How To Keep Your Cool

How To Keep Your Cool

Do you want to know how to keep your cool?

Do you completely lose it, overreact and blow things out of proportion?

Sometimes, situations or people can get on your last nerve.

At this time, your patience and tolerance levels are tested.

Sadly, most people fail as they tend to give in to the pressure, breakdown emotionally, react negatively.

Simply put, they lose their cool.

Thereby escalating the situation and making things worse than they were.

This can lead to other negative consequences that could have been avoided if only they controlled their emotions.

In this blog post, we share insight into better controlling your emotion and keeping it cool at all times.

Thereby helping you develop patience and be a better person overall.

Stay with us to find out all you need to know.

How To Keep Your Cool

It’s natural to get angry, feel frustrated, and experience all sorts of negative emotions, being humans that we are.

However, letting such negative emotions get the best of you and making you lose control of your emotions can be bad.

This is why there’s a need to know how to manage your emotions by learning how to keep your cool.

What does it mean to keep your cool?

Keeping your cool means staying calm and maintaining a positive attitude even in stressful or annoying situations.

Keeping your cool transcends beyond managing your emotions or temperament.

It also means being able to manage pressure or adverse situations.

Most people are unable to handle pressure, especially in their professional or personal life.

When they’re under pressure from work, they get overwhelmed by it.

As such, they tend to lose the ability to think clearly and behave irrationally.

Even more, different life challenges could get the best of them and make them lose a grip on their emotions.

However, effective strategies can help you better manage your emotions and deal with stressful situations or pressure from your business, work, or personal life.

Let’s discover what these strategies are.

How To Keep Your Cool- Effective Strategies For Managing Your Emotions

As a business owner, entrepreneur, or regular individual, how do you deal with pressure either from work or people, or do you remain calm and cool regardless of the pressure around you?

How you react to stressful situations, pressure, or when people or situations get on your nerves says a lot about your personality.

It tells how emotionally mature or responsible you are.

Keeping it cool under seemingly annoying, nerve-racking, and stressful situations seems easier in theory than in practice.

When someone gets under your skin or it feels like the world is crumbling down on you, playing it cool sounds like the last thing anyone could do.

However, keeping your cool can certainly make things better for you by helping you focus more on solving the problem than reacting to your negative emotions.

You’ll get to know more about the benefits of managing your emotions later on in this blog post.

Here are some practical and effective tips that can certainly make it easier to manage your emotions no matter what, either in your business, professional, and personal life.

1. Understand That You Can Control Your Emotions

This is the first effective strategy towards controlling your emotions and keeping it cool no matter what.

When you understand that you can control your emotions, the more willing you are to fight negative feelings when they come up.

However, if you’re aware that your emotions are an involuntary part of you that you have no power over, it becomes even more difficult to control them.

Emotions are indeed a natural part of humans.

However, with a little understanding of how you react to situations, it becomes quite easy to control these emotions.

Overall, having the mindset that you can control your emotion and not the other way helps you manage your emotions better.

Consequently, helping you keep it cool in stressful or annoying situations.

2. Identify Your Emotional Triggers

You can learn to keep it cool in stressful situations, either in business, work, or personal life, by identifying your emotional triggers.

Emotional triggers are things that seem to get under your skin or make you feel uncomfortable.

Identifying and understanding the things that get under your skin or make you react negatively can help you better manage your emotions.

To do this, pay attention to instances where you lost control of your emotion.

What happened?

How did someone behave that got on your nerves?

Understanding how you react to such situations can help you avoid them in the future.

Thereby helping you anticipate negative situations and control your emotions better when they occur.

Consequently, helping you keep it cool.

3. Practice Deep Breathing

Another effective technique for managing your emotions and keeping your cool is by doing some breathing exercises.

This involves taking deep breaths in and out to release the tense muscles causing your emotions to rise.

When you’re angry, you’ll notice your heart beats faster.

This is a result of the tense emotions that you feel.

Hence each time someone gets on your nerves, and you begin to notice this, what you can do is to take some deep breaths.

Breath slowly and deeply, in and out, until you begin to notice a sense of calmness within you.

Practice this often every time you feel tense emotions.

Over time you’ll become a pro at keeping your cool.

4. Count to 10 or More to Keep Your Cool

Counting to 10, 20, 30, 50, or more helps you manage your emotions as well.

It’s all about trying to bring yourself to calmness by shifting your focus on the cause of anger to something else when you feel like your emotions are getting the best of you.

When you feel angry, rather than engage in a physical confrontation and react negatively, count to 10 or more until your emotions calm down.

By doing this, you’ll feel your tense emotions gradually subside.

Consequently, helping you keep your cool in emotionally tense situations.

5. Take A Walk

Another thing you could do when you feel sad, angry, or under much pressure is to take a walk.

Whatever situation might be causing the heated emotions, sticking around would only make things worse.

Hence, one way to avoid the situation and prevent yourself from overreacting is to take a walk.

A 5 to 10 minutes walk can work wonders in situations like this.

Hence, when you find yourself feeling tensed up, excuse yourself and take a walk around the block.

In the process of doing this, you free yourself from the negative situation around you and clear your head from all sorts of negative thoughts.

Mind you, walking away from a negative situation doesn’t make you a coward.

Rather it makes you an emotionally responsible individual that can control his/her emotions and avoid escalating issues.

Thereby teaching you to keep your cool.

6. Listen to Music

Do you love to listen to music? then here is one way to enjoy the many benefits of listening to music.

Of the many benefits of listening to music, here are some of them.

  • Music has been known to lighten one’s mood by increasing hormone dopamine production in the brain.
  • It improves your health by increasing endorphins, serotonin, and blood flow in the body. As such reducing blood pressure, cortisol levels in the body.
  • Music also reduces stress levels.
  • It relieves depression.
  • Overall, music helps you to feel more positive emotions.

Research has shown that listening to music regulates sadness and enhances positive emotions.

In a similar vein, music can also calm your nerves and lighten up tensed emotions.

When you find your emotions rising, listen to music from your favorite playlist, and you find yourself feeling lighter and happier after a short while.

Overall do this each time someone gets on your nerve, and you feel like reacting negatively.

Consequently, helping you keep your cool.

7. Keep your Cool by not Taking Things Personally

Another thing you should know about managing your emotions and keeping your cool is not to take things personally.

Most times, you lose control of your emotions and react negatively because you see the other person’s actions as an attack on your personality.

As such, you see yourself as a victim and feel the need to defend yourself from these attacks.

Hence the reason you react negatively.

More often than not, people’s actions don’t always have to be about you.

Their actions could be due to their personality traits.

Some people have negative personality traits, and they enjoy getting on other people’s nerves.

Similarly, some people might have their own issues that they struggle with and, as such, might not be in the right frame of mind or control of their emotions.

Hence, their actions towards you might not necessarily be about you, and the sooner you realize this, the better for you.

When someone reacts negatively towards you, remember that it’s not always personal, and keep your cool.

8. Reduce Your Stress Levels

Research shows that too much stress affects your emotions and overall health.

When you’re stressed, the cortisol (the stress hormone in your body) increases, leading to a rise in tensed emotions.

Due to this, you find yourself most times overreacting to situations.

Hence, to better control your emotions and keep your cool under pressure, consider reducing your stress levels.

If you’re a business owner with so much workload, consider delegating or outsourcing some tasks.

Also, try to take breaks from work if you find yourself being stressed out lately.

Some effective ways to deal with stress include; doing some exercises, meditation, getting enough sleep, eating healthy, etc.

Consequently helping you avoid mental stress and to keep your cool.

9. Find A Positive Release Mechanism- Keep Your Cool By Distracting Yourself

Sometimes when it comes to keeping it cool, you just have to release your emotions.

This is because when your emotions are bottled up, it gets to a point where you can’t contain them anymore.

At this point, the emotions become uncontrollable.

This is why expressing your emotions help you control them better.

However, this has to be in a positive way.

This is why it is called a positive release mechanism.

It’s all about diverting the negative emotions that you feel into something more productive.

Hence, rather than engage in destructive behavior when you feel angry or sad, channel those emotions into something more positive.

For instance, if you feel angry, you could quickly go for a workout.

Exercising would take your mind off the cause of anger and make you feel calmer.

Similarly, you could channel such emotions by focusing on work.

This way, you’re being productive while distracting yourself from the negative emotions that you feel.

Consequently, helping you keep your cool.

10. Learn To Let Things Go

Another reason for your outburst of emotions or overreacting to negative situations might be that you’re holding on to things more than you should.

It could be that you’re keeping records of the wrongs that have been done to you in the past or that you feel the need to win or be right all the time.

As such, you always have your defenses up each time you’re caught up in a negative situation with someone.

To better control your emotions and keep your cool in such situations, you need to learn to let things go.

Even more, you need to understand that not all situations demand your reactions.

As such, you need to learn to let things slide.

If you have the mindset to let things go, it will become easier to manage your reactions to situations and keep them cool.

11. Talk About It

This is another thing you could to control your emotions.

A lot of help can come from talking to someone about your situation.

For one, you could gain insight or a fresh perspective into the situation.

Also, you could feel better after expressing your emotions by talking to someone.

Hence, rather than engage in destructive behavior when you feel emotionally tensed, talk to someone about how you feel.

This could be the person you’re having trouble with or a neutral party.

Whatever the case might be, talking about a situation helps resolve things better and prevent them from getting out of hand.

12. Write Down Your Feelings 

What if you’re not the type that likes to talk or no one seems willing to listen to you?

There’s more to do than just talking; you could write about how you feel.

This helps a lot to relieve mental/emotional stress and negative emotions.

If you love to write, this is one technique that can help you better manage your emotions and learn to keep your cool.

Hence, when you feel bad or hurt emotionally, rather than engage in negative behavior, resort to writing down how you feel.

You could do this in your diary/thought journal.

When you write about how you feel, you take a let go of the negative thoughts/emotions you feel, and you begin to feel calmer/more relaxed.

Thereby helping you keep your cool.

13. Be Patient With Your Actions- Don’t React Immediately

Overall, keeping it cool is all about managing your emotions and becoming patient in emotionally tense situations.

To achieve this, you need to learn to withhold impulsive actions.

In emotionally tense situations, the urge to react immediately becomes stronger.

This could be due to how our hearts beat faster and our blood pumps faster.

However, to better control this urge to react impulsively, you need to develop patience.

You do this by withholding your reactions to situations.

Give yourself time to think about the short and long-term consequences of your before reacting.

By doing this constantly, you’ll develop the habit of thinking rationally before reacting to situations.

Consequently, helping you keep your cool.

14. Consider Seeing A Therapist

Sometimes, your inability to control your emotions is deeply rooted in negative childhood experiences and psychological issues.

As such, you will need certain clinical procedures and therapists to help you become better at managing your emotions.

A therapist would be well equipped with all the methods and procedures to diagnose the cause of the problem and therapies that could help you solve the problem.

Hence, consider seeing a therapist if you still find it difficult to manage your emotions, having tried various self-help techniques.

Thereby helping you better manage your emotions.

Final Words on How To Keep Your Cool

Overall, that’s all the tips we have for you on how to keep it cool.

Remember, it all starts with you recognizing how your inability to control your emotions is negatively affecting your life and your firm decision to change a become a better person.

When you do this, the willingness to change makes the process more effective.

Aside from that, there are many benefits attached to being able to control your emotions and keep it cool.

Firstly, you’ll be seen as an emotionally intelligent and mature individual.

More so, you’ll become better at creating and maintaining positive relationships.

Managing your emotions is also beneficial to your mental health and overall well-being.

Hence, the need for you to know how to keep it cool.

Use these tips and become better at managing your emotions.

Before you go, do you think managing emotions is a skill that should be learned?

Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

We would love to hear from you.

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How To Keep Your Cool