How to Develop Critical Thinking Skills

How to develop critical thinking skills

As a business leader, you need to know how to develop critical thinking skills.

Critical thinking improves your problem-solving skills and gives you a competitive advantage in the business world.

If you are successful and have expanded your company past its original concept, you might already understand how to think critically.

However, there is also a chance that you can do better than you have done already if you know how to improve your critical thinking skills.

In this article, you will learn more about the nature of critical thinking and how to develop your critical thinking skills.

You’ll also learn a multitude of processes that not only make you a better critical thinker but which you can use in your day-to-day business operation.

How to Develop Critical Thinking Skills

 Understand the Concept of Critical Thinking

How to improve critical thinking skills

When trying to learn how to develop critical thinking skills, you need first to understand the nature of critical thinking.

It is something that has intrigued philosophers, scientists, and even the average person for thousands of years.

Good critical thinking skills are essentially the ability to think about ideas, concepts, and even your thoughts in a critical way and in a method that engages actively with them.

For example, those who have taken the time to build critical thinking skills will never accept what they are told at face value.

Instead, they will apply critical thinking skills by asking why a thought, idea, or concept is presented in a certain way or believed to be true.

Those who have mastered how to think critically might ask why reasonable people on the German side of World War II did such terrible things.

At the time, many of these soldiers and citizens said they were merely following orders.

increase critical thinking skills

Those who haven’t mastered the critical thinking process might think that this concept is bogus or merely an excuse.

However, real critical thinkers studied this concept in a controversial test and found that the average person will listen to somebody in authority even if they know they are harming somebody else.

This example was chosen not just because it showcases those who learned how to develop critical thinking skills.

It was chosen because it shows why learning how to think critically is so essential.

If you don’t build critical thinking skills in your life, you are going to become a follower in your field.

You’ll never ask if it is possible to improve your business or the way it operates.

Instead, you will blindly accept that things are merely done that way and cannot be changed.

Learn to Ask Questions About Everything To Improve Your Critical Thinking Skills

how to become a critical thinker

The first thing to do when you’re learning how to become a critical thinker is to ask questions about everything.

For example, if you read a report from an employee that suggests you need to layoff several people to avoid business failure, consider questions such as:

  • Who is telling you this?
  • Why would they say it?
  • Also, what information did they use to support their point?
  • Where was this information shared?
  • Why would they say it?
  • How was the information presented?

Build critical thinking skills

When you learn how to become a critical thinker, these questions will flow to your mind naturally and without effort.

In the example above, you might find that the employee telling you this information is saying it based on their opinion and not on any type of factual information.

As a result, you can explore other types of business solutions that don’t require layoffs.

Once you build critical thinking skills in your daily business, it’ll be easier for you to spot flaws in a person’s logic and to break it down in a step-by-step way.

It might be infuriating to your associates at first because you’ll constantly be asking them questions.

However, it will be impressive when you consistently make the right decisions and move your business forward towards success.

Develop Critical Thinking Skills By Question Yourself And Your Actions

Good critical thinking skills

Mastering critical thinking skills start by learning how to evaluate yourself critically.

This fact doesn’t mean that you have to harshly judge your actions and be mean-spirited.

That kind of behavior is not truly critical thinking.

Instead, you need to think about why you do things, decide if those kinds of behaviors are wise, and break from bad habits if they aren’t helping your company.

Let’s say you work 12 hours every day at your business.

Your managers have begged you to take a vacation for your good, but you resist them.

Ask yourself why you want to work so much and whether it is doing your business any good.

Think Critically

You might find that you are working so much because you don’t trust your managers to do a good job.

Now ask yourself if that is a fair assessment or if you are just being harsh about their abilities.

If you find that you have good reasons not to trust your managers or employees, then ask yourself why they are still employed.

Decide if you keep them around because they are your friends or because you’re worried about training anybody else.

These types of questions are all important to ask when trying to develop critical thinking skills.

 Pay Attention to All Forms of Information

Critical thinking process

Those who are trying to master how to develop critical thinking skills pay attention to all forms of information that they receive.

Too many people without good critical thinking skills discard knowledge if it comes from a source that may disagree with them in some ways.

A Republican manager may ignore what a Democrat employee says and vice versa, simply because of their differences in political opinion.

That kind of behavior will hinder your attempt to develop your critical thinking process.

You cannot increase critical thinking skills if you shut down information from people or groups with whom you disagree.

Critical Thinking Skills


They may have some vital information that is worth your time.

When trying to increase critical thinking skills, you must break past these restrictive thought patterns.

Just as importantly, you need to practice active listening to individuals when they are talking or presenting during a meeting.

Don’t just sit there and let them speak without paying real attention to what they are saying and the information that they are offering.

Actively listening means that you are taking in what they are saying and processing it with your critical thinking skills.

Developing Your Foresight

How to think critically

One of the most important things to master when you’re developing good critical thinking skills is the concept of foresight.

This ability is one of the toughest elements of the critical thinking process.

It requires that you use the information presented to you in a way that can predict the behavior of others or even market trends.

When you learn this skill well enough, it’s almost like telling the future.

critical thinking ability

However, foresight doesn’t involve a crystal ball.

Instead, it requires using your critical thinking skills to make a good guess at what you can expect to happen based on your research and expectations.

For example, if you find out that there was a grain shortage due to poor weather conditions, you can easily predict that the cost of various grain-dependent items, like bread and cereal, will go up.

That said, foresight is a skill that also requires you to have the ability to predict what will happen when you make a decision or perform an action.

For example, if you hire 10 new employees, you need to have the foresight to know how that will affect your budget.

You also need to know whether or not you can afford them, and how your other employees might react to having so many new people on board with them.

Failure to take that information into account can sabotage your business success.

Minimize Your Wasted Time

Critical thinker

Just about everybody has a large amount of wasted time in their life that they’ll never get back.

This type of time includes moments like watching 12 hours of television in a single day or spending time on a project that gets canceled.

If you can minimize your wasted time, you can learn how to improve critical thinking skills by giving yourself more time to practice them.

For example, let’s say that you spend two hours every day playing a silly game on your phone.

Critical thinkers process

Delete that app off of your phone to gain back that wasted time.

Before deleting it, though, use your critical thinking skills to ask yourself if it is indispensable.

Like most types of time wasters, you’ll probably find that you really don’t need that distraction in your life.

That doesn’t mean that you can’t relax from time to time.

In fact, relaxation is critical for improving your thinking skills.

However, try to rest in a way that doesn’t so aggressively waste your time. For example, you can read a book or even meditate.

Both of these steps help you out by providing you with an outlet for your creative energy without taxing your mind too much.

Plan Your Daily Activities

critical thinking processes

Obviously, any business person is going to plan their day very carefully.

However, you need to use your critical thinking process to plan in a way that makes sense.

For example, you need to examine all of your important meetings for the day, all of your projects.

You also need to decide which of these is the most important for you to focus on first.

After planning out when you went to do these tasks, you need to break them down into smaller actions.

For example, if you are trying to debut a new product before Christmas, you need to plan research, development, construction, when you buy material.

You also need to determine the rate you need to produce an item.

All of these tasks also have small jobs that you need to manage properly.

Critical reasoning skills

When using your critical thinking correctly, you might be overwhelmed by the sheer number of things you need to do to stay on task.

Tackle these tasks in a controlled and straightforward way by doing only a handful of them every day.

You aren’t going to finish a massive project like debuting a new product in just two days.

Once you understand that fact, you can use your critical thinking to arrange your activities in a meaningful way.

Continually Practice Critical Thinking

Critical thinking steps

While you might think that you only need critical thinking for your business, that isn’t true.

You can use these skills in every moment of your life.

For example, you can decide what book you want to read next by examining its difficulty, what kinds of books you just finished, and what type of information you want to glean from the material.

Beyond that, you can also use these skills even when on vacation.

For example, you can plan the best route to your vacation destination and pick a hotel and other elements of the stay based on your critical analysis.

You might find that your family wants to stay at a hotel with a pool but notice that a lake is nearby.

Instead of spending extra money on a pool, you can take the family to the beach for more fun.

Mastering critical thinking skills

Other people may also use these skills whenever they are watching television.

For example, you can analyze what the news anchors are saying and try to decide why they are saying it and what it means.

These might seem like they are trivial examples of how you can use critical thinking in your daily life, but each method can be a powerful way to practice.

Keep a Thought Journal

Critical thinking strategies

Analyzing and tracking your thoughts and ideas is one of the most important ways of learning how to become a critical thinker.

Keeping a journal of your thoughts is one of the best methods you can take to meet this goal.

For example, you can write down a situation, such as a conflict with a manager, as it occurred, how you responded to it, your analysis of the situation, and your assessment of how you reacted to it.

This type of personal criticism takes a lot of honesty and skill to handle.

You might find that you are likely to put other people in the worst light when you are writing it.

Developing critical thinking skills

However, you need to be honest here and gauge what happened in the situation.

The idea here is to find a pattern of behavior in your life that might be contributing to either unhappiness or a lack of success.

For example, you might find that you respond to your manager’s criticism with anger and defensive postures.

You see that you react this way even when what they are saying is true and could be beneficial to you.

This emotional reaction is something that you can work on by learning patience and trusting the analytical skills of your managers more deeply.

By thoroughly analyzing yourself in this way you make it easier to grasp your thought process fully.

As you break these actions down and examine yourself, you can start noticing the poor thought patterns that are holding you back.

You can then use your critical thinking ability to replace these bad ideas with good ones.

It won’t be an easy task to perform, but it is very beneficial for you and your company.

Balance Your Egocentricity To Improve Your Critical Thinking Skills

How to be a critical thinker

Almost every person on the planet has a major problem with their ego.

This behavior is one that will destroy your attempts to learn critical thinking abilities.

That’s because you’ll struggle to honestly assess a situation without putting yourself inherently above everyone else.

This fact doesn’t mean that you need to start doing everything for everybody else without taking yourself into account at all.

That’s a big mistake to make if you want to become a critical thinker.

That’s because you do have needs that must be met to be happy.

Going too far into the altruistic direction will sabotage you just as much as thinking only of yourself.

Critical thinking competencies

The trick here is to find a balance that pleases you and other people at the same time.

The best way to do that is to use your critical thinking to analyze the situation, gauge why people want things.

Also, guage the best way to please as many people as possible, and the best way to communicate that decision with others.

This way, you can solve any problem and flex your critical thinking muscles.

If you take the time to follow these steps on how to improve critical thinking skills, you will help your business grow in a variety of unexpected ways.

Don’t hesitate to try these ideas out right away in personal life and on your business.

While you won’t develop excellent critical thinking overnight, regular practice will improve your ability.

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