How To Improve Strategic Thinking Skills

How To Improve Strategic Thinking Skills

Do you want to know how to improve strategic thinking skills?

If your answer is yes, then read along with us.

Not everybody can deal with complex problems or effectively make plans.

One core reason for this is that they cannot think strategically.

As a businessperson, you need to be capable of thinking strategically to effectively deal with issues and run your business better.

So, if your strategic thinking skills are poor, you need to work to improve them.

We want you to be the best you can be, and also want your business to flourish.

Hence, we will share with you some great tips on how to improve your strategic thinking skills.

However, before we share those tips, we will be looking at some basics of strategic thinking.

This will provide you with a better understanding of what it is, and how you can improve your skills.

Therefore, we encourage you to carefully follow us.

So, let us begin…

What Is Strategic Thinking? – How to Improve Strategic Thinking Skills

Strategic thinking has no generally established or accepted definition.

However, several people define strategic thinking as a mental process that enables a person to think rationally and understand and analyze factors that can help one to achieve success.

Strategic thinking helps one to understand complex matters, set clear goals, and generate ideas that will help them to survive and succeed in a changing or competitive environment.

Every business needs strategic thinkers to ensure that they flourish.

What Are Strategic Thinking Skills – How to Improve Strategic Thinking Skills

Strategic thinking skills are those set of skills that enables you to effectively think strategically without issues.

The skills include:

Analytical Thinking

Analytical thinking skills enable you to deal with complex issues by analyzing the information you have gathered.

It allows you to think logically, and understand patterns between different data.

This helps you to come up with the right solutions.

You need analytical thinking skills to think strategically because it enables you to consider different factors.

 Research – How to Improve Strategic Thinking Skills

Research skills help you to search for, extract, locate, organize, and evaluate useful information related to a specific issue, topic, or situation.

They also help you to make use of the information to solve or handle the issues that you are faced with.

You need to have the right information to ensure that you effectively think strategically.

Hence, research skills are essential for strategic thinking.


Problem-solving skills help you to come up with suitable solutions for a problem.

It ensures that one is capable of solving problems.

When you think strategically can think of different possible solutions to issues.

It is problem-solving skills that you possess that make sure that this is possible.

Decisiveness – How to Improve Strategic Thinking Skills

You need to be capable of making fast and effective decisions to think strategically.

This is because you will be faced with different options, and your swiftness in making a decision will enable you to move on to other issues.

Hence, decisiveness is a skill that is essential for strategic thinking.


Strategic thinking works to ensure the growth and success of a person, group, or organization.

Hence, when strategic thinking is meant for a group or an organization, communication is needed.

This is because not only one person will deliberate alone.

The people in the group will have to come together and share ideas.

If they lack effective communication skills, they will struggle with sharing their ideas and thoughts.

Benefits of Strategic Thinking Skills – How to Improve Strategic Thinking Skills

We have shared with you the skills that are classified under strategic thinking.

Now, we will be looking at some of the benefits of strategic thinking skills.

We hope that it serves as an encouragement to do better as you work to improve your strategic thinking skills.

So, below are the benefits of strategic thinking skills:

It Makes You Proactive

Strategic thinking skills make you proactive.

You will take initiative to solve and handle matters, and actively work to improve yourself and your business.

Other people will not force or have to motivate you to do the things that are necessary because you will not sit ideally waiting for something to happen.

Rather, you will make things happen.

Better Direction Sense – How to Improve Strategic Thinking Skills

With strategic thinking skills, you will not need someone to direct you because you will have a great direction sense.

When you notice that there is a need for change, this will propel you to take steps to ensure that change happens.

Also, when you are working toward something you will plan your steps.

This way, you will know the right steps to take till you achieve what you are after.

Improved Efficiency and Productivity

Strategic thinking skills will make you a better planner.

As a result, you will not waste your resources.

Rather, you will effectively make use of your resources in achieving more.

This will help to improve your productivity and efficiency.

Improve Your Business Strength – How to Improve Strategic Thinking Skills

Strategic thinking skills will help to improve your business strength.

In other words, your business more productive, and will achieve its goals better because you will be proactive, efficient, productive, and move at the right pace and direction most time.

If you keep being like that and pushing your business forward, you will grow and your business will become successful.

Improve Your Ability to Notice Opportunities

Not everybody can see opportunities.

However, those people who possess strategic thinking skills are capable of seeing opportunities, no matter how concealed they might be.

They do not just stop there.

These people ensure that they make use of those opportunities to create good results.

In other words, as a strategic thinker, you will easily notice opportunities and put them to good use.

Makes Things Easier – How to Improve Strategic Thinking Skills

Strategic thinking skills help to make things easier for you.

The effort you would have used in working will be maximized in making plans that will ensure that things go well.

Strategic thinking enables you to make better decisions, solve problems, and live proactively with good results.

Challenges and Barriers of Strategic Thinking – How to Improve Strategic Thinking Skills

As you work to improve your strategic thinking skills, you need to know that certain factors can stand as a barrier to strategic thinking.

These factors can impair your abilities and skills.

Hence, you need to know them and deal with them.

So, we will share them with you.

Unconscious Biases

These are stereotypes and conceptions that unconsciously influence the way we make decisions and process information.

They are formed by our personal experiences, background, and cultural environment.

Although unconscious biases exist, some people are not aware of them.

Some unconscious biases are favorable, while others are not.

Regardless of this, every strategic thinker needs to be aware of their biases.

This will help them not to make decisions or generate solutions based on their biases, but rather on clear and accurate facts and information.

So, as you work to improve your strategic thinking skills, look inward and identify those unconscious biases you have.

You might not be able to discard them.

However, knowing them will help you to curb them when thinking strategically.

Assumptions – How to Improve Strategic Thinking Skills

One factor or thing that makes strategic thinking unproductive is assumptions.

Assumptions are based on convictions that are not proven true.

You should not work with assumptions as a strategic thinker.

If you do, your plans will not fall through.

Even if it does at first, things will eventually go wrong because they are not based on solid truth.

So, as you work to improve your strategic thinking skills, learn to let go of assumptions or avoid making them.

Excess Information

Having information concerning a specific situation or topic promotes effective strategic thinking.

However, when it is too much, it can paralyze one’s analytic abilities.

As a strategic thinker, you need to be capable of seeking and gathering only relevant information and leaving the rest.

Your research skills will make this possible.

So, work to make them very effective.

Status Quo – How to Improve Strategic Thinking Skills

Several of us have one time said “this is how it should be done”.

The belief that a certain way is the only way of doing something can limit your strategic thinking abilities.

However, you need to know that as a strategic thinker you need to accept and adapt to change when they come.

Being stuck in your status quo bias will not promote growth and innovative thinking.

So, develop yourself to see that there is more than one workable way of doing things.


The things that you prioritize the most can turn back to bite you when thinking strategically.

This is true when you prioritize the things that are not important.

You have to understand that what should come first is what “needs to be done” and not what “has to be done”.

In other words, build your priorities on the things that are most important.

Furthermore, be willing to change your priorities when something less important becomes urgent.

This will help you to quickly attend to the urgent matter without any fallout and go back to your not urgent but important things.

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Tips on How to Improve Strategic Thinking Skills

We have discussed the challenges and barriers of strategic thinking, so we hope by now, you know to deal with them.

Therefore, we will share those long-awaited amazing tips.

You are expected to practice these tips to ensure that it works.

So, ensure that you practice the following:

1. Question Things

We earlier talked about how leaning into status quo biases and assumptions can make your strategic thinking skills unproductive.

Since these factors work against your strategic thinking skills, then you need to deal with them.

One great way is to question things and challenge the status quo.

Be curious and question why certain things are performed or done in a certain method or way.

Question those things that can be done or performed differently.

Whenever something is ambiguous or unclear, ensure that you dig deeper to know more about it.

When you make this a habit, your ability to generate different approaches or ideas for situations and problems will improve.

2. Anticipate Potential Problems – How to Improve Strategic Thinking Skills

One major function of strategic thinking is that it helps you plan and prepare for later.

Most people find it difficult to plan because they feel like they will handle things when they come.

Meanwhile, an effective strategic thinker knows that anticipating potential problems and issues will move them to effectively plan.

So, to improve your strategic thinking skills, you need to learn to anticipate potential or future problems.

Take initiative, and make plans and strategies to tackle those future problems that might arise.

When you do this, you will have a smoother sail when the problems come in the future.

You might not be capable of predicting all the issues and problems that could occur in the future.

However, being prepared to face different situations will make it easier for you to adapt to any unexpected future happenings.

3. Listen and Appreciate Others Perspectives

Good strategic thinkers know that their ideas alone will not help them achieve success.

They understand that sometimes their ideas can be wrong.

Therefore, they listen to and appreciate other people’s perspectives.

So, to improve your strategic thinking skills and become a good strategic thinker, you need to learn to listen to other people.

Do not only work with individuals who will agree to everything you say.         

Rather, work with people who will willingly share their opinions and thoughts.

Meet people and listen to their perspectives.

You are most likely to discover better ideas than yours or discover something you did not consider from their idea.

Understand that when you do this, you do not let them make your decisions.

Rather, it helps you to generate a better and more creative idea and approach to what you are working on.

4. Identify Reoccurring Problems – How to Improve Strategic Thinking Skills

Some issues tend to reoccur, even after they have been dealt with.

These issues can act as an obstacle to the plans you make.

So, you need to identify and understand them.

Doing this will help you create a more strategic plan to tackle them.

Understand that strategic plans are a result of strategic thinking.

So, identifying the reoccurring issues of a situation will not only help you in developing a strategic plan but also improve your strategic thinking skills.

5. Concentrate on Ways to Better Things

We earlier talked about anticipating problems.

Now, anticipating problems is not meant for you to worry and cry over them.

It is for you to plan and be prepared for them.

To effectively do that, you need to concentrate on how to better things and not on the things that could go wrong.

Do not invest too much of your time understanding what and who did wrong.

Yes, doing this is important to understand the problem and find a solution.

However, dwelling on it for too long will get you overwhelmed and unable to think of how to improve things.

In other words, build more on finding solutions than dwelling on problems.

6. Set Good Goals – How to Improve Strategic Thinking Skills

To improve your strategic thinking skills, you need to learn to set goals that are:


Your goal has to be specific in the sense that you have to clearly state what you want to achieve.

For example, if you say the goal you set is to “make your business successful”, then your goal is not specific.

Different things entail business success

As a result, your objectives and direction will not be clear.

However, if you say the goal you set is to “become make your business have market prominent”, then your goal is specific.

This way, you will have clear objectives and direction.

Measurable – How to Improve Strategic Thinking Skills

You need to be capable of tracking your progress in attaining your goal.

A measurable goal has milestones that you can use in tracking progress.

When you can track your progress, you can tell when you are not doing well or derailing.

This can help you to get back on track.


Your goals need to be achievable for them to be considered to be good.

Achievable goals are those that you are sure that you can attain.

This will help you to avoid wasting your resources on a failed course.

Achievable goals are realistic.

Timely – How to Improve Strategic Thinking Skills

Your goals have to be timely.

This means that it needs to have a time frame.

A time frame is a specified period for you to work towards your goal.

Setting a time frame will help you how far you have gone and how well you are doing.

A time frame is also needed to ensure that you do not keep chasing that goal for a ridiculous length of time with no progress.

7. Balance Being Logical and Creative

To be a good strategic thinker you need to be capable of generating creative ideas and solutions to issues and problems.

You also need to be logical and realistic about the things that will work and won’t.

Hence, you need to learn to be creative and logical and balance them.

In other words, do not depend on your creativity more than logic, and vice versa.

Effectively make use of your right and left brain.

8. Learn From Experience – How to Improve Strategic Thinking Skills

Do not be quick to move on to the next project after finishing one.

Rather, take time and reflect on what happened.

Make it a habit to analyze and reflect on the experiences you have had.

When something happens understand why something had happened, how it had happened.

This will help you to learn to do better if a situation like that arises again.

The more you do this, the more improved your strategic thinking skills become.

9. Stay Updated

Information is essential when thinking strategically.

If your information on a specific issue is wrong, then things will go wrong, no matter how great your strategic thinking abilities are.

So, to improve your strategic thinking skills, ensure that you are up to date with the different concepts and trends related to the issues you are dealing with.

Conclusion on How to Improve Strategic Thinking Skills

Strategic thinking skills help you to make good decisions, set clear plans and goals, resolve issues and problems, and help grow your business.

Hence, as a businessperson, you should see strategic thinking skills as a necessity.

This should make you more inclined to improve them.

Good luck on your journey to improve your strategic skills.