How To Hire An App Developer

How To Hire An App Developer
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Do you want to know how to hire an app developer. This comes as no surprise given how many things an app developer can do for you.

With the advancement of the world today using technology, it should not surprise you that meetings do not have to be between people in the same location.

Business transactions do not necessarily have to be one on one.

Similarly, you can do business transactions from the comfort of your homes, and letters do not have to be delivered by a postal worker or a post office.

Technology has made some activities in life easier and faster.

Entrepreneurs, businesses, and organizations now use computer technology to create mobile and computer software applications.

This promotes their business and brands, increases their client base, and helps them to generate profit. 

Computer experts known as application developers or software application developers create these software applications.

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How to Hire an App Developer; First, Who is an App Developer?

An application developer, also known as a software application developer, is a computer programming expert that designs computer and mobile applications. 

Additionally, application developers help individuals, business owners, service providers, etc., turn their ideas into applications for public use.

They are also involved in creating unique and specific applications for different companies, businesses, and organizations.

What can an App Developer do for you?

Since we are well aware of who application developers are, it is also essential that you know what they can do for you, your business, or your company.

Some of the things an app developer can do for you include;

They identify the client’s needs, design, and create applications that best suit those needs, your business, or organizations on a computer or other devices.

Also, application developers design the pieces of applications.

They supervise and document all the aspects of the application creation.

They also carry out system updates and upgrades on preexisting applications owned by their clients.

Additionally, application developers ensure that their client’s applications are functional by running tests and maintenances.

Application developers work with their clients to create unique and innovative applications that will increase their productivity and grow their businesses.

Application developers resolve and fix any problems that occur with the applications and look for ways to improve them. 

Advantages of Hiring an App Developer

Hiring application developers come with several advantages and profitable benefits to you.

Some of which are;


An application developer is an expert that specializes in creating and maintaining software applications.

So, hiring them allows you to focus on other parts of your business without worrying about the application.

This is because their responsibility would be to ensure that your application is maintained, upgraded, and functioning adequately. 


When you hire the services of an application developer, they use their creativity and talent to meet your needs by creating applications for your business.

Additionally, they use their creative knowledge to help resolve issues and problems that arise.

Increased Revenue

As we stated earlier, mobile or computer applications allow you to run your business and activities easier and faster.

When you hire an application developer, they create applications that help solve problems and attend to your customers’/clients needs swiftly.

This increases the quality of your products/services.

Consequently increasing your output, productivity, and revenue.

Reduction in Expenses

Application developers provide you with applications that cater to your needs and your problems.

Thereby reducing expenses and costs.

Another way application developers help you reduce cost is that they possess the tools they need to do their jobs, and most of them work remotely.

Therefore, you do not need to purchase tools, and depending on the type of app developer you decide to hire (in-house or freelance), there is no need to set up an office space.

Saves Time

An interesting advantage of hiring the services of an application developer is that they do not only help you increase productivity, they help you to save time.

With an app developer handling your business’ applications development projects, you and other team members have ample time to focus on other aspects of the business.

Flexibility and Availability

Application developers, unlike other professionals, can do their work anywhere they find themselves.

This makes their jobs to be quite flexible.

The remote nature of their jobs allows them to work beyond 9-5 job norms.

Hence, they can handle your development at odd hours that full-time employees cannot do.

Time Zone Coverage

When you hire an application developer in a different location or part of the world, it gives you time zone coverage.

This is because constraints of time difference and interruptions do not limit them.

Additionally, they can work for longer and instant hours while ensuring that your application stays running at all times.


Hiring an application developer, especially a freelancer, is something you can do on a budget.

Unlike a full-time employee, application developers can be paid based on the work you have assigned to them and the duration of time in which they carry out the duty assigned.

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Qualities to Look Out for When Hiring an App Developer

Here are important qualities that a good application developer possess:

Analytical Skills

A good application developer should be able to use his or her skills and experience to analyze the needs of their clients and, in turn, design and create applications to meet that need.

Problem-Solving Abilities

Alongside analytical skills, an application developer should possess problem-solving abilities.

By problem-solving abilities, we mean that an application developer should know how to solve the problems that occur during their application designing process and after.

Good Communication Skills

The ability to communicate properly is a vital trait that should be found in an application developer.

We share thoughts and ideas by communicating them to others.

Hence, an application developer who cannot communicate effectively would be unable to identify the needs of their clients nor provide the right solution.

Further, he or she would also be unable to express their ideas or to their clients.

Attention to Detail

The job of an application developer involves designing and creating the different parts of an application.

It is therefore essential that he/she pays proper attention to details of the application development process to prevent errors and achieve the best results. 


Application development requires creativity.

Hence, a good app developer should possess the creative skills to design and invent new ideas for applications that meet the needs of their clients.

Furthermore, a good application developer should be innovative enough to develop and upgrade on preexisting applications.

Interpersonal Skills

Having good communication skills is not all there is to being a good application developer.

Good interpersonal skill is also highly required.

Application developers work with different clients and different teams from various locations and organizations.

Hence, they must know how to relate and work alongside other people to develop successful applications.


Passion and enthusiasm are characteristics of a good application developer.

An application developer should be passionate about helping people achieve their goals and solve their difficulties.

He/she should also be willing to put the best efforts into creating these applications and fixing problems.


You can only achieve success when you hire someone with the knowledge and the technical know-how of what your needs and requirements entail.

Therefore, an application developer should have the technical skills and experience required in the field to enable you to achieve your goals and the purpose of hiring their services.


A good application developer is committed to doing their jobs with discipline, humility, diligence, and other required work ethics.

Trustworthy and Reliable

The app developer you choose to hire should be someone that you can trust to get the job done with or without your supervision.

He or she should also be someone you can rely on to execute the tasks assigned to them efficiently and adequately.

This characteristic is essential if you desire to hire a freelance application developer.

Where to Find the Best App Developer to Hire

With the high demand for software applications these days, application developers can be found on different platforms, sites, and communities. 

Here is a list of our recommended ways to find the right application developer:


One of the easiest ways to find the right application developer is through recommendations and referrals.

Since most agencies, companies, and businesses hire their services to create software applications, you could easily ask for a referral or recommendation.

Additionally, a recommendation is a great way of finding out the abilities and skills that your potential application developer possesses from their previous clients.


Freelance websites are also a great way to find the right application developers for you. Some of these websites are;


Freelancer, as the name implies, is a freelance website that provides you with a large number of qualified application developers who are ready to work at your fingertips.


Like freelancers, Fiverr is a website with several tested and trusted application developers from around the world that are open to taking new clients.

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Upwork is a website that connects you to highly-trained specialists in application development.

Other websites are Toptal, hired,, indeed, angels, etc.

Tech Blogs

Tech blogs are blogs that write about the application development process and provide ways to find the right application developer.

Here are some tech blogs based on their rankings; Engadget, the Verge, TechCrunch, Gizmodo, Wired, Mashable, etc.

Social Media

Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are social media platforms that can help you find an application developer.

This could be by posting a job vacancy, using the search box option, or generic hashtags.


Linkedin is a business and professional platform that can connect you to the profiles of application developers from all parts of the world.

With Linkedin, you could also post a job opening for an application developer or use the search box to find the profiles of these application developers.

 Application Developing Agencies

Application developers also have their companies and agencies.

These agencies consist of application development experts who together provide in-house or outsourcing services to their clients.

Steps to Hiring an App Developer

Hiring the right app developer for you or your business comes with some steps and guidelines that you do not want to ignore, as they are essential in helping you achieve a great result.

These steps or procedures are: 

Decide the type of employment (in-house, outsourcing, or freelancing)

The first step is to hire an application developer is deciding on the type of application developer you are looking to hire depending on your business needs.

If you want to hire an application developer that would work with you in your office, you should consider hiring an in-house application developer.

On the other hand, if you need an application developer in a different location that works remotely, a freelance application developer would be the best option for you.

Outline your Goals and Objectives

Before you consider hiring the services of any profession, you must have answered the why and what questions.

The “why” is why you are considering hiring their services, and the “what” is your list of goals and objectives.

This means that before you hire an application developer, you need to state what you need them to do for you.

What you hope to achieve or the problems you intend to solve with the applications that the app developer creates for you.

When you want to hire a software developer, you must state your goals and objectives.

This helps to narrow down your options and make your search more specific.

This also helps your application developer to recognize your needs and work towards helping you achieve them.

Budget and Payment

Another integral part of your hiring process is evaluating your budget.

Before you hire an application developer to work for you, you must ensure that you have the resources to pay for the services.

This helps you identify how much you can pay the app developer and the duration for which you can afford their services.

Post a Job Vacancy

The next step to hiring an application developer is posting a job vacancy.

You can post your job vacancy on social media platforms or websites.

Your job application should state the job position, the type of employment, the job description, the job duration, and the payment offer.

Make a Waiting List

After going through several recommendations, websites, social media platforms, and application development agencies and reviewing portfolios, we are certain that you have a list of application developers that you want to reach out to.

This list is known as your shortlist or waiting list.

When your waiting list is created, you can proceed to conduct an interview.

Interview Process

The interview tops the list of the most important steps to hiring an app developer.

During your interviews, you have the opportunity to communicate extensively with your prospective application developer.

It also gives you an insight into their personalities, work experiences and goals, and objectives. 

Here is a list of questions you can ask an app developer during an interview;

  • What programming languages are the best to use when creating an application? 
  • How do you channel your client’s demands into creating an application?
  • Why should we hire you?
  • How do you keep up with the latest trends in application development?
  •  What is your work process like? Do you enjoy working alongside a team?
  • How do you ensure that applications stay running and do not crash?
  • What tools do you use to fix errors that occur in applications?
  • How do you minimize security risks?
  • Which of your application designs are you most proud of?
  • Do you have an application idea that could help improve our services?

Extend Job offer

You can extend the job offer or project after a successful interview process and you’re convinced that the interviewee is the best person for the job.

This could be via audio or video call and email.

Decide Mode of Communication

Another decision that you and your application developer would have to agree upon is the mode of communication.

The mode or method of communication is highly dependent on the type of application developer you hire.

Freelance application developers might prefer emails and video calls as the best way to communicate, give updates, and exchange feedback.

At the same time, one on one communication is a great option for an in-house application developer.

Welcome Your Application Developer Onboard

Onboarding your application developer could involve many things.

It could be orientation, stating your goals and objectives once again, putting them through your guidelines and values, as well as introducing them to other team members.

In the case of an in-house application developer, onboarding the new hire could also involve setting up their workspace. 

Additionally, assigning them their tasks could be part of the onboarding process.

Conclusion on How to Hire an App Developer

Application developers are in high demand, and they could be great additions to your team.

Their applications can give your business the push and platform it needs to grow and generate profits.

Hence it’s essential that you hire the right application developer.

These steps and recommendations will go a long way in helping you make the right decision.

Good luck!

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