How To Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

How to get out of your comfort zone

Would you like to learn how to get out of your comfort zone? 

Have you decided to make a move to realize bigger dreams but don’t know how to begin? 

If this is you, this blog post is for you. 

Leaving one’s comfort zone is as difficult as mastering how to use the left hand. 

This is because it feels peaceful and comfortable remaining within your safe zone. 

Staying in your safe zone means you do not have to try new things, take risks, or face challenging situations.

Even more, staying in your comfort zone is one of the reasons for the lack of advancement in your life.

You become stagnant with no chance of getting better or being the best at what you do and maximizing your potentials.

If you’re determined to step out of your comfort zone; Follow these steps to achieve your goals.

Easy-To-Follow Steps On How To Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone 

how to get out of your comfort zone at work

1. Take A Step 

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a step. 

In practical and theory, that is correct. 

Taking that first step is usually the most difficult thing to do. 

Immediately you take it, every other thing falls in place. 

There must be things you wished you knew how to do, get up and learn how to do them. 

For instance, if you wished you had some expert skills, get up and learn those skills.

The first step to take is to seek out a tutor and enroll in relevant classes. 

So, to get out of your comfort zone.

Make the necessary moves you have to make to achieve your goals.

2. Change Your Environment; It Helps You To Get Out Of Comfort Zone 

A change of scenery might be all you need to gain a fresh perspective concerning specific areas of your life.

Most business owners or entrepreneurs have the habit of going to a specific location when they want to make important decisions.

This is because the change of scenery offers them fresh insights into specific situations in their lives.

The same applies to you making an important decision in your life.

You do not necessarily have to change your location.

All you need to do is to change places you visit frequently or people you hang out with.

As someone hoping to get out of your comfort zone, changing an environment exposes you to new experiences, new lifestyles and people.

They all come together to make you unique and fresh. 

In the spirit of changing environment, you can try a new gym, take lunch in a different restaurant, take a different route while heading home. 

The idea is to put yourself in an entirely new space to find new ideas on how to live your life. 

This will not only get you out of your comfort zone but also will help you to interact with new people. 

How to Leave your Comfort Zone

3. Put Other People’s Point Of View Into Consideration; It Can Pull You Out Of Your Comfort Zone 

One of the reasons you’re stuck in your comfort zone is because you’re unwilling to accept changes in your life.

There is a chance that you are the kind of person that likes to be right all the time. 

You’re also unwilling to listen to other people’s opinions or perspectives on things.

It’s good to hold on you your beliefs and ideas.

However, variety is the spice of life. 

Therefore, be willing to learn from others by considering other people’s perspectives.

You never know who may give you that one idea that could transform your life.

No man is an Island, and you don’t have to do things all by yourself all the time.

Hence, to get out of your comfort zone, keep an open mind.

Be willing to interact with people, learn from others, and gain new perspectives on doing things. 

4. Have You Volunteered Before? It’s A Great Way To Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone. 

Volunteering is a great way of acquiring new skills and experience. 

When you volunteer, you get into a space where you get familiar with something you are unfamiliar with. 

By doing volunteering, you’d get in touch with a part of yourself you didn’t know and discover new things you’re good at.

Therefore, if you aspire to grow in any aspect of life, volunteering gives you the access to get out of your comfort zone. 

Thereby helping you discover your potentials, reach your goals and live a fulfilling life.

reasons you need to get out of your comfort zone

5. Face Your Fears; It Is The Best Way To Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone. 

Another reason why people rarely get out of their comfort zone is fear.

This could be the fear of the unknown or fear of change.

Most importantly, the fear of the unknown stops you from taking any major step to advancing your life.

To get out of your comfort zone, you have to get over your fears. 

You can do this by doing those things you are afraid of doing. 

If you’ve always wanted to start a business or expand your existing business go ahead and do it.

Get over your fear of failure and take the necessary steps to start or expand your business.

The problem with the fear is that it stops you from taking action and keeps you stuck.

More so, it only exists in your mind.

So get out of your comfort zone and face your fears so you can achieve your goals.

 Ways to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

6. To Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone, Challenge Yourself 

Challenging yourself is a great way to foster development. 

It comes in different ways for different situations. 

For instance, if you crave to improve your reading skills, you’d have to set a reading challenge for yourself. 

When you set the reading challenge, endeavor to abide by it. 

The idea is to do things you long to do. 

Even if you don’t become perfect at it, giving it, a try gives you hope.

It would also motivate you to try it next time and take on new challenges as you become better.

Thereby helping you step out of your comfort zone and make major changes in your life.

what is comfort zone in life

7. Learn To Share Your Views About Things; It’d help You To Get Out Of Comfort Zone. 

This will help you build the confidence you need to come out of your shell and be more outspoken.

As less important as it sounds, sharing your views is a great way of getting out of your comfort zone. 

It helps you to build your communication skills and take away the fear of talking to strangers. 

Did you try out any new products, restaurants, massage parlor, supermarket, etc.?

Do you feel there’s a right way to do something?

Feel free to speak up and share your opinion with others rather than keeping it to yourself.

Summoning up the courage to speak up is one way you can come out of your comfort zone and be more outspoken.

Mental Tricks To Get Yourself Out Of Your Comfort Zone

8. Say Yes To Challenging Tasks/Activities; It Helps You Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone 

We all have been in that position when in a meeting; a responsibility you have never handled before gets thrown at you. 

At that point, resist the urge to say ‘no’ even if you have no idea how to go about it. 

The thing is, since you have no idea how to go about it, you can always ask for help or clarification on how to go about the task.

Carrying out the task will give you access to new experience, new skills and, most of all, push you out of your comfort zone. 

However, when it becomes too challenging for you, always notify the appropriate persons for a little help. 

Note that saying yes here doesn’t mean you should be a people pleaser by saying yes all the time.

The goal is not to run away from challenges.

Instead, it’s to become comfortable with taking challenging situations and learning valuable lessons from them.

Reasons to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

9. Give People The Room To Make Some Decisions For You

Nothing gives some of us joy, like making decisions that work well all by ourselves. 

This is because you’re used to being in control of everything in your life, and you’re unwilling to accept any changes to what you’re used to.

However, you can always create little room for some smart persons in your life to make some harmless decisions for you. 

This way, you’re letting go of your controlling tendencies and at the same time stepping out of your comfort zone to experience new things. 

10. Don’t Be Afraid to Ask For Help 

Many people are so uncomfortable asking for help.

They see it as a sign of weakness or dependency.

This may because they are afraid of rejection or disappointment.

More so, many of us like to be self-dependent in everything we do. 

However, you should have it at the back of your mind that no man is an island. 

Therefore seeking help when is not a sign of weakness.

Instead, it is a sign of courage, courage to acknowledge your weaknesses/shortcomings.

Also, asking for help does not degrade you or make you vulnerable.

Rather it means that you’re unafraid to ask for help where necessary to achieve your goals.

This is a huge step to coming out of your comfort zone.

Ways to Overcome Fear and Break Out of Your Comfort Zone 

11. Get Yourself A Mentor  

A mentor is a very important factor in achieving anything worthwhile.

This mentor’s major function is to spur you into action to take the necessary steps to achieve your goals. 

Hence, stuck in your comfort zone and crippled by fear to achieve your goals, a mentor can give you the inspiration you need to come out of that situation.

The interesting thing about having a mentor is that you don’t have to know them in person. 

Keep in mind that a mentor is someone you admire and, at some point, want to be like or even better than in life; you don’t need to know them. 

It can be an actor in a movie, your teacher, your parents, a religious head, a senior colleague, a public speaker, an older friend, or anybody. 

All you have to do is to look up to them for inspiration at your most down moments. 

For instance, as a business owner looking to grow a successful business, which entrepreneur inspires you the most.

You can read his/her books, follow his/her footsteps to arrive at your own goals. 

Overall, mentors can serve as a great source of motivation to achieve those things you think you’re incapable of achieving.

How To Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Benefits of Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone

Taking a bold step to get out of your comfort zone has some benefits.

They include; 


When you get out of your comfort zone, there will be growth and development in different aspects of your life.

This is because you took the bold step of doing those things that could bring drastic changes in your life.


Asides from growing, getting out of your comfort zone allows you to learn more things about yourself. 

You find out that there are things you never knew you could do and some attitudes you never knew you were capable of. 

Getting to know more about yourself allows you to learn more about your self-worth. 

Building your creative skill 

One of the outstanding things about getting out of your comfort zone is that it builds your creative skill. 

The only way you can boost your creative mind is by stepping out of your comfort zone to break boundaries. 

When you break boundaries, you do away with limitations.

Thereby allowing your mind to wander as much as it would take it to come up with awesome ideas. 

Attain Self-confidence

One of the most sought-after things in life is confidence.

Whatever it is you do for a living, you need the confidence to do it well. 

Confidence can majorly be attained by getting out of your comfort zone. 

When you step out of your comfort zone to believe you can do a thing and finally do it, that is the beginning of building your self-confidence. 

In other words, there is no self-confidence without getting out of your comfort zone. 

Final Thoughts on How To Come Out Of Your Comfort Zone 

How did you get out of your comfort zone

Avoiding discomfort and risks are the major reasons many are stuck in their comfort zone.

It allows you to not bother about putting yourself to the test or challenging yourself in any form. 

Also, it limits your mindset, your creativity, and your innovative spirit.

As s result, leaving you stagnant, which is bad for a human being.

Getting out of your comfort zone, on the other hand, allows you to take calculated risks that will foster development in your life. 

Furthermore, it grants you access to experience life from different angles and allows you to explore boundaries. 

To get out of your comfort zone, all you need to do is take the first step. 

This first step could be anything depending on what it is you want to bring yourself to do. 

After you take the first step, do not stop there; continue to explore new things.

Do some things you have not done before.

They’d help you to go out of your comfort zone more.

Replace the fear of the unknown with curiosity. 

Also, do not forget that it is all about practicing and more practice. 

When you do it frequently, you naturally attain some level of confidence you never knew you had in you. 

You also become more creative than you have ever been. 

Use these simple tips to step out of your comfort zone.

Keep practicing until you see some positive changes in your life.

Cheers to a better you!

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How To Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone