How To Improve Mental Toughness

How To Improve Mental Toughness

Do you want to improve your mental toughness?

Have you sometimes wondered how people remain strong in the face of any adversity?

Mental toughness is one of the most important ingredients required to be successful in all walks of life.

Yet, most persons do not have it, not because they do not want to, but because they lack guidance.

Mental toughness is simply the ability to handle life challenges and explore them to your own advantage.

Also, being mentally tough refers to being in tune with your body, emotional thought, and having a positive outlook in most tough situations.

It unlocks the door of courage which helps you to bounce back when life’s situations hit you.

When it comes to improving mental toughness, one of the most important questions to ask is, ”is it possible to develop  a tough mind?”

The answer is yes because it a behavioral trait that can be learned, developed, and improved.

To become mentally tough, you can follow the tips discussed below.

Tips on How to Improve Mental Toughness

How can I increase my mental toughness

Practice Self-responsibility; it Helps To Improve Your Mental Toughness

When we find ourselves in an unfortunate situation, we tend to find ourselves playing the victim.

Self-responsibility means taking responsibility for everything in your life, either good or bad.

It is a known fact that you can’t be responsible for everything that happens to you because certain things happen beyond our control.

In this instance, there’s little or nothing we could have done to stop the situation from happening.

However, you can take responsibility for how your life turns out after that unforeseen situation.

More so, when something bad happens to you as a result of your actions, be courageous enough to take responsibility for your action.

This is mostly easier said than done because no one likes to take the blame for something bad.

However, if you can build up the courage to take responsibility for your actions and the consequences, good or bad, you’ll be improving your mental toughness and becoming a better person overall.

How can I be a tougher person

Remind Yourself That Life Doesn’t Get Easier; It Makes You Mentally Tough

One thing that mitigates against mental toughness is that we expect life to be easy.

We feel like life, or the universe owes us, and therefore, we expect that when we do good, we should get good in return.

Also, we expect that when we work hard, everything should be in our favor. But when it doesn’t work this way, we consider the universe unfair to us.

This single thought weakens our mental toughness. It leaves us in constant self-pity.

To improve your mental toughness, you should anticipate that bigger problems and challenges will come your way.

More so, constantly remind yourself that your goals will be harder to reach, but you must give your best efforts to reach them.

When you anticipate tough situations, your build yourself up against difficult times.

As a result, improving your mental toughness.

Relentlessly Focus On The Solution

When faced with a difficult situation, the first thing that may come to your mind would be to run away from the problem.

It gives you some fake solace, making you feel safe, but you know within you that it doesn’t take away the problem.

Therefore, to improve your mental toughness, you are allowed to panic or even show fear at first, but do not dwell on the problem.

You should be relentlessly focused on finding the solution to the problem.

Thereby helping you develop mental agility and improving your mental toughness.

how to improve mental toughness in running

Ask Yourself Some Power Questions; They Help To Improve Mental Toughness

Difficult situations require tough measures to handle. One of those tough measures is asking yourself power questions.

According to Tony Robinson,  ‘the quality of our life is determined by the quality of  our questions.’

Power questions are the type of questions that put you in a position of power.

When you are faced with tough situations, you should ask yourself some questions that would empower you.

Some of these questions include:

  • What can I do to make this situation just 1% better?
  • How can I make the best of this situation?
  • How can I win in this situation?
  • Why should I win?

These kinds of questions naturally tilt your mind away from the problem and shift it towards seeking solutions to the problems.

It empowers you to make tough decisions and helps you to become higher than the problem.

Consequently, strengthening you mentally.

Tap Into The Power Of Your Identity

Knowing one’s identity is one of the most important things to achieve in life.

Also, identity is a powerful tool to use in toughening one’s mind.

Most persons live by their feelings, which leads to their actions and the formation of their identity.

To improve your mental toughness, start by defining who you are.

One of the easiest ways of defining oneself is by asking the question, ‘what do I want to become?’

When you identify yourself, you can take actions following your identity.

These actions will eventually lead to how you feel about yourself.

This journey doesn’t just help you define yourself but also improves mental toughness.

why is mental toughness important

Eradicate The Unhealthy Beliefs You Have About Others

To toughen yourself mentally is to do away with some bad mental habits. One of those bad mental habits is unhealthy beliefs about others.

Most unhealthy beliefs about other people come from a place of comparison.

The comparison makes you see yourself as higher or lower than someone.

It makes you feel like you can control someone’s feelings or that someone can control your feelings.

Also, it leaves you in a state of seeing yourself as being used by someone.

Sadly, what comparison does is to make you transfer your power to someone else unknowingly.

To improve your mental toughness, you need to realize that you are one person and others are who they are.

This will eradicate the desire to compare yourself to anyone.

Instead of comparing yourself to anyone, the only person you should compare yourself to is who you were yesterday.

It will naturally help you develop in the different areas of your life and toughen you mentally.

Allow Room For Discomfort/Put Yourself In Challenging Situations; It Will Help You Develop Mental Toughness

Uncomfortable moods like sadness, anger, fear, feeling vulnerable, etc., are part of human existence, but some people imagine allowing themselves to go through it will weaken them.

Allowing yourself to feel these uncomfortable emotions and expressing them purges your mind.

However, how we handle them is what defines us as either weak or not.

For instance, cry if you feel like crying, but when you are done, endeavor to push past it and allow it to be in the past while you forge ahead with your life.

In all, going through uncomfortable feelings and recovering from them cleanses your mind and makes you tough mentally.

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Learn to Take Risks; It Improves Your Mental Toughness

Mental toughness is a state of the mind that tough situations can strengthen.

One of such tough situations is taking risks.

There are different ways one can take risks to improve their life.

For someone who feels uncomfortable or bored working for people, the best risk to take would be to start their own business.

Taking a risk involves carrying out proper research about the situation before jumping into it.

When taking a risk, the goal is usually to improve one’s life.

However, when it doesn’t work out as planned, you will have some lessons to learn from it.

That process makes you ready for the future and makes you mentally tougher than you have been.

Set New Goals

One’s mental toughness can be improved when there are new goals to attend to.

New goals put you in a constant position to want to do better. It spurs you into actions to see new opportunities.

These new goals can be a way to manage your emotions or a way of coping with stress.

Working towards accomplishing a new goal makes you feel some energy towards life.

It gives you hope that things can’t always be bad.

Also, it helps you understand that even when things become tough, you can always succeed.

Being able to accomplish the new goals makes you tough mentally.

How can I get mentally stronger exercise

Make Yourself Happy

Mental toughness is a journey that requires you to be happy.

It is the happiness that will help you endure the pain that comes with tough situations.

To be happy, you have to be yourself.

Being yourself requires turning off the desires and demands of what society and people expect from you.

No true happiness comes from trying to favor others over yourself.

It puts you in a position of constant regret, which, when not attended to, can lead to depression and self-hate.

While embarking on the journey of mental toughness, the last thing that should be on your mind is hate for yourself.

It will hinder your progress and prevent you from achieving your set goal.

Therefore, to become mentally tough, you have to do things that make you happy because you need to be happy to enjoy the process of becoming mentally tough.

Acknowledge Your Little Wins; It Will Strengthen You in Attaining Mental Toughness

One thing that makes your process of becoming mentally tough fun is the little progress you make.

In other to record little progress, you have to break down your huge goal into smaller bits.

When you achieve any of these little goals, you should acknowledge and celebrate your success.

Celebrating them encourages you to do more.

That encouragement is what you need to progress more on your journey of becoming mentally tough.

how to build mental resilience

Always Remember That Humans Make Mistakes

When we are going through some new developmental process, we forget that we are humans and not God.

We assume that everything should turn out well without any form of mistake or failure.

When they don’t, we feel like a failure.

However, we should always remember that making mistakes is not failing, but failing to learn from the mistakes is a failure.

Also, we should understand that failure and success are what aid human growth and development.

Therefore, to develop mental toughness, do not be afraid to make mistakes, instead learn a new thing from your mistake.

It adds to your experience and widens your horizon.

Build Self-confidence And Courage

Confidence is one of the criteria needed to embark on the mental toughness journey.

It is the ability to face a situation without the fear of anything.

Self-confidence and courage will help you stand firm amidst adversity/challenges.

Also, they’ll keep you going even when it becomes tougher than you anticipated and take action despite your fears.

Therefore, to improve mental toughness, build self-confidence and courage.

How To Increase Mental Toughness

Engage In Physical Wellness To Become Mentally Tough

You can attain physical wellness by eating right and exercising.

The endurance level required to embark on a daily routine exercise goes a long way in bodybuilding.

This endurance comes in handy in building the emotional/mental wellbeing of an individual.

Exercising helps you to build determination, willpower, resilience.

All these are exactly the mindsets that you need to become mentally tough.

Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

The main idea behind becoming mentally tough is to become strong enough to face any situation.

To become strong enough requires you to face challenging situations.

No challenging situation takes place within your comfort zone.

To encounter some challenging situations, you have to get out of your comfort zone.

Your comfort zone is anything that doesn’t require you to be tested physically, emotionally, and mentally. It hinders growth and development.

Therefore, to become mentally tough, remind yourself to step out of your comfort zone.

Powerful Ways to Build Your Mental Toughness

Be Open To Criticisms and Feedbacks

Mental toughness is all about developing the mental agility to withstand difficult situations.

To be resilient is to acknowledge that you do not have the answer to everything and are imperfect.

To become better, you have to be open to criticisms and feedback.

Criticism puts you in a position to see your fault and work towards amending them.

On the other hand, feedback helps you learn how well you did and how you can do better by making some adjustments.

These two tools are exceptional for growth and development in any aspect of life.

More so, it helps you handle negative and positive remarks from people.

As a result, helping you to develop mental toughness.

Practice Saying No Without Giving an Explanation or Feeling Guilty

Most persons find it difficult to say no even when they cannot help the situation.

They start by wanting to explain the reasons for saying no.

Likewise, they struggle with self-guilt afterward.

But it shouldn’t be so. You shouldn’t have to explain why you cannot do something for someone, and neither should you feel guilty about saying no.

To become mentally tough, you have to practice saying no without explaining or guilt and standing by it, especially if it’s for the right reasons.

It helps you to become a better version of yourself by becoming mentally tough.

Wrapping Up How To Improve Mental Toughness

How to Become Mentally Strong

Mental toughness is one of the steps in building one’s emotional wellbeing.

It puts you in a position to face difficult situations regardless of how fearful they might seem or how afraid you may be.

Even when you fail, it allows you to learn your lessons and push forward towards your goal.

Overall, remember that you can’t achieve mental toughness overnight.

You have to put in a lot of effort and be consistent with it. That is the only way your hard work can pay off.

Therefore put these tips to practice and be willing to put your best efforts to improve mental toughness and be a better person overall.

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How To Improve Mental Toughness