How To Enjoy Work

How to enjoy work

Do you want to know how you can enjoy your work?

Are you finding it difficult to enjoy work because you find certain tasks boring or difficult to handle?

Some tasks can be indeed tiresome and challenging sometimes.

At this time, it can be difficult to stay motivated and enjoy the work you do.

When this happens, your level of productivity and efficiency drops.

You find yourself postponing tasks, losing focus, and easily get distracted.

Thereby making it difficult to maximize your potentials, skills and leading to little fulfillment in life generally.

In this blog post, we share practical steps you can take on how to enjoy work.

Thereby helping you enjoy your work, add value and fulfill capacity.

Stay with us to find out all you need to know.

How To Enjoy Work

How do you enjoy being at work

It is okay not to enjoy work, feel bored, or be tired, especially when handling difficult or challenging tasks.

This is because you are human.

However, allowing your feelings to get the best of you, making you lose focus and the ability to maximize your potentials, is bad.

This is why there is a need to know how to enjoy your work.

First, What does it mean to enjoy your work anyways?

Enjoying your work means loving what you do.

Enjoying your work is beyond liking, tolerating, and even beyond the pay of that work.

You can and should find fulfillment and joy in your work.

Doing so is very important to your life.

Also, understand that the work and the work processes, that is, the activities you do, are quite different.

This is because most times, the work you do may have specific areas that will be uncomfortable for you.

However, loving your work means going through these uncomfortable activities with a smile on your face.

For instance, students are often told to love the teachers to understand a subject if they want to excel in their academics.

So even if they find they think a teacher is a terrible person, they have to find a way to accommodate/like the teacher to understand the subject and excel in their academics.

The same applies to the world of work.

Even if you don’t like certain aspects of your job, you still have to it because it’s an important part of your goals in life.

So, even if you don’t like your work conditions, love how you do it and love the solutions you render.

This way, you’ll find yourself enjoying your work regardless of how tough it may seem.

Before discovering the steps, you could take to enjoy your work better, let’s discover the possible reasons you do not enjoy your work.

Reasons Why You Do Not Enjoy Your Work

How can I force myself to enjoy work

Many persons do not know the reasons why they do not enjoy their work.

They always feel the problem is with the type of work when it is often from the individual.

Hence, when you do not know the reasons behind an action, it is difficult to prefer solutions to that problem.

Therefore, knowing why you do not enjoy your work is a great step to solving this problem.

Hence, below are some reasons why you’re finding it difficult to enjoy your work.

Nature Of Your Work

What is the nature of your work?

Does your work solve a problem?

Does your work add value to people’s lives?

You may be the owner of a cleaning agency, and you feel your work is all about cleaning.

Hence you consider your work boring, and you’re sad about this.

Thus you go to work most times feeling bad and unfulfilled in life.

Fear Of Learning New Skills And Change

This is another major reason why you’re finding it difficult to enjoy your work.

You have reached that stage of work where you are comfortable, and the issue of change or growth scares you.

You know your work is not up to standard, and you need to upgrade your work.

However, the fear of change and acquiring new skills envelopes you.

Hence, you don’t want to change or acquire a new skill, thereby making you remain in a particular position.

This alone is a huge reason you do not enjoy your work because only this act reduces the number of people who patronize you, and you will not find your work enjoying and fulfilling.

But what you need to know is that change is natural and is important for our growth and development.

Nothing ever stays the same anyway; you need to grow.

Difficulty In Finding Balance Of Work and Life

Difficulty balancing work and life is one of the reasons why you do not enjoy work.

It is common to lose the work-life balance because there is always work to be done.

First, there you have family commitments to meet up with.

You have a social life to live and stay in touch with friends.

In addition to this, you have tight schedules at work to meet up with.

The pressures from your family, work, and social life can really get to you and make it difficult for you actually to enjoy work.

Hence, you should strive to achieve a work-life balance.

Fear Of Disappointing Your Parents And Public Influence

Are you doing the work because of pressure? Pressure from parents, family, and the public?

If you are doing work to please someone else and not for the value it adds to you and your customers; you will not enjoy that work.

Our society belittles our wants, desires, and values.

Someone who greatly values their own desires is seen as selfish.

We are taught to put our desire last and, ultimately, forget about it.

Eventually, this becomes a pattern until we forget what we wanted in the first place.

More so, we live in a society where the value of work is determined based on how much money you make from it.

Hence, we are discouraged not to chase your passion if there’s no monetary gain.

Eventually, we are cut off from our desires/passion and are stuck with a job we do not love to satisfy friends, family, and society.

You Are Not Challenged Enough

Not having enough problems to give solutions or answers can be a big reason you do not enjoy work.

However, if you keep solving the same problem with the same pattern, it can lead to boredom, and boredom can reduce the level of drive you have for that work.

Consequently, making it difficult for you to enjoy work.

Colleagues At Work

The kind of people you work with determines if you will enjoy that work or not.

Do your colleagues have the same mindset as you?

Do you have narcissists as colleagues? Colleagues, who want to pull you down at every chance they get?

Working with negative or difficult colleagues can make the working environment very unconducive for you.

When this happens, it can be tough to enjoy work in such an environment.

Overall, these are some of the reasons why you may be finding it difficult to enjoy work.

Consider these steps and think of which relates to you to identify what could be the reason you’re dissatisfied with your work.

Now that you’ve done that, here are some steps you can take to begin to enjoy your work regardless of the challenges associated with the work.

Steps On How To Enjoy Work

How do I stop hating at work

Know Who You Are First

The initial step in enjoying your work is to know yourself first.

Knowing yourself helps you know the kind of work you will do.

Also, you become aware of your strengths and weaknesses.

This helps to understand your limits and how best to stretch yourself to exceed those limits.

Therefore helping you become better at what you do and maximize your potential.

Know Your Work

Knowing what is expected of you is another step to enjoying your work.

Here you know your work description and the value you are adding to the work.

Hence, distraction is out because you are focused on the description of your work and nothing else.

How do I feel more positive at work

Understand You Are Solution Provider

This step makes you feel part of something bigger.

When you have a higher purpose attached to your work, you’re all the more motivated to give it your best efforts at all times.

Also, this helps you to view your work differently.

Thereby allowing you to wake up in the morning of workdays with a positive mindset and joy towards work.

You are not solely working for what you stand to gain, but you are working to benefit individuals and society.

Consider the cleaning agency example mentioned above.

You may feel your work is all about cleaning but know that you give solutions to people.

You keep people’s houses clean, and this alone is your drive because you love being clean.

Having this mindset will help you wake up with that smile on your face every day because you have a reason to be at work.

Have A Resilient Spirit

The resilient spirit helps you to keep going no matter the failure or mistakes you have made while doing your work.

You are not a perfect being, and you are not expected to be perfect either but in the midst of your imperfection, encourage yourself.

Hence, use those mistakes and challenges to grow and add more value to the work.

Remain positive at work and always encourage yourself that you can do it.

How can I be happier at work

Set Actionable Goals

Work can be boring if you don’t have something to strive for.

Set actionable and inspiring goals that will motivate you and help provide focus.

These goals can be annual, monthly, or daily goals that keep you in check and gives you focus.

Also, be realistic about these goals.

Overall, your goals will give you something to look forward to each time you work.

Do Not Be Afraid To Ask Question And Support

You may get to the point where you feel overwhelmed or confused about what is happening in your work, and you really want to improve your work or standard.

Do not be afraid to consult someone or ask for support from someone you trust.

These people should be people you trust or look up to in the area of your work.

They can be your mentors, friends, or even family members.

Try not to be an island or isolate yourself with the “I know it all” or “Lone- Ranger” mentality.

Ask questions ask for help when things become too overwhelming for you to handle.

What to do if I don't want to work

Write List Of Things You Want To Enhance

Boredom/routine work is one of the roots of unhappiness at work and anywhere too.

So take a single pace toward changing what’s getting you down.

Confront yourself to look for one area that would give you more joy at work and then make it happen.

If you consistently challenge yourself with new things and improve yourself, chances are you will enjoy your work.

One way to do this is to make a list of things you would like to enhance because you can’t begin to solve a problem until you’ve defined it.

Draw out steps and methods to improve such things at work and start improving to make your workplace more pleasant.

For instance, if you are a fashion designer specialized in making clothes only for an adult male, broaden your area of specialization and start making clothes for all the male category, both infants and teens.

Improve your designs or styles because the style used for adults may not be nice for infants or teens.

Hence, take up new challenges, practice them, and improve the previously used patterns to solve problems.

Write Out  List Of Things You Are Thankful For

Write down all the little and big things you are thankful for, from acquiring the work or the place of work that helps you support your family.

This gives you a driving force to encourage you that you can achieve more.

Studies have shown that listing everything you are thankful for can help you feel more cheerful about your current state.

Laugh More

Laughing more is a therapy that you should make use of always.

Do not always keep a serious look at work; try to laugh.

If there happened to be a joke, laugh.

If there was something that happened on your way to work, remind yourself of that and laugh.

The more you laugh and smile, even while working, the happier you will be too.

Take Breaks At Interval And Maximize Your Leave

Taking breaks at intervals and maximizing your leave is very important as well to help you enjoy work.

It can be short breaks of five to ten minutes or a launch break.

Try to get away from your desk during those breaks, stretch your legs, and enjoy the weather.

These breaks are not just for the food, but to get your mind off your work for some time.

Also, your leave can be for one month; try to travel to another location and change the environment.

Enjoy your leave with your family, friends, or relations.

Go for picnics with your family, friends, or relations.

Make sure you keep work out of your leave as much as possible.

You are now aware of why you do not enjoy work and how to start enjoying work.

Now we will talk about what you stand to benefit when you start enjoying your work, and these could be psychological, health, and financial benefits.

Psychological Benefits of Enjoying Your Work

How do you balance work and life

Your Level Of Productivity Increases

Immediately you start loving your work, your motivation, and zeal for that work increases.

This helps in boosting your level of productivity.

Also, when the level of your productivity is high, the sense of fulfillment is high.

Hence you become proud of yourself.

You Feel More Fulfilled

When you are doing work you care about, you tend to have a sense of fulfillment.

Hence making you happier and more productive.

You’ll Have The Zeal To Continue To Learn and Grow 

Loving your work regardless of the challenges and difficult times you faced can certainly make you a better person.

It can boost your resilience and help you develop mental toughness towards other challenges of life.

More so, you’ll develop an open mindset to learning new things and seeking more growth opportunities.

Hence making you a better person overall.

Note; the more knowledge you gain, the more success comes your way.

Health Benefits Of Enjoying Your Work

How can I change my attitude at work

Your Days On Earth Are Increased

Believe it or not, doing what you love helps you live longer on earth.

Nobody wants to die at a young age, and everyone wants to live life till they get old.

Then enjoying your work can help you live a longer, happier, and fulfilled life.

The happier you are, the less exposed you are to the risk of heart diseases that could shorten your life.

Stress And Anxiety Are Reduced

You are now comfortable with your work environment.

Hence, you now look at your work from another perspective, and you are no more overwhelmed over the work anymore.

You do not rush things up anymore as you did when you were not enjoying your work.

Therefore you now know what to do, and you are now familiar with the work culture and routine of the workplace.

So stress and anxiety are reduced, consequently boosting your health.

Brings You Closer To Your Family And Friends

Since you now know what purpose you are to fulfill or what problem you prefer solutions for, you are more focused on those areas, and your time with your family or friends will not be altered.

Staying close to the family reduces stress, increases self-esteem, and helps you make positive choices both for work and family.

Financial Benefits Of Enjoying Your Work

How can I be more confident at work

Once your level of productivity is high, you will definitely draw people to you because you are a solution provider.

People make use of items because of the solution that item solves.

So be it goods or services you render, as long as you prefer solutions to their problems, they will always come to you.

Consequently increasing your earning potentials and your finances.

Conclusion On How To Enjoy Work

How can I be happy and positive

Now you know you’re not enjoying work, the solutions on how to enjoy your work, and the benefits accrued to enjoying your work.

We encourage you to apply these steps to your work life to be productive and achieve your goals.

Remember, there is a reason for doing that work, so enjoy “the why of the work” and “the how of that work.”

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How To Enjoy Work