How To Get Over Fears

Ways to fight your fear

Have you been battling with how to get over the fear?

Do fear and anxiety stop you from dealing with situations and emotions that are unavoidable?

So many people have failed in life and career due to them giving in to fear.

Some happen due to the fear of failing.

Overall, fear has done more harm than good to everyone including business owners, leaders, and regular individuals.

It has hindered so many of us from achieving what we all desire or are capable of.

This is why it is considered to be a powerful emotion that can make or mar an individual.

It has the ability to keep you stuck and hinder your progress either in your business, work, and personal life.

Likewise, it can also be a powerful motivating force, that propels you to take action and achieve success regardless of the situation around you.

It all depends on your perspective or mindset towards fear.

Whatever your fears are be it of heights, the unknown, failure, rejection, and disappointment, you can learn to overcome them.

In this article, you’ll discover practical tips that can help you get over your phobia.

This is so you can be all that you can be and more in life generally.

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How To Get Over Fears


Tips to overcome anxiety and phobia

First off, let’s discuss what the concept, fear means.

What is the fear?

Fear is a strong feeling or emotion that is caused by a sense of threat or danger.

In other words, it occurs as a result of a psychological or emotional imbalance when you come face to face with overwhelming, dangerous, or life-threatening situations.

It is important to note that fear can be both good and bad.

This is because sometimes it keeps you safe by making you run away or completely avoid danger or life-threatening situations.

Other times,  it could lead to a long-lasting feeling of anxiety, worrying, and unwillingness to take positive action when you ought to.

Furthermore, fear also negatively affects your overall health

In a nutshell, fear is not necessarily a bad thing, it only becomes bad when it paralyzes your potential of taking positive action.

Many of us experience fear every day in our lives.

However, it is how we react to these fears that make all the difference in our lives.

Before we discuss how to get over phobias, let’s consider some of the things that trigger fear in most individuals.

This will give us an understanding of how to handle it.

Fear Triggers

Ways To Conquer Fear

Most times our fears are deeply rooted in things around us other than ourselves.

These things can simply be referred to as fear triggers.

They are things such as physical objects, imagined or real situations, trauma, among other things.

For you to effectively get over your fears, you need to be aware of the specific fears that you have.

To achieve this, you need to know what triggers your fear.

Hence, here are some of the things that trigger fear.

  • Height: Most people feel uncomfortable around high places such as tall buildings, rooftops, flying by plane, etc.

This could be due to the thoughts of falling or getting injured.

Dwelling so much on such negative thoughts could trigger your fears anytime you are around high places.

Thereby leading to the fear of heights.

  • Failure: Most times past failures or dealing with negative situations such as criticisms could also trigger fear.

So, the fear of failing once again makes most people anxious.

Thereby, triggering their fears, making them lack the courage to try again, and sabotaging their success.

Consequently, leading to the fear of failure.

  • Stress, anxiety, or worry: Being overly anxious, worried, or stressed out over situations could also trigger fear.

Most times it could be anxiety over past or future outcome of situations.

Consequently, leading to the fear of the unknown.

Having listed a few of the things that trigger fear, let us discuss the tips on how to get over it.

Tips On How To Get Over Your Anxieties Or Phobia

There are several ways in which you can get over fear but it depends on what works best for you.

Listed below are a few practical tips on how you get over your phobia.

Know Your Specific Fears (Self-Awareness)

Steps to overcome fear

This is the first practical step to getting over your fears either as a business owner or any sort of professional.

This process involves getting to know more about your fears.

It’s also about getting to understand what situations make you feel uncomfortable or excessively anxious.

For instance, say you’ve been tasked with a project in your workplace for which you have to deliver a presentation to a large group of people.

The knowledge of this makes you feel tense, anxious, shaken, and generally uncomfortable.

With this, you could tell that you have the fear of people (that is speaking to a large group of people).

As such you can easily identify the underlying factors that cause you to be anxious or make you afraid.

Thereby helping you identify proactive measures you need to take to conquer your fears.

For this particular situation, you could practice meditation before your presentation.

Meditation is an effective way to calm your nerves and ease off any sense of tension you might have in overwhelming situations.

Overall, understanding yourself and how you react to overwhelming situations can help you better handle your anxieties.

Confront Your Fears

Powerful ways of overcoming fear

This is another practical step towards getting over your phobia or whatever it is that might be making you afraid.

Fear has a crippling effect on its victims.

As such, if you give in to the feelings it can keep you stuck and prevent you from making progress.

However, if you’re able to confront your fears, you’ll stand a better chance of overcoming them.

One thing that can give you the courage to confront the things you’re afraid of is having the mindset that fear is just like any other emotion such as anger, hatred, etc.

Thereby, making you believe that if you can manage such emotions you can easily mange your fears.

Hence, rather than let your fears control you by avoiding them, control them by confronting them courageously.

Confront your fears by taking action.

For instance, if you’re scared of talking to people.

Take action by trying to talk to at least one new person daily.

It could be as little as saying hello or good morning.

By taking small and consistent steps towards your phobia, you’ll gradually realize that your greatest fears are not as bad as you make them out to be.

Consequently, helping you get over your anxieties and phobias.

Change The Way You Think About Your Fears 

Strategies to Overcome Fear and Anxiety

Most times, the reason we get overwhelmed by our fears is because of the wrong mindset that we have towards our fears.

Our perspective on things plays an important role in our lives.

For instance, it is our perspective that makes us see a glass as half full rather than half empty.

Thereby, motivating you to do your best to ensure the glass become full.

If you can have this mindset towards your fears then you’ll be better able to handle them.

What are those things that you’re afraid of?

Are you scared about facing disappointment and rejection due to failure?

Furthermore, are you scared of speaking in public because you’re scared that you’ll embarrass yourself?

An effective way to deal with such fears is to make a mindset shift.

Rather than see those fears as a limitation force, use them as a strong motivating force to push you to do your best.

By so doing, the fear of failing can motivate you to do your best to ensure that you do not fail either in your business, professional, or personal life.

Thus changing the way you think about your fears, and helping you use them to your advantage.

Consequently, helping you become less fearful or anxious about situations.

Visualize The Result You Want

How to Deal with Fear and Anxiety

Visualizing yourself dealing with and overcoming your phobias is another way to live without them.

This simply means seeing yourself living your life without being fearful and visualizing all the things you could accomplish if you overcome your fears.

For instance, say that you’re struggling with the fear of failing and this has stopped you from starting your business.

Visualizing how much your life could change if you start your business and it becomes successful could inspire you to take action regardless of your anxieties.

More so, if you’re scared of people or being around people, visualizing how much your life could improve if you become more confident will inspire you to get over your fears.

No matter what seems to give you fear, just imagine how the overall quality of your life would improve if you’re able to become less anxious over overwhelming situations.

Consequently, helping you be a better person and live your life without being fearful.

Develop A Growth Mindset

How to Permanently Overcome Fear

Most people are so fearful of making mistakes or getting things wrong.

The reason for this is because they have a fixed mindset.

Having this kind of mindset can only make you fearful and stop you from taking actionable steps towards achieving your goals in life generally.

On the other hand, a growth mindset is a positive thinking habit that enhances progress in every aspect of life.

It is a mindset that makes you believe that your basic abilities can be improved upon.

As such you see every opportunity be it good or bad as a learning experience that can help you become better at what you do.

With this mindset, it becomes quite easy to take action towards your goal and being less anxious about what the outcome might be.

It is also a mindset that would help you brace up and prepare yourself to learn from whatever the outcome of your situation might be.

Thereby, lessening your anxiety and making you less fearful about certain things in your life.

So to be able to live life without being fearful, develop a growth mindset.

Practice Saying Positive Words Of Affirmation

how to remove fear from mind and heart

Another thing that can help you overcome whatever anxieties you might have due to overwhelming circumstances or events in your life.

Words of affirmation are positive statements or declarations that you say to yourself that inspire positivity in you.

These are statements that can be used to challenge any negative thought that might be running through your mind.

Thereby, causing you to be fearful.

When you start to fear or feel anxiety and all sorts of negative thoughts start racing through your mind challenge such thoughts with words for examination.

For instance, instead of saying to yourself that your plans or goals will fail, try saying to yourself that you have what it takes to be successful at what you do.

Thereby, helping you counter negative thoughts that fuel your fears and help you get over them.

Surround Yourself With Supportive People

how to overcome fear

The people you spend most of your time with has a lot of influence on your life.

This is why it is paramount that you surround yourself with positive people.

Imagine being a fearful person and having friends who are just like you, who then will inspire the other to be courageous?

If you surround yourself with more positive people, for instance, people who take calculated risks, and who aren’t afraid to try something new, then you’ll become a better person.

Hence, to improve yourself, and get over your specific fears, surround yourself with people who inspire courage, grit, and determination.

Thereby, making you a more confident person capable of handling your fears.

Now you know how to better handle the fears that may be keeping you stuck in every area of life.

Let’s consider some of the ways doing so can positively impact your life.

Benefits Of Overcoming Your Anxieties

How to Overcome Your Fears and Get Unstuck

Learning to get over your fears can improve the overall quality of your life.

There are other ways, being able to overcome your fears can positively impact your life.

They include;

  • It brings about increased confidence and self-belief.
  • It enhances your chances of achieving success by making you take action on your goals 
  • Getting over your fear improves your mental, physical, and emotional health.
  • It leads to lower risks of anxiety and depression.
  • It also helps you build resilience and determination amidst difficult situations.
  • By learning to overcome your fears, it becomes quite easy to take calculated risks and explore new opportunities for making progress either in your business, work, or personal life.
  • It makes you more open to learning new things and improving yourself overall.

Conclusion On How To Get Over Fear

How to overcome fear in life

Overall, fear is a very powerful emotion that can either set you up for success or keep you stuck and hinder you from making progress.

It all depends on how you choose to think about fear and how you handle it.

Everyone has different fears.

For some, it is the fear of heights, spiders, rodents, the sea, flying, etc.

For others, it has to do more with the outcome of situations in their lives.

Most people tend to struggle with the fear of failing, succeeding, fear of people, or the unknown.

Whatever, your specific fears might be, there are ways to handle them.

This is so that you can save yourself from the crippling effects of your fears and live your best life.

Some fears/phobia might require certain clinical procedures such as psychological therapies, others might just require to develop of a new thinking pattern and habits.

This blog post can help you achieve the latter.

Whatever measures you choose to use, bear in mind that overcoming your fears doesn’t happen overnight.

It requires consistent, committed, and actionable steps towards achieving your end goal and becoming a better person.

Hence, stay committed to applying these tips.

This is so that you can get the best results and effectively get over your fears.

Remember, you can’t eliminate fear from your life.

As you go forward in life, you will encounter challenging situations that might push you to the limits and cause you to be fearful.

When this happens you need not feel overwhelmed.

Just remember these effective strategies to help you conquer whatever fearful feelings you might be experiencing.

Thereby, helping you be the best person you can be in all aspects of life.

Before you go, what are some of the specific fears you are struggling with in your life mostly?

So, far how have you handled them?

Have they kept you tuck and hindered you from making progress in life generally?

Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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How To Get Over Fears