How to Outsource Your Life for Maximum Productivity  

How to Outsource Your Life for Maximum Productivity

We all want maximum productivity in our businesses as well as our lives, don’t we? Well, the question is, do you know how to outsource your life for maximum productivity? Yes, you heard right, outsource!

Whether you’re a business startup, a small enterprise, solo entrepreneur, or just plain hardworking person who wants everything done in no time at all, maximizing your time is possible.

The solution? Outsourcing.

This idea is not really a new thing for many people.

However, if you want to learn how to outsource your life for maximum productivity, this article will show you exactly how.

Getting things done

The idea of outsourcing may have already crossed your mind and you probably thought that it is only suitable for big companies.

What you don’t know is that the type those ‘big’ companies implement, is just one kind of outsourcing.

This is because outsourcing can also include hiring someone so you won’t have to do tasks that you think can be entrusted to another person.

Now, this is another kind of outsourcing.

Again, you don’t have to own a big company to outsource.

Outsourced tasks can be assigned to another person so you won’t have to do tasks such as tax payments, cooking, food, delivery, and even laundry.

How to outsource your life

As a busy person, you probably have a lot on your plate and trying to do them all on your own could affect your other pressing tasks.

With outsourcing, time and energy are usually saved.

There are loads of things to outsource.

Some examples include doing reservations, appointments, customer service, research, logistics, shopping, and dry cleaning.

The list goes on and on.

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The following are just some ideas on how you can introduce outsourcing into your life for maximum and improved productivity:

How to Outsource Your Life for Maximum Productivity

Delegate Tasks To Others

How to boost your productivity

In this day and age, most people would rather work smarter than harder.

What does it mean?

Since work-life balance is mostly practiced now, many are now seeing the importance of delegating tasks.

Admit it, you aren’t superhuman and can’t do everything without asking for or getting help.

As you assume more responsibility, you have to learn the value of surrendering other responsibilities to others.

You can’t micromanage everything.

So before you lose your mind, determine early on the things that you can delegate to someone else.

Outsourcing your life

If you find it hard to let go of a specific task, think if you can work on it efficiently.

Delegation doesn’t always mean hiring someone to do it for you.

It can be as simple as dividing household chores among members of the family or your spouse.

Getting things done can be best handled the moment you learn to delegate.

With proper delegation, you can accomplish your tasks in the shortest possible time.

How to Outsource Your Life for Maximum Productivity –

Hire A Virtual Assistant

Things to Outsource

Hiring one will particularly help you with day to day tasks that are uncomplicated and often repetitive.

This is because doing them over and over again could also take a toll on your productivity.

Such is answering emails.

Yes, you can answer some emails.

But, doing this from time to time could disrupt the time that could have been set aside for planning, creating new concepts, and devising new business strategies.

How to do you get things done?

Hire a virtual assistant at a low cost and see how your life transforms from loaded to managed.

How to Outsource Your Life for Maximum Productivity –

Decide What You Want Outsourced

Improve your productivity

Your to-do list will include things that you can and cannot outsource.

This is why you have to create your own list.

Review the list and decide the tasks that can be passed on to someone else to do on your behalf.

Hire Household Help

Improving productivity

Running a business and a household all at the same time could cause you to wind up in a pit.

Humans are adaptable in nature and are capable of handling piles and piles of responsibilities.

However, there will be a point in your life where you will eventually reach your breaking point if you don’t outsource your life for maximum productivity.

Do you know how famous people manage to do it all?

We all have the same hours in a day, but how can they afford to do all the things that they have to do?

Outsource your life

This is because there are people helping them.

Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, can’t do it all without outsourcing to people to work for them.

This is the same with working moms and dads out there.

They won’t be able to do what they have to do without external help.

It’s either each parent take turns at taking household tasks or they employ help from other people.

There are also a good number of productivity tools that can aid in streamlining your business.

Improving your productivity

No matter how big or small, they help you focus on those very important tasks such as growing and planning your business.

Now, with a great number of productivity tools out there, how will you know which ones to use?

The primary thing to consider is your business’ priorities and main concerns.

Determine what would help make your job easier.

Some of the categories that you can look into are communication, digital enterprise management, recruitment, and human resources.

Also, you can include, project task management, customer relationship management, finance, social media management, and business operations among others.

Outsourcing lifestyle

How do you know when it is high time to outsource?

You may have considered this idea for quite some time now but got discouraged simply because you’re not sure if it’s going to work out well for you or your business.

You may be hesitant at first, but you need to answer these questions for each task you think needs outsourcing:

Do You Dread The Thought Of Having To Do The Work?

Personal Outsourcing

Does it terrify you just by the thought of it?

If you feel this way, it’s a sign that you need to pass on the task to someone who can do it more efficiently and boldly.

Has The Task Become Repetitive?

Do you hate the idea of having to tackle it every single day?

There are tasks that we come back to over and over again not because we can’t fulfill them, but because we don’t have a choice but to do them.

Do You Lack The Expertise?

Outsource tasks

This may be hard to accept to some especially if it involves the job that they have worked too hard to achieve.

But ask yourself, could there be someone better than you to fulfill the task and do it more efficiently?

Oftentimes, all you need is an acceptance that you can’t always do it.

There will be someone better and probably with brighter ideas than you do.

Have You Got Enough Time To Do It Or Would You Rather Do Other More Pressing Matters?

Outsourced lifestyle

Decide which tasks are worth keeping and working on and those that can be simply outsourced to other people.

Remember, your time is precious.

There are a lot of things that you can do if you just let other tasks be managed by someone else.

Is Procrastination Getting The Better Of Your Productivity?

What to Outsource

Do you have tasks that you find hard to start right away or accomplish?

If this is always the case then it is high time that you outsource that specific task.

Finding yourself always giving excuses not to do a task at once is a clear sign that something must be done.

Personal outsourcing is extremely helpful as it lets you make the most out of your 24 hours.

As you work, there is someone who’s doing your taxes, grocery, laundry, emailing, and answering inquiries among others.

There are two types: ‘offshore’ and ‘onshore’.

Jobs that can be Outsourced

When you say offshore, it means hiring someone or a group of people from another state or country to do the work for you.

Onshore, means hiring a person/people in your local area.

The following are some of the tasks that you can personally outsource.

These are some of the most common tasks that may be simple but could really eat up a chunk of your time:

  • Grocery shopping. Yes, some may enjoy doing this one, but it can be outsourced to someone else.

When to Outsource

This task may be so simple, but it could steal much of your precious time especially if you’re a very busy person.

  • Cooking. You can either have someone cook food for the family or have an arrangement with a takeout place in your area where they can have your food delivered on a daily basis.
You can prepay them so you’ll never have to worry about what to eat every day.
  • Doing the laundry. This task can be easily outsourced because there are a number of ways to get this task done at a much lower cost.

Commonly Outsourced jobs

You can have someone commissioned to do it for you.

Alternatively, you can ask a laundry staff near your place to pick up your dirty clothes and have them delivered washed and pressed the same day.

  • Cleaning the house. This may be a bit expensive to some as you will have the person come to your place either on a daily or weekly basis.

However, there are still those who charge at a much lower price.

It is best to ask for recommendations to compare costs.

  • Doing everyday errands.

How to improve productivity

Some of the most common errands include going to the bank, falling in line to pay for your bills, or even calling the credit card company.

You can outsource these tasks by simply hiring a teenager neighbor.

You can do this during their days off at school.

Also, you can employ an offshore virtual assistant to do these things for you.

Whichever way you choose, outsourcing these tasks will make your day easier and your schedule more manageable.

Increasing productivity

No matter how much you try in improving productivity, there will always be challenges along the way.

Outsourcing methods are similar to unlocking everyday jobs that you presently control and conveying to the rest of the team with better administration and organization skills.

In order to achieve maximum productivity in your life through the help of outsourcing, take note of the following:

Outsourcing Allows For Better Talent Recruitment

This lets you recruit a suitable professional that can do the things that you are also able to do, only that you don’t have much time to do them.

Discovering talents in the field can help in growing and making your business better.

Outsourcing Results in Delegating Work To Outsourcing Organizations

Increasing your productivity

There is power in distributing work.

Apart from freeing more of your time, you also get to discover new ideas coming from different people.

This wouldn’t be possible if you rely only on your knowledge and understanding.

If there’s anything most people emphasize so much on, it is productivity.

However, productivity isn’t achieved overnight and is definitely not rocket science.

Productivity should be consistently present.

Remember, it’s not about the number of hours you worked in a day.

There are many ways to increase productivity such as the following:

Learn The Value Of Single-Tasking

How to maximize productivity

Multitasking to become productive is no longer the end-all and be-all of being productive.

According to studies, when you multitask, you lessen your productivity level to 40%.

This is due to the fact that shuttling between tasks tends to limit your concentration and focus towards a specific task.

It also disturbs your recollection and adds more pressure and stress to your life. Notice that when you do a lot of tasks all at once, you feel as if you have not really accomplished anything.

So in order to boost your productivity, you need to work on one task at a time. This is to ensure that you don’t lose focus on the process.

Another Thing To Consider Is To Create A Not-To-Do List

How to maximize your productivity

You may have been used to doing a to-do list, but this time, try creating a not-to-do list to become more productive.

You can even consider outsourcing the items on your no-to-do-list.

The gist here is to make a list of things that distract you and that you don’t want to do while working on a task.

This can include checking on your phone from time to time, scrolling through social media accounts, accepting calls, among others.

Those tasks that do not really contribute to increasing your productivity should be on the list.

Review them from time to time so that they remind you of what to prioritize.

Follow The 2-Minute Rule

Maximize productivity

The idea is if there is a task that you can complete in 2 minutes, do it at once.

Chances are if you put that specific task for later, it would take longer to finish.

To maximize this rule, think about the chores that you do every day and determine which ones can be completed within 2 minutes.

Some examples include answering emails, doing the dishes, checking the mailbox, and making your bed among others.

This kind of strategy can significantly improve your productivity level by allowing you to finish as many tasks as you can, each within 2 minutes.

Learn To Organize

How to boost productivity

According to studies, people who have an untidy and disordered workspace are more frustrated and less effective in their work.

This is because a cluttered space contributes greatly to confusion and stress.

You will also find it hard to focus on your tasks.

In order to improve efficiency in everything that you do, start decluttering your space.

Do this by organizing your stuff.

Always keep papers in a folder or in a box.

Ensure you place pencils and pens in a penholder.

These simple things will greatly impact how you do your work.

Learn To Plan Your Day

Improve personal productivity

You can do this the night before.

Highly productive people usually plan their day and make a list of what they will do the next day.

This will help you streamline important tasks and those that can still wait.

When you start making your to-do list, you are giving your day an organized head start.

To make things achievable, remember to keep your list simple and realistic.

Do not put too many tasks.

Finally, outsourcing is the best way to maximize your productivity because it will save you more time, energy, and money.

Improve work efficiency

With outsourcing, you don’t need to pile on tasks that can be done by another person or group of people.

Everything seems to be fast-paced in this day and age, so it is important that you can keep up.

Outsourcing will help you do this.

But at the same time, you will have more energy to do other things such as improving yourself, properly managing your time, and growing your business or excelling more at your field of expertise.

With outsourcing, you can do anything you want.
While people are working for you, you should ensure they can improve as well.

Improve self productivity

Remember, their success will be your success, too and that of your business.

Whatever they put in, it will reflect on you.

In outsourcing, everybody wins!

You get to give employment to a person or group of people and at the same time, you are able to focus on making yourself big in the industry that you’re in.

You should know now how to outsource your life for maximum productivity

Well then go ahead and do it!

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How to outsource your life for maximum productivity