How To Keep The Entrepreneurial Spirit Alive In Your Business

How To Keep The Entrepreneurial Spirit Alive In Your Business

Are you an entrepreneur finding it hard to keep the entrepreneurial spirit alive in your business? 

Have you lost the passion and vision with which you started your business?

If you’ve answered yes to these questions, then you’re in luck, as you’re about to discover the simple and effective ways to keep the entrepreneurial spirit alive in your business and keep achieving great feats.

Just keep on reading to find out all you need to know.

How To Keep The Entrepreneurial Spirit Alive In Your Business

How do you maintain an entrepreneurial spirit

Being an entrepreneur takes a great level of will and determination

Most times, when challenges come, your will and determination are tested.

How well you can stand those challenges depends mostly on how clear your vision is and how strong your entrepreneurial spirit is.

Ensuring that your entrepreneurial spirit is alive and kicking at all points in your business is a great ingredient for a successful business.

Now, the question is; what is the entrepreneurial spirit, and how do you keep it alive in your business?

Let’s briefly look at the definition of entrepreneurial spirit.

Definition of Entrepreneurial Spirit – How To Keep The Entrepreneurial Spirit Alive In Your Business

How you can practice entrepreneurial spirit in some traditionally running organization

Let’s start by saying that entrepreneurial spirit is a mindset/mental attitude and general approach towards business.

Someone with an entrepreneurial spirit never gives up but is always looking for innovative methods of doing things that will yield positive results and increase.

If you have this mindset, you will be an instrument of change which is important as far as entrepreneurship is concerned.

Since you are on the lookout for innovative methods, it becomes easy for you to accept innovation.

This enhances the chances of success in a business venture.

When you have an entrepreneurial spirit, you’re not sitting around the corner waiting for a big change to come.

Instead, you’re constantly thinking of new ideas that can cause massive positive changes and grow your business.

More so, you impact people around you with this same spirit and keep them motivated to bring their best to the table constantly.

So, when we talk about entrepreneurial spirit, it is meant for you as an entrepreneur and everyone on your team working for you.

The next question to answer is; how can you keep the entrepreneurial spirit alive in your business?

We will answer this question by providing you with important tips on keeping the entrepreneurial spirit alive in your business.

Tips on How to Keep the Entrepreneurial Spirit Alive In Your Business

What is an entrepreneurial spirit


As we earlier discussed, the entrepreneurial spirit in your business has to be alive to experience success in your business.

This means the burden is on your as an entrepreneur or business owner/leader to ensure that yours and your team member is always active.

To make this happen, the following is necessary…

Be an Inspiration

Being an inspiration can be difficult most times, especially when you are not inspired.

However, if you desire that your team have their entrepreneurial spirit at a high level, you have to be someone they can look up to.

You have to be the epitome of creativity and passion, someone they can imitate.

To do this, think big, think of a new method of innovation and challenge yourself.

You could have weekly brainstorming sessions with your team, share stories of your entrepreneurship encounters with them.

Always be open to new ideas from your team.

Regardless of your past achievements, do not let the sense of accomplishment prevent you from moving forward.

It might be tempting to relax when things are good with your business, but always remember that the marketplace is very competitive.

Overall, by doing your best as a leader, you inspire your team to follow in your footsteps.

Consequently helping you keep the entrepreneurial spirit alive in your business.

Remember your Vision

You most definitely have a vision for starting your business.

Also, this vision has become a compass that guides the direction of your business.

It is what you want to attain and where you are going.

Therefore vision should be firmly planted in your mind.

Most times, in the process of running and managing your business, you can get caught up in the various activities and forget why you started in the first place.

When this happens, you might forget your business purpose, and any challenge can dampen your spirit:

This should not be so.

Your vision should always be the focus; it would enable you to push all effort and resources into the aspects of the business that matters.

This will help keep your spirit kicking because you know where you are heading and what you want to attain.

However, while following your vision, do not prevent yourself from seeing new possibilities and ideas.

In all, when you have your team’s attention fixed on the vision you have for the business, ensure you create room for them to voice their opinions when they feel that something does not fit the vision.

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Create Competitions – How To Keep The Entrepreneurial Spirit Alive In Your Business

Competitions are great ways to drive people to do their best and also develop a strong entrepreneurial spirit.

As an entrepreneur, you are relentlessly pushing yourself to overcome challenges and achieve your goals.

You can help your workers push themselves and become more productive by adding a little competition.

However, be careful so that your office does not become a war front.

Ensure you are aware of what is going on during any competition.

Above all, healthy competitions could boost morale and encourage everyone to be at their best at all times.

Reward Innovation and Creativity

A successful entrepreneur gets incredible ideas and works towards making those ideas great at all costs.

Your creativity and innovation are what distinguish you from other entrepreneurs in business.

To grow and boost the entrepreneurial spirit in your new business, always try to appreciate the ideas shared by your team.

Whether you plan to use the ideas shared or not, let your workers know that you appreciate their effort.

You could also create an avenue where your workers submit their ideas anonymously to the management every week, no matter how outrageous they are.

This will create a fun and workable place where ideas can flow easily.

Furthermore, appreciating your workers when they deserve it will encourage them to come up with better ideas for the growth of the business.

Above all, when you reward your workers for their creativity and innovations, you push them to do better.

Consequently, helping you keep the entrepreneurial spirit alive.

How do entrepreneurial spirits grow

Encourage Flexibility

It is known that flexibility and working remotely have become accepted in the workplace in recent times.

Individuals who are opportune to be flexible when planning their schedules tend to be more creative and productive.

This is because their day is easily organized around the period when they get great ideas more.

This is also great for new businesses with low funding; it will reduce owning office space.

Giving your workers the liberty to operate from the comfort of their homes when they want to or having a flexible schedule will motivate them.

It also helps them to have a balanced work life.

However, giving your workers this liberty does not mean that work would not be done in a proper and orderly way.

Therefore, ensure that they remember why they were given these liberties and keep communication at its peak.

All your workers must continue to feel associated with the business regardless of where they are working from.

Do not be Scared to Take Risks – How To Keep The Entrepreneurial Spirit Alive In Your Business

Have you ever done an extreme sport where you jump from a tall building or a flying plane with your parachute strapped to your back?

If you have, you would remember that you felt this great rush of adrenaline and the feeling that you can do anything.

Business is like that, you jump, you fly, and you shoot.

Business is an adventure, an extreme sport where you take different sorts of risks.

Mind you; these risks ought to be calculated.

Do not be scared of taking calculated risks that would grow your business.

You cannot learn to swim by staying on a dry surface.

Risk-taking in business boosts the entrepreneurial spirit; you feel excited, high-spirit, and pumped up.

When you take that calculated risk, that will help grow your business and continue to take advantage of opportunities that arise in business.

Connect with Persons with an Entrepreneurial Spirit

One way to develop your entrepreneurial spirit is to engage with persons who have a great entrepreneurial spirit.

You can form a business partnership with them if it would help boost your business.

But if you cannot, ensure you connect with them.

The people you surround yourself with, even outside work, matters a lot.

So, try as much as you can to relate with persons who give positive outlooks to things and also are creative in their way.

How To Keep Your Entrepreneurial Spirit Alive

Keep the Passion Burning

If you want to keep the entrepreneurial spirit alive in your business, you need to keep your passion burning.

How can you do this?

Someone or something inspired you to consider doing business, right?

Therefore, to keep the passion for your business burning, always be in tune with your source of motivation.

It would work like you are recharging yourself after getting drained while running your business.

More so, any habit that prevents you from enjoying your work do away with it.

This will help keep your passion burning and also keep the entrepreneurial spirit in you alive.

While considering ways to the entrepreneurial spirit alive, it’s also essential to consider the things that dampen it.

Things that can Kill the Entrepreneurial Spirit – How To Keep The Entrepreneurial Spirit Alive In Your Business

How Can Big Companies Keep the Entrepreneurial Spirit Alive

Knowing and doing the things that would ensure that the entrepreneurial spirit is alive in your business is great.

However, knowing and avoiding the things that would kill the entrepreneurial spirit in your business is equally important.

Therefore, we will point out the things that can kill the entrepreneurial spirit in your business.

Playing it Safe

You might wonder how playing it safe is something you should avoid in your business.

If you are always telling your employees to remain in their comfort zone, you are indirectly killing the entrepreneurial spirit.

And if your employees adopt this mindset, it will kill all forms of innovation, and innovation is necessary to maintain the entrepreneurial spirit.

Therefore, instead of keeping your head down, put yourself out there and be willing to step out of your comfort zone to ensure that your business succeeds.

Go out for conferences, meet up with competitors, seek new partners, and talk to clients.

Entrepreneurs don’t play it safe.

Not Measuring Successes in your Business

Some business owners are afraid to measure success because they do not want their failures and weaknesses to be exposed.

This is not the best way to go.

Instead, you should measure your business from time to time.

Else you run the risk of killing the entrepreneurial spirit.

When you measure the success you get in your business, you would know how far you have gone in your business.

This would serve as a form of reviewing your business growth.

It would also become a sort of standard performance that you and your workers would work to beat.

Procrastination -How To Keep The Entrepreneurial Spirit Alive In Your Business

We all know that procrastination in our daily routine always leads to failure to execute a task.

The same goes for a business.

When you procrastinate implementing an idea in your business, you slowly kill the desire to push the idea forward.

Your workers will feel relaxed, thereby making them less effective in their duties.

Above all, your business will not grow if you delay in implementing your great ideas.


Fear stops people from doing things that might make things better for them.

It also stops business owners from taking risks: This ought not to be so.

You do not have to be scared of taking the wrong steps or making a mistake.

You only need to be cautious in your decision-making.

Fear will kill the entrepreneurial spirit in your business.

If you let fear rule, you will not be able to take steps to be innovative.

This fear will also be transferred to your workers, and you will find out that you are not making progress in your business.

Small Thinking

As an entrepreneur, do not limit your train of thought.

When you think small, you cannot make innovations.

Thereby dampening the entrepreneurial spirit in you.

This will also be the same for your team because they are looking up to you.

Overall, as a leader, they expect you to come up with ground-breaking ideas.

When you do not, they become discouraged, and some might give up.

Therefore, do not doubt your ability to do great things.

Break out of your small thinking and think big so that your entrepreneurial spirit can push you to great heights in your business.

Conclusion on How To Keep The Entrepreneurial Spirit Alive In Your Business

Ways to Maintain the Entrepreneurial Spirit Within a Large

Keeping the entrepreneurial spirit alive in your business is very important.

It does not only help grow your business, but it also keeps you going even when there are difficulties.

Applying the tips we have provided will go a long way in helping you to keep the entrepreneurial spirit going in your business.

However, do not forget to avoid doing those things that will kill the entrepreneurial spirit as well.

Above all, remain focused on your goals.