How To Give A Good Speech

How To Give A Good Speech

Do you find it challenging to deliver good speeches?  Are you wondering how to give a good speech? If yes, then you should read this blog to the end to discover how to deliver outstanding speeches moving forward.

Let’s begin by discussing the different speech forms…

Forms Of Speech – How To Give A Good Speech

What are the qualities of a good speech

A speech can take different forms based on its structure, preparation, and sometimes delivery.

To give a good speech, you will need to know the different forms of speech

This will give you a better understanding of their differences and help you to deliver each type excellently.

Let’s see them:

Manuscript Speech

This is a type of speech that has been well-crafted by speechwriters and practiced many times.

With this speech form, the speaker reads the speech from a cue card or teleprompter.

They are well polished and written in a way that anticipates reactions from the audience.

When a speaker is giving this form of speech, they know when to stop for applause or laughter.

This speech form is used for speeches that require precision, energy, and time.

Every word has to be delivered at the right time.

An example of this speech form is a presidential speech.

People use this form when delivering reports or reading an important statement in a professional or public setting.

All this requires that you use words in a well-organized manner.

When you are assigned to give this type of speech, you will have to prepare accordingly.

If you do not have speechwriters, you will have to draft, plan and write out your speech.

However, if someone prepares the speech for you, you should spend quality time practicing it.

If there is anything you can add to the speech, you can tell the speechwriter about it and work to make it better.

Memorized Speech – How to Give a Good Speech

Memorized speech is a form of speech where the speaker memorizes the entire speech.

This happens when the speaker does not want to omit any word in the speech.

However, this can get tricky, and you might end up missing or mixing up your words.

Furthermore, your speech delivery might sound rapid because you will be trying to get the words out.

Memorized speech pressurizes the speaker, and this can affect the delivery of the speech.

Even more, the speech presentation can fall apart when the audience interrupts or when the speaker’s mind goes blank.

A good example of memorized speech is a spoken word or poetry presentation.

If you want to use this form of speech, ensure that the speech becomes part of you.

Expect interruption from the audience and prepare for it.

Prepare, and memorize your speech way before time.

This way, you will be able to flow and deliver your message well.

Extemporaneous Speech

Extemporaneous speech is used mainly in education, preaching, political affairs, business, among other forms of public speaking.

This form of speech is where the speaker is not expected to memorize the speech or read and deliver from a manuscript.

However, the speaker is expected to prepare and practice the speech.

When delivering this form of speech, you need to prepare well and practice enough.

After all, speaking extemporaneously means you have had enough time to research, prepare and rehearse your speech.

All this should be done with notes or outlines to keep you on track.

Impromptu Speech – How to Give a Good Speech

This is when the speaker has not prepared or practiced but is asked to speak.

Impromptu speech can be incredibly scary for the speaker.

However, it is the most common form of speech.

You can be called at any time to speak wherever you are.

Therefore, you have to be consciously ready to speak at all times.

Qualities/Skills Needed To Give a Good Speech – How to Give a Good Speech

How do you begin a speech

For you to give good speeches, you have to possess some qualities or skills.

These qualities/skills will work together to ensure that your speech delivery goes smoothly.

If you do not possess these qualities/skills, you do not need to fret.

However, you have to work to develop them.

Let’s see them…


To get other people interested in your speech, you have to show that you are interested in it.

Your audience will watch you, and if they do not show excitement, they will be bored and tired of the speech.

Therefore, you need to show enthusiasm in your speech instead of being monotonous and dull.

Honesty – How to Give a Good Speech

Your honesty is very much needed when giving a speech.

This is because your audience can discern when a speaker is exaggerating or lying.

When your audience sense that you are exaggerating or lying to them, you will lose your credibility.

The same will go for your speech.

Therefore, you need to be transparent and honest with your audience.

Being Charismatic

Charisma is a quality that draws people to the one who possesses it.

It is needed in individuals who work closely with people.

As a speaker, you need to possess this quality.

When you do, people will like you and want to hear what you have to say.

They will also feel like they can relate to you.

This will help to foster a great connection with you during and after your speech.

Hence, you have to develop yourself to be charismatic.

Ability to Simplify Things – How to Give a Good Speech

Great speakers can simplify complex topics.

When giving a speech on a complex topic, you need to make it simple for your audience.

You need to do this, especially when your audience has no previous knowledge of the topic.

When you do not simplify your speech for them, they will get confused.

As a result, they will lose interest in the speech.

Hence, you need to make sure that they can comprehend what you are saying by simplifying things.

This will help you give good speeches.

Ability to Focus on Your Audience

Your audience is an essential aspect of any speech presentation.

Therefore, you have to center your speech on them and not yourself.

Focus and think about what your audience will benefit from your speech presentation.

You need to know who they are and what they are interested in.

Learn to appeal and engage your audience.

You will gain the attention of your audience more if your topic is helpful or relevant to them.

Good Body Language – How to Give a Good Speech

Your body is capable of communicating.

It does this by the signs or cues it gives.

Body language is an aspect of non-verbal communication.

When delivering your speech, you have to ensure that you give out the right body language signs.

This is because what the audience perceives from the speaker’s body language is what they will use to interpret the speech regardless of what the speaker’s words mean.

Therefore, you need to develop good body language.

Benefits Of A Good Speech

How do you introduce yourself in a speech

Certain benefits come from giving good speeches.

We will share these benefits with you to motivate you to become better at giving good speeches.

Let’s take a look at them, shall we?

It Improves Your Speaking Skills

Giving good speeches are a great way to improve your speaking skills.

To give a good speech, you have to be capable of speaking well.

Overall, it helps to improve your phonology, vocabulary, grammar, and the likes.

It Makes You More Confident 

When you are good at giving speeches, you will become more confident.

This is because you will feel a sense of accomplishment, and your audience will appreciate you for a well-delivered speech.

The more you deliver good speeches, the more confident you become with your speaking skills and overall.

It Improves Your Communication Skills

For you to be capable of giving a good speech, you need to have good communication skills.

You can only have good communication skills when you work on them.

This will help improve them.

Tips On How To Give A Good Speech

Tips for Giving a Great Speech

Below are some tips that will improve your speech delivery and enable you to give good a speech:


Yes, as earlier discussed, not all forms of speech allow you to practice ahead.

However, as a speaker, you have to actively practice and make it a lifestyle.

If you have the opportunity to practice ahead of time, ensure that you practice well.

Do not use the excuse of not having enough time not to practice.

You should know that you can practice anywhere, anytime, and in any position.

Some drama strategists suggest that people rehearse their lines in numerous positions.

You can sit down, stand up, kneel, or whatever position you like and rehearse your speech lines.

Above all, practice constantly to become perfect at giving good speeches.

Convert Your Anxiousness Into Zeal – How to Give a Good Speech

Sometimes you might feel anxious before presenting your speech.

This is normal.

However, being anxious while giving your speech can ruin your speech.

Therefore, you need to do away with it.

Yes, it might not be easy to do so, but you need to.

You can do this by converting that fear of what might happen into zeal.

Get excited about the speech and the opportunity to share it with people.

Focus more on your speech.

Additionally, get yourself energized and kicking.

If there is an energy drink or any other drink that will energize you, take it before going in front of your audience.

However, be careful not to take substances that would affect you negatively and ruin your speech delivery.

How do you give a speech confidence

Get To The Venue On Time

It is best to be at the venue where you are to speak on time.

This will help you settle in and observe your surroundings.

Likewise, you will be able to study your audience this way.

It would also help you adapt to the surroundings and make you feel relaxed.

Arriving at the venue on time also gives you ample opportunity to practice a little bit before the speech commences.

Plus, it prevents you from arriving there late.

Get Acquainted With The People Present

Before your speech presentation, get acquainted with the people present at the venue.

When you talk to your audience before your speech, you will be more approachable and likable.

You can ask the attendees questions or just make small talks.

This will help build a bond between you and them.

As a result, they will find it easier to listen to you when you start giving your speech.

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Have A Positive Mindset – How to Give a Good Speech

Ensure that you keep a positive mindset before and during your speech.

This will help you stay calm and believe that you can deliver the speech excellently.

You can keep your mindset positive by visualizing positive things.

For instance, you can visualize the audience laughing at a joke you made or applauding you after the speech.

You can use any positive thought that works for you.

Remember That Your Audiences Are Not Monsters

Yes, it sounds funny, but you have to remember that your audiences are not monsters.

They do not breathe fire, and neither are they out to eat you.

Your audiences are mostly there to hear what you have to say and move on with their lives.

So, you should not be scared.

Most of the time, they want you to succeed.

Some of them might even be scared of speaking publicly.

So, even when they might seem indifferent, they might understand how frightening it could get.

Remind yourself every time that you start feeling nervous that your audiences understand.

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Do Some Breathing Exercises – How to Give a Good Speech

To help you calm your nerves, perform breathing exercises.

When you’re nervous, your muscles tighten, and sometimes they start having breathing problems.

If this happens to you, the best thing is to do some breathing exercises.

It helps release the tightened muscle and normalizes breathing.


When you smile, it increases endorphins in your body that calm the nerves.

This will also make you feel confident, good, and excited about your speech presentation.

Additionally, it will exhibit enthusiasm to your audience.

However, do not overdo it; keep it moderate.

Keys to a Good Speech

Take Some Momentary Pause 

When giving your speech, to add effect and allow your audience to soak in your words, use pauses.

Pauses also help you to control your speaking pace.

Therefore, learn how to use your pauses properly.

Engage Your Audience

You do not have to make your speech one-sided.

Your audience would also like to talk about their opinions.

Therefore, create opportunities for them to say their opinion, and ask questions.

Make it seem like a conversation.

This will make them see you as someone they can relate to.

Furthermore, do not be surprised or offended by any unexpected question.

Instead, answer the question and continue.

Add Humor – How to Give a Good Speech

No matter how serious or formal your speech is, try to add humor to it.

Humor helps to make your audience more relaxed and comfortable.

Speaking all the way may become boring and exhausting both to you and your audience.

Humor helps to prevent that.

However, learn to balance it and ensure that the jokes or anecdotes are related to the speech’s topic.

How to Prepare and Give a Speech

Be Truthful

There might be some questions that you do not have answers to.

When you are asked those questions, do not lie.

Tell your audience that you do not know the answer.

There is nothing wrong with admitting to that.

Nobody can know everything; we are all still learning.

When you are truthful about this, it will increase your credibility.


When delivering your speech, keep a bottle of water nearby so that you can drink when you get thirsty.

You need to stay hydrated to give a good speech.

A dried throat will make it difficult for you to project your voice audibly.

However, be sure that you will not leave your audience for long as you gulp down water.

Therefore, be fast about it so that you don’t disrupt your flow.

Conclusion On How To Give A Good Speech

how to give a good speech online

You can get better at giving good speeches.

All you need to is practice, smile, connect with your audience, be truthful, and make your audience laugh.

Do not let the fear and anxiety eat you up.

Keep a positive mindset and smile when speaking.

So, practice these tips we shared with you today and enjoy the benefits.

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How To Give A Good Speech