How To Overcome Feeling Overwhelmed

Steps to overcome feeling overwhelmed

Do you want to know the tricks on how to overcome feeling overwhelmed?

Truly, when you feel overwhelmed, it can be consuming and also make you burn-out.

It even becomes difficult to think straight and act rationally.

If you are bothered and need useful and practical tips on how you can overcome feeling overwhelmed, then you have come to the right place.

Read on to find out more!

How To Overcome Feeling Overwhelmed

Strategies that may help you overcome overwhelm

Being overwhelmed can simply be regarded as feeling defeated or choked up with situations or happenings around you either in your business, work, or personal life.

This feeling is something that everyone experiences at certain points in their lives.

Most times, you will have so many things to attend to but don’t even know where to start from.

Hence, it becomes difficult to think clearly and make accurate decisions on what to do about the situation.

Most times, it can be tricky to recognize that you are overwhelmed.

This is because it takes different forms or people express this feeling in different ways.

However, here are some of the signs that show that you’re overwhelmed.

Firstly for some, it can manifest as a lack of focus and concentration.

More so, it can take the form of tiredness, stress, weakness, anxiety, etc.

It could also be total dissatisfaction with work, relationships, and life generally.

You can feel like you aren’t competent at anything, or you are the worst of every man.

Also, it could be a lack of mental clarity and difficulty in making decisions.

Other signs of feeling overwhelmed include;

  • low energy levels
  • feeling angry, irritated, and frustrated
  • negative thoughts and behavior
  • uncontrolled emotions
  • lack of sleep
  • feeling demotivated
  • emotional and mental fatigue
  • lack of productivity and efficiency
  • tension, headache, or body pains

Whichever way the feeling of being overwhelmed gets to you, there are ways you can better cope with stressful situations and stop feeling overwhelmed.

Here are a few tips that can help.

Greats Ways To Stop Feeling Overworked 

Great ways to overcome overwhelm

Listed below are our tips on how to overcome feeling overwhelmed.

Identify The Primary Source Of The Problem

Steps to Overcome Feeling Overwhelmed

Identifying the primary source of your stress and anxiety is one basic way you can overcome feeling overwhelmed.

Simply ask yourself what is that thing you are doing that is causing you stress.

Is it your work, business, or personal troubles?

Are you constantly overworked with deadlines that you have to meet at work or other responsibilities in your personal life?

If you feel overwhelmed emotionally, it could be due to stress, relationship issues, trauma, and other sorts of negative experiences.

Though you might not be able to get rid of them.

However, you stand a better chance of knowing how to handle the overwhelming feeling when you’re able to identify your stressors.

Overall, the best way to tackle any problem is to identify the source of the problem.

After then, it becomes easy to identify the next course of action to take towards solving that problem.

Hence, when struggling with feeling overwhelmed, try to identify the reasons for your feelings.

Thus helping you deal with negative feelings and overcome feeling overwhelmed.

Reduce Your Commitments Level

How to Deal with Constantly Feeling Overwhelmed

Another way you can overcome feeling overwhelmed is to reduce your commitment level.

Commitments mean dedication towards an activity, cause of action, person, or organization.

It is what you give your time, attention, and even resources to.

So, having too many things that you’re committed to can certainly make life harder for you and make you feel overwhelmed.

For example, you belong to more than one social club or association, also you’re juggling too many responsibilities and duties either at work or in your personal life.

Over time, all these duties and responsibilities can drain energy and life out of you completely.

Thereby, leading to fatigue and you to feel overwhelmed.

Hence, to overcome these feelings you need to learn to lessen your commitments.

This would eliminate certain stressors in your life generally.

Consequently, helping you reduce your stress levels to stop feeling overworked and overwhelmed.

Avoid Multitasking

Steps to overcoming overwhelm

Another trick on how to overcome feeling overwhelmed is to avoid multitasking.

Multitasking occurs mostly when we have so much to do.

This is true especially when there’s a deadline to meet.

Hence, we try to do so many things at the same time, just to maximize your time and energy to meet up the deadline.

Doing so most times can lead to fatigue, exhaustion, and being overwhelmed.

This is because the brain is being overstressed when you switch from one task to the other.

So, rather than do that, strive to do things or handle tasks one at a time.

Another thing that could lead to multitasking and you feeling overwhelmed is when you’re a control freak.

You like to be in control of every and anything; wanting to do everything all by yourself.

This is because you don’t trust the abilities of other people to handle the duties like you would want them handled.

As such you find it difficult to let go of your control especially as a business owner or leader and delegate duties.

Hence, learn to delegate tasks or duties provided it is something that someone else or other people could do.

This has to do with sharing duties, tasks, or responsibilities with other people to lighten your workload.

This way you eliminate the need to multitask or overwork yourself.

Also, you could consider outsourcing tasks or duties to independent contractors or outsourcing companies.

Thereby reducing your workload/stress levels and helping you overcome feeling overwhelmed.

Learn To Prioritize

10 Great Ways to Overcome Overwhelm

This is another major factor that leads to feeling overwhelmed.

When too many things demand your time and attention all at once, this could make you feel tensed up and overwhelmed.

One effective way to handle this is to take a step back, take a moment, and ask yourself what is more important?

This is simply known as prioritizing- giving attention to things that are most important to do before handling the least important task.

To effectively prioritize tasks, duties, or responsibilities, you must identify what your priorities are, and to do this you should ask yourself;

Is this thing very important for me to do?

Is it something that I can or must do now or later?

Also, ask yourself, is it something that I can neglect doing or do without?

When things become too much for you to handle and you feel overwhelmed by them just take a moment to ask yourself these questions.

After that, strive to handle tasks/duties/responsibilities according to your priorities by focusing on the most important things at that moment.

Thereby, making things more manageable for you, improving your focus, and to overcome feeling overwhelmed.

Be Realistic With Your Plans, Schedules, And Goals

4 Powerful Methods to Stop Feeling Overwhelmed

Most times when making plans or setting goals for the things we want to do and achieve we tend to go overboard with it most times.

At the end of the day when we try to achieve the set goals, it becomes too difficult to achieve.

Hence, we start to feel overwhelmed.

This is because the goals or plans are unrealistic.

Be it in your business, or your day to day routines or activities, make realistic plans.

It’s good to aim high for what you want to achieve.

However, it’s better when what you aim to achieve is realistically possible.

For instance, in your daily to-do list don’t pack it too much with activities or duties that 10 people ought to handle in one day.

Rather make a to-do list of things that you can realistically and effectively achieve in a day, given the time and energy that you have.

Likewise, when you have a project at hand don’t plan to complete a project in a few weeks that would normally take months to complete.

Doing so would mean that you would have to stretch yourself more than necessary to meet the deadline.

This can be very exhausting and overwhelming.

More so at the end of the day, when you’re able to achieve your goals, you feel like you’ve failed.

Hence, either in your business, work, or personal life, make plans that are realistic to achieve.

Thereby, helping you work on and achieve your goals without much stress and not to be overwhelmed.

Change Your Perfectionistic Tendencies

10 Ways to Stop Feeling Overworked and Overwhelmed

Another thing that you must do to overcome feeling overwhelmed is to change your perfectionistic tendencies.

Perfectionism is having the mindset of wanting things to be absolutely perfect all the time.

As a result of this mindset, you’re constantly anxious about everything that you want to do.

You worry about all the things that could go wrong when you have a plan you want to execute.

You also worry about what people would say or think should things not work out perfectly the way you expect them to be.

Even more, you don’t feel motivated to take action on your goals if you’re not guaranteed its success or it being perfect.

It’s good to want to get the best result in whatsoever you do.

However, thinking too much about it or dwelling on perfection can cause you more stress than you imagine.

Hence, rather than worrying about being perfect and feeling overwhelmed work on putting in your best effort in what you do and be grateful for the success you achieve regardless of how small it might seem.

This way you can focus more on making progress rather than perfection.

Thereby, lessening your anxieties and stopping you from feeling overwhelmed in life generally.

Learn To Take A Break

How do I stop feeling overwhelmed

Most times when dealing with life’s issues, or challenges in your business, work, or personal life all you need is a break.

By this we mean, taking some time off whatever it is that you’re struggling with that’s making you feel defeated or overwhelmed.

For instance, you could be struggling with a difficult task at work and you’ve tried everything possible but you’re unable to get it done, take a break.

It could mean going outside for some fresh air, taking a walk outside, or playing a fun game for a few minutes.

More so, you could decide to go for a vacation or use the weekend to engage in relaxing activities.

This would relieve your stress and also refresh your mind.

It would also improve your mental clarity and enable you to identify new/creative ways to solve the challenges that you’re struggling with.

Thus helping you overcome feeling overwhelmed.

Seek Help

how to deal with feeling overwhelmed

Another way to deal with difficult situations and overcome feeling overwhelmed is to seek help.

There are two aspects to this.

Firstly, you could seek help from the people around you such as friends, family members, your spouse, colleagues at work, etc.

Also, some people have special skills and abilities to help you with your specific problems.

You could also seek help from them when things become too difficult for you to handle.

In the first instance, when you’re struggling with too many things either in your business, work, or personal life, you could seek help from people around you.

It could be a difficult task at work, you could simply ask a colleague to help you out with it.

Furthermore, it could be too many chores at home that’s making you feel overwhelmed, you could ask your family member or spouse to help you out with some of them.

This way, you get to lighten your workload, ease your stress, and overcome feeling overwhelmed.

Furthermore, it’s possible that you’re feeling overwhelmed as a result of mental and emotional stress.

In this situation, you’ll need the help of a mental health specialist or a psychologist.

This is because certain therapies could help you deal with the depressing situation that’s making you feel overwhelmed with life generally.

Hence, a mental health expert would be in the right position to help you out in this case.

More so, they could offer guidance or helpful advice, that would help you tackle whatever stressful situation you might be struggling with.

So, when things become too difficult for you to handle physically, emotionally, and mentally, don’t just bottle it up inside of you.

Speak out and seek help either from your friends/family or professional help from a mental health expert.

Consequently, helping you deal with stressful situations and overcome feeling overwhelmed.

Final Thoughts On How To Overcome Feeling Overwhelmed

How to overcome fear and feeling overwhelmed

That’s all the tips we have for you on how to overcome feeling overwhelmed.

Before you go, a quick reminder of some of the major points discussed.

Firstly, feeling overwhelmed is when you feel like the challenges you’re encountering are insurmountable.

As a result, you feel weak, defeated, and most times give up on yourself.

While challenges are not so easy to overcome, giving up on them isn’t also the right thing to do.

This is why you need to know how to deal with your feelings of being overwhelmed so that you can make it through difficult situations and achieve your goals regardless.

Furthermore, the first step towards solving any problem in life is to identify the source of the problem.

This is why the first step towards overcoming the feeling of being overwhelmed is to identify what’s making you feel that way.

It could be work, business, or personal problems.

After identifying the cause of the problem, it would become easy to identify how to solve the problem.

In regards to that, we have identified ways in which you can solve the problem of feeling overwhelmed and we’ve brought them before you in the form of tips.

It’s left to you to use these tips and be committed to the process of solving your problems.

Hence, apply these tips to overcome being overwhelmed with situations around you.

Thereby, toughening you up and making you a better person capable of handling challenging situations.

What are those things that cause you to feel overwhelmed either in your business, work, and personal life?
Also, how do you react to troubling situations in life generally?
Do you keep a calm head and look for ways to solve the problem or do you completely breakdown and give up totally?

Please share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

We would love to hear from you.

Also, check out other blog posts that are linked to this one.

There also as helpful as this one.

Here’s to a better you in all aspects of life.

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How To Overcome Feeling Overwhelmed