How to Find Your Strengths

How to Find Your Strengths

Do you know what your strengths are, and would you like to learn how to find them?

If yes, then we urge you to keep reading to have a better knowledge of yourself.

The need to know your strengths, as well as your weaknesses, cannot be minimized.

This is essential and integral to your success and achievements in life.

And this can make a big difference for you as you walk on your career path. 

If you are aspiring to start a business or you already own one, then you need to understand what your strengths are. 

Knowing how to find your strengths will guide you on what endeavors you should pursue and where to channel your energy. 

It will help you to know how to be more effective in whatever you do, as you utilize these strengths for your benefit and advantage. 

Additionally, even if you are going to work with others, either as an employee or in a business partnership, you need to know your strengths. 

Little wonder then that the question: “What are your strengths and weaknesses” ranks as one of the most popular questions asked by interviewers. 

This is so because it gives them a clear insight into who you are and where you are best suited in the organization. 

It is therefore clear that regardless of what career path you are on, and whether or not you own a business, you need to know your strengths. 

If you currently cannot tell what your strengths are, or what you are good at, you need not feel bad about it. 

This realization might take some time, especially if you have not yet learned the secrets of how to find your strengths. 

It is these secrets that we are about to show you.

What Does It Mean to Find Your Strengths 

Before we take you down the road on how to find and discover your strengths, let us understand what it means. 

Your strengths can be defined as actions or tasks that you can do very well. 

This might be a result of your skills, talents, knowledge, ability, or proficiency.

One or more of these factors dictates what your strengths are and are necessary for completing tasks and achieving goals. 

Some of the strengths that people possess are versatility, flexibility, serious-minded, punctuality, hard work, modesty, empathy e.t.c 

Do you feel like you have or possess any of these?

Probably you still haven’t figured it out yet, and perhaps there are other strengths you have that are not mentioned. 

There is no cause for alarm, as, after this article, you will have all you need to find what your strengths are. 

Before then, bear in mind that your strengths are the things you do very well. 

You do not struggle to do them, but you have great ability in those areas that they seem to come naturally to you. 

These qualities or abilities are what make you unique and what would dictate the actions and decisions you make professionally. 

Hence, you must identify them and do that immediately.

Importance of Finding Your Strengths 

Do you know what your strengths are?

Also, do you think it is important to even find out what your strengths are, or it is best you do not know?

A lot of people spend so much time and resources worrying about things they are not good at while neglecting their strengths or areas where they excel. 

You shouldn’t be one of them.

Well, to be sure, knowing your strengths is very important. 

And here are some of the advantages of finding and knowing your strengths:

It is a Confidence Booster 

Sometimes, we suffer from low self-esteem simply because we do not recognize or appreciate our good areas. 

Focusing so much on the things you lack or areas where you are not so good can kill your confidence and self-esteem. 

You might start to see yourself as a failure, one who can’t do anything right and doesn’t even deserve to be where he is. 

However, if you find your strengths, it helps you to value and appreciate yourself more. 

That way, you will have high confidence levels in yourself and your self-esteem would be on the high. 

Of course, these increased confidence levels would only help you to achieve greater things in life.

It Gives You Ideas for Actionable Plans 

The one who fails to plan, it is said, has planned to fail.

Well, the one who plans without recognizing his strengths and weaknesses is also heading for failure. 

When you understand and know your strengths, however, you can make actionable plans. 

This knowledge exposes you to opportunities and threats relating to the goals you have set for yourself. 

It helps you to know what actions to take and which ones to avoid.

The ideas for making these actionable plans come from finding and knowing your strengths. 

How to Find Your Strengths – It Helps You See Your Value 

Self-awareness of your value is another benefit that comes from finding your strengths. 

Imagine working on a team where you are sure you offer valuable contributions but can’t tell how. 

If the other members of the team fully understand their roles and contributions on the team, and you don’t, then it’s a problem. 

This might make you feel less important or valueless on the team, and that won’t reflect the work you do and your contributions. 

On the other hand, if you know what your strengths are, you can easily see how you contribute to the success of the team.

This will help you to see your value and cause you to appreciate yourself more. 

It Helps You Choose the Right Career Path 

Many people today have walked on a career path for many years, only to realize they are on the wrong path. 

Those years are usually plagued with disappointments, sadness, and eventually a lack of fulfillment.

One way you can avoid this happening to you is if you find your strengths on time. 

Once you know what your strengths are, it is easier to make the decision on which career path to follow. 

The decision pretty much makes itself. 

It is a wise decision to follow a path where you are better able to express your strengths and are not adversely affected by your weaknesses.

To put it in clear perspective, if your strength lies in drawing and you are not a very good cook, it would serve you better to pursue a career in art than being a chef. 

This doesn’t mean you cannot work on your weaknesses and learn new skills, but it is easier to find success in an area where your strength lies. 

It Gives Us Better Insight On Areas for Personal Growth 

Unfortunately, when you ask some people what areas they will like to improve on, their minds go to their weaknesses. 

While it is good to work on our weaknesses and improve on them, it is even more important to improve on our strengths. 

There is a chance for faster growth when you know your strengths and are intentional about improving on them.

Also, when you know your strengths and regularly use them at work or in completing tasks, you are more successful at it.

Finding and Knowing Your Strengths Saves You Time 

If you find your strengths and know them on time, it can help to direct your focus and save your time. 

That means you do not spend time learning a new skill you will never need or pursuing a futile endeavor. 

Rather, you can focus your time and energy on the area that best suits you and support the strengths you have.

Narrowing down your choices this way will save you time, and that time can best be used for getting results down the right path that supports your strengths. 

It Gives You Insight Into Where to Assist Others 

Inspiring and motivating others is one of the aspects of good leadership and something that knowing your strength helps you with. 

Without finding your strengths, it would be hard for you to know where you come in for the development of other people. 

You might even lead others astray when you try to lead them down a path that you are not great at yourself. 

On the other hand, when you successfully find your strengths, you can provide proper guidance for others. 

You can even become a mentor in that area, and that would be satisfying for you as a leader. 

It Generally Increases Your Joy

Imagine the feeling that comes with knowing you are great at something?

That feeling cannot be compared with anything, as it makes you happy, knowing that you can do anything you want around that. 

This knowledge will increase your joy and make you find more happiness and fulfillment in life. 

And why not? You do not see yourself as a failure but recognize some areas where you are not just good but great. 

How to Find Your Strengths – What You Have To Do 

Finding and knowing your strengths is very important, as these are like your superpowers. 

They are what defines who you are, and can point you in the right direction for whatever career or profession you should pursue. 

If you currently do not know what your strengths are, it is not too late to discover them. 

Follow the steps below to find and discover your strengths:

Review Your Most Successful Moments in Life 

One very effective way of finding out what your strengths are is reviewing past experiences of times you’ve enjoyed the most success. 

You can limit this to 2 or 3 of such experiences, whether big or small. 

When you review those successful moments, ask yourself what was responsible for the success you enjoyed on those projects or at such times. 

As you do this, try to see the strengths you displayed while undergoing those projects which contributed to your success. 

There is a big chance that you will find some skills or talents that appear recurrently in each of those situations. 

This will show you what exactly your strengths are and gives you reasons to believe that these are your strengths. 

Ask People That Know You and People That You Trust 

Another way you can find out what your strengths are is by asking people who know you well. 

They might be former or present employers, employees, friends, relatives e.t.c. 

The reason this is effective is that they know you very well, and most of these people have worked with you before. 

They have had the opportunity of seeing how you approach projects, and what skills and talents you bring on board for such. 

As such, they are in a good position to offer you honest feedback and clear insight as to what your strengths are. 

You can send an email to selected people, asking them what they think your strengths are, as you need that information to advance your career. 

When you get their responses, check to see what strengths come up multiple times. 

That will give you a clear direction on what your strengths are.

When asking for this feedback, do not forget to be polite about it and appreciate them for their time and help. 

Take Note of What You ‘Often’ Get Appreciated For 

Another exercise that can help you in finding what your strengths are is reflecting on what people often thank you or appreciate you for. 

Usually, when people appreciate you for something, it is because you were good with and have been of immense help to them. 

That is an indication of your skills, talents, and strengths. 

When you take note of these things you do that people appreciate, it can help you in finding what your strengths are. 

How to Find Your Strengths – Keep Your Mind Open to Change

When you are trying to find out what your strengths are, you cannot let personal biases come in the way, even though they could come in easily. 

There are certain beliefs that you might have held on to for many years and you convince yourself that this is who you are.

Even as you grow older, you might still hold on to these beliefs which might come with some bias. 

It is good to remember that as we grow older, so do we develop new skills and discover new strengths.

Something that wasn’t your strongest point some years ago might be now. 

Hence, when you are in the process of finding your strengths, keep an open mind and do not be afraid to learn and accept new information. 

If you discover certain areas where your assessment of yourself shows are your strengths which you do not know before, be open for change.

When you are open-minded this way, it can expose you to new talents and skills and let you discover new strengths you never knew you had.

Assess Your Skills and Talents 

Usually, whatever your skills and talents are, so also is your area of strengths. 

Hence, when finding your strengths, you can also consider what skills you have and the natural talent you possess.

You can know these by looking at things you do that have almost become second nature to you, as they come naturally.

For these things, you do not need to struggle too hard to do them, and you can even do them with little or no preparation.

That is an indication of your skills and talents, and that shows you what your strengths are. 

Take Note of What People Ask You to Help Them With ‘Often’

Another indicator of what your strengths are is what people often ask you to help them with.

If you are not good at these things or they don’t see them as your strong points, they won’t ask you to help them with it. 

It could be that in your place of work, you have your colleagues or coworkers always asking you for assistance in one or two areas. 

If you are the go-to person for such tasks or duties, then that could be a sign that these areas are your areas of strength. 

Identify What Makes You Feel Strong 

Another way to find and discover what your strengths are is to take note of times when you’ve felt very strong.

Ask yourself: “What exactly is responsible for this strength you feel, or what makes you feel strong?”

Could it be that you gave help to someone in need and you feel strong for your act of kindness and generosity?

This could be an indication that one of your strengths is empathy. 

There might also be other things that you normally do that make you feel strong. 

These should direct you in discovering what your strengths are and point you in the way you should go. 

Take an Assessment or Strenght Test 

Several online tools can help you determine what your strengths and weaknesses are. 

These assessments are prepared to ask you questions or give you real-life scenarios, asking what you will do in those situations. 

Your answers to those questions are then used to determine what your strong points are. 

Taking these tests can help you find and discover your strengths, and then use them in advancing in your career.

Final Thoughts – How to Find Your Strengths

Finding your strengths, and doing it early is very important. 

Therefore, make deliberate efforts to discover what your talents, skills, knowledge, and strengths are right away. 

And you might just be surprised at what you find, and how this can effectively change your life for the better.