How To Find Purpose In Life

How To Find Purpose In Life

Are you concerned about how to find purpose in life?

Do you want a sense of direction in life and to achieve success in what you do?

Perhaps you have questions about what it is you’re meant to do with your life?

Do you feel confused about life or unhappy and unfulfilled with your life generally?

The two most important days in your life are the day you were born and the day you find out WHY? – Mark Twain.

Finding out the WHY of your life is all about finding purpose in life.

The importance of finding your purpose in life cannot be overemphasized.

If you don’t want to live a life without meaning and substance, then you need to find what it is you’re uniquely placed on earth to do.

You need to discover your purpose in life so you can live a more fulfilling life.

In this blog post, we share insight into tips and important questions to ask yourself to help you find purpose in life.

Read on to find out more.

How To Find Purpose In Life

Ways To Discover Your Life Purpose

First off, what’s the meaning of purpose in life or life’s purpose?

Purpose in life or life’s purpose means a strong conviction and/or motivating force that pushes you in a particular direction to achieve specific goals.

Finding your purpose in life is an important thing to do.

This is because it is what influences all the major decisions you make in life.

Decisions such as the line of career to pursue, the kind of business to start, the kind of relationships you create, and more are all tied up with your purpose in life.

This is why the idea “purpose in life” is such an important concept.

You might begin to wonder what if I don’t have a purpose in life?

You might also ask does everyone have to have a purpose in life?

Jack Canfield entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and success coach state that “we are all born with a deep and meaningful purpose that we have to discover”.

This is so true, given the fact that each human being is uniquely different from one another.

Even identical twins are uniquely different from each other.

Hence, everyone has a unique goal to pursue (purpose in life) according to his or her unique abilities.

How To Find Purpose In Life (Guidelines To Help You Live A More Meaningful And Fulfilling Life)

Questions That Help You Find Your Life Purpose

Most people tend to associate the term “purpose in life” with spirituality or religion.

Yes, it might seem to appeal more in the context of spirituality and/or religion.

However, the term is an important and unique term that covers all aspects of life.

Let’s discover how to find purpose in life.

This is so you can achieve success at what you do and have a more fulfilling life.

These tips on how to find your purpose in life consist of things that can help you discover who you are and identify your passion.

Hence, helping you find your purpose in life.

Identify The Factors Making It Difficult For You To Find Purpose In Life

How to Find Purpose in Life and Make Yourself a Better Person

Like we always say the first step to solving any problem is to identify and try to understand the reason behind the problem.

Hence, the first step you need to take to find your purpose in life is to identify those factors making it difficult for you to find your purpose.

Some of the suggested factors that make it difficult for most people to find their purpose in life include;

  • Pressure And Influence From People

Most times, the pressure to be successful in life either from parents, friends, and family relatives makes it difficult for most people to know what they want to do with their lives.

There’s a lot of pressure form people around them and other external sources on living a successful life.

As a result of this pressure, there’s a lot of confusion about what to do to achieve success.

Thereby, making it difficult for them to identify and decide what path to follow to achieve success and live a fulfilling life.

  • Setting Wrong Priorities

Another reason for people not being able to find purpose in life is because of the wrong priorities that they set.

Most people tend to prioritize fame, money, prestige, social status among other things in life.

While these things are good to have, sometimes it makes it difficult for them to go after their passion (what they love doing).

In other words, they set the wrong priorities and go after what will help them achieve those priorities instead of chasing fulfillment by doing what they love.

Thereby, making it difficult for them to find a true purpose in life.


  • Fear

One other thing that keeps most people from finding their true purpose in life is fear.

This could be the fear of failing, the fear of ridicule, the fear of being too old among other things.

For example, most people are afraid of failing if they leave what seems to be their normal thriving life and go after their passion/purpose in life.

More so, they fear that due to their age, it’s a little bit too late for them to follow their passion.

Hence, they settle for the unfulfilling life that they live.

Thereby, making it difficult for them to take action to find and fulfill their purpose in life.

There are many reasons such as negativity, ignorance among others why it’s difficult for most people to find purpose in life.

So, what could be yours?

The trick to identifying why it’s difficult for you to find your purpose in life is to ask yourself some important questions.

In other words, ask questions that can help you identify what’s holding you back.

After identifying what these factors are, you can take active steps to tackle them, finding your purpose, and living your life according to your purpose.

Discover What It Is You Love To Do And Do It 

Tips for Finding Your Purpose in Life

Another tip or guideline to help you find your purpose in life is to discover what you love to do and do it.

In other words, discover your passion and do it.

There is a deep connection between passion and purpose although most people tend to think of them as two different concepts.

Passion is that strong emotion/or feeling of love (burning desire) for something or someone.

More so, passion means to love to do something in a way that doing it brings about a greater joy or happiness to you regardless of the difficulties or negative circumstances.

This feeling is what generates into a sense of purpose that motivates what you do in life and why you do it.

For example, say, you love being around children and youngsters.

You like to impart their lives with knowledge.

Additionally, each time you engage yourself in such activity you feel a sense of happiness and fulfillment.

As a result of this feeling, you decide to pursue a line of business in educating people (especially children).

It is your love for children that informed your decision to become an educator.

Thus helping you find a purpose to do something and acquiring the right skills to help you achieve that purpose.

Hence, if you want to find purpose in life, find out what it is you love to do and do it.

To do this, ask yourself some serious questions about what are the things you do that make you happy?

Identify Your Talents (What Things Come Easily For You)

how to find your purpose in life

Another thing that can point you in the direction of your purpose thus helping you find purpose in life are your talents.

Talents are those skills or natural abilities that a person possesses, that comes easily without putting in much effort.

Talents are one of the easiest ways to identify and create a path to follow.

What are some of the natural skills or abilities that you possess?

What unique abilities come easy and natural for you?

Do you easily or naturally create and make relationships with people?

That could point you in the direction of sales, marketing, or leadership.

Are you very comfortable speaking and addressing large crowds?

Such talents could be pointing you in the direction of public speaking.

It could be that you’re naturally good at mixing colors, drawing, or, writing.

Whatever your talents are, they don’t have to be outstanding or groundbreaking, they could just be the natural possession of certain skills.

Identify what these talents (natural skills are) and practice or learn more to develop your skills in those areas.

Thus helping you find purpose and living a successful and fulfilling life.

Identify And Explore Your Interests

finding life purpose

Identifying and exploring your area of interest can help you find purpose in life.

What are the things you love doing?

What topics interest you?

Are you interested in politics, gaming, entertainment, marketing, business, education, or cooking, traveling?

You could have a wide range of interests.

Identifying what these interests are, making a note of them, and exploring them all could help you find your purpose.

By exploring your interests chances are you could find one that grabs your attention, pays off, and resonates well with you.

Thus, helping you find purpose in life.

Bear in mind that your interests are quite different from your passion.

Interests consist of a range of things or activities that you like to engage in either for fun or personal satisfaction or development as the case may be.

Interests could also be your hobbies.

On the other hand, passion involves more of a serious or intense feeling one that is usually associated with a lot of commitment and diligence towards achieving a goal.

While you can have so many interests at a time, you can only be passionate about one thing at a time.

So, what are those things or areas/fields of life that interests you?

Identify them by asking yourself this simple question and make a note of them.

Explore, these areas of interest, find one that sticks or that gets your attention.

What career choices or life’s decisions can you make in line with these areas of interest that could add more value or meaning to your life?

This would give you a sense of direction to go.

Thereby, helping you find purpose in life.

Ask For Feedback

how to find my place in life

Another thing you could do to get a sense of direction and help you find purpose in life is to ask for feedback.

Feedback is such an important aspect of personal development and identifying potentials.

Chances are it might be a little bit difficult for you to fully understand what it is you’re good at doing (strengths and weakness).

However, people who are close to you and with whom you interact with the most can help you identify potential that you might not have recognized.

Hence, ask your family. friends, close relatives, or colleagues what they think about you.

Ask them to be honest with you and keep an open mind to what their responses might be.

Tell them to highlight what they think are your strengths and weaknesses as a person.

How do they think/feel about the way you interact with them and other people?

Do they see you as someone who does well with people maybe the elderly or children?

Do, they talk about your unique ability to always make everyone in the room laugh or feel happy?

The feedback you get from them can serve as insight into your strongest skills, talents, and unique abilities.

More so, it could help give you a sense of direction about potential things you could do with your life.

Thereby, helping you find purpose in life.


How do you know what your purpose is

Reading can also help you find purpose in life.

Most times our lives and the decisions we make are shaped by the amount of exposure (what we see, hear, and read about) we get.

Reading relevant materials can expose you to new ways of thinking.

Thus giving you a new perspective to life as you’ve never seen before.

You can gain insight into a new line of career by reading about it.

Furthermore, it might interest you to try a new business/job after reading about it.

For example, you might develop an interest to pursue a career in digital marketing/public speaking after reading about it.

Thanks to the internet, there’s no limit to the kind of resources you can read about concerning various topics and fields of interest.

By developing a habit of reading, you sharpen your mind, broaden your horizon, and get exposed to new ways of thinking and seeing life.

Reading can help you find purpose in life by exposing you to new fields of interest.

Hence, to find purpose in life consider reading about a lot of things.

Take Action

discovering your purpose

Finding purpose in life would not be complete without this last point.

After discovering your talents, interests, and other things that point you in the direction of your purpose what do you do?

Do you just stop at discovering them while you sit and fold your arms waiting for an opportunity to come to express your special gifts?

Or do you get busy looking for ways to put your discovery to good use?

For you to find and fulfill purpose in life, you need to be willing to take action.

After discovering what it is you’re good at (finding purpose) you need to take action.

Take action by learning relevant skills that can help you excel in the gifts/talents you’ve discovered.

Take action by seeking for relevant opportunities/platforms where you can put your discoveries to use.

Now you know some actionable steps you could take to help you find purpose in life.

What are the benefits of finding purpose in life?

Benefits Of Finding Purpose In Life

Steps To Find Out Your Life Purpose

Here are some of the ways finding purpose in life can benefit you.

  • It helps to give your life a sense of meaning. (Finding and attaching a higher purpose to your  life makes you see your life as more meaningful).
  • Finding your purpose in life helps to give you a sense of direction.
  • It makes it easy for you to set clear goals.
  • You’ll be happier with your life.
  • It also helps you feel more positive about life, thus helping you develop a positive mindset.
  • It helps you develop confidence and other positive attributes such as resilience, commitment, discipline, passion among others.
  • Finding purpose in life helps you achieve self-fulfillment.

Final Thoughts On How To Find Purpose In Life

what is your purpose in life

Finding your purpose in life is a question of understanding the unique things you ought to do with your life and heading in that direction.

It’s all about doing something worthwhile with your life and making it a self-fulfilling life.

A lot of people go through life feeling confused about what to do with their lives.

More so, a lot of people, having achieved success, fame, prestige, etc, they still feel unhappy with their lives.

These feelings of unhappiness and confusion are all tied up to one thing which is “finding purpose in life”.

It doesn’t matter at what stage of your life you might be right now?

Your age doesn’t matter as well.

It’s never too late to start doing what makes you happy- Jack Canfield

It’s never too late to start over; (find your true purpose in life)

So, use these tips as guidelines to help you discover your true meaning in life.

This is so you can discover your talents, gifts, and unique abilities and achieve your goals in life.

How has your journey in life been?

Do you think you’ve found your purpose in life?

Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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How To Find Purpose In Life