How to Improve Office Communication

How to Improve Office Communication

Do you want to know how to improve office communication?

To have a productive, healthy, and effective office environment or business, you need effective communication.

Communication is an essential management tool.

An office can’t function effectively if communication is lacking.

Hence, learning how to improve office communication will help your business run more efficiently.

When you learn proper office communication, you will understand that communication isn’t one-sided.

This is crucial if you want communication to be effective.

The reason for this is that the sender and the receiver of the message are needed.

When information is sent, there should be a reaction from the receiver; this reaction is called ‘feedback.’

The feedback allows the sender to know if the information is received and understood.

How can office communication be improved? 

You can improve office communication in so many ways.

But before we look at that, let us find out what effective communication is and its importance.

What Is Effective Communication? – How To Improve Office Communication

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Effective communication occurs when information is clear, short, and straight to the point.

In other words, it refers to when a speaker sends out a message, and the listener understands the content of the message perfectly.

Effective communication brings trust.

Hence, this can make the team perform better.

Better performing teams mean more revenue for your business.

When a message is misunderstood, it can lead to disorganization within the office.

To avoid this, we have to be careful of how our messages are sent.

We should also ensure that the receiver understands them.

Importance of Communication in an Office Setting

Makes Planning Easier

Planning is essential in any organization.

It ensures that things are done correctly and in an organized manner.

Moreso, It will be easy to plan, make decisions, and get the needed results through effective communication.

It is one thing to plan, however, if people don’t understand what you have planned due to poor communication, they cannot act on it.

Effective communication means plans are documented with clarity.

As a result, these plans are easy to follow.

Helps in the Successful Running of the Office

The successful running of any business or organization involves effective communications.

With effective communication, you can run the organization properly.

Also, the workers will be motivated to carry out their respective duties with ease because they understand what is required of them.

Because of this, the standard of the organization will be maintained and also improved.

Builds Human Relation

A crisis in most organizations is a result of a misunderstanding.

In such a case, communicating effectively will reduce some misunderstandings.

With understanding, the organization will have better human relations.

Hence, this will bring cooperation and unity among workers.

Cordial human relations are vital in an organization.

This can only happen when there is effective communication.

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Creates Effective Working Environment

One importance of effective communication is that it creates an effective working environment.

Effective communication makes work easier because everyone understands the tasks.

From the management, down to the least worker, there is an understanding of how tasks should be handled.

Exchange of Information is Made Easy

Through effective communication, information can be exchanged, and more knowledge can be gotten.

Sharing information to acquire more insight can only be possible through effective communication.

This is an essential aspect of communication in the office.

Types of Communication – How To Improve Office Communication

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There are two broad types of communication in the office.

These are:

  • Internal communication
  • External communication

Let’s get a better understanding of what these two are and how they work.

Internal communication

This type of communication has an essential role to play in the smooth running of an office.

Internal communication involves exchanging messages and information among departments of an organization and its workers.

The manager sees to it that these messages and information are carried out through the proper communication channels.

Internal communication is divided into written and oral communication.

Written communication

Written communication is critical and shouldn’t be overlooked.

No organization can function without writing.

Written communication is conveyed through written words.

It could be in the form of reports, letters, circulars, memos, notices, etc.

Here are the advantages of written communication:

  • It serves as a reference for future purposes.
  • It is exact and accurate.
  • Written communication can be used for lengthy messages.
  • It makes it easier for messages to be sent to many people at once.
  • It is cheaper than other mediums.
  • Its weight is more significant when compared to oral statements.
  • It is usually straightforward, exact, complete, and accurate.
  • Some people use it to send disagreeable messages.
  • It has a wide coverage.

Oral Communication

This type of communication can take place either through face-to-face or mechanical devices.


Face–to–face communication is a natural method of conveying information.

It is the most successful way of passing information because the speaker can get listeners to understand the message.

Also, the speaker and the listener can express themselves through nonverbal communication as well.

Face-to-face happens during social gatherings, conferences, lectures, interviews, etc.

Advantages of this form of conversation are:
  • It is quicker to operate.
  • The face-to-face conversation usually comes in handy during an emergency.
  • It saves money and time.
  • The response from the receiver can be evaluated easily.
  • It promotes cooperation and friendliness.
  • It is very effective, unlike other methods.
  • The effect of communication can be easily measured.
  • It is a flexible method.
  • A better understanding can be derived through this method.
  • It lessens doubts or even eliminates them.
  • It is not suitable for long messages.
  • It lacks weight.
  • There is sometimes no time to think before passing the message.
  • It tends not to be reliable.
  • Unless recorded, there is usually no record for reference purposes.
  • Accuracy is not sure.

External Communication

This is a form of communication that involves sharing information or messages with people outside.

For instance, suppliers, creditors, customers, and dealers, etc., are the outsiders that information is sent to from the office.

How to Improve Office Communication Skill

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Build a Foundation of Trust

Trust is needed if you want to create or build a foundation in any office.

One way to make a foundation of trust.

You should have an avenue where your business partners and clients can easily come to you to communicate.

They should be free to speak to you if they are having any issues with work or business.

The more they trust you, the easier it will be for them to come closer.

You have to try as much as possible to create this foundation if you want your clients and business partners to reach out to you.

Maintain a Clear Workflow – How To Improve Office Communication

Clear information should be given to your team about the project that needs to be taken care of.

They should understand the purpose, deadline, and task that each teammate is expected to handle.

All these and more should be clear and understood by each teammate.

This is one way to improve office communication.

Find out How to Communicate with Partners and Clients

Knowing how to communicate with business partners and clients will aid in the effective exchange of information.

You should find out where and how to communicate with those you are working with.

This is very important to know; your messages will get the necessary attention.

Is their preferred communication platform email, chat, or text messages?

You can observe or find out directly from them.

Tips for Improving Communication in the Workplace

Explain Your Reasons for Any Task

When a task is assigned to anyone, you should explain the importance of such a task.

And you can explain the best way to get it done.

It is not out of place to do this as an employer or a business person.

Do not explain a task or give reasons for such a task or project condescendingly.

Do it in a way that will leave the employee with essential information and a chance to ask questions for clarity.

Listen Attentively – How To Improve Office Communication

As a business person that wants to have an impact on their clients and in the office.

You have to listen attentively when your clients or partners are discussing with you.

Keep your mind from wandering off when you are listening.

Don’t plan to give a solution when the person is still talking.

Instead, wait for them to finish talking.

After that, you can present your solution.

If the speaker is slow, try not to finish their sentences.

This will prevent the speaker from becoming uncomfortable.

It could further discourage the person from coming to you next time.

Ask questions to understand better.

However, you should do this at the right time.

You should also maintain eye contact when speaking to a person.

This will improve office communication.

And it will build a good working environment for everyone in the organization.

Do Not Be Quick To Assume – How To Improve Office Communication

As an employer, you should not be quick to assume any matter or person.

Some people assume things because they have missed the point or the purpose of a discussion.

Listen and get the details of the problem, think about it, and don’t assume what the solution is.

Don’t also assume that the speaker is not doing what they should do.

Instead, get to the root of the problem and give the necessary solution.

Easy Ways to Improve Communication in the Workplace

Learn Your Employees Strong and Weak Points

To strengthen office communication, you need to learn things about your employees.

Find out what motivates them, the way they get their projects done, and other things.

This will help you build strong office communication with them.

Also, find out what they find hard to do; because this can delay and reduce productivity in the organization.

When you find out things about them, then you will know where to help them improve.

And when to commend them when they are doing well.

When you know and better understand your employees, you are able to communicate better with them.

Communication Should Be a Two Way Thing

Some organizations practice one-sided communication.

However, this shouldn’t be so.

Employers expect employees to take up projects, assignments, and any other task without saying a word.

Some employers take this to be a sign of humility or obedience, but it is not.

There are times when an employee’s opinion should count or help a project better.

However, they lock the ideas away because they cannot make contributions due to office policy.

Try to give your employee the chance to communicate their mind.

Pick out constructive feedback that will help the organization.

One-sided communication cannot be effective; therefore, make it two-sided.

Although you may have set a goal for a project, it can change if you get a bright idea from your employee.

In such a case, you can add that idea to the plan.

Two-sided communication will go a long way to boost office communication.

Smart Tips to Improve Communication in the Workplace

Be Ready For Feedback – How To Improve Office Communication

If you are an employer that is ready to accept feedback, then you will be more effective.

Successful management should be ready for feedback because it is an integral part of management.

When you make it evident that you are comfortable with feedback, then, your employee will be at ease to share reasonable ideas with you.

They will also respect and trust you.

You can get feedback easily by having a box where employees can drop their feedback anonymously.

Doing this will allow your employees to speak their minds freely.

This is one way to improve communication in the office.

Be Accessible To Your Business Partners and Clients

You should try as much as possible to be accessible to your business partners and clients.

Don’t operate a closed-door policy that prevents people from reaching you. 

People might want to contact you to ask questions, present ideas, or any reasonable suggestions.

A closed-door policy will prevent the above.

If this happens, then your business empire will find it challenging to grow. 

This happens because there is not sufficient communication in the office or the business arena.

The Barrier to Office Communication

How To Improve Communication in the Workplace

Even with the high level of technology, communication still has some barriers.

Messages and information don’t get sent or received due to the following barriers:

Lack of Attention – How To Improve Office Communication

When the person you are trying to communicate is not paying close attention, communication will not be effective.

Lack of attention to messages is a barrier to communication.

Hence, you should ensure that the person you are speaking to understands what you are saying.

Status Barrier

Status is one thing that can hinder communication from flowing from the employer to the employee.

It also affects communication from employee to employer.

Subordinates only give their superiors messages or information that will be pleasing to them.

They give filtered information to their boss to prevent their boss from looking down on them.

This is wrong because this action will hide their weak points, thereby preventing room for improvement.

This, therefore, becomes a barrier to communication.

To avoid this, you need to overlook your position and give the right and necessary information.

Straightforward Ways to Improve Communication at Work

Emotional Response – How To Improve Office Communication

Barriers can arise from someone’s emotions.

Hence, it is not easy to know a person’s mind when the person is emotional.

Emotions can make the sender send messages or information wrongly.

As a result, it can make the receiver misunderstand the message.

Having a clear head and mind can make the sender and receiver of a message achieve their goals.

Organizational Barrier

The structure of an organization can stand as a barrier to communication.

A complex structure can cause the information to have a restricted flow from one level to the other.

This could result in making the information filtered before it gets to the level that needs it.

As a result, it could lead to a distortion of the information.

Premature or Wrong Evaluation

Some people will not care to listen to the entire message but would have started having wrong assumptions or evaluations.

Having this attitude will hinder the purpose of the message sent.

Assuming wrongly or premature evaluation is a barrier to office communication.

Listen carefully to the entire message before giving your opinion or judgment.

Conclusion on How to Improve Office Communication

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Improving office communication is the best way to move your business or organization to the next level.

With the above tips, you can improve communication in the office.