this question on your mind, then you are not alone.

Thinking is the first and foremost thing our mind does.

 It determines people’s actions, reactions, behavior and emotions.

As a result, when people think wrongly it affects their life negatively.

Therefore, people need to ensure that they think rightly.

If a person does not think positively and rightly, certain things can be done to change that.

So, if you are someone who wants to change their thinking for the better, then we advise that you join us as we share essential information on how to do so.

To begin, we shall be looking at the basics…

What is ‘Thinking’? – How to Change Your Thinking

How can I change my mindset and thinking

Thinking is the process of reasoning or considering something.

It is the major cognitive activity that the brain consciously and unconsciously engages in.

However, we do not normally consider ‘unconscious thinking’ to be thinking;

Yet, the brain engages in processing and storing some of the thoughts we had while awake when we sleep.

Human thinking abilities are what make it possible for us to make sense of the things we see around us and react or respond to them.

What you think inside of your mind, is what you say and do in the outside world.

Other cognitive activities that the brain performs include recognizing, remembering, imagining, and expressing emotions.

These other cognitive activities depend on thinking to happen before they can properly function.

For example, remembering involves bringing up data and information stored in the brain to the surface.

The brain cannot just pop up the information you need.

It ‘thinks’ to find that information and then bring it up to the surface of your mind.

This is why when people know something but cannot remember, they have to think to get that information out of their brain storage.

Just like remembering, your imagination needs thinking to create that world, the concepts, and the ideas in our minds.

The same goes for recognition and expressing emotions.

In other words, the thoughts that are predominant in our minds are what make us feel certain emotions.

For example, if a predominating thought in your mind is ‘I am a winner’, there is a high tendency that you will feel bold or courageous.

All these said make thinking the ultimate activity performed by the brain.

Thoughts versus Reasoning – How to Change Your Thinking

How can I improve my thinking

Thoughts and reasoning are closely associated with thinking.

As a result, they are often confused with one another.

Yet, they are each distinctive.

We shall look at them closely to understand them better.

Reasoning – How to Change Your Thinking

As we earlier shared, thinking is the process of reasoning and considering a thing.

So, reasoning is one of the things your brain does when it thinks.

For instance, when you turn on your television set and it does not come on, you will reason why it isn’t coming on.

You will ask questions in your mind

Those questions you are asking about that particular matter are due to your brain’s reasoning abilities.

Your brain is at full cognitive operation at that moment, trying to get an answer to your reasoning.

Hence, at that moment your brain is thinking.

Reasoning uses a person’s intellect to sensibly and logically get answers.

Also, reasoning can bring about thoughts.

For example, if a person reasons that a small chair cannot hold their weight, then such a person’s thought will be not to sit on that chair.

Thoughts – How to Change Your Thinking

Thoughts are a product of a person’s thinking.

In other words, the way or what a person thinks is what produces such a person’s thoughts.

We might have heard that thoughts can be planted into a person’s mind.

Yes, this is true.

Nevertheless, thoughts cannot just take root in a person’s mind.

How thoughts are planted into a person’s mind is that the person will first think about it before it becomes a thought.

For example, if a person should advice you to start a business, you will not just have the thought that you should.

It is when your brain reasons and considers that advice and then accepts it, that it will become a thought.

Hence, thinking has to occur before thoughts are produced.

So, you have to consciously decide not to accept any words or statements that are negative to avoid making them your thoughts.

Forms of Thinking – How to Change Your Thinking

Now that we are done with the basics, we will look at other relevant information.

People think differently.

This is because not everybody has the same form of thinking.

Yes, indeed, there are forms of thinking.

What are they?

Forms of thinking are the pattern by which people’s brain reasons and consider things.

In other words, they are the ways that people think.

A person can make use of more than one form of thinking.

To better understand the forms of speaking, we will discuss them one at a time.

Perceptual Thinking

As the name implies perceptual thinking is a form where our brain makes use of what we perceive to think.

In other words, with perceptual thinking our thinking is based on our life experience, and beliefs.

It does not go outside of what we know.

Hence, it is seen to be our basic form of thinking.

Everybody makes use of this form of thinking.

Unfortunately, this form of thinking can keep a person trapped in their world if they do not make use of other forms.

This is because it can limit a person from thinking widely.

Conceptual Thinking – How to Change Your Thinking

Conceptual thinking also referred to as abstract thinking is considered to be a superior form of thinking.

This is because it goes outside of what a person knows.

Abstract thinking considers other different objects, languages, concepts, and so on.

It is not rigid.

Hence, it helps a person to better understand other perspectives, and also the world.

People with conceptual thinking welcome different opinions, ideas, and beliefs as they are not limited to only their life experiences and beliefs.

Creative Thinking

Creative form of thinking allows people to discover new concepts and ideas based on life experience and past learning.

It allows a person to formulate new concepts from a fusion of existing ideas.

Also, it could involve a fusion of real-life happenings or situations with an intuition’s spark or sudden insights.

Creative thinking does not limit people, as it provides them with a world of endless possibilities.

When a person thinks creatively, they are not limited to reasoning or logic.

Imagination is what helps a person thinks creatively.

The mind is vast when it thinks creatively.

Hence, it can wander in different directions to get new thoughts and ideas.

Creative thinking is another superior form of thinking as it allows the mind to explore and listen to intuitions.

Everybody can think creatively.

Yet, not everybody makes use of this form of thinking.

Reflective Thinking – How to Change Your Thinking

Reflective thinking is a form of thinking that allows the mind to take deep reflections of people’s skills, knowledge, and past experiences.

It is the process whereby your mind arranges your skills, experience, and relevant facts associated with a particular condition or situation logically and then holistically reflect on that situation.

Reflective thinking helps people to solve complex issues and problems.

In other words, when there is an issue and you need to solve it, your mind goes back and reflects on the information and skills that you possess that can help solve the issue.

For example, if you have knowledge and skills on how to fix a broken machine when a machine breaks down, your mind will reflect on those skills and knowledge to help you fix it.

This thinking form also helps people to avoid making impulsive and hasty decisions by providing them with the information, knowledge, and skills they possess to make better decisions.

When you think reflectively before making decisions, you will feel confident about your decisions.

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Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is another advanced form of thinking.

This is because it allows a person to step away from their beliefs, opinions, prejudice, and presumptions to arrange thoughts, find out truths, and resolve issues and problems.

Critical thinking makes use of advanced cognitive thinking skills such as interpretation, conceptualization, analysis, evaluation, and synthesis to get valid unbiased judgments.

It is a well-disciplined and thorough thinking process.

Critical thinkers examine proposals to see if there is any imprecision and then find solutions that will address that imprecision if it comes up in the future.

Hence, critical thinking helps people to see issues and come up with solutions or precautions when needed.

Associative Thinking – How to Change Your Thinking

Associative thinking, also referred to as non-directed thinking, is when the mind thinks freely with no directed manner.

With this form of thinking, the mind runs and associates thoughts on and along diverse lines that build fresh connections in the brain to bring about new possibilities.

In other words, associative thinking is done with the intent of getting creative solutions to problems from the deepest unconscious thoughts stored up in our brains’ long-termed memories.

When and Why You Need To Change Your Thinking – How to Change Your Thinking

As we earlier said, your thinking affects your life either positively or negatively.

Now, your mind can think in different ways using the different forms we earlier spoke about.

That is quite thrilling and amazing.

You get to discover possibilities, and ideas with some of those forms of thinking.

With all these forms of thinking, there is usually an outcome.

Your thinking does not just end in ‘thinking’; it produces results in form of thoughts, and ideas.

When the thoughts or idea you get from your thinking is negative, then you will have to do a recheck.

Yes, not all results will be positive, but when a majority of your thoughts and ideas are wrong or bad, then you need some do-over.

For instance, if you think about how to solve a conflict between people and the idea you get is to make them have a common enemy; that is is not optimal and can lead to other issues.

Hence, people can say that you think wickedly.

That sounds funny, but it is true.

However, if the idea you got is to use something they both love to settle their conflict, then you got a positive result.

This way the conflict will end with no issues.

Therefore, when you notice that most of your thinking produces negative results, then you need to change it.

Why you need this change is because your thinking affects every aspect of your life.

If your thinking results in negativity, then your life will be filled with negativity.

This will not help you to grow, love, and live life to the fullest.

So, to avoid this, you need that change.

Tips on How to Change Your Thinking

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Since you have decided to change your thinking, we are going to help you out.

We will do this by sharing with you some amazing tips.

The following tips cannot work if you do not practice them:

1. Reflect on Your Thinking

If you want to change your thinking, then you need to reflect on it.

This will allow you to discover your thinking pattern and how it affects your behavior and emotions.

When you do this, you will notice those thoughts and beliefs that can negatively influence your life.

This will help you to make the necessary changes and improvements.

To reflect on your thinking, you will need to ask yourself questions and answer them.

When you do this continually you might find more things you need to change.

2. See Things from Other Perspective – How to Change Your Thinking

Some people think negatively because they limit themselves to what they know.

They only see things from their perspective.

This does not allow them to think, understand, and accept other perspectives.

As a result, they do not grow from the way they think.

Some of these people are so stuck in their perceptive thinking that they lash out at people with different views.

So, to change your thinking, you need to think conceptually and see other people’s perspectives.

When you do, you will understand that things do not have to go the same way at all times.

Your thinking pattern will improve and will become less rigid and negative.

This way your reaction to situations and behavior will be better and you will grow.

Check here to discover why understanding other perspectives is a key leadership skill.

3. Read Good Books

You can change your thinking when you give time to reading good books.

For example, a child who thinks babies are delivered by a stork will think otherwise when they learn or read about the real origin of babies.

The same can happen to an adult.

Your thinking pattern can change when you learn and discover new and positive things.

If it is a very good book, it can even improve your cognitive skills.

So, to change your thinking make it a habit of reading good and positive books often.

4. Find New, Reliable, and Positive Anchors– How to Change Your Thinking

When we think, our mind tends to go far and wide.

This allows us to think up things and solves problems.

When this happens, your mind will come up with different ideas and thoughts.

The thought that applies and pleases us best is what we usually go for.

Have you ever wondered why that particular thought or idea is what satisfies you best?

Well, the reason for this is because of what you believe in.

For example, if you believe that a business only needs hard work to succeed, then when issues come, you will think that the answer is more work.

Even if your mind might have come up with other thoughts and ideas, you most likely will stick to your belief.

Hence, a person’s belief can have a great impact on their thinking, their results, and the way they act.

Your belief stands as your anchor when you think.

It connects to your thinking and influences the results.

So, to change your thinking you need to change your beliefs.

Instead of whatever negative things you believe in, discover new, reliable, and positive anchors.

When you do, it will help you to change your thinking and results.

5. Continually Watch Your Habits of Thinking

Your thoughts are produced by your thinking.

Yet, they can affect your thinking.

How does this happen? You might ask

Well, the thoughts that your thinking produces are stored up in your mind.

Over time, these thoughts form up your habits of thinking.

In other words, they mold your mind to think in that same pattern at all times.

If those thought patterns are negative, your thinking will also bend towards negativity.

So, your thought pattern can affect your thinking.

Therefore, you need to be mindful of them.

Pay attention to those thoughts that run through your mind.

You should not only do that.

Work to change them, by practicing positivity.

When a matter comes up, and your mind produces those negative habits of thinking to serve as the foundation for your thinking, you need to discard them.

Notice them in time, before your mind starts thinking based on them.

Then, you replace them with positive thinking.

For example, when you need to find a solution on how to help a struggling business, and a negative thought comes up in your mind, quickly discard it.

The negative thought could be that there is no hope for the business.

This does not help.

So, you have to let go of it immediately, think, and produce a positive thought that will quickly replace it.

This way you will find the solution you are looking for.

The more you do this, the more your thinking changes for the better.

6. Love Yourself – How to Change Your Thinking

When you love something or someone you would want to do right by that person at all time.

The same can be said when you love yourself.

Most people think wrongly because they do not love themselves.

When a person cannot love themselves, they will find it difficult to love others.

As a result, their thinking will mostly be clouded with negativity towards themselves and others.

They will not care how their thinking can affect their life and character.

If you want to change your thinking, you need to love yourself at all times.

When you do, you will not think of things that will hurt you or others.

Even when you start thinking negative hurtful things, you will quickly discard them because you do not want to hurt yourself with your thoughts.

As you do that, your thinking will start changing for the better.

Conclusion on How to Change Your Thinking

how to change your way of thinking to positive

Your thinking affects all the aspects of your life.

Hence, you need to ensure that you think in a way that is right at all times,

If you need to change your thinking, the information we shared in this article will help you.

So, practice the information we shared and make that change.

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How To Change Your Thinking