How To Demonstrate Leadership

How To Demonstrate Leadership

Do you want people to see you as a leader? Are you wondering how to demonstrate leadership?

If your answers to these questions are yes, then we are here to help.

Leadership is not a one-day job.

People have to believe in your ability to lead them before they can follow you.

Hence, every leader needs to know how to demonstrate leadership day in, day out.

In this article, we will share vital information on how you can do so.

Therefore, we hope that you join us so you can get answers.  

We will begin by looking at what leadership is…

What is Leadership? – How to Demonstrate Leadership

Leadership is the capacity of a person to lead others.

In other words, leadership is when a person can effectively lead others.

It is not an easy thing to lead people.

This is because people have different characters and beliefs.

So, making them come together under your leadership would take charisma and other essential skills.

Leadership Skills – How to Demonstrate Leadership

To demonstrate leadership means to show people that you are capable of leading them.

You cannot effectively do this if you do not exhibit leadership skills.

Therefore, we will share with you some essential leadership skills that would help you to effectively demonstrate.

When you know these skills, you will be able to develop them and exhibit them with ease.


Decisiveness is the ability or skill to quickly make decisions with available information.

This is an essential skill for a leader because it helps them to move projects faster and also improves efficiency.

Decisive leaders are capable of evaluating their experience and the options they have to see what would work best for a situation.

When they make their decisions, they stand by it and bear whatever responsibility the outcome brings.

Some skills exhibited by decisive leaders are:

  • Research
  • Problem-solving
  • Evaluation
  • Initiative
  • Expectation setting

Dependability   – How to Demonstrate Leadership

Leaders are people who others can rely on and trust.

Hence, dependability is needed if you want to demonstrate leadership.

Dependable leaders make plans, follow-through, and keep their promises.

So, to be a dependable leader is to be straightforward, meet deadlines, goals, promises, and obligations.

Also, it entails that you communicate with your subordinate about your goals, plans, and visions on time.

Some skills exhibited by dependable leaders are:

  • Integrity
  • Loyalty
  • Detail-oriented
  • Timeliness
  • Truthfulness
  • Goal-setting
  • Initiative


People respect others who can solve problems.

Hence, problem-solving skills are essential for leaders.

When leaders possess problem-solving skills, they would be capable of making quick decisions, and resolving obstacles.

Also, these skills help them to ensure that projects and tasks are completed at the right time and according to instructions or specifications.

Some skills exhibited by problem-solving leaders are:

  • Research
  • Analytical Skills
  • Decisiveness
  • Critical thinking

Integrity – How to Demonstrate Leadership

Integrity means to have and stand by strong values.

It is when a person portrays strong values such as honesty or truthfulness.

A person who possesses integrity would often do the right thing.

They make principled and ethical choices that help the organization they are in to thrive and have a good reputation.

Leaders who possess integrity set good examples for their subordinates and encourage fair and truthful practices and outcomes.

Some skills that leaders with integrity exhibit are:

  • Diplomacy
  • Professionalism
  • Honesty
  • Confidentiality
  • Reliability

Teaching and Mentoring Skills

Leaders are meant to be capable of teaching and mentoring others.

This shows that they are not only capable but also have the best interest of their subordinate at heart.

To do this, leaders have to be capable of selfless thinking.

In other words, they have to be concerned about others’ growth as well as theirs.

This will help them to build everybody under them and make it easier for their team to achieve success.

Some skills that help leaders mentor and teach others are:

  • Clarity
  • Ability to reward and recognize
  • Helpfulness
  • Understanding personal difference
  • Assessing
  • Motivation
  • Positive reinforcement

Team Building – How to Demonstrate Leadership

Team building is the ability or skills that build or maintain a strong and collaborative spirit between people.

Effective team building helps to build good relationships between leaders and their followers, and also between followers.

When there are good relationships between each other it will make everybody feel motivated to work towards common goals.

Team building is also referred to as relationship building.

Some skills classified under team-building skills are:

  • Management
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Communication skills
  • Collaboration
  • Social skills
  • Teamwork
  • Active listening

Tips on How to Demonstrate Leadership

Now that you know the essential leadership skills, you need to know how to effectively use them to demonstrate leadership.

1. Be Proactive and Positive

Great leaders know how to take corrective and preventive measures or actions when things go wrong.

They do not dwell or brood over mistakes.

These people proactively seek solutions to situations.

They motivate others by staying positive.

People enjoy begin around them and respect them because of their proactive and positive nature.

So, if you want to demonstrate leadership, you need to be proactive and positive.

Some ways you can show that you are a proactive and positive leader are:

Seek Solutions – How to Demonstrate Leadership

If you want to demonstrate leadership, you need to show people that you can stand in a gap and resolve issues and problems.

In other words, you need to be someone who seeks solutions.

When issues arise, do not join others to worry, brood, or become frustrated and tired.

Rather, look at the bright side of things and talk about coming up with a solution to the issue.

Then, come up with a solution.

You can also brainstorm on how things can be done better the next time.

When you do this, people will respect you and see you as a leader that they can depend on during tough times.

Motivate and Encourage Others

Leaders encourage and motivate others.

They make others better at what they do by praising them when they do well and encouraging them to do better when they fail.

So, to demonstrate leadership you have to be capable of motivating and encouraging people.

Speak positive encouragement to people.

When you can motivate and encourage people even when they are not doing well, they would appreciate and trust you.

This will build loyalty towards you as they work on themselves to become better.

Be Excited – How to Demonstrate Leadership

Leaders are role models.

Hence, to demonstrate leadership you have to be positive and excited when there are new initiatives.

When you can show excitement towards the challenges, effort, and hard work required to meet a goal or accomplish a project, other people will feel more inspired to do the work.

They will be fueled by your positivity and excitement and work alongside you to achieve the goal you are after.

2. Listen to Others – How to Demonstrate Leadership

To demonstrate leadership, you need to learn to listen to others.

This is because leaders do not only direct but also listen to others and discover great ideas and different perspectives on how to do things.

Listening to others will provide you with a clear understanding of the challenges you face in your industry.

For example, if you listen to your customers or clients you would find out things about your product or services you might have not discovered if you didn’t listen.

This will help you to improve your services or product.

Also, when you listen to others, you would most likely gain their respect.

So, do not dismiss people’s opinions, ideas, and other things they have to share.

3. Communicate Effectively

As people love to be heard, they also want to be carried along.

So, if you want to demonstrate leadership, you have to learn to communicate effectively.

Effective communication will help you to pass information with clarity and on time.

Delegation of tasks and exchanging of ideas will be easier done with good communication.

Some things you can do to communicate effectively include:

  • Take note of nonverbal signs
  • Use simple and clear words
  • Express yourself
  • Allow the other person to speak when communicating

There are other things you need to do when communicating.

Discover and learn those things, and improve your communication with people.

4. Embrace Diversity – How to Demonstrate Leadership

As we earlier pointed out, people are different.

These differences include gender, age, ethnicity, race, sexual orientation, ideas, approaches, and personalities.

They make people unique and not so easy to lead.

However, a leader who understands human diversity and embraces it would find it easier to lead people.

Therefore, to demonstrate leadership, you need to accept diversity.

Encourage different perceptive and views.

When you do this, people would appreciate you for it and you would find it easier to gain their trust and loyalty.

5. Be Authentic

Everybody has their own goals and vision.

They also have values that are important to them.

Sticking by your values, make people see that you are authentic.

This would make them believe that you are trustworthy.

So, if you want to gain people’s trust and demonstrate leadership, you have to be authentic.

If you do not know your values, then you should discover or identify them because they are what you base your decisions and actions on.

Think of those qualities or skills that will help you do well as a leader and still stay true to who you are.

When you know those qualities, you can incorporate them into your leadership style, and use them to achieve goals and visions.

When you can add your values and qualities together, you would be an authentic leader.

6. Take Responsibility – How to Demonstrate Leadership

To demonstrate leadership you have to be ready to take responsibility for your actions and decisions.

No matter the outcome of your decisions or actions you have to stand by them.

Understand that to demonstrate leadership is to take accountability for the things you do.

If the outcome of your decision or actions is negative, do not just take responsibility for it.

Rather, seek ways to take corrective measures and learn from the outcome.

This way, you will do better the next time.

Also, if the outcome of your decisions or actions is positive, accept the praise but do not settle.

Seek ways to do better.

When you can equally accept criticism and praise, it shows that you are a stable leader.

This will make people trust in your leadership, as people want someone stable to depend on.

7. Network

Leaders seek ways to improve and acquire connections that would help them achieve success.

To do this, they network and socialize with people.

So, if you want to demonstrate leadership you should be willing and ready to network.

When you network you would build strong relationships with people who can offer assistance to you in your career and help you improve your leadership skills.

Therefore, do not hesitate to network.

Rather, attend conferences, social gatherings, and networking events, meet up with professional associations, and then find means to meet experienced individuals in your field.

As you network, ensure that you do that to meet individuals who will stand by you in the future.

Understand that success is not based on the number of people you know, but on the people, you know well.

So, do not focus on the number of people you meet, but the quality of people you meet.

Focus on having solid conversations with a few people instead of sharing your cards with several people without conversing with them.

Check here to discover 8 tips on how to network the right way to network.

8. Be Good at Your Job – How to Demonstrate Leadership

Leaders are competent people.

So, if you want to demonstrate leadership, you have to show people that you are good at what you do.

When people see that you are competent at your job, they would trust you to lead them well.

Therefore, if you are not good at your job, you need to train and improve yourself to do better.

When you do this, it would show that you can continuously grow and improve.

Strive to do the best you can for every situation and position you find yourself in.

9. Get a Mentor

Mentors are people who are experienced professionals in their fields and share their knowledge and experience with other people.

These people are called mentees.

The aim of mentoring relationships is that the mentees acquire knowledge and guidance from their mentors to advance their career goals and develop their leadership skills.

To get the mentor that would suit you best, think of the height you want to reach in your career in 10 years.

Then, consider those challenges you would have to overcome.

Think of the skills you would need to acquire to overcome those challenges.

Once you have put all these factors into consideration, you have to find that person that can help you be that person you want to be.

This person will also be someone who can guide you to overcome those challenges you considered, and also help you develop those skills you need.

Above all, this person should be someone you respect and admire professionally.

This will help you to be more willing to learn and listen to them.

10. Be a Role Model – How to Demonstrate Leadership

In everything you do, you have to ensure that your character, action, and behaviors are worthy of emulation.

When you do things the right way, you would inspire others to be better.

This is what leaders do.

They do not just lead with words but with their action.

Ensure that your words match your actions and character.

When people see you as a role model, they will be willing to follow you.

11. Be a Thought Leader

To demonstrate leadership, you would need to become a thought leader.

A thought leader is someone who knows those leading edges in their industry.

They have strategic visions that would push their organization forward and make them prominent in their industry.

To become a thought leader, you have to read about the innovative and great developments and movements in your field or industry.

Share them with people in your professional settings.

While you do this ensure that you add your critique and commentary that would portray your vision.

You can consider sharing your thoughts on published articles.

Or, you can post your ideas online, and comment on similar posts online.

After a while of doing this, you would start having content about your industry trends and developments that are based solely on your ideas.

Do not hesitate to share them.

You can seek out speaking engagements and have your thoughts and strategic vision shared with people

This is will help you become an established thought leader.

12. Engage in Management Training – How to Demonstrate Leadership

To demonstrate leadership and show your dedication to being a good one, you should seek management training.

Find out the skills you need to improve or advance.

Then, make inquiries about where you can get adequate training that would help you improve those skills.

The training might be virtual or otherwise.

Go for the one that is most suitable for you.

Ensure that you would be able to practice what you learn in your professional field.

13. Develop Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is the ability to perceive, regulate, and manage emotions.

When a person is emotionally intelligent they find it easier to manage relationships in crisis.

In other words, they can manage conflicts, inspire others, and show concern.

When there is an issue in the workplace, an emotionally intelligent person will resolve that issue with ease.

As a result, people will listen to them.

This demonstrates leadership.

So, if you want to demonstrate leadership, you need to develop emotional intelligence and be the one people turn to for help.

Conclusion on How to Demonstrate Leadership

Demonstrating leadership is not an easy feat.

You have to be ready to do the right thing, and willing to improve.

People only trust leaders who are dependable, competent, and worthy of emulation.

So, to demonstrate leadership you have to be stable, lead by example, and motivate others.

There are other things you need to do to demonstrate leadership.

We have shared them in this article.

So, we hope you find it useful.