How To Improve Negotiation Skills

How To Improve Negotiation Skills

Do you want to know how to improve negotiation skills?

If your answer is yes, then come along with us.

In the business world, negotiation skills are very important.

If you have poor negotiation skills, your business will suffer from this.

So, to avoid this, you need to work to improve your negotiation skills.

As usual, we are here to help.

To begin, we will be looking at what negotiation is…

What is Negotiation? – How to Improve Negotiation Skills

Negotiation is a term used to describe discussions or conversations used to make agreements or resolve disagreements between different sides.

This type of discussion usually ends in compromises.

The different sides involved in the negotiation have to make a concession that will benefit everyone involved.

In business, negotiation can occur in different situations.

It can be between a business owner and their suppliers, or a business owner and employees, or a business owner and their customers, or between business partners.

You might negotiate for prices of supplies, salary, contract terms, and so on.

For you to negotiate and get the best out of a negotiation you need to possess negotiation skills.

Negotiation Skills – How to Improve Negotiation Skills

Negotiation skills are a set of soft skills and qualities that work together to ensure that people negotiate effectively.

These skills and qualities are:


Communication skills are essential in negotiations.

This is because they allow you to express yourself to the other party with verbal and non-verbal cues.

It also helps you to identify nonverbal cues from the other party.

When you possess communication skills you will know how to change your style of communication to suit the other party.

This will help to avoid misunderstandings and help you reach a compromise.

Emotional Intelligence – How to Improve Negotiation Skills

The knack to recognize people’s feelings and control your emotions is called emotional intelligence.

This quality allows you to be conscious of people’s emotions during a negotiation.

It also allows you to stay composed and do what you need to do.

Active Listening

You need to understand the other party’s opinion while negotiating.

Active listening is what will enable you to listen to the speaker, and retain and remember what is being said without having the information repeated.

It will also help you to be fully engaged in the discussion.

Patience – How to Improve Negotiation Skills

Patience is the quality of being willing to wait without losing one’s temper while waiting.

It also means to persevere or be in constant pursuit of something or someone.

While negotiating, you will need patient because not all negotiations are quickly rounded up.

This is because during negotiations there will be offers and counteroffers.

So, it might take a while before an agreement is being made.

Patience will help you to properly assess situations before concluding.

Rather than quickly seeking a conclusion.

Expectation Management

Before you enter negotiations, you have to have defined expectations or goals.

The other party will most likely have their own too.

So, while negotiating and you notice that a compromise cannot be made, then you can try to adjust your expectations .

Effective expectation management is all about balancing being a collaborative and firm negotiator.

Persuasion – How to Improve Negotiation Skills

Persuasion is the ability to sway people and make them believe and accept your opinion, perspective, etc.

It is a skill that is quite useful during negotiation.

This is because it helps one to state why your proposal or offer is or will be beneficial to those involved in a negotiation.

It also helps to encourage the party involved to go along with your opinion or perspective.


Every negotiation is unique.

Situations surrounding every negotiation are different.

Therefore, you cannot expect to use the same approach you used in one negotiation in another and expect good results.

Hence, your ability to adapt to the changes and differences in negotiations is very important.

When you possess adaptability skills you will find it easy to quickly adapt to new situations, and adjust your plan when or if needed.

Integrity – How to Improve Negotiation Skills  

Integrity is defined as having moral principles and strong ethical values.

This quality is essential for negotiation because it helps you to be thoughtful, honest, and respectful towards the other party.

When you are respectful toward the other party in a negotiation, it makes them see you as someone trustworthy.

Furthermore, integrity will help you to keep to any commitment you make during a negotiation.

To show that you are trustworthy, do not over-promise.


Before you engage in a negotiation you need to be prepared.

Planning will help determine your expectation and what you should expect from the other side.

It also helps you consider all the possible outcomes, figure out the best one, and what offer you cannot accept.

Also, planning will help you to know what your next step will be if both parties do not agree to the terms given.

Your ability to plan is needed to decide how the offers and terms agreed on will be executed.

Check here to discover 8 steps to improve your planning skills.

Problem-Solving – How to Improve Negotiation Skills

Your ability to discover and understand problems, and come up with solutions are also required for negotiation.

When you can come up with solutions to issues and problems, you might find it easier to pinpoint determining factors in a negotiation.

Rapport Building

When negotiating, you will find it easier to communicate and understand the other party when you can build rapport.

This is because rapport building helps to establish a relationship where both parties and sides feel understood and supported.

It helps to promote collaboration while easing tensions and enhances the chances of coming to a compromise when negotiating.

Decision-Making – How to Improve Negotiation Skills

While negotiating, you might need to quickly make a decision or a compromise.

If you do not have decision-making skills you will find it difficult to be decisive.

Good negotiators understand that their decision will have consequences and results, so they know to think carefully.

However, when they do this they ensure that they do not overthink their decision to avoid unnecessary stress.

Benefits of Good Negotiations Skills – How to Improve Negotiation Skills

As we said, negotiation skills are essential in business.

They also have great benefits.

We will share these benefits to boost your desire and motivation to improve your negotiation skills.

So, below are some of the incentives for having good negative skills:

Improves Self-Confidence

Negotiation requires one to be confident.

In other words, you should be confident to express your opinion, state your terms, and bargain till you come to a compromise.

It is when you possess negotiation skills that you will find this easy to do.

Your confidence will improve because you know your ability to engage in negotiation and do well.

The more you do well in negotiations the better your self-confidence will become.

Prevents Problems – How to Improve Negotiation Skills

Businesses are faced with different issues and problems daily.

You have to solve those issues or problems become they become irresolvable.

Negotiation skills can be used to solve problems.

These skills allow one to adapt and adjust to changes and challenges and also prevent serious problems or issues from arising.

Disputes and disagreements can be resolved when the parties involved can agree.

When you possess good negotiation skills you will be able to bypass hurdles and challenges and maintain good professional relationships.

Builds Respect

Being respected as a business owner cannot be overstated.

It is when people respect you that they would conduct themselves properly.

In other words, to ensure that your employees are diligent and productive in their duties, they need to respect you.

Likewise, external agents such as suppliers, vendors, clients, and business partners will conduct business properly when they respect you.

One way to build respect is by leaving a lasting positive impression with them after negotiating with them.

The way you handle yourself during a negotiation can earn you respect and positively influence future negotiations

It is when you possess good negotiation skills that you can make this possible.

Maximize Values – How to Improve Negotiation Skills

Negotiation skills can help you maximize values.

When you accept the first proposal or offer presented to you, you might be missing out on a better offer.

Negotiation skills help you to probe deeper and seek a better offer.

It enhances your likelihood of getting a better value from the offer presented.

However, probing and seeking a better offer does not mean that you should make a far-fetched or impossible offer that the other side or party cannot agree with.

Nevertheless, you should not settle for less when you can have more.

It is only with fully developed negotiations skills that you can get the best out of every deal.

Resolves Conflicts

Conflicts are mostly caused by misunderstandings or miscommunication which can be resolved by effective communication skills.

As we earlier shared, effective communication is an aspect of negotiation skills.

Therefore, if a person possesses fully developed negotiation skills, they will have no issues resolving conflicts with proper and effective communication.

Reduces Stress Level – How to Improve Negotiation Skills

As a business owner, there will be different things and tasks you might need to attend to.

Even when you delegate some tasks, you will still have some to personally oversee.

For some of these tasks, you might need to negotiate with employees, supplier, clients or customers, and so on.

If you possess good negotiation skills, taking on these tasks will be less stressful for you.

You would perform your tasks and duties in harmony, reduce work stress, and eliminate possible conflicts.

Improves Reputations

When you are known to be someone who conducts business and negotiation effectively, this will boost your reputation.

Negotiation skills will enable you to communicate effectively, respect others, and demonstrate trustworthiness.

This will make people sort you, and want to do business with you.

As a result, both yourself and your business will earn good recognition and reputation.

Tips on How to Improve Negotiation Skills

We have discussed the skills that make up negotiation skills and the benefits gotten from having good negotiation skills.

Now, we will be looking at some amazing tips that will help boost and improve your negotiation skills.

These skills cannot be effective if you do not practice them.

So, we encourage you to practice the following tips:

1. Prepare and Plan

When you engage in negotiation, it has to show that you know what you want and how you want it.

If you go into a negotiation without knowing your expectations and what to expect you will not get the best out of that negotiation.

So, prepare and plan every time you want to negotiate.

Some of the things you should know, plan, and prepare for are:

Your Expectation – How to Improve Negotiation Skills

Your expectation is what you want from the negotiation.

The best outcome or offer you expect to get from the negotiation.

Knowing your expectation helps you to know where you stand in a negotiation.

What to Expect

Just like you the other party also has an expectation.

You cannot tell for sure what their expectation will be.

However, you can assume their stand from what the best outcome for them will be.

The Value of Your Offer – How to Improve Negotiation Skills

What you are offering the other party has value.

So, you should know the value, and check to know if the value is acceptable.

For example, you might be offering to provide your services for a specific amount of money.

So, ensure that your value is good enough for the other party to accept, and also good enough for you.

The General Value of an Offer

You need to know the general value of what is being offered to you.

For example, if you want to purchase raw materials such as fiber from your supplier, you need to know the generally agreed cost of that fiber.

Do not just depend on what your supplier will say, make your findings.

This way you will not get duped.

Your Compromise Line – How to Improve Negotiation Skills

Most times your expectation might not be met and your value might be reduced.

So, know what you can accept and what you cannot accept after your expectation or value has been reduced.

It is your compromise line that will determine if you will agree to what is being offered to you or not.

2. Believe in Your Value – How to Improve Negotiation Skills

When going into a negotiation, you are going in with a value.

Your value can be money, services, and so on.

Whatever your value is, make sure that you believe in it.

In other words, do not engage in a negotiation feeling like the other party is helping you out by providing their value.

They might be, but never into a negotiation with that mentality cause it will make you lose.

Rather go in with confidence, know and believe that your value is worth something good, and negotiate.

While you do this, ensure that you consider the other party.

Do not place a value that is not worth what you are offering.

3. Manage Yourself

Your ego and words can destroy a good negotiation.

So, to be a good negotiator you need to learn to manage your ego and words.

Get to know yourself and your triggers.

This will help you not to say or do something that will affect your goal or objective in a negotiation.

4. Understand That Negotiations are not Personal – How to Improve Negotiation Skills

Some people are often worried to come off as being greedy, ungrateful, or demanding when negotiating.

However, this does not count because negotiations are not personal!

Rather, they are opportunities for people to ask for more.

So, confidently ask for what you want without any attachment.

When you have listened to the other party’s opinion, you will know how to make a compromise.

5. Overcome Your Fear

Sometimes people are scared to negotiate because they will be rejected or conflict might arise.

However, being afraid does not help anyone to get what they want in life.

So, you need to identify your fear and overcome it.

When you can deal with your fear, you will be confident and outspoken about what you want.

6. Play Both Sides– How to Improve Negotiation Skills

Playing both sides in a negotiation is a very practical way of improving your negotiation skills.

After all, it is what you practice that you perfect.

When you play the role of the other party, it will help you understand them and their point better.

So, during negotiation, you would have an idea of what their offer is, and have a counteroffer prepared.

Also, playing both sides will help you to build and develop your point to be convincing.

7. Do Not Rush It

As we earlier said, most times good negotiation can take quite a while.

So, do not be in haste when negotiating.

Take your time to make your crucial points, listen and understand the other party, and then consider what has been discussed.

This will ensure that you do not make a decision you will regret.

Also, it will help you to get the best out of the negotiation.

 8. Make It Conversational – How to Improve Negotiation Skills

As we earlier said, rapport building is a skill that ensures good negotiation.

The way to build a rapport is to make the conversation as friendly as possible.

Just because you are negotiating with someone does not mean you should make the discussion too stiff or tense.

So, smile, and try to make both you and the other party comfortable.

This way, you and the other party will find it easier to come to a compromise.

9. Acquire More Knowledge

To keep improving your negotiation skills ensure that you give yourself more to knowledge acquisition.

Stay in trend with the tactic and techniques of negotiating.

Read books and articles, listen to podcasts, and if you can attend classes.

 10. Know When to Walk Away  – How to Improve Negotiation Skills

Not every negotiation ends with you winning.

Sometimes your offers will be turned down by others.

Other times, you might not like the offer presented to you.

So, when a compromise cannot be met, know for yourself if you want to walk away or accept the offer presented to you.

Remember that you are the one who knows what’s best for you.

So, make your decision!

Conclusion on How to Improve Negotiation Skills

Remember negotiations are not personal!

So, get the best out of every negotiation by improving your negotiation skills with the information we provided in this article.