How To Improve Your Leadership Skills

How To Improve Your Leadership Skills

Are you a leader who lacks leadership skills? Do you possess some basic leadership skills but want to improve and perform better as a leader?

If you said yes to the questions above, then you’re in luck!.

First off, you should know that being a leader takes a lot of skills and talents.

Anybody can be a leader, but not everybody possesses leadership qualities.

As a leader, there are several things you will need to learn and sacrifice to enable you to be a better leader.

Therefore, we’ll share with you important information that will help you improve your leadership skills.

Let’s start with what leadership skills are.

What Are Leadership Skills? – How To Improve Your Leadership Skills

How can I improve my leadership fast

Leadership skills are the set of skills that enables a person to inspire, organize, and direct people to execute tasks and achieve goals efficiently and on time.

As an entrepreneur and business owner, you have to possess these skills if you want to achieve your business goals and visions.

What are the leadership skills you need to be a leader, you may ask?

Let’s find out what these are.

Types Of Leadership Skills – How To Improve Your Leadership Skills

How can I become a good leader

Leadership skills consist of various soft skills that work together to make a person a good leader.

The following are the skills that are included in leadership skills:

Communication Skills

All effective leaders should possess excellent communication skills.

It is an important aspect of leadership because you cannot inspire, organize, and direct people well if you do not know how to communicate effectively.

Communication skills ensure that information is passed and received from one person to another effectively.

In all, when you can communicate with people properly, you are on your way to becoming a good leader.

This is because you will be capable of passing whatever information you have to the people you are leading.

It will make leadership easier for you.

Decision-making Skills – How To Improve Your Leadership Skills

These skills help a leader to be capable of making good decisions effectively.

When you possess these skills as a leader, you will be able to decide on things and then direct people on how to work to execute whatever you decide on.

Leaders with good decision-making skills are respected, trusted, and also reliable.

They are not scared to decide on things and stand by their decisions.

This helps them to be sure of themselves.

Creativity Skills

As a leader, you have to know how to think outside the box.

Creativity ensures that you think of different methods in approaching a situation.

It gives you great ideas and makes you innovative.

Your followers will be inspired and impressed by your creative abilities instead of being conventional.

Self-Confidence – How To Improve Your Leadership Skills

As a leader, you have to be self-confident because people follow and listen to a leader who is confident of him or herself.

How you carry yourself is how people will see you.

You have to understand that you are important and people are dependent on you.

So, you have to be self-confident to maintain people’s trust in you.

how to develop yourself as a leader


Empathy helps a leader to understand and share the feelings of his or her followers.

Furthermore, empathy is important because you cannot lead people who you do not understand.

When a leader possesses empathy, it helps him/her understand his/her followers.

This will make it easier for a leader to relate with his or her followers and lead them better.

A leader without empathy cannot connect with his or her followers.

Empathy helps a leader know what to say and what not to say to his or her followers to ensure that he or she does not seem insensitive to the feelings of said followers.

Honesty – How To Improve Your Leadership Skills

A leader has to be honest with his followers.

This is because he or she is accountable to his or her followers.

Honesty breeds accountability.

A leader who lies and hides the truth will not inspire confidence and trust in their followers.

As a leader, you should learn to be honest at all times.

Overall, honesty will help you build trust and respect as a leader.


As a leader, you have to possess integrity.

Integrity helps you stay moral, ethical, disciplined, and incorruptible.

Power can make people different.

This is why integrity is important.

Hence, to avoid being a corrupt undisciplined leader, you need to have integrity.

Delegation – How To Improve Your Leadership Skills

As a leader, you cannot handle everything by yourself.

This is why you need to know how to delegate.

Instead of doing all the work, you can appoint certain people to do some of the work.

When delegating as a leader, you have to know who can perform a task and who can’t.

This will promote productivity.

Ways to Develop Your Leadership Skills


You also have to possess the ability to motivate people.

This is because; some people’s spirit needs to be lifted to perform some tasks.

If you cannot motivate people, you will find it difficult to lead and achieve set objectives.

Team Building- How To Improve Your Leadership Skills

Every leader has to know how to build his or her team.

When a leader is capable of building his or her team, he or she will enjoy leading that team.

This is because the team will be working together effectively under their leader to achieve goals.


As a leader, you have to possess negotiation skills.

You have to be a good negotiator to avoid being cheated, especially in business.

It helps you to work out something that will be better for you instead of immediately accepting a deal offered to you.

A good negotiator is strategic and capable of leaving things on common grounds, where every party will benefit from.

Persuasion – How to Improve Your Leadership Skills

Persuasion skill is the ability to influence other people’s behavior and attitudes.

It is not the same as motivation, but they work hand-in-hand.

As a leader, you have to be an influencer.

Persuasion skill helps to make that possible.


Flexibility helps people to adapt to changes.

When you are a flexible leader, you will be capable of moving with the trend and new developments.

Flexibility ensures that you are not left behind.

It makes you capable of leading people no matter the changes that come.

Management – How to Improve Your Leadership Skills

Management skills are very important skills that a leader should possess.

This is because it enables a leader to use the resources available to him or her effectively.

When you possess good management skills, leading others will be easier for you.


A leader is someone that other people depend on.

Therefore, he or she needs to be stable.

You need to possess the ability to be stable at all times.

This way, your followers will know that they can come to you for help at all times.

It will make them trust you more and be inspired by you.

This, in turn, will make leadership easier for you.

There are many more skills a leader should possess to ensure smooth and effective leadership.

However, when you possess the basic ones we just discussed and improve them, you are on your way to becoming a good leader.

Tips On How To Improve Your Leadership Skills

proven ways to develop your leadership skills

Below are some tips on how to improve your leadership skills:

Practice Effective Communication

You cannot lead well if you do not know how to communicate effectively.

This is why you need to practice effective communication.

Effective communication ensures that information is passed and received in a way that every party involved understands what was being communicated.

When there is poor communication, it will cause confusion which will consequently lead to fallouts.

However, when there is good communication, people will be sure of what they are doing, making them more productive.

You can practice effective communication by providing clear instructions, sharing details, reiterating, following up, giving regular feedback and updates, and also being accessible for people to ask you questions.

Hence, ensure that when you are communicating with people, you are audible but not too loud.

Maintain eye contact, enunciate, and pay attention to your body language and that of others.

Be Willing To Listen To Others

This is another effective step to improve your leadership skills and become a better leader.

You need to learn how to listen and accept other people’s ideas or opinions.

Good leaders are people who genuinely listen to people’s ideas and options and also accept them.

They also find ways to use the options and ideas that are suitable for them and whatever situation they are handling.

When you are capable of doing this, it creates an opportunity for your followers to relate and talk with you freely and also tell you of whatever problem or challenges they are facing.

Ultimately making it possible for you to help sort out any problems or challenges they are facing on time.

Ways to Improve Your Leadership Skills at Work

Identify And Work On Your Weaknesses And Strengths

You have to evaluate yourself to identify your weaknesses and strengths.

Take time to find out your interests, key talents, and skills.

Also, figure out the skills you lack.

When you can identify your weaknesses and strengths, you will know what to improve on.

Think of the leader you desire to be and the leader you are.

Then identify the gaps you have to fill to ensure you become the leader you want to be.

When you have discovered your weaknesses and strengths, work to improve yourself.

Seek and listen to constructive feedback from people and get information that will help you improve.

Work to improve your strength and downplay your weaknesses.

Try to be the best you can be.

Learn From the Leaders You Admire – How to Improve Your Leadership Skills

You can learn from the leaders you admire.

They could be people you know closely or famous people.

Study them, and identify qualities that make them good leaders.

Those qualities could be things like caring for others, being ethical, open-mindedness, inspiring others, and so on.

Get to know their stories, their challenges, inspiration, success, and passion.

You can learn from the leaders who are accessible to you by talking to them, asking them questions, and listening to their experiences.

For those leaders you cannot access personally, you can read articles and books about them, watch videos and presentations, and attend seminars held by them.

ways to enhance your leadership skills

Learn To Be Decisive

You have to be a very decisive leader.

This is because you will have to make several timely decisions as you lead others.

You cannot run away from making decisions as a leader.

Some decisions will be more difficult than others, but this is not an excuse to avoid making them.

Essentially, there will be situations when you make the right decisions and other times when you make the wrong decisions.

This should not make you fold in and give up.

Instead, work to improve your decision-making skills to ensure you become more at ease with being decisive.

With time you will be capable of making more right decisions than wrong ones.

Whenever a decision turns out negatively, see it as an opportunity to learn.

Identify your mistakes, learn your lessons, and work to make the right decisions in the future.

Work Closely With A Mentor – How to Improve Your Leadership Skills

You can improve your leadership skills when you work closely with a mentor.

This is because mentors are leaders who have gained experience over time.

They have enough experience to guide and share with less experienced individuals.

You can get a mentor who is accessible, willing to teach and listen, approachable, and willing to offer feedback and advice.

Ensure that this mentor you are getting is going to be suitable for you.

When you do find a good one, ensure that you work closely with him or her and be ready to learn.

Study the way your mentor works, the way they motivate people, how they get people to corporate, how they make decisions, how they delegate, and so on.

Overall, ensure that while you are working with them, you study the way they lead people.

Ways to Become a Better Leader

Register And Attend Leadership Training Courses

You can improve your leadership qualities by taking leadership training courses.

It can be live or online.

The training will help build up your confidence, increase your knowledge, and improve your leadership ability.

This training could be as workshops, simulations, classroom teaching, and case studies related to leadership.

Learn To Work With Other People

No leader can work alone.

Every leader needs to know how to work with others.

As much as you are directing and leading, there will be a time when you have to work closely with your followers.

For example, if there is a shortage of staff to perform a certain task, and there are probably no resources to get more staff, you can join your staff in completing the task.

When you cannot do this effectively, it doesn’t portray you as a very good leader.

However, when you are capable of doing this while still retaining your leadership position, you will gain the admiration and trust of your followers.

Working with your followers peacefully and effectively shows that you value and care about them and the work they do.

This will also grow a healthy bond between you and your followers.

How to develop leadership skills in the workplace

Develop Your Listening Skill

Listening is a skill under communication skills that has to be mastered by a leader.

It is important because it ensures good communication, and as we have earlier stated, communication is an essential aspect of leadership.

Apart from enhancing good communication, listening to people attentively makes them feel respected, appreciated, acknowledged, and understood.

A simple way to develop listening skills is by keeping eye contact with whomever you are communicating with.

Maintaining a smile on your face while listening will make the person feel at ease.

While listening, you should also ask questions to understand better the message you are receiving.

Another way to develop your listening skills is to use people’s names in conversations.

Also, ensure you give them your undivided attention.

Do not interrupt them when they are speaking, and rephrase their words to make sure both parties understand each other correctly.

Practice Effective Delegation 

Another effective step you can take towards improving your leadership skills is by practicing delegation.

As earlier stated, you cannot do all the work by yourself.

This is why you need to redistribute tasks and duties and get results through your followers.

Delegation helps you concentrate on important tasks while providing you time to lead.

When you practice effective delegation, it will increase productivity and allow your followers to prove their worth and capability.

You have to believe in the ability of your followers.

This will make it easier to give them responsibilities.

When delegating, ensure that all instructions on completing the tasks and finalizing them are clear to your subordinate.

The more you practice delegation, the better you become at it.

Conclusion on How to Improve Your Leadership Skills

one of the factors on how to improve your leadership skills

Being a leader takes a lot of sacrifice and dedication.

There are things you need to learn, unlearn and relearn.

You are someone other people look up to.

Therefore, you need to set good examples and set standards for yourself.

A leader has to possess several skills to ensure that they lead effectively.

These skills include; communication, delegation, decision-making, team building, integrity, honesty, flexibility, management skills, motivation, negotiation, etc.

You can improve your leadership skills by practicing effective communication, identifying and working on your weaknesses and strengths, listening and accepting people’s ideas and options, and attending leadership training.

Your leadership skills can also improve when you learn from leaders you admire, work closely with a mentor, practice effective delegation, and more.

Also, be a humble leader who cares for his followers, is empathetic, and practice humility.

All the tips we provided will enhance your leadership skills when you practice them.

Most importantly, cultivate the habit of reading; after all, readers are leaders!

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How To Improve Your Leadership Skills