How To Hire A Ghostwriter

How to hire a ghost writer
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Ready to find out how to hire a ghostwriter for your content writing needs?

Writing is an art and craft that enables humans to communicate their thoughts, ideas, and feelings creatively and structurally through readable symbols.

Often people find themselves wanting to communicate their ideas in their places of work, schools, to their customers and audience but lack the writing skills to do so effectively and creatively.

If you find yourself in that category, you should consider hiring the services of a ghostwriter. 

You might be wondering who a ghostwriter is.

We will be explaining this in the next subheading.

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Who is a Ghostwriter?

A ghostwriter is a person who is hired to handle the responsibilities of writing literary and journalistic texts or materials for authors, executives, politicians, celebrities, news agencies, brands, and anyone else that requires their services.

Unlike other writers, ghostwriters do not take the credit or the rewards for their writing, as the name implies.

Rather, every credit officially belongs to their employer or the one who hired them for the job.

Ghostwriting spreads across different fields and genres.

Hence, there are different types of ghostwriters.

Some of which are;

  • fiction ghostwriters
  • autobiographical ghostwriters
  • blogging ghostwriters
  • business ghostwriters
  • newsletters ghostwriters
  • social media creative ghost content writers
  •  speech ghostwriters
  • scripts/screenplay ghostwriters
  • medical documents ghostwriters, etc. 

Now that you know who ghostwriters are and the fields they cover, it is also essential for you to know their responsibilities and what they can do for you.

What can Hiring a Ghostwriter do for you?

Ghostwriters are creative and constructive individuals who perform many roles and responsibilities across numerous fields and professions.

Some of these responsibilities include;

Ghostwriters are experienced and qualified writers who collaborate with their clients to bring their ideas to reality.

These ideas could be in books, articles, speeches, scripts, and manuscripts, depending on the field or category.

They help people who have creative ideas but lack the skills to execute their concepts into writing.

A ghostwriter’s responsibility is the creative utilization of their client’s experiences, knowledge, and available materials and turning them into writing.

Ghostwriters collaborate with famous authors and writers as well to write books and articles.

Credit/recognition in such a case depends on the agreement reached by both parties.

They also utilize their skills and experiences to suit their clients’ needs by focusing on their client’s aims or goals and striving to achieve them.

Ghostwriters help their new and pre-existing authors, brands, agencies, or whatever their clientele might be to maintain and uphold their prestige and reputation.

This is done by writing in line with their standards and the expectations of their audience or customers.

Research and editorial reviews are also part of what a ghostwriter does for his or her clients.

They also help their clients to review their works occasionally.

Ghostwriters contribute their creative ideas and suggestions while working for their clients.

This ensures that their client’s goal is met to the best of their abilities as writers.

Additionally, they serve as a form of guidance to their clients.

Consequently helping them overcome certain struggles and hurdles while writing.

Lastly, ghostwriters offer their services to you on your budget.

Benefits of Hiring a Ghostwriter

Hiring a ghostwriter comes with a wide range of advantages and benefits for you as their client and employee as they are skilled and well-experienced writers.

These benefits include;

Time Management

Hiring a ghostwriter’s services helps to save time for you and your company.

This is true especially if you have bigger or multiple tasks to carry out.

If you have ideas that need to be executed and turned into writing within a short period, hiring a ghostwriter is the best option for you, as they can deliver on their jobs swiftly and effectively.  

Quality/Authentic Work 

Ghostwriters are creatively trained and experienced writers.

They may also hold degrees in English or English literature.

So when you hire their services, be rest assured that you will receive quality, outstanding and authentic work free of errors, plagiarism, and inadequacies.


One of the benefits of hiring a ghostwriter is research.

Ghostwriters are skillful researchers who will help their clients get as much information as needed when writing on their required fields or topics.

They are ghostwriters who are experts in certain fields.

So, you should consider looking out for ghostwriters in your field or area of need.


Ghostwriters give you time to focus.

Not only do they take off the pressure that comes with writing and producing a book, but you also get to spend your time doing other tasks at hand.

Rather than spending your time coming up with a topic, researching, and writing, a ghostwriter shoulders that responsibility and saves you the stress.

This is true especially if you are not skilled with writing.


Another great benefit attached to hiring a ghostwriter’s services is that they serve as assistants to you.

They are skilled and experienced.

So, you can share your ideas with them and, in turn, provide feedback based on their knowledge of the market and audience due to their experiences.

They can also guide you when you are experiencing some struggles and hurdles and provide answers to the questions that you may have while they help you achieve your goals.

Understand Target Audience and Content Market

Ghostwriters understand the business market and your target audience.

Hence, they can give you ideas on the kind of content and post that will draw your audience or customers’ attention to your business or brand.

They help you write on areas and perspectives that your clients or target audiences want to see and read about.


Partnership and collaboration is an essential advantage that you enjoy when you hire the services of a ghostwriter. 

They can partner with you to create a marketing strategy for your work or your brand.

They can also support and inspire you to develop more creative ideas while being the first person to provide you with a review or feedback.


Just like every other field has its professionals, Ghostwriters are experts and professionals in their fields.

This means that they take their jobs seriously and handle them professionally.

They use different styles and methods of writing to help their clients express their ideas.

Also, they strive to create high-quality content for their clients at all times. 


Ghostwriters are diverse in terms of knowledge, experience, and skills.

When you hire a ghostwriter, you benefit from that diverse knowledge and experience.

Ghostwriters have worked with several individuals, companies, agencies, and brands.

This allows them to learn a lot of things that can be beneficial to you as their client.

Productivity and Growth

When you hire a ghostwriter,  you are not simply paying someone to write for you.

Instead, you invest in your growth and that of your business.

Ghostwriters strategically and analytically put time and effort into creating content for you and your brands.

This gives you an edge amongst your counterparts and gives you the right image.

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Qualities of a Good Ghostwriter

Though ghostwriters play an important role in helping people express their ideas and meet their goals, there are certain attributes that a good ghostwriter should possess.

Attributes such as;


A good ghostwriter should love their job and be passionate about it.

They should be excited and positive about their client’s projects at all times.

This way, they can help their clients to achieve great results.

Diverse Knowledge

Ghostwriters should possess vast and diverse knowledge of topics in every field as much as they can.

This enables them to meet up their client’s needs and keep up with the latest trends and updates in all fields.


Confidence is an integral trait that a good ghostwriter should exhibit.

It is essential to success.

Therefore, a ghostwriter should be confident and certain about his or her ability to do their job and meet their clients’ needs.


Like we stated earlier, a ghostwriter is expected to be creative.

Creativity here comes from the knowledge and skills they have gathered from their past experiences and their ability to craft and structure these skills to help their clients meet their goals.

Creativity also refers to their ability to bring up new ideas and suggestions towards their client’s success.


A good ghostwriter is discrete.

He or she is responsible for keeping their client’s details private.

This means that people do not need to know who is hiring their services and why they are hiring.


Good organizational skills are required when you consider hiring the services of a ghostwriter.

This involves the analytical collation of thoughts, ideas, information, and materials to meet their client’s needs.


Flexibility and availability are essential characteristics of a ghostwriter.

They must be available to provide their clients with information, feedback, and answers when their clients need it.

A good ghostwriter should be readily available to the needs of their clients at all times.

Good Research Abilities

 A ghostwriter should possess good research abilities, especially since their jobs are versatile and diverse.

He or she must find ways to get the information that their clients need on whatever topic or field they require.

A ghostwriter who cannot carry out research would not help their clients meet their goals.


Humility is a virtue that must be found in a good ghostwriter.

A ghostwriter’s job is not in the limelight.

Rather, they do their jobs and allow the credit to be given to their clients and employers.

For that to happen, the ghostwriter must be humble and clearly understand the job requirements.


A good ghostwriter is curious, open to new ideas, information, and experiences.

He or she should also be able to ask questions freely.

This widens their level of knowledge and experience and sharpens their skills, and allows them to know more about their client’s needs.


Professionalism is an attribute that should be on your checklist when hiring a ghost writer.

Ghostwriters are experts in their fields, which makes them professional.

Professionalism here means that they should take their jobs seriously, be loyal, trustworthy, honest, and most importantly, committed to helping their clients meet their needs.

Where to Find a Ghostwriter

Ghostwriters are professionals that can be found in different ways and on different platforms.

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We will be sharing our recommendations on where to find a ghostwriter below;


When you consider hiring a ghostwriter, LinkedIn is a great place to look.

You can post a vacancy for a ghostwriter or use the search options to find ghostwriters’ profiles on LinkedIn.


Fiverr is also a great platform where you can find freelance ghostwriters worldwide who are ready to help you achieve your goals.


Websites like Upwork, Redsy, Mediabistro, scripted, guru, freelancer, etc. Are online markets set up to help you connect with your potential ghostwriters?


Recommendations and referrals are great ways to help you find a ghostwriter.

Here, friends or colleagues recommend ghostwriters they have worked with to you.

You also have the opportunity of hearing first-hand reviews and feedbacks concerning your potential ghostwriter.

Ghostwriting Companies

Ghostwriters also have their agencies and companies that offer ghostwriting services to clients such as yourself; all you need to is find one and make your requests.

Social Media

Social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter are good in helping you find your potential ghostwriters.

This can be done by using the search button or generic hashtags that lead you to their online communities.

Hashtags like #ghostwriters #ghostwritingcommunities should suffice.

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Steps to take on How to Hire a Ghostwriter

Just as any other profession has a hiring process, there are processes to hiring a ghostwriter.

This process includes;

Identify the Type of Ghostwriter you Need

The first step you need to take is to decide on the type of ghostwriter you are looking to hire.

This means that you need to state on your vacancy if you are looking out for an in-house ghostwriter or a freelance ghostwriter, depending on your preferences.

Deciding on the type of ghostwriter you want also applies when searching for a ghostwriter who writes on specific subjects or fields.

Here you will also need to state that for clarity purposes.

Outlying your Goals and Wants

Another integral step in hiring a ghostwriter is outlying your goals and wants.

Before you hire a ghostwriter’s services, you must state out what you want them to do for you or help you achieve.

This not only gives you clarity and focus, but it also helps the ghostwriter to know your intentions and expectations.


While you outline your goals and objectives, you should also state out your guidelines and rights.

This includes royalties, copyright, protection against plagiarism, anonymity, as well as grounds for termination.

This helps to protect the clients, especially in situations where they have hired the wrong ghostwriter.

Your Budget/Payment Plan

Creating a budget is an excellent way to go about hiring the services of a ghostwriter.

Budgeting helps you streamline the kind of ghostwriter you can afford and the period you can afford them.

Also, a budget allows you to get the service you want without emptying your pocket.

It is also a great determinant of how much you can pay for the services of a ghostwriter.

Other factors that determine your budget and pay are the types of ghostwriters you want to hire, the duration of time you want to hire them for, word count, and the projects you have for them.

It is also essential to state your payment offer in your job vacancy if you decide to post one. 

Waiting list of Potential Ghostwriters

The waiting list is a shortlist of the potential ghostwriters you are looking to hire.

This is done after visiting their profiles online or receiving their applications.

It is also determined by their ability to meet your stated requirements.

After creating your waiting list, you should set a date for your interview.


Interviews are the most important part of your hiring process.

This is why you get to know everything that you need to know.

You’ll get to know about your potential ghostwriter, personalities, experiences, and abilities and if they align with your goals and objectives.

Here are some questions you might consider asking your prospective ghostwriter during an interview;

  • How much research is involved in this task?
  • How long will it take to complete and deliver on the task?
  • Asides from writing, do you offer any other services?
  • Where can I find your precious writing?
  • Do you work on your project yourself, or do you outsource it?
  • What is your charging rate?
  • Do you have pending projects on your at the moment?
  • Any knowledge of the subject matter you applied for?
  • Do you have a contract agreement that I can go through?
  • How do we communicate? (Depending on the type of ghostwriter).
  • What fields do you know of?

Method of Communication

Choosing a method of communication depends on the type of ghostwriter you decide to hire.

If you are looking to hire an in-house ghostwriter or a ghostwriting agency, a one-on-one conversation would be the best option.

On the other hand, if you hire the services of a freelance ghostwriter, voice calls, video calls, or emails should be considered as a method of communication and feedback.

This should be agreed upon before any other step is taken.

Get your Ghostwriter Onboard

After all, is said and done, you would need to welcome your ghostwriter onboard.

This process includes extending your job offer, informing the ghostwriter about your policies, guidelines as well as pending projects.

This also involves providing the ghostwriter with all the tools and resources required to carry out their jobs.

Conclusion on How to Hire a Ghostwriter

Though you might have the right ideas, thoughts, and stories to share, not knowing how to pen them down or doing so wrongly could cost you the opportunity of doing something great at work, school, society, and even your business. 

This is why you need to hire the services of a ghostwriter.

Not just any ghostwriter, but one who possesses the qualities and the recommendations we have listed above.

It is not just a mere service; it is an investment in your growth and success.

All the best with find the best ghostwriter for you. 

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