How To Get A Thought Out Of Your Head

How To Get A Thought Out Of Your Head

Do you want to know how to get a thought out of your head?

You probably want to get rid of negative thoughts that are troubling your mind.

Are you struggling with mental stress and depression as a result of the negative thoughts stuck in your head?

Are you a business owner/entrepreneur, employee, or just a regular individual seeking ways to get a thought out of your head so you can be your best self?

Piling up thoughts in your head especially negative thoughts can make you feel depressed and anxious.

Thereby putting you under mental stress and making you unproductive and inefficient in what you do

This is why you mustn’t harbor negative thoughts and feelings in your head.

Read on to find out how to get negative thoughts in your head.

How To Get A Thought Out Of Your Head

Science-Backed Methods To Get You Out Of Your Head

It’s okay to think; think about the future, past achievements, present goals, and a whole lot of other things.

Thinking helps to keep the brain alert and the mind active.

On the other hand overthinking can be bad for you.

Overthinking puts you in a bad mental state.

As bad as overthinking could be, many people still engage in overthinking.

A lot of people spend the whole day ruminating about different issues of life.

Sadly enough, most of the time people spend thinking, they spend it on negative thoughts.

Furthermore, the more you try to get rid of them the stronger they get.

So, if this is the case, how do you get a thought out of your head especially the negative ones?

Before looking into how to get a thought out of your head, let’s consider some basis;

  • Benefits of thinking (critical thinking)
  • Dangers of thinking too much (overthinking)
  • Sources of negative thoughts

Benefits Of Thinking (Critical Thinking)

How to Get Out of Your Head

Can thinking be good for you?

It all depends on the kind of thinking and what your thoughts are based on.

As a business owner/entrepreneur if you spend some time thinking about your business and how to push it forward that would be good thinking.

More so, if you try to come up with creative and innovative ideas for your business that would also be good thinking.

These examples above are what I like to call critical thinking.

Critical thinking is the process of analyzing facts to understand a problem and eventually solve the problem.

As individuals, we all need this ability because it makes us better individuals.

Here are some of the benefits of this kind of thinking;

  • It increases your ability to solve problems.
  • It improves your mental capacity and mental alertness.
  • You’ll become a better decision-maker.
  • It enhances your creative and innovative abilities.
  • It enhances your ability to achieve success in whatever you do.

Critical thinking is an important thinking skill that can improve the quality of your life.

Dangers Of Thinking Too Much (Overthinking)

How to Stop Thinking About Something That's Bothering You

When you stay on a particular thought for too long that it becomes difficult to get it out of your head then that’s overthinking.

Most people when on the verge of making a decision overthink things.

More so a lot of people dwell on the thought of a particular painful past event (loss of a loved one) for too long.

It is human nature to think about things.

However, most people rather than engage in positive thinking, however they get negative thoughts stuck in their head.

It is these kinds of thoughts that you would want to get out of your head because they do you more harm than good.

Here are some of the dangers of overthinking;

  • It leads to serious mental health problems such as depression, emotional distress among others.
  • It increases your anxieties.
  • Overthinking prevents you from making important decisions.
  • It clogs your brain and leads to foggy thinking.
  • It makes you less of a problem-solver.

Overthinking is bad for your mental health and personal development as an individual.

This is why rather than engage in overthinking do more critical thinking.

This way you’ll be able to actively engage your brain, solve problems, and prevent the occurrence of thoughts getting stuck in your head.

Now that you understand the importance of critical thinking and why overthinking is bad for you; let’s consider how to get negative thoughts out of your head.

Guidelines On How To A Thought Out Of Your Head

Here are some strategies on how to get a thought/negative thoughts out of your head.

Realize How The Thoughts Make You Feel

How To Get Rid Of The Thoughts That Are Clogging Your Brain

The kind of thoughts you keep in your head affects how you feel about yourself.

Thoughts of painful sad events would make you feel unhappy.

If a particular thought makes you feel bad, then there’s no need to keep ruminating on it.

Sometimes when people get lost in thoughts, a quick call to reality helps them snap back to the present moment.

Hence, you get unstuck from your thoughts by realizing how the thoughts make you feel and how they’re harming you.

When next you get lost in a thought (especially negative thoughts) think of how they make you feel.

If they make you feel bad snap out of it quickly .

Thus helping you get a thought (negative) out of your head.

Share Your Thoughts

how to get something out of your head

Another way to get a thought out of your head is by sharing your thoughts.

When it becomes difficult to get a particular thought out of your head, talking to someone or people about it could make you feel better.

Sharing your thoughts with someone could help you get rid of the anxiety you’re feeling.

More so, it could help you take your mind of that thought.

Most times when people struggle with guilt, bottling up their feelings only increases the feeling of guilt.

However, when they talk with someone about the guilt that they feel, they tend to feel more at peace with themselves.

It also helps them get rid of all the negative feelings they have.

So when next you’re finding it difficult to get a thought out of your head share your thoughts with someone.

You could share your thoughts with your spouse, a close friend, family member, relative, or sometimes even a kind stranger.

Thus helping you get a thought out of your head.

Distract Yourself; Get Busy With Something Else

how to get something disturbing out of your head

Another thing you can do to help you get a thought out of your head is by distracting yourself from your thoughts at that moment.

The reason you get lost in a particular thought is that you’re focused on that thought at that moment.

This is because the brain is wired to focus on one thing at a time.

Hence, you can distract yourself from that thought by doing something else.

You can distract yourself by engaging in activities that would keep your mind and body actively engaged.

Thereby preventing you from getting lost in thoughts.

You can engage in fun activities like playing games, listening to music, watching a comedy series, or anything that means fun to you and that is healthy.

Bear in mind that by fun we do not mean engaging in toxic habits like excessive drinking, drug abuse, smoking among others.

These kinds of activities would only make you feel better temporarily but would have hazardous after effect on you.

Even more, you could take a walk and appreciate nature or go for a quick jog.

Distract yourself by doing something healthy, productive and that would engage you mentally.

Thus preventing you from getting lost in thought and helping you get a thought out of your head.

Practice Mindfulness

how to get rid of stuck thoughts

By being mindful you can learn to get a thought out of your head.

Mindfulness is all about paying attention to the present moment.

It’s about being conscious or aware of your immediate environment.

Earlier on we talked about realizing how your thoughts make you feel.

You can only do that if you’ve mastered the art of mindfulness.

Furthermore, by learning to be mindful you’ll gain more control of your thoughts and feelings.

By mastering mindfulness you’ll be able to steady your mind and bring it back to the present moment.

Even more, you’ll live more in the present moment (your thoughts would be more about the present moment than about the past or an uncertain future).

Thus teaching you to focus on things that are worth your time and energy thereby helping you get a thought (negative) out of your head.

Focus On Solving The Problem

How to Stop Obsessive Thinking

Sometimes the reason we find it difficult to get a thought out of our head it’s because the thoughts involve a lingering problem.

The problem could be the cause of your anxiety and overthinking.

Thinking about the problem/issues wouldn’t change or solve anything, rather it would make matters worse.

Hence, rather than waste time and energy thinking about the problem, make efforts to solve the problem.

Come up with ways to solve the problem that’s leading to the negative thoughts you’re having.

By solving the problem, you’ll eliminate the cause for worry and anxiety.

Thereby helping you get a thought out of your head.

For instance, say as a business owner you’re overthinking about your business finances because you’re worried about a drop in sales and profitability in your business.

Overthinking about this problem wouldn’t solve it.

Rather than that think of ways to increase the profitability in your business.

Thereby helping you deal with the cause for worry and getting a thought out of your head.

Keep A Journal

how to get rid of thoughts while sleeping

This is another great tip on how to get a thought out of your head.

Writing down things in your journal can be a great way to get things off your mind.

By writing down your thoughts in your journal, you get to express how you feel.

Journaling (the act of writing things down in your journal ) allows you to capture your thoughts, feelings, or emotion in words.

It is more or less like talking to someone about how you feel but in this case, you’re talking to your diary.

This simple exercise helps you get rid of all those negative thoughts that declutter your mind.

Hence, when next you’re finding it difficult to get a thought out of your head, put your thoughts down in your journal.

Write down how you feel and write the ideas in your head in your journal.

By doing so, you’ll free your mind thereby helping you get a thought out of your head.


how to get rid of unwanted thoughts

Meditation is another effective exercise that can help you get a thought out of your head.

It is the process of gaining inner peace by quieting your mind.

Meditation is the act of sitting still, closing your eyes, and paying attention to the serene environment around you.

It’s very difficult to be lost in thought when you’re meditating.

Meditation helps to calm your nerves and helps you think clearly.

For meditation to be effective in helping you get a thought out of your head you need to understand one thing.

You need to understand that meditation is not about clearing your head of all thoughts.

It’s about clearing your mind and choosing the thoughts to focus on and the thoughts not to focus on.

In simpler terms, meditation is about redirecting your focus.

At first, it might be difficult to redirect your focus from a negative thought to a more positive thought.

Just be patient and refuse to be distracted, you’ll find yourself wandering away from that particular negative thought to a calmer state of mind.

So when next you’re struggling to get a thought out of your mind, meditate.

  • Select a place that is serene and free from distractions (a place where you can focus without being distracted).
  • Get into a relaxed and comfortable position (it could be sitting on the ground with your legs folded).
  • Let your mind go blank.
  • Concentrate on a mental activity (it could be chanting a mantra, humming some sounds, or staring at a particular fixed object.

The goal is to block out all thoughts and distractions by focusing on something else.

Thus helping you get a thought out of your head.


how to take your mind off something sad

Studies show that physical stress such as exercising helps to reduce mental stress.

Furthermore exercising can be a great way to relax and clear your head.

Breathing exercise, yoga, and aerobics can help you get rid of anxiety and mental stress.

Simple breathing exercises such as taking deep breaths could make you feel better when you get stuck in your head.

Hence, when you have some thoughts in your mind bothering you consider doing some exercises.

You could do some yoga exercises for about 10-15 minutes.

Even more, you could do some dance exercises.

This would give you something different to focus on.

It would also relieve you of mental stress and help you get negative thoughts out of your head.

Seek Help

how to stop ruminating

In more serious cases of mental stress and anxiety, it’s always advisable to seek professional health.

When you find that you’re struggling with a serious case of overthinking, anxiety, and depression it best to seek help.

Having tried so many tips with no positive results see a mental health professional.

There are so many therapies and treatments that are used to treat anxiety and depression that could help you declutter your mind.

More so, talking about how you feel to a mental health specialist/life coach or counselor could help you feel better.

Thereby, helping you get negative thoughts out of your head.

Final Words On How To Get A Thought Out Of Your Head

how to beat rumination

That’s it on the tips on how to get a thought out of your head.

As humans It’s common to struggle with certain thoughts .

This includes thoughts about the past, the future, etc.

This is because human beings are thoughtful creatures .

We are genetically wired to think.

That’s one of the things that makes us different from animals.

However, when certain thoughts take over our minds, thereby leading to overthinking, it could be very bad for our health.

Overthinking leads to depression, anxiety, and mental stress.

Furthermore overthinking or getting lost in your thoughts could also lead to brain clog or fogginess.

Thereby, making it difficult for you to make decisions.

It also affects your productivity and efficiency as a person.

Hence, you need to know how to overcome overthinking by knowing how to get a thought out of your head.

Are you a business owner, entrepreneur, or just a regular individual, master these tips now, and learn how to get a thought out of your head.

This is so that you can maintain mental clarity at all times and be in the right state of mind to make important decisions concerning your business. work and life generally.

How often do you get lost in thoughts as a person?

What do you do to cope with mental stress?

Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

We would love to hear from you!

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How To Get A Thought Out Of Your Head