How to Make a Good First Impression

How to make a good first impression_

Ever heard the cliché that says, “you only have one chance to create a first impression”? Well, this article will teach you how to make a good first impression so that you can do it right!

Why is it necessary to make a positive first impression?

According to social experts, you only have seven seconds to make a first impression.

Within this minuscule time span, people draw an instant, unconscious conclusion about you based on your behavior, looks, and act.

People base the conclusion in the information that flashes in their senses as they look or interact with you.

The opinion they create in their mind is resistant to change unless they get to know you better.

So, if you are meeting someone for the first time, be sure to put your best foot forward and take advantage of the first seven seconds to make a first impression.

When making a good impression, you get no second chance.
As soon as you enter a room or introduce yourself, people notice visual cues about your physical appearance.

First impressions_

They quickly pick up the tone of your voice, the scent you wear, the way you smile or the firmness of your grip during the handshake.

By the moment you finish introducing yourself, most people have a firm opinion about you.

More often than not, the conclusions they make influence how they treat you.

First impressions have a strong impact on the future of relationships you are aiming to forge.

People you meet always try to find answers to two basic questions about you: “Are you competent?” and “Are your intentions good?”

There are individuals who are naturally charismatic that they draw positive first impressions.

If you are not one of them, it is necessary to enhance your skills to leave a significant mark during business meetings, interviews or social occasions.

First impressions

It can be challenging to create positive first impressions at all times.

But if you want to succeed in business or whatever personal endeavor you choose to do, you need to learn the tricks and trades of making a good impression.

All you need to do is to master the simple techniques, and you will be reaping the rewards in no time at all.

Check out the following ways to make a good first impression:

1. Prepare Talking Points And Questions

How to make a good impression

Preparation is one of the vital steps of making the first impression.

Prior to your meeting with the person, think about what they want to know about you and what you want to know about them.

Clear any negative presumptions or thoughts about the forthcoming meeting.

It is necessary to be positive and be ready to present your authentic self.

  • If it is a job interview, learn about the company to know if your skills and expertise match their requirements. The information will help you become more confident and prepared.
  • If it is a social or business meeting, research about the person in advance to help you prepare related questions or topics of conversations.

2. Set Your Intention

How to make good impressions

What is your objective and what do you want from the meeting?

These two questions will help you find your main intention and be ready to conquer your target.

The importance of the first impressions in business meetings will motivate you to prepare yourself with utmost care.

Your aim is to be perceived as a person who is competent and composed.

If you are going to a big event and expect to meet a lot of people, you need to consider the types of interaction you will be having and how to leave a good impression.

Remember that every person you meet is a potential addition to the network you are building for your personal life and business life, so always make a good impression.

3. Look Your Best

Making good first impressions

Your physical image is the first thing that people notice as you walk towards them.

Always dress to impress.

One of the most awkward moments is to dress inappropriately.

You don’t need to dress like a runway model; you only need to dress to blend in.

When you make an effort to dress your best with the right accessories, people will be more impressed.

Dress to build an impression that you take things seriously and ready for anything.

Mismatched clothes, stains, untucked shirts, unclean shoes, or any sign of sloppiness brings negative impressions.

Taking care of your overall appearance before the meeting is one of the essential steps of making the right first impression.

4. Check Your Attitude

Making good a first impression_

If you are having a bad day or are depressed, be careful.

You might even have to consider avoiding meeting new people.

Your first impressions will be negative if you go out with a bad mood or angry attitude.

You will appear unapproachable and hostile- two impressions that will not bring positive impact so beware of your attitude.

A positive attitude will help you create good first impressions and start on the right foot with anyone you want to impress.

People tend to gravitate to individuals with a positive attitude.

5. Be Aware Of Your Body Language

Making a good first impression__

One of the crucial ways to make a good impression is to communicate using your body.

Your body language speaks volumes.

It shows your inner feelings and thoughts.

It mirrors your confidence and openness to learn more about the person you are meeting.

People perceive lame handshakes or eye rolls as acts of impatience and disinterest.

How you carry yourself, walk, laugh, react in certain situations, and other unconscious body language influences the first impressions that others form about you.

6. Choose Your Words Carefully

 Making a great first impression

Words you use during the initial conversation influence how people react to your presence.

Positive, considerate, and persuasive statements make people feel comfortable being with you and often open doors of opportunities.

Most people prefer to work or talk to individuals who speak with optimism.

 7. Project Confidence

Great first impressions

If you want to climb the ladder of success quickly, learn the importance of the first impressions in business.

Successful people are confident and know their own worth.

To create a good impression, appear self-assured and in control of the situation.

But do not go overboard and avoid boasting.

8. Be Yourself

How to give a good impression_

If you want to impress people, do not act like a totally different person.

It is one of the important first impressions tips that you need to remember.

If you are constantly anxious about appearing perfect by saying or doing what you believe will help you draw a good impression, you may appear too insincere or strategic.

People will wonder if you are real or hiding something.

They may consider not to trust you.

Being genuine and comfortable in your own skin will make you appear more interesting.

Strive to be the best, and you will never go wrong.

Do not hide your authentic self.

Show your personality.

Share specific interests that help make for an engaging conversation.

Avoid focusing on your weaknesses.

If you find yourself in a situation that you do not know the answer, acknowledge it but do not dwell on it.

Try to draw on your strengths.

9. Smile

Giving a good impression

The smile is real ice-breaker when meeting a new person.

If you want to create a positive impression, wear a genuine smile.

A smile will alert everyone that you are approachable and friendly.

It also helps decrease your stress level.

Smiling has been a survival mechanism since time immemorial.

Some individuals do not trust people who do not smile.

Walking around with a grimace or frown makes people wary of approaching you.

10. Make Eye Contact

How do you make a good first impression

Making eye contact when you are talking to someone shows your genuine appreciation to meet him.

When your eyes keep wandering around your surroundings, the other person will perceive it as disinterest and rudeness.

11. Speak With Clarity

How do you make a great first impression_

Always speak clearly.

Enunciate your words properly and avoid using foul language, especially when it is your first meeting.

Avoid using slangs.

Learn to become a good conversationalist if you want to meet more interesting and influential people who can help you in advancing your business.

12. Monitor Your Voice Tone And VolumeGreat first impression_

The tone of your voice communicates enthusiasm or lack of it.

Practice speaking in a friendly and light manner.

Avoid speaking in a monotone.

Another thing that you should constantly monitor is the volume of your voice.

If you are meeting new people, speaking too loud may annoy them.

Watch your volume and learn to control it.

13. Become An Active Listener

Make first impression

Active listening  is about focusing on what the other person is telling you and asking related questions.

People who know how to make an impression are active listeners.

They are genuinely interested in others’ lives and stories.

To become an active listener, listen without planning what you will say next.

14. Do Not Monopolize The Conversation

 Ways to make a good first impression

You are not the only one who wants to share stories about personal accomplishments.

Let the other person tell his own achievements.

This is one of the techniques on how to leave a good impression.

15. Focus On The Other Person

Great ways to make a good first impression

Shifting your focus from your own to others will make you more interesting in their eyes.

People tend to remember and treasure individuals who make them feel good during conversations.

Say something that positively reflects your own impression and opinion about them.

Examples are- “I really looked forward to meeting you in person because of your amazing work”, “I am very impressed by your company’s profile”, or “I am so thankful for this opportunity to know you better.”

Be sincere when you give compliments. People can sense if you are just sucking up.

16. Observe Proper Manners

Tips to make a good first impression

Be polite and nice.

Basic good manners are still the best techniques that you need to get a positive first impression.

Saying thank you, please, excuse me, you are welcome, and nice meeting you will make people remember you as a courteous and pleasant person.

Greet people appropriately.

A handshake is the usual act of greetings in business meetings.

However, if you are meeting people with different culture, it’s wise to do a little research on how to welcome them.

17. Pick A Place And Time Of The Meeting

How to leave a good first impression

If you have the freedom to choose a venue, select a familiar place that you will feel comfortable.

It will help you relax and reduce your stress level.

Pick a time when you are free, so you can prepare yourself before the meeting.

18. Be On Time

Ways to leave a good first impression

Always arrive a few minutes earlier than the arranged time.

It produces an impression of being responsible and reliable.

Showing up late in job interviews, meeting clients, or pre-arranged social date is a no-no.

If you want to impress a prospective employer, business partner, or other influential people, show up on time.

Early arrival allows you to relax and prepare while waiting for the other person.

19. Be Open-minded

Creating first impressions_

When you are meeting new people, remember to be open-minded and appreciate their uniqueness.

Every person is different from the other.

Accept the differences and avoid making judgments.

By doing so, you can easily adjust your overall behavior and body language as you get acquainted.

This approach will help you know how to make a first impression that is favorable.

Showing respect in the differences between you and the other person will put you in the better spot.

20. Display A Sense Of Humor

How to create a good first impression

People list the sense of humor as one of the best traits of charismatic individuals.

They can easily make people laugh by cracking simple, witty jokes.

They bring a sense of joy and fun at any gathering or conversation.

If you have funny bones, master the techniques that will draw more people into your circle. Many people remember those with a sense of humor the most.

21. Connect

Creating a good first impression

Finding something in common with others is one of the first impression tips that will make you remarkable and unforgettable.

The ‘links’ include common hobbies, passions, interests, cultural backgrounds, travel destinations you like, pets, and other significant matters.

Look for cues around if you are meeting in their offices or something they wear.

The common ground will help you create an instant connection that you can use to start a conversation.

22. Avoid Being A Gossip

Ways to create a good first impression

Knowing how to make a first impression that builds trust and harmony is very important.

If it is your first meeting, do not be tempted to speak negatively about common friends.

If you do, you will be considered a gossip monger, and your new acquaintance may take it in a bad light.

Do not also speak badly about yourself or the people in your life.

If the other person shared a confidential matter or a negative story about your mutual friends, do not spread more gossip.

Just listen without adding anything.

23. Call People By Their Names

Great ways to create a good first impression

It’s always great to hear others saying your name with respect and delight.

People want to be remembered, so use their names when you are conversing with them.

By constantly saying the names, you are likely to remember them.

If you are having a hard time recalling the names of your acquaintances, learn memory techniques that will aid you in matching the faces and the names.

24. Put Away Your Phone

Best ways to create a good first impression

If you are trying to impress a person, do not use your phone while you are having a conversation.

It also applies to your laptop, tablet, and other electronic gadgets.

Give the person your undivided attention.

Let him see how focused and committed you are as you talk about important matters.

25. Be Interesting And Interested

Tips to create a good first impression

Your first impressions stick! If people perceive you during initial contact as dull and dumb, you will have a difficult time changing the biased opinion.

So, it is important to prepare yourself prior to the first meeting.

Be interesting and memorable.

You don’t need to do something outrageous, just be your best self during the meet-up.

Become interested with the people around you by personally shaking hands with them and having small chats.

It builds better and engaging relationships.

Keep them interested by engaging them in friendly, light small talks.

Adjust your approach and always pay attention to their level of interest.

If they show great interest in something, find out what grabs their attention and make a positive remark.

Ask questions about their passion and work, you will be surprised by an avalanche of information that you will learn.

26. Leave Them Wanting More

Importance of creating a good first impression_

The final tip on how to make an impression that lasts long is to leave them wanting more.

Even if you are having a great conversation do not be afraid to say goodbye.

If you find the other person interesting and you have a connection, exchange contact numbers, and arrange another meeting.

Have you ever been in a situation where you failed to create a good first impression?

We’d love to hear your experience!

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how to make a good first impression