How To Improve Your Talking Skills

How To Improve Your Talking Skills

Are you a leader who wants to be better at talking and communicating with people? Do you desire to be more fluent in speaking? Perhaps, you’re thinking of improving your talking skills?

If you are, then stay with us until the end.

No day goes by that we do not talk to people.

Talking is a primary way of communicating with people around us.

As a leader, it is even more important that you can communicate effectively with people through speaking.

This is why you have to work to improve your talking skills.

We understand this; hence, we will share with you vital information that will enable you to improve your talking skills.

As we go on, we’ll be using the words speaking and talking interchangeably.

What Are Talking Skills – How To Improve Your Talking Skills

How can I improve my communication skills alone

Talking skills are the skills that enable us to communicate with others effectively.

They ensure that a speaker conveys their message convincingly and thoughtfully.

Some persons believe that effective speaking comes naturally to humans.

However, this is not so.

This is because there are techniques and methods of speaking that make it possible for a person to relate and communicate with others.

As a leader, you should not take speaking lightly because most of the things you say will be taken into account.

Another reason why you should be careful of what you say is that people depend on your words to take action.

When you talk inappropriately, there could be serious consequences.

This is why you need to be careful and skillful when talking.

Elements of Effective Talking Skills

How can I improve my poor conversation skills

When it comes to talking, there are important skills that enable you to communicate effectively.

These skills used together when talking will make you an effective speaker.

They include:


When speaking, you have to be mindful of your vocabulary.

Your words should suit the audience and the occasion.

An effective speaker has to customize the message to make it suitable for the audience.

As someone who speaks to others, you need to know many words and constantly grow your vocabulary.

This will make it easier for you to pick words that will suit your listeners.

Fluency – How To Improve Your Training Skills

This is a skill that shows you are confident and comfortable when talking.

When you can speak for a long time, it shows that your fluency ability is strong.

Fluency also shows that you can make clear connections between every point you are making.

It helps you stay on point and ensures that your audience or listeners understand the information you are passing across.


The voice is another skill that has been often ignored when talking.

Voice includes tone, pitch, and strength.

The way you sound when speaking tells people of the state you are in.

For example, a clear, strong, and audible voice will portray confidence.

Hence, when speaking, you need to use your voice in a way that portrays confidence.

No matter how small or large your audience is, you need to show confidence.

Use a strong and clear voice that will make people believe you and what you are saying.

Grammar – How To Improve Your Communication Skills

Grammar ensures that your language structure is correct.

It makes sure that your sentences are adequately constructed to avoid mistakes.

Every speaker has to know how to use grammar properly.

When you work to improve your grammar, you will get better at talking.

Your tenses have to be used correctly at all times.


When talking, you need to know how to pronounce words correctly.

You have to be capable of pronouncing words in a way that will add emphasis and effects.

This will make your message impactful.

Pronunciation includes sentence and word stress, rhythm, intonation, and language sounds.

Nonverbal Cues – How To Improve Your Communication

This talking skill does not include talking at all.

Instead, it is the way you use your body when talking.

It includes eye contact, facial expression, hand gestures, and postures, also called body language.

When you want to add more impact to your speech, you use body language.

Furthermore, it is more effective when it matches your words.

Body language shows how passionate a person is about what they are talking about.

This helps make your listeners feel connected to you and your message emotionally.

Benefits Of Effective Talking Skills – How To Improve Your Talking Skills

how to improve english communication skills

There are benefits of effective talking skills, which include:

 It Helps Develop Your Business

When you can speak effectively, it helps develop your business.

This is because you will be capable of persuading people to patronize your business.

It will also help you to inspire and motivate your employee to work towards achieving certain goals.

The combination of your employees working hard and having continuous patronage from your customers will boost your business success.

It Shows Your Expertise – How To Improve Your Talking Skills

When you possess effective talking skills, it will show your expertise.

People will believe that you know what you are talking about.

You will be trusted and seen as a leader.

Historical and present great leaders were also great speakers.

It Helps You Communicate Effectively

When you possess effective talking skills, your communication skills will improve, making you communicate more effectively.

You will be capable of passing information to others in a manner they understand.

It Gives You A Sense of Accomplishment – How To Improve Your Talking Skills

When you can connect with your listeners or audience, it gives you a sense of accomplishment.

Especially when your audience applause your speech.

This, in turn, will boost your self-esteem.

Speakers get their reward for hard work when their audience or listeners appreciates their speech.

It Makes You A People’s Person

People are attracted to good talkers because they are capable of being empathetic and connect well with people.

They are seen as authentic and approachable.

As a result, people go to them for advice and support.

Therefore, when you possess effective talking skills, it will make you a people person.

Tips On How To Improve Your Talking Skills

Tips for Improving Your Communications Skills

Now that you know the benefits of talking skills, we will share with you some tips on how to improve your talking skills below:

Learn How To Pronounce Words Properly

As we earlier discussed, your pronunciation matters a lot.

You can work to improve your pronunciation by practicing.

A simple way to do this is by listing out words you do not know how to pronounce properly.

You might not be able to list them all in a day, so have a book where you can write any words you cannot pronounce well as you go about your daily living.

Start from the first word and work your way down by learning to pronounce them properly.

You can get the right pronunciation of words from the dictionary, and if you are not good with sounds, you can go online and listen to the right pronunciations.

As you progress with practicing the pronunciations of the words on your list, tick them.

Ensure that you can perfectly pronounce a word before moving on to the next word.

You can add new words every day.

Learning is an everyday activity, so do not stop adding words to your list.

Listen And Watch Good Orators – How To Improve Your Talking Skills

An effective way to learn is when you learn by example.

You can listen and watch good speakers and imitate the way they speak.

These people could be people you know personally or famous people like movie stars, politicians, and even religious leaders.

Listen and watch them closely when they speak.

Notice the way they move and the way their words come out with ease and confidence.

After watching and listening to them, you can imitate the way they were speaking in the comfort of your home.

If there was a sentence that captured you, imitate with as much passion as they did.

You can turn it into fun and enjoy yourself while imitating.

The more you keep doing this, the better you will be at talking.

How can I practice talking

Practice Talking To Yourself

Another way to improve your talking skills is continuous talking.

However, when you do this, people will start thinking something is wrong with you.

The only person, who will not judge you, is you.

Hence, you should talk to yourself while alone to avoid having people cast glances at you.

Speak aloud, and listen to the way you pronounce words, your grammar, your voice, your vocabulary, and every other aspect of speaking.

To see if your body movement matches your words, speaking while looking at the mirror.

While in front of the mirror, you can also practice people’s speeches and try to deliver them with the same confidence and passion the speaker delivered it in.

The more you talk to yourself, you will notice things you ought to work on to improve your talking skills.

Also, the more you keep talking in front of the mirror, the better you become at expressing yourself through body language.

Read Written Materials Aloud – How to Improve Your Talking Skills

You notice mistakes better when you read aloud.

To improve your talking skills, practice reading written materials aloud.

It could be a book, or an article, or even a pamphlet.

Listen to yourself as you read, and work on making your voice strong and audile.

As you keep doing this, you will improve the way you speak and acquire new words.

Use Apps

To improve your talking skills faster, you use applications.

In the world we live in today, there are applications for everything and anything.

You can get an app on your phone that will enable you to improve your talking skills.

Using language learning applications can be an effective and simple way to boost your talking skills because experts created them.

How do I get better at small talk

Grow Your Vocabulary – How To Improve Your Talking Skills

You do not only have to pronounce words properly, but you also have to have a vast vocabulary.

The broader your vocabulary, the better you become at talking.

With a broader vocabulary, you have a variety of words to choose from to ensure your speech is customized to suit your listeners.

A simple way to grow your vocabulary is by acquiring new words from books, movies, and music you listen to.

You can also grow your vocabulary by looking up words in the dictionary.

To make it fun, you can learn a new word every day and apply it properly to the sentences you make during that day.

However, ensure that use simpler words for better understanding.

Make It A Habit Of Thinking Before Talking

To improve your talking skills, you have to learn to think before talking.

Calculate and measure the words in your mind before talking.

You can also try pronouncing the words in your mind to ensure you get it right when you speak.

Go through ideas and information in your head, clarify them and ensure they are arranged in a way that your listeners will understand before talking.

Do this every time before talking and watch how your talking skills will be improved.

How do I have powerful conversations

Be Confident In Yourself and Your Speech – How To Improve Your Talking Skills

You have to portray confidence when talking.

This will show others that you are sure of what you are saying and of yourself.

Do not be scared to clearly, and audibly share your ideas, options, and whatever you have to say.

When you show confidence while talking, people will believe in what you are trying to share with them.

Learn to focus on your words and their meaning when talking.

Learn Not To Talk Too Softly

When talking, you have to learn not to talk too softly.

Talking softly will portray you as someone nervous and not confident.

Even when you are speaking to just one person, make your voice audible but not too loud.

Try as best as you can not to talk too softly.

Why do I struggle to speak

Learn Not To Speak Too Fast – How to Improve Your Talking Skills

A common mistake that most people make when talking is speaking too fast.

When you are speaking too fast, it makes it hard for your listener or audience to understand you.

People could also mock you because of that and think that you are nervous.

You should try to slow your pace when talking and pronounce every word.

Ensure that you keep things at a normal pace when talking.

Learn Not To Stammer When Talking

Another thing you should avoid doing when talking is stammering.

Stammering will portray you as someone who does not know what you are saying.

Instead of stammering, learn to articulate your words.

Relax and keep away thoughts that will make you get tense.

When you learn not to stammer when talking, you will see improvement in your talking skills.

Learn To Rephrase – How To Improve Your Talking Skills

When conversing with someone and you do not know the subject being discussed, you have to learn to rephrase.

Rephrasing helps you stay in control of the situation and ensure that you do not appear stupid.

When you do this, you clarify the other party’s words and provide an opportunity for them to throw more light on the topic being discussed.

This will help you hold your own during the conversation and say the right things.

Be An Avid Reader

You cannot talk about what you do not know.

This is why you need to be a reader.

Be someone who loves acquiring knowledge.

Read books and articles that will boost your intelligence and increase your knowledge.

When you are a reader, you will talk freely and confidently about a wide range of topics and in any conversation.

How do I clear my speech

Listen – How to Improve Your Talking Skills

Yes, to be a better speaker, you have to learn to listen.

When you listen to others before talking, you can never go wrong.

This is especially true when you are having a conversation.

It will ensure the communication goes smoothly with no bumps.

Learn to read people; it will help you to know the right things to say when talking to them.

Keep Practicing and Learning

Practice can never be too much.

You have to know that learning is an everyday process, and no matter how good you might get at talking, you should never stop practicing.

Make it a habit, and you will see improvement in your talking skills every day.

Conclusion on How to Improve Your Talking Skills

How do you talk slowly and talk clearly

As a leader, you have to be capable of talking properly and effectively.

Talking skills makes this possible.

It also ensures you communicate in a manner that other people will understand.

Effective talking skills include vocabulary, fluency, voice, grammar, pronunciation, and nonverbal cues.

When you use these skills when you talk, you will feel accomplished, communicate effectively, and be a people person.

Using these talking skills will help the development of your business and will portray you as an expert who knows what they are saying.

You can improve your talking skills by learning to pronounce words properly, read written materials aloud, listen and watch good orators, talk to yourself, and use apps.

To improve your talking skills, you can also grow your vocabulary, think before you talk, be confident in yourself and your speech, learn to rephrase, be a reader, and learn to listen.

When talking, try your best not to talk too fast or too slow, and not to stammer.

All the tips we provided will help you become better at talking when you practice them.

Therefore, keep practicing and learning ways to improve your talking skills.

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How To Improve Your Talking Skills