How to Increase Energy Levels

How to Increase Energy Levels

How were your energy levels waking up this morning, and would you like to learn how to increase this? Well, waking up to low energy levels or even suffering low energy levels during a day is not uncommon. Especially for an entrepreneur, experiencing situations where your energy levels are a rock bottom is a regular occurrence.

Well, if you constantly experience this, it is not something to sweep under the carpet or consider unimportant.

The reason for this is that much of your success and output as a business owner depends on your energy levels.

The decision to get up every morning and set out for the day’s activities depends largely on our energy levels.

Not only that but what we can accomplish by way of productivity at work on a daily also depends on how high our energy levels are.

Hence, if you find that you are constantly struggling with low energy levels, you would need to take immediate actions to increase them.

Thankfully, the causes of low energy levels are well-pronounced and so is the solution.

Usually, this is not a condition that you should constantly have to face, as some particular actions or inactions directly lead to it.

As we proceed in this article, we will show you some of the major causes of low energy levels that you need to identify and avoid.

Also, we will review some of the benefits of increased energy levels, especially at work.

Additionally, there are certain practical measures you can deliberately take to increase your energy levels daily, which we will equally show you.

All these will help you identify the problem, know why it is a problem that should be solved, and tell you how to solve it.

What Do Energy Levels Mean?

Why do I have so little energy

Every one of us has a particular drive, motivation, and strength that pushes us to perform our daily tasks.

Having to get up from bed each day to set out for the day’s activities also requires inner strength, determination, and energy.

In the context of this article, your energy levels refer to the amount of strength in terms of power and motivation you have.

That being said, someone who has low energy levels can be described as an individual who is always weak or tired to perform his/her daily tasks and activities.

It might be that such a person spends most of the day sleeping or lying down.

Also, a low energy level might equally reveal itself mentally, when you are mentally fatigued and exhausted.

At such times, it might be hard for you to concentrate on a task you have at hand or a responsibility you are given to handle.

Having low energy levels could also show in your lack of motivation to carry out your goals and objectives.

People who experience low energy levels are usually unproductive, as it can drain you of your power and even determination to work.

On the other hand, having an increased energy level or high energy levels means being optimally motivated and having the physical and mental strength to work.

If you have high energy levels, you are always alert and focused on the tasks and activities in front of you.

It also means that you are not easily tired especially when in the line of work with a lot of activities before you.

If you are a business owner, this is a state that you want to be in at all times, owing to the many benefits it comes with.

Common Causes of Low Energy Levels 

How can I restore my energy

Low energy levels, fatigue, or tiredness is a common phenomenon among people today, especially those with tight work schedules like entrepreneurs.

If you are a business owner, you might realize that you struggle with this sometimes.

Well, there are many causes of low energy levels in people, and that is regardless of your gender, age or occupation.

Many of these causes are natural ones and have a lot to do with your daily habits and lifestyle.

Here are some of the most common causes of low energy levels:

Insufficient Rest/Sleep 

From times immemorial, people have always been told of the relevance of sufficient rest and sleep to energy and productivity.

Humans are not machines or robots, and hence the body and mind always need enough rest to reset themselves and operate at the optimum.

When you have good sleep, the body produces some hormones that help to replenish lost strength and increase energy levels.

And that is why whenever you have a good night of sleep or even a good nap during the day, you wake up more energized and strong.

However, when you deprive your body of sufficient rest and sleep, you only keep on sapping it of energy and not replenishing the lost energy.

And the results would be frequent low energy levels.

Living a Sedentary Lifestyle 

It might sound counter-intuitive to say that living a sedentary lifestyle would make you tired and exhausted.

But that is exactly the long-term result of being inactive.

You might think that being inactive for a long part of the day should automatically make your energy levels be on the high.

However, the result is the case, as you would have noticed sometimes.

When you spend most of a day staying inactive and lazying around, you find that at the end of the day you are tired.

That is why a lot of people ask: “Why do I feel so tired even after doing nothing for the entire day?”.

The reason is that your body needs exercise and constant activity to stay active and energized.

Therefore, living a sedentary lifestyle of inactivity would only result in low energy levels and not the opposite.

Increased Stress Levels 

Just as being inactive can negatively affect your energy levels, so can too much activity.

It might be that you are experiencing low energy levels because you spend a lot of time during the day working.

When your body is overstressed, it tends to slow down in its functions and abilities.

And that is why after a very long day of intense work and activities, you generally feel tired.

That shows why stress continues to be one of the leading causes of low energy levels in both men and women, young and old.


There are times when low energy levels would be a result of mental health conditions such as depression.

A person who is depressed would struggle to get up and be active daily.

When you are depressed, your mind shuts down and you tend to overthink things and get frustrated easily.

At the state, you might struggle with finding the energy, strength, commitment, and devotion you need to perform tasks and reach your goals.

Most times, if this is what is responsible for your low energy levels, it might be best to speak to a professional and ask for help.

Unhealthy Diet/ Poor Eating Patterns

Yes, the type of food we eat can equally affect our energy levels, for good and bad.

There are certain types of foods, especially high carb foods and unhealthy foods like junk that contribute to low energy levels.

It might also be that our body makeup does not suit certain kinds of foods, and eating them would make us tired easily.

Hence, it is good to understand our body type and avoid unhealthy feeding habits and patterns that can cause us low energy levels.

On eating patterns, overeating can also contribute to having low energy levels.


Medically, some medications or drugs have also been shown as responsible for low energy levels.

Examples of such medications are anti-depressants and sedatives.

When your body is under the influence of such medications, it is hard for the body to function properly and can cause your energy levels to below.

That is why it is important to consult with a doctor before using some medications, especially if you wish to be productive after using them.

Alcohol Abuse/ Overdrinking 

Abuse of alcohol is another habit that contributes to one having low energy levels.

When taken in moderation, some individuals might choose to use alcohol for relaxation and fun.

However, when you abuse this or over-indulge in it, it has a way of sapping you of your strength and focus.

Taking alcohol before work or before embarking on an important task or project can be a recipe for disaster.

This is because it could weaken your body system and even take away your motivation to successfully carry out such tasks.

Being Overwhelmed with Anxiety

This is a stage that usually precedes some cases of depression if not immediately worked on and put in check.

There are a lot of personal problems or business issues that might be making you anxious and overwhelming you.

When you are in such a state of mind or condition, it is often hard to find the right energy levels and motivation for work.

You might even be struggling to stay up at work because your mind keeps getting distracted by your overwhelming concerns.

And that could sap you of your energy and cause you low energy levels.

Increased or High Energy Levels – Why Important?

What gives you energy fast

Simply put, there is no worthwhile endeavor in life that can be achieved without sufficient energy, motivation, and drive.

And that applies every day, even as you wake up and start embarking on your daily activities.

Having high energy levels is essential to staying productive and efficient in your duties and responsibilities.

If you have low energy levels, you might struggle to get up each day and begin your activities for the day.

Not only that, but even if you manage to begin your activities, low energy levels would make you less productive.

You might realize that you are unable to give your best input for the tasks you have at hand which would equally affect your output.

Additionally, having high or increased energy levels especially at work is essential for gettings things right and avoiding mistakes.

Sometimes, when your energy level is low and you tend to push yourself to still work, mistakes become inevitable.

This is because with a low energy level comes a lack of focus and distraction, which can lead to errors.

Therefore, not only does an increased energy level improve the quantity of work you do, but also the quality.

For these reasons, if you want to be successful in your duties and responsibilities every day, you must work on increasing your energy levels.

Let us now look at some of the things you can do to increase your energy levels especially when at work.

How to Increase Energy Levels

What is a natural energy booster

Having periods when your energy levels are drained and at the lowest levels is not uncommon for everyone.

Most especially if you are a committed business person, who is always working on tasks and projects, looking to see them to completion, you would experience tiredness and fatigue sometimes.

However, looking at the benefits that come with having high energy levels and also the dangers of allowing energy levels to stay low consistently, you shouldn’t take this for granted.

The good news is that you do not have to feel like a lost cause if you struggle with low energy levels sometimes.

Here are a few of the practical measures you can take in other to keep your energy levels on the high or increase energy levels when low:

Follow a Routine of Healthy Diet

One of the common causes of low energy levels in humans is the type of food we eat.

Generally, if you are a person who is fond of eating unhealthily, your body system won’t function properly, and you would get tired and weak easily.

And when it comes to having a good routine of a healthy diet, it involves both the type of food you consume and the regularity.

Some people believe that skipping lunch at work can help you to be at a high level of productivity, but there is no proof to support that yet.

From experience, it is best to always eat regularly and avoid going hungry or working on an empty stomach for a long time.

Additionally, while you make it a goal to eat regularly, it is also very important to pay attention to what you eat.

Usually, it is best to choose a healthy balanced diet over junk and high caloric foods in other to keep your mind active and energized.

Also, it would be great to add more protein and vitamins to your meal daily, as these can help you increase your energy levels throughout the day.

What can I drink to get energy

Plan Every Day 

Another practical step you can take in increasing your energy levels especially at work is to always wake up with a plan.

Before going to bed every day, it is good to think about how the day went and what your plans for the next day are.

True, there might be a million and one things you want to do or accomplish the next day.

However, just starting the day and trying to complete everything can quickly drain your energy levels and make you fatigued.

Instead, it is good to prioritize your tasks and job functions, to focus on the most important things first.

When you do this, it helps you to focus throughout the day and keep your energy levels on the high.

Keep Your Problems at the Door

Sometimes, what is responsible for our low energy levels has to do with what is going on with us mentally.

Generally, when you have problems and challenges that are causing you anxiety, it might be difficult to work at the optimum.

That is why when you are about to start working, it is good to leave your problems at the door.

Train your mind to focus on the work you have at hand and leave every other concern for a later time.

It helps to remind yourself that there would always be problems and challenges, and not let them sap you of your energy and strength at work.

When you learn not to mix your problems with your job, you are more likely going to work at the optimum and increase your energy levels.

low energy levels in females

Get Enough Sleep 

Have you ever had to work on a project the morning after a night when you did not have enough sleep?

What was the experience like?

Well, the truth is that if you do not give your body sufficient sleep, there is a limit to what the body can give back to you in terms of efficiency and productivity.

And that is why usually after a night when you did not get enough rest, it is difficult to stay focused and even have the energy to work.

Our bodies need sufficient sleep, as this is the period it resets and brings us back to the best shape to get productive.

When you make it a habit to always get enough sleep every night before the next workday, you will see your energy levels increase.

Have a Good Routine of Exercise

Sleep works more or less the same way sleep does when it comes to providing the body with energy and vigor to function properly.

Of course, you might feel tired immediately after a session of exercise, but it energizes your body in the long run.

When you make exercise an essential part of your daily routine and activities, your body system works better.

You will feel stronger, and more motivated to get up and carry out the tasks you have before you.

That shows exercise goes a long way in increasing your energy levels.

What can I drink in the morning for energy

Avoid Overwhelming Yourself 

Well, it might seem as though stress is inevitable because of how demanding work is in today’s business sphere.

However, to avoid burnout and low energy levels, you must lighten your workload.

If there are tasks that you can delegate to others, do this freely.

Also, if certain tasks are less important than others, try to focus on the most important ones at a time.

Learning to prioritize this way would help you avoid putting yourself under too much stress.

And of course, once you can lessen the stress load on your body, your energy levels will increase.

Stay Hydrated 

It might sound like an agelong suggestion, but you cannot overemphasize the importance of water in the body.

If your body is short of fluid, water to be precise, one of the signs it shows is fatigue or tiredness.

You would find out that you always have low energy levels as a result of this.

A lot of people have found water to be very effective in helping them stay alert and with high energy, especially at work.

This can also help you in increasing your energy levels.

Natural Ways to Boost Your Energy Levels

Don’t Stay in a Shell; Socialize More 

There are times when the low energy levels you experience might be a result of social isolation.

Whether you consider yourself an introvert or extrovert by nature, it is still important to put in efforts in socializing with people.

When you spend quality time with people you love and engage in fun activities, it can help your energy levels a great deal.

Most times, after spending much time engaging in social activities, your energy levels drastically increase and you are more active and motivated.

Take Breaks at Work 

We don’t know how you see it, but your body is not and can never be a machine.

Even machines when they work for a long period without shutting down to rest up a bit, they start to lag.

As a human also, we tend to lose our energy when we do not create time for rest.

Hence, while you need to sleep sufficiently, it is also important to take short breaks at work.

This helps you to relax, free up your mind and when you return, you are more active and your energy level will increase.

Can Certain Foods Give You More Energy

Engage in a Variety of Tasks 

Sometimes, doing the same thing over and over again for a long period can be quite draining and cause low energy levels.

Therefore, ensure that your plan of activities for the day has varieties in them.

When you switch things up this way, particular tasks don’t get boring but find excitement in all of them.

And that can help you keep your energy levels up at all times.

Always Focus on the ‘Why’

Fixing your mind on the reason(s) you are carrying out a particular task can motivate you and give you energy.

Usually, when you have to carry out a task but are not too sure how it benefits you or your business, the commitment might not be there.

However, when you always remind yourself of the outcome you are looking to get from the task, it can be an extra source of motivation.

And this is what can help you increase your energy levels.

Bottom Line – How to Increase Energy Levels 

Ways to Boost Energy Instantly

Because we are humans, it would be unrealistic to expect that our energy levels would always be high.

However, even if you sometimes have low energy levels, you have the solution right on the palms of your hands.

Start by defining your goals, and then looking at your lifestyle to be sure it aligns with your values and goals.

By living a healthy lifestyle, you would be solving a major problem that contributes to low energy levels.

It is also important that you always plan your workday, and set priorities while focusing on the reason for what you do.

When you do all these, you can be getting the energy you need on a daily to complete tasks and be successful.

Finally, if necessary consult a healthcare professional so you make sure that you have covered all the bases.

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How to Increase Energy Levels