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How To Find What Motivates You

How To Find What Motivates You

Do you want to know how to find what motivates you? 

Do you always find it difficult to answer the question; what motivates you? 

Oftentimes, people work towards what they refer to as their goals and become successful but do not feel any sense of accomplishment. 

It is majorly because they don’t know what their source of motivation is. 

When you don’t know what motivates you, you may end up going into a career different from what you want. 

You may even choose a lifestyle that doesn’t appeal to you.

To avoid this situation, it is necessary to sit down and seek out your source of motivation. 

So, if you can find answers to the question; what motivates you, this blog post is for you.

It explores the different ways you can discover your source of motivation and reach your full potential in every aspect of life.

Let’s dig in.

How To Find What Motivates You

How do you know what motivates you

Foremost, you will need to understand what motivation is. 

Motivation is simply the driving force that gives you the required inner energy to go for what you want in life. 

How do you know what you want in life?

You do that by exploring your tendencies.

What you want in life may be a career change, getting married, buying a house, relocating, etc. 

According to Gretchen Rubin, “the happiest and most successful people are those who have figured out ways to explore their tendencies.” 

Tendencies as used here refer to your driving or motivating force. 

These tendencies show you a path to follow in life. 

You may have multiple sources of motivation, which is alright.

Likewise, according to the communication expert Tiffany Lee, motivation is both internal and external. 

Internal motivation comes from within, such as your wants and desires (e.g., building a house, buying a car, etc.)

External motivation is external.

It comes from external forces or sources around you as, working for a paycheck, making money to help others, etc.

Now that you understand what motivation is and the two types of motivation let’s discover how to find yours.

How to Find What Motivates You 

The self-confidence that you can succeed and motivating force are essential ingredients for success. 

However, how do you know what motivates you to tap into that energy and work on your goals?

Here are some tips on how to find what motivates you.

How do I find motivation

Define What Success Means to You

People tend to have their definit ions of success following their experience in life.

But, it is important to understand that your definition of success may shift from one thing to another from time to time until you properly define it. 

What you considered a success story as a teenager may not be what success is for you as an adult.

The same goes for your childhood dreams. 

Therefore, in finding what motivates you, you need to redefine what success means to you as you progress in life. 

Overall, it will help direct your focus and energy to the right place as you work towards your success. 

Have a Basic Understanding of What You Want

Have you been in a situation where all the decisions you make concerning your life revolves around what people want from you? 

Or have you been in a situation where people decide what you should do with your life, even as an adult?

This makes you become what they expect you to be while ignoring your wish and passion. 

Also, this directly redefines what motivates you. 

Hence, your dreams are based on other people’s opinions.

This can only lead to a lack of fulfillment in life generally. 

To find out what motivates you, take some time to yourself and step away from the influence of your friends, relations, and society. 

Look into your life and find out if what you are doing currently is what you enjoy doing.

Ask yourself if you will feel fulfilled doing it until your last breath. 

Also, ask yourself if your career path is an influence of your loved ones or your choice.

When going through this soul-searching process, anchor your thought on your passion and interest in life. 

Suppose your passion and interest are in line with what you do currently. Kudos to you.

If it is not, you can always start afresh.

It will help you find what motivates you. Also, it will help you redefine your true self.

what motivates you to succeed in life

Rely On Your Principles; It Will Help You Find What Motivates You

Principles are rules, beliefs, ideas, and concepts that help to shape your life. 

Your life’s choices, personal decisions, and situations in life reflect your principles/philosophies in life.

Therefore when working towards finding what motivates you, look at your principles and weigh them side by side with where you are in life currently. 

It can serve as helpful insight into the things that are important to you in life generally.

Look At Your Past Success Stories; They Can Help You in Finding What Motivates You

Finding what motivates you is a journey you need to embark on going back and forth in your life. 

It requires you to go down the memory of your past success and find out what motivated you to attain them.

Your motivation for your past success may remind you of those important things that push you to achieve success.

Thereby helping you find what motivates you once again.

How do I get motivated everyday

Set Some Goals; They Will Reveal What Drives You in Life

When you are at the crossroad of finding out what motivates you, one of the things you can do is to set some goals. 

Go ahead, picks a paper and pen, and write down what you want to achieve within a particular time frame.

After you have done that, ask yourself why you want to achieve those goals. 

Any response you give yourself is your motivation for the goals.

Therefore, revealing what motivates you and helping you achieve success.

Access Your Worst Fear; It Can Help You Find Your Source of Motivation

Fear is said to be man’s enemy and friend, depending on how it is handled. 

To make your fear work for you, you have to face it one on one. 

To do this, you have to, first of all, examine your fear; What are you afraid of?

After that, figure out if it is something you can conquer.

Also, find out how you can conquer it. 

When you are done with this process, ask yourself why you want to conquer your fear. 

The response you give yourself is an indirect source of your motivation in life, while your fears are a direct motivation. 

Hence, if you want to find what motivates you, face your fears. 

How Well Do You Know What Motivates You

Draw Inspiration/Motivation From People By Interacting With Them

Going through life without a source of inspiration could be bad. 

Hence, the need to find your source of inspiration. 

One of the ways to find what motivates you is to interact with other people. 

Through discussions, chats, and interaction, you get acquainted with people’s ideologies about life. 

More so, you could learn valuable life lessons from their experiences.

As a result, teaching you a few things about life that you may want to adopt in your life.

The insight or inspiration you gain from this can serve as an excellent source of motivation to do things you wouldn’t ordinarily do.

Thereby helping you draw motivation from such positive people.

Read Motivational and Self-development Content

Finding out what motivates one can be a herculean task. 

However, one way to find what motivates you is by reading motivational and self-development content and watching videos. 

What this content does to you is help you figure out who you are and what you can do to make yourself better than you are. 

It also teaches you self-esteem and self-motivation. 

Some of them will hint at what you should do to find out some things about you (self-awareness)

Going through them helps you to not only develop but also to find out what motivates you in life. 

How do I stop being so lazy

Do Some Meditation

Mediation allows you to focus on one thing and open yourself up for healing.

Hence, when seeking things that motivate you, meditation can help you arrive at some answer. 

All you have to do is to stay focused and do some soul-searching routine while repeating some mantra. 

This allows you to access your inner self in a space only you can determine what is and what isn’t. 

Through focus and concentration, you open up yourself and find out what you want in life and why you want them.

Your answers to these deep questions could be some of your sources of motivation. 

How do I motivate myself to get bored

Meet With A Life Coach To Help You Find Out What Motivates You

A life coach is a person skilled in coaching and teaching people about different things about living. 

A life coach also focuses on teaching people how to set and achieve goals.

Most of these things range from personal development, career development, choice of life partner, etc. 

Also, they can help you go through some mental/emotional issues related to your goals in life. 

A life coach, through their expertise, can place you on some one-on-one sessions that gradually push you towards finding what inspires you. 

More so, they will ask you some series of questions and take you through some practical processes that would help you find what motivates you in life. 

Overall, these are some of the ways you can discover what motivates you in life.

Why it is Important to Know What Motivates You 

How do I become more positive and motivated

People’s motivations are always different.

What you consider motivating enough to push you towards achieving your goal may not motivate another person. 

That is the reason why you have to work towards finding yours without external interference. 

Below are some reasons why you should find what motivates.

It makes you live an inspired life

Life is fun when you figure out how to stay inspired. 

It helps you to focus on your goals. 

Likewise, it gives you the opportunity of living a life that is in line with your belief, values, and principles. 

It creates room for self-development 

One of the biggest favor of finding what motivates you is to help you discover where there are lapses in your life.

It also gives you the courage to work towards improving and developing yourself. 

It improves your decision-making skills.

Finding out what motivates you requires you to know how to decide what you want in life, following your passion and interest. 

It makes you choose an option among the listless options.

This indirectly improves your decision-making skills. 

Also, it helps you in making important life decisions. 

Why do I feel so unmotivated

It makes you self-aware

One of the major reasons behind finding out what motivates you is encouraging you to go on a journey to the self. 

Doing this on your own helps to figure out many things about yourself that you may not have known in the past. 

It can help in an interview situation

Interviewers are always eager to understand their soon-to-be staff by knowing their source of motivation.

Finding what motivates you can help you answer the ‘what motivates you?’ question in an interview.

Final Thoughts on Finding what motives you 

How do you motivate a lazy person

Motivation is a driving force that inspires you to stay positive in life, set a goal, and work towards achieving it. 

It works hand-in-hand with your passion and interest. 

However, to be motivated, you need to find what motivates you. 

Finding what motivates you will help prevent you from going into an adventure you will not enjoy in your lifetime. 

It enhances your ability to achieve success by giving you the zeal to stumbling blocks and life events. 

Hence to find what motivates you, start by discovering what success means to you.

The essence of it is to prevent you from working towards what you have no interest in. 

Also, understand yourself, your ideologies, philosophies, and principles.

They will help you to find what motivates you truly. 

More so, remember that what motivates you may be more than one thing. 

Therefore do not be confused when you realize that you have more than one source of inspiration. 

Speaking on this again, remember that finding what motivates you is a soul-searching process.

Therefore you don’t need the interference of your friend’s idea or that of your family member. 

You can rather seek their opinions which can direct you on what to do but remember that their opinions are not binding on you to take them.

All you need is to individually figure out what drives your passion and interest in things in life. 

Also, a life coach can direct guide you towards discovering what’s important to you.

When you find what motivates you, it gives you a headstart on finding your true self.

Above all, it’s one thing to find what motivates you, and it’s another thing to stay motivated.

Therefore, when you discover what motivates you, tap into it, and stay motivated while working on your goals.

Remember, it’s not going to be easy. However, it’s doable.

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How To Find What Motivates You