How To Hire A UX Designer

How To Hire A UX Designer
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Are you looking for a good UX designer but don’t know how to hire one?

Also, you know nothing about the qualities to look out for in a UX designer before you hire?

Hence, you feel overwhelmed and nervous when you think about it.

Hiring a UX designer for your business is an important step that can greatly improve your chances of success.

That is if you go about it the right way.

This blog post is the ultimate guide you need to hire a good UX designer.

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How To Hire A UX Designer

At the end of this blog post, you’ll know;

  • What UX Designing is all aboutĀ 
  • Differences between a UX and a UI designer
  • Roles and responsibilities of UX designer
  • Qualities/Skills to look out for when hiring a UX designer
  • How to hire a UX designer (Steps to take and where to find one)
  • Benefits a good UX designer should bring to the business

Consequently, helping you find and hire the best person(s) for the job.

So, let’s dive right in, taking it one step at a time.

What is UX Designing?

Before you hire a UX designer, let’s discover what UX designing is all about and who a UX designer is.

UX design is all about designing the experience that customers or consumers will have when using digital/physical products.

These designs are mostly targeted to give its users (customers) a hassle-free and enjoyable user experience.

A person who does these designs is called a UX designer.

The ux designer has an objective to make the product, accessible, usable, and interactive, hence sets out to design a customer experience of the product that meets these goals.

Most times, a UX designer is often taken to mean the same thing as a UI designer.

Differences between a UX and a UI designer

Although there might be some similarities between these two roles, they are quite different from each other.

The abbreviation UX means users’ experience, and UI means user interface.

Both UX and UI designers aim to make any product effective and useful to meet the target customers’ specific needs.

However, the UX design process involves all aspects of a product.

Whereas UI is concerned with a particular aspect.

A UX designer works on the overall functioning of a product to give the users the best experience.

On the other hand, a UI designer works on a product to improve the aesthetic and intuitive aspects.

UX design is all about how a product functions, how it is experienced, while UI deals with how a product looks.

Now that you know who a UX designer is let’s examine the functions, roles/responsibilities of a UX designer.

This is so that you’ll know what to expect from a UX designer before you hire one for your business.

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Roles and Responsibilities of a UX Designer

  • Conduct users’ research.
  • Identify how users interact with certain products, i.e., users’ psychology with specific products.
  • Corporate with designers and developers to design user-friendly software/applications to solve customers’ problems.
  • Develop and create impressive design ideas and prototypes focused on meeting customers’ needs.
  • Keep up to date with industry trends and the competition.
  • Carry out product usability tests and gather necessary feedback.
  • Creatively solve UX problems.
  • Identify the best intuitive model to adopt for products and evaluate their success.
  • Testing existing applications and evaluating their effectiveness.
  • Conducting user testing of applications, software, and websites.

These are some of the things a UX designer can do for you when you hire one.

Above all, a UX designer would work with you to ensure that your digital/physical products are easy for your customers to interact with.

A UX designer would also ensure that products design work effectively and align with your brands’ identity.

Consequently, helping you offer the best services to your customers and increase brand loyalty.

Knowing a UX designer’s duties and responsibilities is not enough to help you find the best one to hire.

You also need to know some qualities and skills to look out for.

9 Qualities and Skills that Makes a Good UX Designer

This is important to help you determine the best person for the role.

Hence here are skills and qualities you should be on the lookout for in your search for a UX designer to hire.

Research Skills

A good UX designer should have excellent research skills.

Creating unique product designs (websites, software, etc.) that meet users’ needs demands a lot of research.

Relying on just intuition to create product designs is an ineffective approach to creating designs.

This would only lead to creating products that may not be useful to your target audience.

Hence, the UX designer that you hire should be good at researching the marketplace.

Overall, in-depth research is needed to create designs that specifically solve your customer’s problems.

Analytic Skills

Analytic skills will help the UX designer understand the relationship between a product and the users.

Also, analytic skill is needed to understand the efficiency of a design and the areas that need improvement.

Hence, a UX designer without analytic skills will be inefficient on the job.

Keep this in mind while you search for a UX designer to hire.

Problem-solving Skills

The whole essence of UX designing is to solve problems.

UX designing focuses on designing products that will solve specific problems for its users.

A good UX designer should brainstorm product designs to solve your customers’ problems while creatively matching these solutions to your business goals.

Team Spirit/Collaboration

UX designers are the brains behind product designs.

However, they need other professionals such as developers, graphics designers, UI designers to bring these designs to life.

Hence, a good UX designer should be willing to work with teams to achieve your business goals.

Technical Skills

Of course, of what use will a UX designer’s soft skills be without the technical skills to do the job.

Hence, before you hire a UX designer, ensure that he/she has the required technical skills.

Some of these skills include;

  • Wireframing
  • UI Prototyping
  • Coding
  • UX/technical writing
  • User Research
  • Information Architecture
  • Interaction Design
  • Visual Design
  • Usability Evaluation
  • Interface Prototyping….among others


Empathy is a skill needed to understand the feelings of others.

A good UX designer with empathy skills will be able to put him/herself in the shoes of a particular product’s users.

By this, the UX designer can understand and relate to how users interact with a specific product.

Even more, it becomes easier for the UX designer to understand the users’ pain-points.

Therefore, making it easier to find solutions to their problems.

This is an essential quality that you should seriously consider as you plan to hire a UX designer.


Creativity is also an essential part of UX designing.

UX is all about giving product users the best user experience with the product.

Although UI designers handle the interface and aesthetic appeal of a product.

However, the overall design/outcome of a product starts from the conception phase.

Hence, a UX designer needs to have creative skills to formulate designs and concepts for products.

This to give the users an aesthetically appealing and efficient product overall.

Effective Communication

This is another important quality you should look out for when hiring UX designers.

Effective communication is about listening effectively and passing messages across effectively.

A good UX designer should be a good listener to identify the actual problem that needs to be solved.

Also, a good UX designer should effectively communicate with other members of the team.

This is to avoid misunderstanding and misconceptions that could lead to project failure.

Overall, effective communication is needed to solve problems efficiently and avoid major mistakes in product designs.

Attention to Detail

This is another skill that is needed to avoid unnecessary mistakes with product designs.

Missing out a single detail in a design can make the designs function inefficiently.

This is why a good designer should have the unique ability to pay attention and capture even the tiniest detail about a product/project.

This would increase efficiency, reduce mistakes, and lead to better results with product designs.

Overall, these are some of the qualities that make most UX designers stand out from the others.

Hence, keep these qualities/skills in mind as you search for a UX designer so you can hire the best.

How to Hire a UX Designer; Steps to Take and Where to Find One

This section will cover important steps to take when hiring a UX designer.

It would also highlight some of the best places you to search for UX designers.

Thereby helping you find and hire the best candidate for the role.

Determine What you Want

Before you go about searching for a UX designer, you should be clear on what you want.

A UX designer can help you handle product designs such as websites, applications, etc.

However, what goals do you aim to achieve by hiring a UX designer?

Even more, what are your expectations from the UX designer?

Clearly stating your expectations and identifying your goals would be the foundation of a successful working relationship with you and the UX designer.

Hence, evaluate your business to determine the unique problem you want to solve/goals you want to achieve.

Do you want to improve user experience by enhancing an existing digital product?

Perhaps you want to create a new product to cater to your users’ needs and further promote your business?

This will help you identify your business needs and guide you in your search for the right candidate.

Evaluate your Business’s Capacity

This step is all about analyzing how much it would cost to hire a UX designer for your business.

Some UX designers charge around $25-$75 per hour.

This price may be more or less depending on the UX designer’s expertise level and your business needs.

Hence, you should research the costs of hiring a UX designer.

Afterward, you should analyze your business’s capacity.

What’s the financial capacity of your business.

Can your business afford to pay for a UX design agency, a freelancer, or an in-house employee?

To do this, check your business cash flow and budget statements.

Afterward, make a decision that’s best for your business.

Overall, you wouldn’t want to lack the finances to cater to other important aspects of the business because you hired a UX designer.

Hence, the need for you to evaluate your business’s capacity and plan accordingly.

Create A Detailed Job Description

This is the next important step you need to take to find and hire UX designers.

A Job description is an important document containing details about a job role and requirements for the role.

A good job description will tell interested candidates whether or not they are fit for the role.

More so, a good job description would naturally attract some of the best talents for the role.

A bad job description would do the exact opposite of what a good job description does.

To create a brilliant job description, think of it as a Job ad for interested candidates.

Hence, it should be clear, concise, and compelling.

However, do not overpromise or exaggerate the job offer.

Take your time to craft a job description and include all the necessary details for the role.

Post the Job Vacancy- Where to Find UX Designers

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Now that you have a brilliant job description, you need to get it out there in front of the right audience.

The people you want to see in your job description are potential job seekers, specifically UX designers.

Given this, you need to post this job description where they can see it.

A good place to start would be UX designers’ communities, Job Boards, and social platforms.

You can find some of the best UX designers on platforms/job boards such as;





Designer Hangout

Just UX jobs

Authentic Jobs, etc.

Shortlist Applicants

After posting your job ad, you may get many responses from UX designers interested in the role.

Hence, you’ll need to shortlist the applicants to come up with the final candidates for the job.

In this process, you have to pay serious attention to relevant skills needed for the job.

Only candidates who match your requirements and have the right skills should be shortlisted.

Once you have a list of the preferred candidates for the job, contact them and schedule an interview.

Interview ApplicantsĀ 

This process involves assessing and evaluating the UX designer’s skills and competence.

You could give tests/real problems to solve to evaluate the practical knowledge of the UX designer.

Also, you could do a question and answer session or a trial period of a few days/weeks

You can use any means or method that works best for you.

Above all, ensure that you thoroughly evaluate the candidate(s) and decide whether or not he/she fits the job role.

Make the Job Offer/Discuss Pay

At this point, you’re certain that you’ve found the right candidate for the job.

Hence, it’s time to offer the job.

Depending on your plans, you should state if it’s a part-time job, freelance role, or full-time job.

Also, you should state how much you’re willing to offer in exchange for the UX designer’s services.

Depending on the UX designer’s expertise, the price might be a little different than you expected.

Hence, you should negotiate and settle at a reasonable price.

Note, however, not to commit yourself to any price that you can keep up with.

This is because not fulfilling your commitments can ruin your business and destroy your brand’s reputation.

Consider your budget and settle on a price that wouldn’t negatively impact the business.

Also, remember not to settle for a price too low.

This so that you don’t get poor quality work for your designs.

Settle Communications and Working Conditions

Communication is essential to the success of any relationship, personal or professional.

Also, this is an important aspect, especially if the UX designer will be work remotely.

Hence, you both need to settle on the means and mode of communication.

That is emails, phone calls, skype, zoom, etc.

If you would be working in different time zones, you both need to consider and settle on a mutually acceptable communication time.

The UX designer might also need to share some important details with other product design team members.

Hence, settling on a means of communication is important for ensuring that information is passed across promptly.

Perhaps the UX designer will be an in-house employee?

Then you should discuss important working conditions and guidelines with the new employee as part of your onboarding process.

In all, these are some of the important processes involved in finding and hiring a UX designer.

UX designers are an important part of any business that specializes in creating digital products.

Hence, putting in all these efforts to ensure that you hire the best UX designers as part of your team is totally worth it.

This is because a good UX designer would prove beneficial to your business in the long run.

Benefits of Having a Good UX Designer on Your Team

You’ll be able to understand your customers’ needs and how best to solve them.

This is all thanks to the UX designer’s skills.

Also, you’ll improve your users’ accessibility and engagement with your products.

Consequently, helping you gain more brand loyalty.

A UX designer can help you improve the efficiency of existing products and services.

Therefore helping you offer more value to your customers.

Overall, a UX designer can help you build a reputable brand and improve business success.

This is possible by improving the quality of the products and services your offer to your customers.

Final Words on How to Hire a UX Designer

Now you know all the tips and tricks to hire a UX designer.

Ensure to follow these guidelines appropriately.

Also, you could use any of the links to various Job boards provided here to find the best UX designer.

Good luck finding the best person for the job!

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