How To Hire A Life Coach

How To Hire A Life Coach
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Why the article on how to hire a life coach? Well, from inception, humans have always had needs surrounding their growth and development.

These needs spread across different areas such as mental, physical, emotional, psychological, and nutritional.

The satisfaction of these needs helps humans make progress, become better, and attain great accomplishments.

These accomplishments are derived from teaching and coaching from people known as coaches.

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How to Hire a Life Coach

First, who is a Life Coach?

A life coach is an individual who has the knowledge and understanding of certain principles about life, career, and profession.

Therefore, they help people in their personal and professional wellness/ advancement.

Life coaches give guidance across various areas of life.

There are different life coaches such as; Career coaches, Finance coaches, Mental Health coaches, Wellness coaches, spiritual coaches, family coaches, relationship coaches, sports coaching, etc.

What Can a Life Coach do for You?

Most importantly, life coaches help people become better and attain greater heights in their personal lives and careers.

Life coaches are trained to help their clients enhance different areas of their everyday lives, careers, mental health, relationships, etc.

Therefore, hiring a life coach is a great step towards improving those aspects of your life that needs improvement.

Advantages of Hiring a Life Coach

Improved life

One of the advantages of hiring a life coach is that you get a chance to improve your life in general.

Humans generally strive to be better at whatever they do; a life coach has the responsibility to ensure that they help you live a fulfilled, balanced and satisfying life.

Balanced life

A life coach has a broad knowledge about the principles of life and career.

Therefore, they help their clients to identify their personal and business goals, clarify them, put plans in place, and overcome hurdles that may come along.

Consequently leading their clients to live a balanced life.


Improving your self-esteem and self-confidence is an advantage of hiring a life coach.

These improvements give room for a lot of creativity as you can now summon the courage to get rid of your fears, anxieties and, doubts.

Getting rid of your doubts and fears allows you to explore new opportunities and ideas.

It also helps you to discover your gifts and hidden talents.

Enhanced Communication

Another edge you get from hiring a life coach is that your communication skills improve.

Communication is an essential part of individual growth, and life coaches are great at helping their clients express their feelings and thoughts to themselves and others better.

These enhancements can help you develop great public speaking skills.


Life coaches are concerned about their client’s growth, helping them stay motivated by providing them with support and feedback.

They also help their clients grow by holding them accountable and keeping to their plans and goals. 

Better Relationships 

Building greater relationships is one of the best things you can achieve by hiring a life coach’s services.

They help you in letting go of past feelings and experiences.

Also, they assist you in building and maintaining healthy boundaries.

This allows you to have better and stronger relationships with colleagues, family, and friends.


When you hire the service of a life coach, be assured that when you confide in them, they will keep it private.

Part of their responsibilities is to ensure that their client can trust them with their weakness, and they, in turn, will help their clients overcome these weaknesses without informing the third part about them.

The Most Important Qualities of the Best Life Coaches

Life coaches are people you would love to have in your corner due to their vast knowledge and abilities to help people.

Nevertheless, certain attributes are necessary for the best life coaches to possess for you to trust them enough to help you.

Also, hiring the best is a guarantee for having an excellent result.

These attributes include;


The first and most important quality of the best life coaches is their passion and enthusiasm towards their jobs.

A good life coach knows that his or her duty is to serve and help others live a satisfied and fulfilled life, and this can only be done if they love what they do.

Their love for their jobs allows them to give it their best efforts.

Likewise, their best efforts help you achieve the results you hoped to achieve while hiring their services. 

Effective Communication

Life coaching involves communication.

Communication is the exchange of thoughts, ideas, and messages that take place between people.

Therefore, your life coach must have good communication skills.

This will help both in understanding your wants and providing solutions to them.

It is also needed to avoid misconceptions and misunderstandings between you and your life coach.

Great Listening Capability

When you are looking to hire a life coach, you should not only look out for their ability to communicate effectively.

Their ability to listen is also a very important factor to consider.

Listening is where they get to know you, your desires, your challenges, and your wants.

It is also by listening to you that they can stipulate and prescribe the methods and solutions that will work best.

This also means that if your life coach isn’t a great listener, he or she can not help you.


Positivity is an attribute that your desired life coach must display.

Why positivity?

Positivity is important because your life coach must be an optimistic person to help you.

They need to be inspired and motivated to help their clients be inspired, motivated and better.


Not only does your life coach need to be positive and optimistic, he or she also needs to be supportive.

Their ability to support their clients through quashing their goals, difficult situations, circumstances and challenges will go a long way in making their clients better and stronger than they were before.

Their support will also challenge their clients to identify the root cause of certain issues and provide them with clarity.


The last thing you want when hiring a life coach is to hire one who would not be truthful to you or one who lacks integrity.

For you to become a better version of yourself, healthy criticisms and appraisals are needed.

A good life coach should tell you the truth and build a truthful relationship with you while helping you win at life.


While your life coach needs to be honest with you, they should also be unbiased and non-judgmental.

Unbiased in the sense that they focus more on proferring you with solutions than advising you.

Besides, regardless of whether they agree with you on certain issues or have a different view from you, it should not affect them from doing their jobs and helping you succeed.


A good life coach should be able to protect their integrity as well as that of their clients.

This is done by building an honest relationship with information or certain details about you, as a third party does not tell a client.

A life coach who can keep your information private is one you should look out for.

Attention to Details

This particular attribute works hand in hand with your life coach’s ability to listen attentively to you.

A good life coach can only help you if they can carefully pay attention to details and observe you as a client attentively.

This way, they get to learn more about you and provide answers that can help you.

Where to Find the Best Life Coach to Hire

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Finding a good life coach is not an easy task, especially since it pertains to your personal or career development.

We have simplified this process by providing you with some recommended ways to which you can find one. 


Referrals and recommendations have been known to be one of the best ways to meet your prospective life coach.

Why is it one of the best?

It is one of the best ways because you’ll know more about the coach from their previous clients.

You also get to hear the testimonials from real people you see face to face and not an article you read online.

This also saves you the stress of searching for your desired life coach from different websites and applications.

Websites/Blog Articles

You can find the best life coach for you online via websites like Fiverr,,,,

Also, you can check articles written by blogs on the top and best life coaches around the world currently.

This is a simplified means as you can go on these websites, read about different life coaches in the different spheres of life, and make a list of your prospective life coach.

The Social Media Programming Communities

Social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook are also a part of the list of places where you can find the best life coaches. 

With the search options, hashtags, and their life coaching communities.

Hashtags like #lifecoachingcommunity #nigerianlifecoaches, #nigerianlifecoachingcommunities #relationshiplifecoaches, #careerlifecoaches, etc., would come in handy and will help you narrow down your search to your location and specifications.


If you desire to hire a good and highly recommended life coach, you should try LinkedIn!

LinkedIn is a great platform that can connect you to the best life coaches by simply searching for them. 

You have a great option to choose from the results that show up depending on the specialty and recommendations.

Steps to Take on How to Hire a Life Coach

Just as there are steps to hiring any professional services, you also need to take steps when you want to hire a life coach’s services.

These steps include:

Consider the Area of Specialization

One of the first steps to hiring a life coach’s services is to put the area of specialization into consideration.

The life coach you hire must be in line with the problem you need to solve or the issues you need to overcome.

This means that their areas of interest must be in line with yours.

If you desire to have a balanced and effective work life, you should not hire the services of a life coach whose specialty is family and relationships.

Rather, you should be looking out for a career life coach.

This is the first step to getting the results that you want.

Pay Attention to Proper Training and Certifications

Unlike any other field, life coaching is a relatively new profession.

As such, anyone can pose or give themselves the title of a life coach.

So when you are looking to hire a life coach, be sure to conduct all your background checks.

Also, research to ensure that they indeed have the training and the knowledge of the profession.

Aside from the accepted certification, another proof is that they have gone through the training process.

This shows they are qualified and fit enough to help you achieve great results and success.

Certifications such as ACC, MCC, or PCC should surface. 

Outline your Goals and Vision

As much as you want to hire a life coach’s services, you need to make sure that you know what you hope to achieve at the end of the day.

This is why you need to list your goals, vision, and plan before hiring a life coach.

It not only helps you to specify your areas of need, but it also helps the coach to know what you want and how to help you achieve it.

Consider If Your Goals and Vision Align with the Area of Specialization of the Life Coach

On the list of the most important factors that you should hire is “shared visions and aligned goals.”

While  outlining your goals and plans is important, it is also essential that the life coach you hire aligns with these goals and visions.

You need to be sure that their visions go in line with yours.

This can be done by reading about them, reading articles written by them, having a conversation with them, listening, and watching their interviews or lectures online.

Choose your Method of Coaching

Life coaching, unlike other professions and services, is done in different ways and methods.

By this, you can decide if you want to be coached physically by a local coach in your district/location or be coached online by your desired coach who might be in any part of the world via emails, chat, and video calls.

This choice is determined by many factors, some of which are location, work schedule, and time differences.

It is important to consider all these factors before choosing a method that works best for you.

Consider your Budget

When hiring the services of anyone at all, it is you must consider the budget that you have in place for their payment. 

In as much as you want to improve in your life and career, you do not need to go bankrupt to get the help you desire.

A budget helps you choose the coach you can afford and the period you can afford it.

A great way to start up your budget is to look at your preferred life coaches’ service rates when reading up about them.

This saves you the stress of picking a life coach you cannot afford and starting your search for a life coach over again. 

Express your Interest and Welcome your Life Coach Aboard

After selecting your preferred life coach, making sure they are qualified, matching their goals with yours, and reviewing your budget, the next step would be to express your desire to work with your desired life coach and welcome him or her on board.

Firstly, you can do this via email or face chat, depending on your method of coaching.

After this is settled, your life coach takes it from here and helps you become great and achieved the success you long for.

Hiring a life coach is an important decision and commitment that affects your life or career, depending on which area you want to improve.

Therefore, it needs to be done properly, intentionally, and carefully.

Final Words on How to Hire a Life Coach 

The steps and stages that we have written out are to help you go through this process without missing out on any step or leaving any important detail out of the process. 

Everyone deserves to live a satisfying and fulfilling life while becoming better versions of themselves.

Everyone also includes you. 

Good luck with choosing the best life coach! 

Remember, to improve the quality of your life doesn’t just stop at hiring a life coach.

You need to be willing to put in your efforts and be prepared to make the necessary changes required to improve your life and reach your full potential.

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