How To Hire A Programmer

How To Hire A Programmer
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With the advancement in technology in today’s world, people are looking for answers on how to hire a programmer to get things done quickly and easily.

There is no doubt that technology steadily proves to be an important part of human lives and daily activities.

This ranges from simplifying communication to creating devices, applications, and software that makes most aspects of life easy.

Businesses, brands, and companies have come to understand the vital role of technology in the effective running of their activities.

Hence they have taken advantage of it by hiring computer experts known as programmers to create software and applications for their business.

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First, Who is a Programmer?

A programmer is also be referred to as a computer programmer or a software developer.

This is a professional who generates or creates computer software.

Additionally, a programmer is a professional who specializes in one or different areas of computer technology.

There are several computer programs, and hence the various types of programmers such as; application programmers, system programmers, game programmers, web programmers, etc.

What can Hiring a Programmer Do for you?

When you hire the services of a Computer programmer, here are several things that they can do for you and your business or company;

Programmers write codes and generate computer programs and applications that aid your business’s daily activities and events.

Also, Programmers help get a startup up and running with a state-of-the-art website and mobile applications.

They also carry the responsibility of updating the software created and securing your software from cyber theft.

Additionally, programmers channel their creativity into helping their clients create new applications, products, and services to improve their services. 

Programmers are experts who use their analytical thinking ability to help their clients solve problems or errors that may occur within their software or application.

Programmers offer advice on the ways to use computer technology in reaching out to your target audience and prospective customers or clients.

They partner with other programmers to help their clients in achieving their desired results.

Computer programmers tend to know about various computer programs.

Hence they can help you resolve other computer-related issues that arise.

Benefits of Hiring a Programmer

Now that you have an insight into the things that programmers can do for you, it is essential that you also know the benefits and advantages of hiring their services.

These advantages include;

Increase in Efficiency and Output

An advantage of hiring a programmer is an increase in your company or business’s efficiency and output.

Programmers create software and applications that enable you to carry out tasks speedily and seamlessly while providing your clients or customers with the best services.

Flexibility and Availability

Depending on the type of programmer you choose to hire, programmers can work from their comfort zones, and unlike your full-time employees, programmers tend to work at odd hours and days.

Meaning that they are available to render help when the need arises.

Outstanding Outputs

When you hire a programmer, be sure to expect excellent results and outstanding outcomes.

This is because programmers are professionals and experts who possess the technical know-how of computer programming.

Hence the outputs of their projects and tasks would be nothing below the expected results.


The job of a programmer is very defined.

They create, write, and rewrite codes for computer software and applications.

Hence, when you hire a programmer, their sole responsibility would be to ensure that your company’s or business’ software is created, updated, monitored, and corrected in the case of errors. 

This allows you to focus on other areas of your business without worrying about this area since a professional handles it.

Exposure to Creativity

Another advantage of hiring a programmer is that it gives you access and exposure to a pool of creativity and talent.

Programmers are creative individuals whose skills and knowledge have been built on their experience and partnership with a wide range of organizations and businesses. 

They, in turn, use these skills and experiences to support you in achieving your goals, innovating new products, services and resolving issues.

Time Zone Insurance

Programmers guarantee you time zone insurance, especially when you hire the services of a programmer whose location does not share the same time zone as yours. 

This difference in time zones prevents cases where tasks/projects are uncompleted and are left pending.

This is because the programmers can pick up the uncompleted work to complete it.

After all the benefits of being in a different time zone mean that sometimes when it is 2 am in your time zone and you have to stop work, It might be 9 am in your programmer’s time zone.

Reduction in Expenses

Hiring the services of a programmer, in-house or remotely, helps you in reducing costs and expenses.

Programmers have the tools with which they work.

They can also work remotely.

So, you do not necessarily have to set up an office or buy their work tools for them.

Furthermore, they are not paid as full-time employees.

They are paid based on their duration of work and the description of their jobs which means that you can hire their services on a convenient budget.

Easy Tracking of Project Advancement

The good thing about hiring a programmer is that you can easily track the progress of the projects and tasks assigned to them through the software they created.

This enables you to stay updated and assured that you are getting your money’s worth at the stipulated time.

Qualities and Attributes of a Good Programmer to Hire

Here is a list of characteristics and attributes you should look out for before hiring a programmer;


One of the essential attributes of a good programmer is the technical knowledge and skills in their field that they possess.

A good programmer should have adequate knowledge of their fields and know how to execute projects and tasks with this knowledge. 


Passion and enthusiasm is a key factor for success and productivity.

A passionate and enthusiastic programmer will put in his/her best efforts and skills to help their clients get the best results and outputs.

Time Management

Programmers should have time management skills.

This is the ability to manage time effectively and efficiently to deliver on tasks and projects at the stated deadline or stipulated time. 


A programmer pays attention to details.

The ability to pay attention to details gives room for productivity and reduces the tendency of errors.


Creativity is an important characteristic that should be doing in every programmer. 

A programmer should know how to create and innovate new methods in generating software, upgrading software, and helping their clients produce better results using their software or application.

Professionalism and Ethics

A good programmer should exhibit a high level of competence and positivity towards their jobs while maintaining discipline, integrity, and honesty.  


A good programmer should not only work independently.

He or she must be willing to work alongside a team to achieve goals, create solutions, and execute projects or tasks without any clashes or misunderstandings.

Good Communication Skills

Good communication skills are an attribute that a programmer should have.

This is because communication is essential in carrying out tasks effectively, exchanging ideas and opinions, and giving updates on the assigned tasks.

A programmer who lacks good communication skills would be unable to communicate effectively with their employers or clients, leading to errors and misconceptions.

Critical and Analytical Thinking

Your desired programmer should have a critical and analytical thinking capacity.

When it comes to creating new things, making decisions, and resolving complexities, analytical thinking is required.


When you consider hiring the services of a programmer, be sure to look out for their ability to adapt.

They work with a wide range of people and companies from different cultures, from different parts of the world.

Hence, you need a programmer that can adapt to any work environment, the changes and developments that may arise during the course of any project.

Positive Acceptance to Criticism

Another vital trait to look out for in a programmer is openness and positive response or acceptance to corrections and criticism.

Their ability to accept corrections positively enables them to do their jobs better.

It also prevents them from making the same mistakes and helps them build a good working relationship with their clients.

Consequently, helping them produce excellent outputs at the end of the day.

Where to Find the Best Programmers to Hire

When it comes to finding the right programmer, you need not worry as there a quite a large number of platforms where you can find them.

Some of these platforms are;


Websites are a great way to find your preferred programmer.

Some of these websites include;


Freelancer, just like the name implies, is an old, reliable freelancing site with a large number of computer programmers who are ready to work with you.


Fiverr is a freelancing business platform that connects clients and businesses to their programmers.

Programmers can be found using the search box.


Upwork is a platform with various businesses to find the right professionals they need.

It also a viable option when looking for a computer programmer.

Other websites to help you find the right programmer are Youteam, Toptal, clutch, PeoplePerHour, goodfirms, guru, indeed, hired, etc.


Another way to find the right programmer is by recommendations.

Since most companies and businesses that are similar to yours make use of their services, it would be easier for you to get a recommendation from them.

An advantage of recommendations is that you’ll also get first-hand reviews on the competency and performance of your prospective programmer from their previous clients. 


LinkedIn is a business platform that connects you to the profile of different programmers in different computer fields from all parts of the world.

When searching for a programmer on LinkedIn, you could either post a job vacancy or make use of the search box. 

Social Media

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are great ways to find your potential programmer.

These social networking apps allow you to post job vacancies indicating your search for professional talents like programmers.

Also, you can find the programmers using the search options or generic hashtags.

Computer Programming  Agencies

Programmers are experts in their fields; hence, just like other experts, they have their agencies.

These agencies are made up of a group of programmers across different computer programming areas who work together to help their clients achieve their goals and solve their problems.

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Steps to Hiring a programmer

Here are steps to ensure that you hire the right programmer for your business or company:

Know the Type of Programmer to Hire

One of the first steps to hiring a programmer is deciding on the type of programmer that you need.

There are several programmers out there, so you must figure out the right one for you, be it an application programmer, system programmer, game programmer or a web programmer, etc.

Decide your Employment Type (In house, Freelance, or Outsourcing)

Another integral step to hiring the services of a programmer is to choose your preferred employment type.

This could either be an in-house programmer, a freelance programmer, or an outsourcing company.

This depends on your company’s needs and requirements.

Outline your Project Goals and Objectives

Outlining your project goals and objectives is essential when hiring the services of a programmer. 

This outline helps your programmer to identify your areas of need, as well as device methods to help you in achieving it.

Set Guidelines

Additionally, your guidelines are also an important part of your hiring process.

They state the job functions, requirements, as well as your focus, plans, and priorities. 

Your guidelines ensure that you and your potential programmer are on the same page and work towards the same goals.

State your Budget and Pay

Before hiring the services of a programmer, you must create and review your budget. 

Your budget ensures that your programmer is accounted for.

Other factors that affect the creation of your budget are the type of employment, the type of programmer, the duration of time in which they would carry out their duties and execute projects.

Also, the number of duties and roles they would carry out influences your budget. 

Creating your budget helps you determine how much you can conveniently pay for the services of a computer programmer.

Post a Job Vacancy

When your goals, objectives, and guidelines have been adequately listed and identified, you can post a job vacancy.

You can post the job vacancy on different platforms of your choice.

It should also entail your job description, specification, roles, and duties.

Also, include the duration of the project and payment offer in the job vacancy post to streamline the number of applications you get.

Create your Waiting List

After receiving several applications and going through the profiles of computer programmers, you need to create a waitlist.

A waiting list is a list of prospective computer programmers you consider hiring. 

Factors that make up your waiting list are the job specifications and requirements.

Arrange an Interview

The interview is another step to hiring your desired programmer.

During the interview, you have the opportunity to make your inquires about your prospective programmer, their qualifications, and specifications.

You also get to determine if their goals and objectives are compatible with yours.

Here are some questions you should consider asking your prospective programmer during an interview;

  • What experience do you have with computer programming languages?
  • Tell us your ideal work environment?
  • What methods do you devise to keep up with the latest trends in your fields?
  • How do you handle programming errors?
  • Why did you choose to program?
  • What has your experience as a programmer been?
  • Mention your experience with your previous client?
  • What contributions can you make to the “XYZ” company?
  • What is the work process like? Do you enjoy working alone or with a team?
  • Tell us the highlight of your career as a programmer?

Extend a Job Offer

After conducting an interview, you will need to extend a job offer to the programmer you decide to work with. 

You can do this via emails, video calls, or a one on one conversation. 

Decide Method of Communication

Depending on the type of programmer you hire, a method of communication needs to be agreed upon between you and the programmer. 

For an in-house or outsourcing programmer, a one-on-one conversation is the best way to communicate.

Likewise, emails, audio, and video calls are a great way to communicate with a freelance programmer who might be in a different location.

This is for the sake of feedback, updates, and communication generally.

Bring Your Programmer Onboard

The final stage in hiring a computer programmer after extending your job offer is bringing them on board.

This stage involves giving your programmer an orientation, as well as sharing your company values and guidelines.

Additionally, helping them transition into their new position and assigning them their first project or task.

Conclusion on How to Hire a Programmer

Programmers use their skills to help businesses and companies grow.

That is why you need to ensure that you are hiring the right programmer to achieve your goals. 

Our recommendations and steps are available to guide you in making the right choice during the hiring process.

Also, you’re one click away from finding the best programmers for your company if you use the links attached to this blog post.

Good luck finding the best candidate for the job.

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