How To Get Exposure For Your Business

How To Get Exposure For Your Business

Starting a business is only the beginning of your journey in the business world. Also, knowing how to get exposure for your business is another step to being successful.

Every business owner ought to know how and what to do to get the exposure for their business needs.

Sadly, this is where most business owners, especially startups, get stuck.

More so, with the rise of the digital era, there’s no limit to the way a business can be promoted to gain exposure.

This alone makes it very overwhelming for most business owners as they’re left wondering how to get exposure for their business or which promotional method best suits their business.

Not to worry, here we’ll uncover some effective ways to get exposure for your business.

Without further ado, let’s get to it.

How to Get Exposure for Your Business

To promote your business, gain more exposure, and improve your reach, here are some of the things you should do as a business owner.

1. Create A Logo For Your Brand

This is the first and most essential step you should take to get exposure for your business.

Your logo is part of your business’ identity.

It is part of what represents your business to your target market.

Therefore, create a unique logo for your brand. One that resonates well with your business USP, values, and principles.

It should also be something that your target market can resonate or identify with.

Getting a graphic designer to design a logo for you may seem pretty expensive.

However, it’s an essential sacrifice you have to ensure growth in your business in the long run.

Therefore, to gain more exposure for your business, create a unique logo that will give your business the identity and recognition you desire.

2. Create a Business Website

Creating a business website is an effective way to get your business online and get the exposure you need.

However, it has to be a functional, user-friendly, professional-looking website to get you excellent results.

This shouldn’t be much of a problem for you as there are lots of content management software (CMS) that can help you build a website in a matter of minutes.

A good example of this is WordPress.

Overall, creating a functional business website will make your business active online and give it the exposure it needs.

3. Create an Email List at the Initial Stages of the Business – How To Get Exposure for Your Business

Email marketing is another effective way to gain exposure for your business, and a great way to do this is by creating an email list.

An email list is a list of email addresses. In this case, it is the list of email addresses of your clients/customers.

A great way to form an email list is by including email sign-up forms on your website.

A business website with a simple sign-up form can work magic for your business and give it the needed exposure.

It would help you interact with your customers and bring your business before them more often.

Your emails will serve as a constant reminder of your business’ products/ services and keep the communication lines between you and your customers active.

Furthermore, it’s not just enough to create an email list and send out frequent emails.

These emails have to be meaningful and valuable to your customers.

You definitely want your customers to read these emails, take action on them and visit your website to engage them.

You could do some things to make your email marketing effective to get your business the needed exposure and engagement.

Some of these things include.

  • Use bold calls to action.
  • Use intriguing/captivating subject lines
  • Spark your customer’s interest
  • Make irresistible offers
  • Include scenarios they can relate with…among others

Above all, creating an active email list at the initial stages of your business will help you engage your audience and get them acquainted with your business right from the start.

4. Branding of Company/Personal Vehicles Can Help You Get Exposure for Your Business

To create local and regional awareness, you could consider using your vehicle as an advertisement space.

Brand your vehicle and let it serve as a tool for marketing when you drive.

People will always see the branding anywhere you go, and it will also boost your brand recognition.

5. Network with Professional Groups

Networking with professional groups such as civic associations and Rotary clubs will give your business a great deal of exposure.

Attend meetings and try to form a relationship with individuals and companies in the industry.

Always ensure to have your business cards ready and endeavor to form genuine relationships with the people you meet in these professional groups.

More importantly, it is advisable to take action on these connections as soon as you leave the meetings.

6. Trade Shows/Exhibition – How To Get Exposure for Your Business

To get more exposure for your business, you should also consider signing up for trade shows/exhibitions.

With this, you have a rare opportunity to bring your business before a large pool of willing buyers.

This is because trade shows/exhibitions bring many people with interests in specific products/services.

Hence being a part of the trade shows/exhibitions will help you showcase your business.

As a result, exposing your business to the public. 

7. Use Facebook Ads 

Running Facebook ads is a well-known and effective method to get exposure for your business.

This is because of the large number of users and the amount of data available on the platform.

Therefore, it would get your business the exposure it deserves and make massive sales if used appropriately.

Hence, your Facebook ads should be targeted to people that might require your product/services.

Overall, it can be quite expensive to run Facebook ads. However, the benefits and results are overwhelming.

8. Create Discount Offers – How To Get Exposure for Your Business

The smallest discount you offer can get you a rise in sales; it will also allow people to rebroadcast your business.

This will also cause your business to be exposed to other people.

Most times, business owners are always afraid of decreasing the price of their product or service and end up being the ones to suffer the loss of income.

They forget the fact that discount offers can bring new customers in.

For online businesses, send out the discount code.

People generally love to get things at discounted prices, and either as an offline or online business, offering discounts will make more people know about your business and patronize you.

9. Run a Competition on Social Media

Humans love competing in one way or another, especially if there is a price attached to it.

And with the advent of social media, businesses can take advantage of this technological innovation to grow their customer base.

An interesting about this business exposure strategy is that you won’t have to spend so much.

Your major financial involvement will be the prize money or the money used for the prize object.

And this expense can be further reduced if you offer your product as the winning prize.

What format should the competition take, you might wonder?

Well, you can ask them to carry out some tasks.

You could ask them to take a funny photo or make an interesting video.

When they do this, tell them that they are to like your page, share the page link so that others can like for them to be eligible to win the prize.

Another way to ensure that your brand is well exposed is to tell them to use a hashtag that you came up with.

This way, anyone who searches this hashtag will easily discover your business page.

Anyone who uses this hashtag can easily be found in search entries of that hashtag.

Hence, you are informed that such an individual has interests in your business or product.

You can then take the initiative to reach out to them to improve further and ensure their loyalty to your brand.

10. Bring in a Marketing Consultant – How to Get Exposure for Your Business

Marketing is an integral part of growing a business and ensuring that it is visible.

However, many businesses are not really equipped in this regard.

Even if you have an idea about marketing strategies, you may not keep up with the current and new marketing strategies due to your busy schedule of managing the business.

Furthermore, if you have a dedicated marketing team or department, they might be overwhelmed with so much work that they end up becoming fossilized in their operational methods.

You can save yourself all this stress and time wastage by employing the services of a marketing consultant.

Such a professional knows the ins and outs of the marketing world.

The fact that they are focused and specialize in this area of business means that they will provide you with so many marketing options that you and your team may not have access to or don’t know about.

When hiring a marketing consultant, ensure that you go for someone well-experienced and who has worked with several firms in the past.

Also, ensure that they are reputable and reliable; else, it would be better if you didn’t hire any in the first place.

11. Webinar, Webinar, Webinar

The brave new world of technology has ushered in new terms, and a webinar is just one of such.

A webinar put is a seminar that is conducted on the web(online).

In times past, webinars used to be conducted solely on websites.

These days, webinars are conducted more easily on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, etc.

By conducting a webinar on your social media page, you can easily get new customers to visit your page.

What kinds of businesses can benefit from webinars?

We would say any business can.

However, you should have information or expert knowledge that revolves around your business.

While it might be difficult for some businesses than others, especially for those that are not knowledge-based, however, with some thinking, you can make this technique work for you.

12. Have Amazing Customer Service – How to Get Exposure for Your Business

Customers are kings, and that’s no lie.

They deserve to be treated like royalty if you want their loyalty.

One of the easiest ways to do this is to ensure that you have amazing customer service.

If your customer service is amazing, your customers will be happy to tell others about your business.

There are a few ways to improve your business’s customer service, such as:

  • Be willing to replace a product or redo a service if your customer is unsatisfied.
  • Do not fail to respond to negative reviews and complaints, be it online or in person.
  • Discounts and free trials are ways to lure in old and new customers to try out a product or service.
  • Apologize whenever you are in error. Make sure it is a heartfelt apology and not some PR stunt.

Above all, happy and satisfied customers will always be your unpaid marketing agents who constantly spread the word about your business and give it the exposure it needs.

13. Have a /Customer Rewards/Loyalty Scheme for your Loyal Customers

Loyalty schemes are a great business technique to retain customers.

Apart from that, it is a way to make new customers also loyal to the brand.

How does this work?

Loyalty schemes offer certain benefits and perks to their members.

Hence, when other customers see the benefits those members enjoy, they would also want to enjoy such perks.

With such a scheme in place, you can get a large and loyal customer base over time.

There are two methods you can use when setting up this scheme.

You could either use a points system where the more they buy, the more points they gain.

These points can then be used to get a free product, service, or prize.

Or, you could choose to send some free products to regular or long-time customers.

Whichever way, attractive customer rewards programs/loyalty schemes are a great way to bring attention to your business and gain exposure.

14. Organize Events for the Community 

This is another effective way of getting exposure to your business.

While organizing a social media competition is good to reach out to your global customer base, organizing a local event is a great way to reach out to your immediate community.

It also fosters goodwill among those within your business community.

If your business is not big enough, you can partner with other businesses to organize the event.

However, be sure that whatever kind of event you organize, your business is recognized and noticed.

For example, you could choose to organize a concert and invite a celebrity loved by the community.

They can get the tickets from your office, and this will expose or bring the public’s attention to your business.

15. Make a Podcast

A podcast is one of those terms that technology has ushered in.

Podcasts have been made in such a way that they can be listened to at any time, wherever you are.

There are many benefits to this platform, and many have used it for all kinds of purposes.

For a business, having a podcast will be a perfect place to share knowledge and information about your company, products, and services.

Always ensure that the podcast is valuable to make people continue to listen to it.

You can also invite influencers or experts to speak on your podcasts.

Once their fans know that they would be interviewed on your podcast, they would tune in to listen.

This way, you are bringing more people to know about your brand.

Furthermore, there are sites you can upload your podcast on for free.

Make your research on the most popular podcast in your vicinity and share your knowledge with them.

16. Sponsor a Sports Team  

This strategy is another way to build goodwill among the people within your business locality.

If there is any sports team in your community, you can sponsor them in one way or another.

When you do this, request that your brand be recognized.

For instance, you can ask that your brand logo be printed on the sports team T-shirts or sport wears.

Also, you could donate some essentials or supplies to the sports team if your products will be beneficial to them.

Overall, involving yourself with a sports team will help you promote your business to the ever-large sports fans and other interested parties.

17. Go on TV or Radio – How to Get Exposure for Your Business

Yes, we weren’t going to leave out the traditional mass media methods of reaching people.

While the new media has taken the interests and heart of many, traditional media still remains profitable to date.

There are different ways to use TV and radio for business exposure and visibility.

You could create an advertisement and ask it to be aired.

More so, you can seek to be on any talk show or program.

All you need to do is reach out to the TV and radio stations, and they’ll give you an opportunity to bring your business before a global audience.

18. Organize Competitions   

This is somewhat different from social media competitions in the sense that you hold a physical competition.

Ensure that the prize is quite rewarding, which will allow you to attract many people to your business.

You should also make it related to your product or service.

This way, they will connect it to your business product and learn more about the business.

Consequently, giving your business much exposure.

Conclusion on How to Get Exposure for Your Business

There is no better way to be a successful business person without getting the right exposure for your business.

Without exposure, you will likely not achieve the initial goal that has been set for the business.

With the tips above, your business will get all the exposure it needs.