How To Hire A Part Time Employee

How To Hire A Part Time Employee
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Why should you be interested in how to hire a part-time employee? Well, We can all agree that the success of any organization or business cannot be attributed to one person alone.

This is because it is almost impossible for one person to handle several responsibilities within a period and achieve absolute perfection.

Multitasking is not a task that anyone can handle on their own.

This is why there is a need for division and simplification.

For this, you will need Employees.

Who is a Part-Time Employee?

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A part-time employee is an individual who has the responsibilities of working for an employer for fewer hours per week, unlike a full-time job.

Part-time employees work rotationally in what is known as a shift or shifts.

The employer determines these hours, shifts, and they also vary, depending on the organization or company.

It is also important to note that part-time employees are not limited to any profession; rather, they cut across different industries, organizations, and fields.

What Can A Part-Time Employee do for Your Business?

There are several things that a part-time employee can do for you and your company/business.

Some of which are;

  • The addition of skilled and qualified individuals to your team and staff members for effective and successful results and production.
  • Another thing part-time employees can do for you is to help your business and company create a balanced work-life by helping your already existing full-time staff.
  • Part-time employees bring about a more active and agile workforce for your business/company.
  • When you hire the services of a part-time employee, it gives you the time and opportunity to focus on other aspects of your business, knowing that you have enough hands-on deck handling the business operations.
  • Part-time employees can work at more flexible hours than full-time employees, meaning that you can extend your company’s work hours and days of services.
  • They help you in the division and diversification of labor.
  • For a business that wants to make a name for itself, part-time employees can help you achieve that.

They do this by bringing creativity and uniqueness to your projects and services.

  • An increase in productivity is another thing that part-time employees offer your company and business.

This is because their additions enhance productiveness and customer satisfaction.

  • Unlike full-time employees, part-time employees, in most cases, are not entitled to some of your company’s benefits.

This will save you some costs and expenses as you are not entitled to cover those benefits.

Advantages of Hiring a Part-Time Employee

Hiring part-time employees come with many advantages for you and your business.

Some of these advantages include:

Division of Labor on a Budget

Part-time employees afford you, as a business owner or company owner, the liberty to hire the services of skilled personnel to divide your work labor effectively.

Also, to get great results/solutions on a budget that you can afford and at any time you need it.


When you hire part-time employees, this will result in multiplicity and diversity, which is good for business.

Diversity in the sense that you will be hiring qualified, experienced and professional members to your team. 

Increased Workforce

Hiring a part-time employee increases the workforce of your business or company.

This increase in the workforce will enhance effective and productive results, as more work would be done in the same period.

Support for the Full-Time Employee

One of the great advantages of hiring part-time staff is that they support your full-time employees.

These are already encumbered with the responsibility of meeting clients’ needs or producing results at a given deadline. 

Flexibility and Efficient Services

Another advantage of hiring part-time employees is flexible and efficient services.

Flexibility; being that your part-time clients can work on hours and days that your full-time employees would not be able to work.

This allows your business to stay running every day, every hour, and anytime your clients need your service. 

Increased Number of Clients/Customers

Not only does hiring a part-time employee increase the workforce of your business/company.

It also allows you to consider the option of taking on more clients/customers to render your services and your products. 

This is a great advantage because you now have skilled personnel to give them the best of their expertise.

Most Important Qualities of a Part-Time Employee

A part-time employee is as much a member of your team and organization just as a full-time employee is.

Therefore, there are several characteristics you need to look out for in a part-time employee. 


A part-time employee should not want to get the job done.

Instead, they should also think out of the box and make innovative/creative contributions and suggestions.

These suggestions and experimentations carried out by the part-time employee can result in your business or organization’s group and development. 


A great attribute that a part-time employee should possess is a good teamwork mindset.

This is their ability to collaborate and work hand in hand with other team members to get tasks done and achieve great results without unhealthy competition.


A good part-time employee takes his or her job seriously, shows up at work on time, and respects their boss and co-workers.

Overall, he/she should have a high sense of professionalism.


For part-time employee to give you their best, they must first have a positive attitude towards their jobs.

Love and passion have a great impact on their jobs and the rest of the team.

A positive worker gives their best to their jobs, and their best creates a positive impact for your business growth as an employer. 


The ability to solve problems critically and analytically is a trait that you should look out for in an employee.

Your part-time employee must strive to handle and resolve any issue during the cause of their work.


Integrity is an attribute to look out for in anyone, with more emphasis on your employees.

Your part-time employee should be truthful, honest, and trustworthy in all areas, such as finance, work, relationship with the boss and co-workers, and customer dealings.


Part-time employees must be humble and committed to their jobs.

Humble in the sense that they are respectful, open-minded, willing to learn, and work with others.

Commitment being that they are ready to bring in their best efforts; they are loyal and aligned to the goals and objectives of whatever company they work for. 

Receptive to Correction and Criticism

The positive reception to correction and criticism is essential when hiring the services of a part-time employee.

Your employee should be able to handle criticisms without feeling the need to argue or get into a dispute with co-workers.

Rather he or she should reflect on the corrections made and do better moving forward.


Just like a full-time employee, a part-time employee should be one you can rely on to get the job done effectively and in time.

He or she should also be able to take responsibility for their actions and other team members. 

A good employee should also be able to work independently to an extent, as you would not be able to supervise all the time.


To achieve positive results in your company or business, you would need workers who constantly challenge themselves and others around them to put in a great effort towards getting the job done.

Your part-time employee should be ambitious and enthusiastic.


A good part-time employee should be one who should be able to adapt to their work environment, changes that may occur during the cause for their work.

They should also adapt to their teammates, customers, and the different personalities they come across.


Handling tasks and responding to customers’ needs swiftly and seemingly is another characteristic of a great part-time employee.

It shows their willingness to serve their clients and company.

Diplomacy/Conflict Resolution Skills

A good part-time employee should resolve issues and conflicts between or amongst colleagues diplomatically without issuing blames or taking sides.


When considering employing part-time employees, you should watch for one who is open and generous.

Generosity in this context has to do with their ability to share knowledge and ideas gathered from previous experiences with their employer or team members.


Openness means that your part-time employees would be open to learning new things in or outside the work environment.

They should also be open to ideas shared by other members of their team.

Where to Find the Best Part-Time Employee?

There are different platforms and ways that you can do this.

A list of these recommended platforms and ways includes;


Recommendations are one of the best ways that you can find the right part-time employee or employees.

It attests to the employer the prospective employee’s capabilities from a friend, business partner, or previous clients.  


Fiverr is an online business platform specifically for freelance services.

This means that if you need a part-time employee, Fiver is the place for you!

With Fiver, you can meet freelance or part-time employees in your preferred field or business line.


Just like Fiver, LinkedIn is also an online platform for businesses and employment.

It is also another great option and platform where you can find prospective part-time employees.

This can be done by searching for part-time employees in your field of specialty or putting up a job application for part-time workers. 

Websites/Blog Articles

Another great way to connect with part-time employees is on websites.

Websites like Indeed, Snagajob, Jobberman, Upwork,myjobmag, jooble, etc., have been set up to help you as business owners meet with their prospective part-time employees. 

Social Media

Instagram and Twitter are social media platforms where you can connect with part-time employees via accounts like African freelancers and freelancer officials.

They can also be found with generic hashtags like #freelancecommunity #africanfreelancers #nigerianfreelancers, etc. 

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How to Hire a Part-Time Employee

There are essential steps to hiring a part-time employee for your business or company.

Some of these steps include;

 Post a job vacancy/description

The first step to hiring a part-time employee is to put up a job vacancy notice stating that you need a part-time employee.

This vacancy should also entail the job description of the part-time employee.

It should contain your specification and expectations from your prospective employee, required education, and skills,  as you would want to be sure that you have the right candidate for the job.  

Outline Guidelines

Outlying your company’s guidelines is a necessary step to take the hiring the services of a part-time employee.

Company or business guidelines entail your company’s policies, employee’s job description, employee’s code of conduct, workspace policies, employee’s opportunities, and benefits.

State Goals and Objectives

Before hiring a part-time employee, you as an employer must have your goals and objectives properly identified and written out.

Your goals and objectives will include your company’s vision.

It also focuses on your company’s future success and the methods/ways in which your part-time employee can assist you in achieving them.


Every business or company operates on a budget.

A budget ensures that your company has all the resources to keep running and your employees are adequately accounted for.

So, before you consider hiring part-time employees to join your team, ensure that you can account for them.

This budget, of course, varies according to company or business, depending on their financial capabilities.

Discuss Pay

Asides from creating a budget for your employees, another important step is to determine how much you are willing to pay these employees.

It is advisable to state your offering while posting your job vacancy to avoid selecting candidates your business/company may not afford.

Review of Resumes and Previous Work Experiences

The reviewing of your prospective part-time employee or employees’ resumes and previous work experiences is a necessity.

Not only does this give you a sight of who they are and the ability they possess.

It also convinces you whether or not to hire their services for your company or business.


The next step after making a list of your prospective part-time employee is to conduct an interview.

Interviews are an essential part of your hiring process.

During interviews, you get to know more about the part-time employee or employees you want to hire; in terms of their history, personality, work style, etc.

It is also an opportunity for you to ask all the questions that you need to ask about them.

Here are some examples of questions you could ask a prospective part-time employee during an interview;

  •  What days of the week or hours of the week are you available to work?
  •  In what ways can you contribute to the growth and development of this company? 
  • How do you handle pressure and problems that may arise while working? 
  • How do you stay motivated while working?
  • What qualifications do you have to do this job?
  • Why do you want this job?
  • Would you mind sharing your previous work experiences and what you have learned so far?
  • What knowledge do you have concerning this company? 
  • What would your expected salary range be?
  • Why have you chosen to work with our company/business?
  • How do you work best? Alone or with colleagues?
  • What would you say has been your greatest achievement so far?

Decide on Method of Communication

The method of communication depends on the type of part-time employee that you are looking out for.

Additionally, if the job you require the part-time employee is remote, emails and video calls could be considered a communication method.

On the other hand, face-to-face communication is the best communication method if it is an in-house job.

Extend Job Offer and Welcome Part-Time Employee Onboard

After successfully conducting an interview and selecting your part-time employee, a letter or an employment and acceptance email should follow suit.

These would contain their employment contract, benefits, and handbooks (if available).

Onboarding the newly hired part-time employee also means introducing them to your team, showing them their workspace, and assigning them their first duty or assignment.

Final Thoughts on How to Hire a Part-Time Employee

Hiring a part-time employee provides you and your company/business with a wide range of advantages and opportunities.

Also, they are a great determinant of the progress your company makes within a period.

Therefore it is essential to be careful and intentional when hiring their services.

We hope that you find the best part-time employee after following our steps and recommendations.

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