How To Improve Brain Memory And Concentration

How To Improve Brain Memory And Concentration

Do you want to know how to improve brain memory and concentration?

If you do, then come along with us.

The brain memory of every individual is very important as they help to store and retrieve information.

If a person’s brain cannot do this or is unable to do this properly, then such a person will have a hard time remembering and doing things for themselves.

Human concentration is also quite important.

So, if you are having issues with concentration and your brain memory, then you need to fix it.

As we go on we would look closely at these two things and how you can improve them.

What Does Brain Memory Mean? – How to Improve Brain Memory and Concentration

How can I sharpen my brain

Before you can effectively help a situation you need to understand it.

Hence, we will explain what brain memory is.

Now, the term “memory” is used to define the faculty that the brain uses to encode, store, and retrieve information when needed.

The purpose of memory is to retain information that can be used to influence future actions.

So, when we say “brain memory” we are only referring to the brain’s faculty that encodes, stores, and retrieves information.

In other words, it is your brain memory that allows you to retain information and remember it.

If your brain memory functions poorly, then you would have a hard time remembering things and being productive.

As we earlier said, information is stored to be retrieved for future purposes.

So, if you cannot store information, then you cannot retrieve it.

In other words, you would not have access to information that would have useful in the future because your brain memory could not store it.

In some cases, your brain memory might be able to store information but due to some illness or issues, you might have a problem retrieving information.

So, your brain memory does not only need to store information for it to function properly but also for it to be able to retrieve them when needed.

Factors that Can Affect The Brain Memory – How to Improve Brain Memory and Concentration

How can I train my brain for memory

Certain things can affect your brain memory.

Most of these factors can be put under control or changed.

We are going to look at each of them and see what can be done about them.

So, if one of these factors is what is making you have poor memory, then you can work on them and improve your brain memory.

Sleep Issues

When we sleep at night our brain memory replays, process, and review the things that occurred in the day.

After this process is done, your information will be stored and retrieved when needed.

However, when you do not sleep, information can get stuck in the brain instead of being processed, encoded, and stored

As a result of all this, your memory will relapse and you will find it difficult to remember some things.

So, you have to ensure that you sleep properly at night.

Distractability – How to Improve Brain Memory and Concentration

When you are distracted when your brain is making memory it can affect the process.

As a result, the memory can be prevented from becoming an (LTM) long-time memory.

It will only be a short-term memory (STM).

In other words, the information will not be processed and stored, and you will only remember that information for a short time.

Nutritional Deficiencies

Your brain needs some vital vitamins and nutrients to have optimal memory

In other words, when your body lacks vitamins such as B12, B9, B6, and B1 it can affect your ability to remember things.

It can lead to impairment to other of your brain’s cognitive activities.

So, ensure that you take enough vitamins and minerals to avoid this.

 Smoking – How to Improve Brain Memory and Concentration

Smoking tobacco can drastically reduce the oxygen delivered to the brain.

As a result, the brain finds it difficult to perform its cognitive activities.

Therefore, your ability to store and retrieve information will become poor.

When you continue smoking for a long while, it can lead to memory loss.

So, if you want your brain memory to function properly, then you should stop smoking.


Traumatic or chronic brain injury can impair brain memory.

One can lose their memory permanently or temporarily depending on how extensive the damage was.

Also, if a brain injury is not treated or controlled in time, it can lead to an inability to store new information.

So, if you suffer brain injury then you should see your doctor immediately.

Emotional Issues and Stress – How to Improve Brain Memory and Concentration

Some emotional issues and stress can make someone have short-term memory conditions.

Often time, this effect is considered to be reversible and temporary because stress and emotional issues can be resolved.

Hormonal Imbalance

The hormones in the body can influence both your brain and body function.

This is why an imbalance can cause issues in storing information and retrieving them.

However, it is not a permanent situation.

Once your hormones are balanced, your brain memory should function as it used to.

 Illness – How to Improve Brain Memory and Concentration

Medical conditions and illness that affects the circulation of oxygen can reduce the level of oxygen sent to vital body organs such as the brain.

The brain needs oxygen to fully and properly function.

Hence, when this happens, it will affect a person’s ability to store and retrieve information,

Substance Abuse  

Abuse of drugs and alcohol can impair one’s brain memory.

So, if you want to improve your brain memory you should avoid substance abuse.

Diet – How to Improve Brain Memory and Concentration

Memory is often considered to be more fragile than other mental functions.

This is because it can be affected by people’s food choices and diet.

Food high in saturated fat or animal protein can affect one’s memory.

Also, when you take food low in good cholesterol (high-density lipoproteins) it can increase your chances of dementia in the future.

What is Concentration? – How to Improve Brain Memory and Concentration

Why is my brain so slow

Concentration is the act of centering your attention on something or someone.

It is one’s ability to direct your mental effort or power on a particular subject, thing, or person while excluding their mind from unrelated ideas, thoughts, sensations, and feelings.

This can be often difficult for some people.

Hence, they find themselves checking those notifications on their phones while trying to stay focused on work.

Concentration improves productivity and helps it take less time to finish tasks.

It helps one to get the right information when someone is speaking or while reading.

This way, one do not misinterpret or misunderstand information.

Hence, concentration is important for every individual.

Also, it is connected to our memory.

As we go on, we would see how concentration is connected to memory.

Factors That Can Affect Concentration – How to Improve Brain Memory and Concentration

How can I memorize faster

Sometimes we might feel like everything is after our concentration.

Well, this can be the case if you allow it, because there are external and internal factors that can make affect your ability to concentrate.

Understanding these factors will help you to deal with them better and work to improve your concentration.

So, let us quickly look at the factors that can affect concentration.


While doing something and trying to concentrate, we can be bombarded with different things.

When this happens, your mind can lose its concentration when there is a distraction.

This is because the human mind tries to access information whether it is sufficient, useful, or meaningless.

During the process of accessing the information that appears, concentration gets shattered.

For example, if you were concentrating and working on a task and your phone screen pops up with a notification, you will start wondering what the notification is.

Even if you do not go to check that notification, your mind has already started thinking of what that notification is about.

Hence, concentration has been lost.

Check here to discover 7 proven strategies for overcoming distractions.

Insufficient Exercise – How to Improve Brain Memory and Concentration

When you engage in physical activities, it helps to make you feel energetic and relaxed.

However, when you do not, your muscles could get tense.

This might make you feel stiffness in your shoulder, neck, and chest.

If such goes on for a while, it will make you uncomfortable and eventually shatter your concentration.

Insufficient Sleep

Insufficient sleep can dull the brain, reduces one’s alertness, and reduces concentration.

In other words, you will find it difficult to focus your attention.

Also, it can make you confused.

Eating Habits –How to Improve Brain Memory and Concentration

The food you need contributes to your clarity and mental sharpness.

So, when you do not provide your mind with the needed and proper nutrients, you might experience fatigue, poor concentration, and memory loss.

Poor diets can destroy one’s ability to concentrate because the human brain needs some essential vitamins and minerals to function well.

So, ensure that you eat healthily.


The environment can affect people’s concentration depending on an individual’s ability and the tasks being performed.

For example, some people might be able to concentrate on the task they are doing in a room filled with people.

Yet, another person might be able to concentrate in that same type of environment.

So, you should understand the environments that you can concentrate in.

If an environment is not conducive for you, then you should address it.

Connections between Memory and Concentration – How to Improve Brain Memory and Concentration

At what age is your brain the sharpest

Is there is a connection between memory and concentration?

The answer to that is yes.

As we earlier said, we would discuss the connection between memory and concentration.

So, carefully follow us as we do so.

Our brain has a faculty that we often call memory.

It is with this faculty that information is stored, and it is what helps us to retrieve the stored information.

When we retrieve stored information, we call them memories.

Memory is also defined as the ability to remember experiences, people, and information.

Meanwhile, concentration is the ability to direct one’s mental efforts or powers to a particular thing, subject, activity, or problem.

Concentration can help one to recollect a memory that is stored in their mind.

People sometimes need to concentrate to remember something.

That is one thing that connects memory with concentration.

Another link is that concentration can help memory-making easier.

In other words, your mind can easily encode, store the information you concentrated on.

For example, if you concentrate while reading a book, your mind will store more of the information gotten from the book than whatever was being said in the background.

Good concentration enhances better memory.

So, it is necessary that as one works to improve their brain memory, they also work to improve their concentration.

Tips on How to Improve Brain Memory and Concentration

How can I study without forgetting

When you have a good memory and can concentrate well you would be able to achieve better results in your work and live a more productive life.

So, if your brain memory is poor and you lack concentration, here are some tips that you can practice and improve your concentration and brain memory.

1. Learn New Things

Your Brain memory can only get stronger when you make use of it frequently.

Hence, you cannot expect it to get stronger by doing the same thing every day.

You build your memory strength just like you build muscular strength by challenging yourself and lifting different weight sizes every day.

In other words, you need to constantly challenge your brain.

Learning new things is a great way to keep challenging your brain and building and improving your brain memory.

There are different things you can learn.

However, you have to ensure that the things you learn are things that are outside your safe space and demand your attention.

This way, it will help to improve your concentration as well.

Some examples of things you can learn are:

  • Learn how to play new instruments
  • Play mind-games such as chess or Sudoku
  • Learn new dance styles
  • Learn new languages

2. Sleep Well – How to Improve Brain Memory and Concentration

Inadequate sleep affects your ability to concentrate and your brain memory.

So, you have to ensure that you sleep well at night and rest during the day.

Before going to sleep at night, it is best to avoid staying for long in front of a bright screen.

This is because the light that comes from your electronic devices such as Television sets, computers, and phone produces melatonin.

Melatonin is a hormone that is capable of keeping you awake.

So, one hour before bedtime you should have your devices turned off and let your brain relaxes.

3. Engage in Exercises

As we earlier said, exercises make you feel energized and relaxed.

This helps your mind to easily concentrate on something.

Also, it helps to improve the nutrients and oxygen delivered to the brain.

This in turn improves your memory capabilities.

So, ensure that you engage in exercises.

They do not have to be vigorous.

It can be something as simple as walking.

4. Practice Meditation– How to Improve Brain Memory and Concentration

Practicing meditation can help to improve cognitive abilities such as concentration, memory, focus, and learning.

This is because during meditation your body becomes relaxed and your mind becomes calmer.

Hence, it allows your brain cells to connect better, and you can center your attention and recollect things better.

So, if you want an improved memory and concentration, you should practice meditation often

5. Manage Stress

Stress reduces your ability to concentrate and impairs your brain memory.

So, you have to learn to deal with stress.

Make sure that you immediately deal with stress before it gets serious.

6. Eat Well – How to Improve Brain Memory and Concentration

The food you eat can either improve your brain memory and concentration or impair them.

So you have to be careful what you eat.

Some foods you should reduce and avoid eating are:

  • Butter
  • Red meat
  • Sugar
  • Fried foods
  • Processed foods
  • Cheese
  • Salt

While you avoid eating the food aforementioned, you should eat more of the following:

  • Legumes
  • Vegetables and fruits
  • Whole grains
  • Coconut oil or olive oil
  • Nuts
  • Spices and herbs
  • Fatty fish

Fatty fish produces Omega-3 fatty acids which play a vital part in building nerve and brain cells.

Hence, they are good for memory and learning.

7. Repeat

Whenever you get new information, you are more likely to store them in your mind and remember it than when you repeat them.

This is because repetition helps to build a connection with the words being said with the brain.

Hence, it makes it easier for that information to be processed in the brain.

So, repeat those things you learn.

Have them written down and read them over and over again.

 8. Retrieve – How to Improve Brain Memory and Concentration

As you repeat, also retrieve.

What we mean is that, after you have repeated the information you want to remember, take a while and try to recollect that information.

You are to do this without looking at whatever you had written down.

The time you take before retrieving that information depends on you.

However, ensure that it is enough time for an average human to forget something new.

When you practice retrieval, it will boost your long-term memory.

  9. Avoid Consumption of  a Large Amount of  Alcohol

We briefly pointed out that alcohol and drug abuse can impair brain memory.

It has affects your concentration.

A heavy-dosed or intoxicated person will find it difficult to concentrate on a particular thing.

So, you need to avoid large consumption of alcohol and abuse of drugs.

10. Enjoy Nature – How to Improve Brain Memory and Concentration

Spending time with nature is a great way to relax the body and the mind.             

It often considered being a type of meditation.

Walks and having picnics in nature can help to improve your attention span and memory.

So, spend time with nature and enjoy it.

Conclusion on How to Improve Brain Memory and Concentration

How do I stop forgetting things quickly

Improving your brain memory and concentration might be challenging.

However, if you want a better memory and concentration you will be motivated to do the needful.

In this article, we have shared valuable information and tips on how to improve brain memory.

So, we hope you make use of it.