How To Improve Your Decision Making Skills

How to Improve Your Decision Making Skills

As humans, decision-making is almost second nature to us. Every day we are faced with one situation or the other that we have to decide on what to do. As a business owner, you also make decisions as you run your business daily. The decisions you make affect your business either positively or negatively, depending on the choice you make. To ensure that you make the right decision at all times, you need to know how to improve your decision-making skills.

We understand how decision-making is essential in your everyday living and running a business.

Hence, we will be sharing with you information that will help you improve your decision-making skills.

Let’s start with what decision-making skills are…

Decision-Making Skills: What Are They? – How to Improve Your Decision Making Skills

Decision-making skills show how skilled a person is at analyzing situations and choosing from two or numerous alternatives.

Above all, your ability to effectively make a decision that will bring positive results depends on your decision-making skills.

List of Decision-Making Skills – How to Improve Your Decision Making Skills

Decision-making skills comprise a range of soft skills that enable a person to make the right choice or decision.

These skills have to be incorporated to ensure that nothing is lacking when making a decision.

Here are some of them:

Problem Solving Skill – How to Improve Your Decision Making Skills

This skill is seen to be the most important set of skills that ensures decision-making is done effectively.

Problem-solving skills enable you to see the different viewpoints of a situation.

It also helps you to think of numerous ways to ensure that a solution is reached.

Furthermore, it allows you to make decisions effectively and quickly.

When you possess problem-solving skills, you will conduct research and focus on the details to see if it matches the particular situation you are tackling.

This will enable you to get the right information and move ahead in making your decision.

Leadership Skills

This skill is essential for leaders who want their decisions to be executed.

Your decision-making skills are not complete if you do not have leadership skills.

This is because leadership skills allow you to direct and encourage people to execute or achieve a goal.

For example, there will be a fallout if you decide on something in your business and do not have the leadership quality to ensure that your employees follow what you have decided on.

Consequently, actions will not be taken, and the decision you made will remain just a decision.

Every decision has to be acted on. If not, it is not complete.

Teamwork – How To Improve Your Decision Making Skills

Even as a leader, you cannot work alone.

This is why you need to have a team that you can work with.

Teamwork or collaboration is essential if you want to make a good decision.

You can enlist the help of your team when it seems difficult to make the right decision.

Get ideas from them and listen to their options.

The decision you make when working with a team depends on how well you work with them.

Therefore, learn to collaborate and listen to them.


This is a skill that is very important when it comes to making decisions.

It ensures that you are informed of any decision you are about to make.

Reasoning helps you see and assess all the disadvantages and advantages of any decision you consider taking.

It also helps you think of the present time and plan for later while staying grounded and goal-oriented.

When making your decisions, your reasoning can align with people you trust or the goals you are pursuing but still be based on relevant data.

Intuition – How To Improve Your Decision Making Skills

Intuition is when you trust and make decisions based on your instincts.

What you have experienced, what you have been through, or your values are what create instincts.

The lessons you have learned, your values, and your experience can make confident decisions.

Your intuition helps when you need to make a quick decision.

Also, it enables you to make decisions even when you do not have all the necessary information on your option.

However, to be on the safe side, when making decisions based on instincts, ensure that you back it up with logic and see if the decision is actionable.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence helps you to observe and understand your emotions.

It also enables you to express your emotions in ways that encourage actions.

Emotions are mostly the foundations for the passion or inspiration that drives people to pursue a goal or vision.

When you can take your emotions and that of others into consideration, you will become better at making decisions.

Time Management – How to Improve Your Decision Making Skills

You have to know how to manage time since most decisions have to be swiftly made.

The time available for making a decision should be outlined.

This will help you to avoid making decisions in haste.


Your creativity skills will help you use your emotional thinking and logic to create solutions to issues.

When you possess good creative skills, you will come up with different ideas and methods necessary to solve a problem.

Once you can do so, you will not find it challenging to develop creative ways to execute your decisions.

Organization – How to Improve Your Decision Making Skills

Organization skills are essential when making your final decisions.

It helps you stay organized, having all your records and data and tools in the right places.

This way, you will get them when you want to review all the information you have on your choices.

Importance of Decision-Making Skills – How to Improve Your Decision Making Skills

As a business owner and entrepreneur, you are expected to possess decision-making skills.

Therefore, we will share with you the various reasons why decision-making skills are essential:

It Makes People Respect You

When you are a leader that possesses good decision-making skills, you will gain the respect of several people.

This is because people want to follow a leader who is capable and great at making decisions.

Nobody wants to be with a leader who second-guesses their every move or decision.

When you are can easily make decisions, you will feel confident.

This will make your employees and people around you trust you because they believe you will lead them right at all times.

It Helps in Preventing Conflicts – How to improve Your Decision-Making Skills

When you leave your employees to make several decisions, it can result in conflicts.

They will argue over who should be in charge and how a certain project or task should be handled.

These conflicts can be prevented when you’re a leader who is confident, assertive, and possess good decision-making skills.

You will be capable of making most decisions with ease and also find it easy to delegate people who will handle certain decisions or tasks.

This will create orderliness, and your employee will know which directions they are to follow.

It will also reduce or prevent you from having too many people trying to lead within the organization.

It Conserves Time

As a business owner, you have to be capable of managing and conserving your time.

This is because you have many duties, and if you do not manage your time, you will run of time while you still have a lot of responsibilities or tasks to perform.

Therefore, you have to know how to manage your time.

A good decision-maker will know when to go with their instincts and when to conduct research first.

When you can make excellent and swift decisions, it will help conserve the time you would have used in over-thinking your decisions.

It Makes You More Productive – How to Improve Your Decision Making Skills

Your ability to make good decisions will make you more productive and professional.

When you are capable of weighing the disadvantages and advantages of a situation or task and can come up with a swift and educated decision, it will provide the opportunity for your employees to work on the job faster.

Consequently, this will increase the productivity of your business.

It Motivates People

When you show an excellent example to your employee or people around you, it motivates and inspires them to do better.

Your ability to make great decisions will give people around you something to imitate and grow to become.

When your employees continue imitating and learning from you, they will grow to become independent.

Hence, they will not wait on you to solve the minor problems they face in their tasks.

Tips on How to Improve Your Decision Making Skills

Knowing what decision-making skills are is not enough if you won’t develop or improve them.

Therefore, we will share with you tips on how to improve your decision-making skills:

Narrow Down Your Choice

Having many choices to pick from can be stressful.

You might likely get confused and frustrated.

When you want to make a decision, try to reduce your choices to your top three.

This will reduce the pressure and make it easier to decide on one.

Ensure that those choices are possible and actionable.

Set Attainable Goals – How to Improve Your Decision Making Skills

Ensure that you set attainable goals.

This will give you a clear picture of what you want.

Ultimately, most of your decisions will be made with those goals in mind.

This will ensure that your choices are right and will help you achieve your set goals.

When you have your goals or vision in mind, it will help make decision-making easier for you.

You can only get to your destination with ease when you know where and how to get there.

Conduct research

Facts and information help one to make decisions quickly.

Hence, you have to learn how to research if you want to improve your decision-making skills.

Great decisions are based on accurate and good facts.

Every time you conduct research, ensure that you get the accurate fact to avoid making wrong decisions.

The better you get at gathering accurate information, the easier decision-making becomes for you.

When you conduct research, it helps you gain more knowledge and become enlightened on topics outside your niche.

Practice Effective Communication – How to Improve Your Decision Making Skills

As we earlier discussed, your decision-making is not complete when you do not act on your decisions.

You have to tell others about your decisions, primarily as a leader, to ensure that the decision is executed.

To do this, you have to know how to communicate with people effectively. Otherwise, you will be easily misunderstood.

Therefore, to avoid this, practice effective communication.

Weigh Your Cons and Pros

When making a decision, ensure to weigh your options.

Learn to weigh your options to determine which choice will be more beneficial to you and the goal you are pursuing.

This helps to give you an idea of your chances of success with any step you’re about to take.

Learn To Be Self-confident – How to Improve Your Decision Making Skills

To improve your decision-making skills, you have to learn to be self-confident at all times.

When making decisions, you have to learn to take control of the decision-making process and be assertive.

Once you lose confidence in yourself and let fear and doubt cloud your mind, you will struggle with making the right decision.

No matter how difficult a situation or decision is, do not let it get to you.

Whenever you are making a decision, keep calm and believe you can make the right decision.

Learn To Plan

Another thing you can do to enhance your decision-making skills is to learn how to plan.

Good planners can identify the right strategies to employ and ensure that goals are achieved.

Hence, when you cultivate the habit of planning, your decision-making skills will improve.

Planners are capable of making several decisions during a short time frame.

You can learn to plan by starting small.

For example, make it a habit of planning how you will spend your day.

Overall, when you plan, you make decisions.

The more you make plans for mundane activities, the better you become at decision making.

Have a Mentor – How to Improve Your Decision Making Skills

Mentors guides and support their mentees to become better and successful in their fields.

Having a mentor gives you an edge because he/she is there is help you grow and become better.

Your mentor is expected to be someone who is experienced in your field.

You can observe and study the way your mentor makes decisions and take action.

One of the best ways to learn and improve is by imitating someone more experienced than you.

So, if you do not have a mentor yet, get yourself one and learn from him/her.

Learn From Your Mistakes

You can grow and become better by learning from your mistakes.

The mistakes you might have made might have been for one reason or the other.

Identify those reasons and learn how to avoid making those mistakes again.

When you do this, you will get better at making decisions.

Do Not Over Analyze – How to Improve Your Decision Making Skills

When you over-analyze your decisions, it will instill fear in you.

This will make you doubt yourself and lose your confidence.

Overanalyzing situations will only lead to overthinking.

Consequently clouding your sense of judgment and making bad decisions.

Be Creative

Creativity ensures that your decisions are implemented in a way that is both creative and professional.

When you are creative, you will find it easy to execute your decisions.

This, in turn, will improve your decision-making skills.

You can be creative by thinking outside of the box and leaving your comfort zone.

Remember, your decision process is not complete until your decision is acted on or executed.

Be Organized – How to Improve Your Decision Making Skills

Learn to be organized at all times.

When you are organized, it helps save time searching for data and information on the options you have to choose from.

You can practice organization by keeping everything in its proper places.

Also, you can record your data and information digitally.

When you do this, you are improving your decision-making skills.

Conclusion on How to Improve Your Decision Making Skills

We make decisions every day, no matter how small or big.

The ability to make the right decisions is essential for business owners.

One wrong decision can cause a lot of damage to your business.

This is one reason why you need to improve your decision-making skills.

Problem-solving skills, leadership skills, emotional intelligence, creativity, reasoning, time management, and others are the set of skills that makes up excellent decision-making skills.

When you lack one of these sets of skills, your decision-making will be significantly affected.

Fortunately, you can work to improve your decision-making skills by narrowing down your choice, setting attainable goals, conducting researches, practicing effective communication, and being self-confident.

Also, learn to plan and organize, weigh your pros and cons, and learn from your mentor, your decision-making skills will improve.

Once your decision-making skills improve, you will be more productive and achieve your goals.

It will also help you to motivate others and prevent conflicts.

Generally, when your decision-making skills improve, you will be a more capable leader.

So, start practicing these excellent tips today and enjoy the results.