How To Improve Time Management At Work

How To Improve Time Management At Work

Do you want to know how to improve time management at work?

Usually at work, we are provided with different resources to perform our work effectively and be productive.

Time is one of those resources.

It is a resource we are expected to manage well as we cannot get it back when used or wasted.

Therefore, how do we make sure we effectively make use of this resource.

Since we are here to help you, as usual, we will share with you some great tips on how to improve time management at work.

We will begin our journey by understanding the characteristics of time.

Basic Characteristics of Time – How to Improve Time Management at Work

To better understand what time is, we will be looking at the basic character of time.

Remember, understanding what time is will help you manage it better.

So, below are the basic characteristics of time:

Irreversible/ Irreplaceable

Time is a precious and scarce resource.

With every passing minute, time is lost.

It cannot be reserved to be used later, and you cannot get it back once it is gone.

In other words, time is irreversible.

Furthermore, time is irreplaceable.

That is, you cannot replace a missing time with another time.

Every second matters and should not be wasted in hope of replacing it.

Essential – How to Improve Time Management at Work

Time is essential.

That is, every activity, task, or goal you set requires time.

You work with time to do everything.

So, your ability to make use of time well matters a lot.

Understand that planning can help you save time as you will help you consume less time when performing tasks or activities.

So, investing time to plan, is a good way to make use of time.


Time is measurable.

We measure time by seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, and years.

No matter what you are doing, time goes by and is being measured.

It does not wait for anyone.

When time is gone, it is past.

You cannot get it back.

What Is Time Management? – How to Improve Time Management at Work

By now you should have a better understanding of what time is.

So, we will be now discussed what time management is.

As the term implies time management is the process of managing and using time effectively.

It involves planning, organizing, and controlling the amount of time you spend on different activities.

When you manage your time well, you will increase your effectiveness and productivity.

At the workplace, time management is very essential, as it ensures that:

  • Tasks are performed at the right time
  • Enough time is allocated for every task
  • Goals are set within appropriate time frames

If time management is poor at your work, you will encounter some minor and major setbacks.

So, time management has to be at its highest.

Factors That Can Affect Effective Time Management at Work – How to Improve Time Management at Work

Some certain factors can negatively affect effective time management at work.

Most of these factors are what we call “self-generated” as they are caused by people.

Sometimes people are not even aware that they are the cause of these factors.

Hence, we want to change that narrative by sharing some of these factors.

When you know them, you will know not to cause them.

Furthermore, knowing the factors that are not self-generated will help you to deal with them.

Therefore, we will also be talking about the external factors.

When you avoid and deal with the following factors, it will help to improve time management at work:

Disorganization – How to Improve Time Management at Work

You are the owner of your time, and the way you make decisions determines how your sovereignty will turn out.

In other words, you are the one that gets to determine the organization of your time.

If you are disorganized and without defined plans then your time will be used badly and you will be less efficient and productive.

To avoid this, you need to organize and plan your activities and tasks with the time you have.

Check here to discover the effect of poor organizational skills.


When you are unassertive, you will find it hard to refuse people’s offers or requests.

As a result, you will find yourself doing things that you do not have the time for.

While doing those things for people, your task suffers, and time goes by.

When you are done helping other people you will discover that you do not have the time to complete your task.

Yes, it is good to help other people.

However, when you know you do not have the time to do it, then you should say no.

Do not be scared to assert yourself.

Work Style – How to Improve Time Management at Work

Your work style, daily habits, and personality can influence your effectiveness.

For example, if you are a gossip, you will waste precious time talking instead of working.

So watch those habits and behaviors of yours that can steal your time and work on improving them.

Lack of Passion or Interest

If you lack passion or interest in your work then you would find yourself doing other things other than your work.

Or you change your tasks or procrastinate.

As a result, your time will be wrongly used.

To avoid this, you need to get interested in your work.

Understand that you get the things you work for and invest your time in.

Unexpected Visits – How to Improve Time Management at Work

This factor is considered to be an external time waster or thief.

Unexpected visitors can affect your plan and steal your plan.

You have to learn to manage unexpected visits because they can happen at any time.

One great and practical way is to make the visit as short as possible.


When we say “lateness’” we do not only mean yours.

Your clients and suppliers can also be late.

When lateness occurs, time that would have been used for a meeting, or performing a task, will be lost.

Hence, your productivity will reduce.

So, to avoid this ensure that you keep to time, and encourage people you work with to do so too.

Unproductive Meetings – How to Improve Time Management at Work

Some meetings lack good communication, punctuality, and defined schedules.

This makes for unproductive meetings.

Unproductive meetings like the term implies are unproductive and time wasters.

The time used in conducting those meetings would have been more effectively used in performing other tasks or activities.

To avoid having unproductive meetings, you have to ensure that you have a plan, agenda, and good communication.

This way, time will not be wasted but used productively.

Benefits of Effective Time Management at Work – How to Improve Time Management at Work

We have discussed some factors that can affect time management at work.

Hopefully, you will learn to deal with and manage those factors.

Now we will be looking at the benefits of effective time management at work.

We hope that they will serve to motivate you to work better at improving time management at your work.

Let us see them:

Better Performance

When you know how to manage your time you will have better performance at work.

This is because you will know what you need to accomplish and the amount of time you should allocate to different tasks.

Also, you will know to block out other things that are not relevant and focus on the task that needs to be done.

Effective time management will help you to create good schedules, stick to the schedule, and be productive.

When you do not procrastinate and avoid time-wasting activities and factors, your performance at work will be better.

Reduces Anxiety and Stress – How to Improve Time Management at Work

When you have little time to complete your workload, it can make you become stressed.

This can affect your productivity.

Also, when the stress is excessive it can cause depression, obesity, autoimmune diseases, heart disease, and some other health issues.

Effective time management can help you avoid getting stress.

You would be able to create priorities and focus on the tasks that are most important first.

This will help you to have a sense of organization and make you feel less overwhelmed.

In turn, this will help to reduce anxiety and stress.

Prompt Delivery

Time management is all about effectively managing time.

Hence, when you manage time, you will allocate the right time to each task.

You will set time to finish every tasks and goal you set.

Ultimately, this will help you to finish and accomplish your task and goal in time and deliver to your customer and clients on time.

Better Work Quality– How to Improve Time Management at Work

In business, good quality work ensures that your business is patronized and sought after.

So, good quality work should be a priority for your business.

When you know how to effectively use your time, it will enable you to focus on your task or work without distraction.

This will provide you with enough time to do “good work”.

Ultimately, your work quality will improve for the better.                             

 Better Balance of Work/Life

One amazing benefit time management gives, is a better balance of one’s personal and work life.

When you know how to manage your time, it teaches you to understand that every second matters.

So, you make effective use of the time at work well and have enough time to spend with your family and friends, and other personal issues.

This helps you to have a balanced work-life.

Less Procrastination – How to Improve Time Management at Work

Procrastination is the enemy of progress.

In other words, when you keep procrastinating tasks and work, you tend to make little to no progress.

However, when you know how to manage your time well, it will help you to reduce procrastination.

Instead of procrastinating, you will have clear goals and routine that you will follow strictly follow

Builds Your Team

As a leader, you have to know how to effectively manage time to build your team.

This is because you are in charge of ensuring that every other person is working effectively with the time given to them.

If you do not know how to manage your time, then you will have issues assigning the right tasks and time to your team members.

Give your employees the capacity to effectively perform their tasks and duties, and also challenge them to do better.

This helps them to grow individually and as a team.

Tips on How to Improve Time Management at Work

1. Set Priorities

Priorities helps you to know those tasks or activities that are important or urgent.

When you can effectively prioritize your activities and tasks you will find it easier to attain your goals with the time that you have.

Prioritizing your activities and tasks will help you to know those unimportant tasks and activities you perform every day.

When you know them, you can either eliminate them or mark them to be a low priority.

This way, you will devote more of your time to performing those time-consuming and essential tasks.

 2. Create Weekly Schedules – How to Improve Time Management at Work

Setting your priority list cannot work alone to ensure that you effectively manage your time at work.

However, you can make use of your priority list to set weekly schedules.

Creating weekly schedules is a great way to plan and prepare ahead for your week.

Mind you, it does not eliminate unexpected events.

However, it ensures that you are more prepared to face your week, and ensure that your time is used well.

When preparing your weekly schedule, check your list of tasks and activities you have for each day.

Prioritize those tasks; ensure that you allocate time for each of your most important tasks first

Understand that the time allocation for each task will not be the same, as some tasks will require more time.

When you have done this and still have time left for the less important tasks, then allocate the time left for them.

Creating your schedule will not work if you do not follow them.

So, ensure that you stick to them.

The more you keep planning and following your weekly plan, the better your tome management at work will become.

3. Avoid Multitasking

You should understand multitasking does not facilitate effective time management and productivity.

Rather, it makes you use your time in an unproductive and ineffective manner while reducing your productivity.

So, you need to avoid multitasking.

Instead of multitasking, focus on performing one task before moving to another.

This will help you to do better work, finish faster, and effectively use your time.

4. Remove Distractions – How to Improve Time Management at Work

Distractions consume time and kill productivity.

It makes you give your time and focus on productive things.

So, to improve time management at work, you need to eliminate distractions.

Distractions at work can come from different sources.

So, you have to find the sources of distractions in your workplace and eliminate them.

For example, distractions can come from your mobile phone and social media notifications.

You can eliminate that distraction that comes from your phone by putting it away or switching off notification your notification.

When you can eliminate distractions, you will concentrate more on your work, and your time will not be wasted on irrelevant activities.

5. Delegate Tasks

In the workplace, you cannot perform all the tasks and activities by yourself.

If you perform all the tasks and those extra tasks that often pop up in the workplace, you will tire yourself out no matter how great your time management skills are.

So, learn to delegate some tasks to your employees.

This will help you build your employees, reduce your workload, and give you time to perform other important tasks.

6. Take Breaks – How to Improve Time Management at Work

When you work without taking breaks, it can make you experience burnout and reduce your productivity.

This is because the moment you get tired and burnout, you will start losing focus and the strength to go on.

So, rather than do that, take short breaks.

7. Learn to Say No

As we earlier said, when you are unable to say no to people, you will end up using your time for things that are not relevant to your work.

So, learn to say no to people.

Saying no does not make you a bad person.

It only shows that you understand your priorities in the workplace.

This way, you will effectively use your time to perform your tasks.

Conclusion on How to Improve Time Management at Work

We have shared useful information and tips that will help you improve time management at work in this article.

So, we hope you take advantage of them and start enjoying the benefits of effective time management at work.