How To Overcome Obstacles At Work

How To Overcome Obstacles At Work

Are you experiencing obstacles at work? Do you want to know how to handle and overcome these obstacles? Then, you have come to the right place. As a business owner, you are bound to encounter several types of obstacles and challenges at work. Luckily, with the right tips, you can overcome these obstacles. In this article, tips on how to overcome obstacles at work will be discussed.

If you follow these tips properly, you will know exactly how to act when you are faced with one work obstacle or the other.

To benefit from everything that will be shared with you in this article, ensure that you read it to the end.

Let us begin…

What Obstacles at Work Mean – How to Overcome Obstacles at Work

Obstacles at work refer to challenges that have to be removed so that a goal can be reached.

It refers to any challenge that is preventing you as a business owner to achieve any business or workplace success.

Regardless of the kind of business you are running, you are bound to encounter these obstacles at some point.

This is because all workplace consists of different personalities, management styles, and business goals that most times lead to these challenges or workplace conflict.

This is why you have to know how to identify and overcome these challenges whenever they come up.

Examples of Obstacles at Work – How to Overcome Obstacles at Work

Sometimes, it is difficult to identify a workplace obstacle.

The obstacle might be so subtle that it might not even seem to be a challenge at all.

It might also be something that you and your employees have become used to so it stopped feeling like something that needs to be tackled.

However, being able to identify a workplace obstacle is the first step toward overcoming it.

This is why this section discusses some common workplace obstacles that any business might experience.

Ineffective Communication Between You and Your Employees– How to Overcome Obstacles at Work

As a business owner, there might be some distance between you and your employees.

This distance often results in communication issues between both parties.

You may not be communicating properly with your employees, and your employees in turn may not always tell you what they truly think.

The power dynamics and ineffective communication can hinder the entire team’s efficacy and productivity.

Also, ineffective communication in workplaces can result in workplace stress for the employees.

Sadly, work stress often results in reduced productivity at work.

Inefficient communication in workplaces can result in several other challenges.

However, this obstacle is often overlooked despite it being the root of several other obstacles.

Employee Motivation Challenges – How to Overcome Obstacles at Work

As a business owner, one goal you should be constantly working towards is ensuring that your employees stay motivated and energized.

However, sometimes, achieving this goal might be a big challenge.

Employees can become unmotivated for several reasons.

But most times, it is because either or both the emotional and physical environment isn’t conducive enough.

When employees are unmotivated with work, their productivity will be greatly affected.

Performance Issues

You want your employees to perform adequately.

However, this isn’t always the case.

Sometimes, you might be doing all you can to ensure your employees are performing the way they should.

But sadly, it may look like you aren’t achieving this despite your efforts.

Performance issues often lead to several other issues.

For instance, if you are in a competitive market, your competitors can easily take over your clients when your performance is not up to their standards.

But sometimes, tackling performance issues can be a challenge in itself.

This is because some business owners do not know how to confront their employees concerning their performance issues.

If you are one of such employers, you may have identified that you have a performance obstacle.

However, you might be faced with another obstacle; how to address the performance issue.

Poor Teamwork

Teamwork is important to completing several projects in the workplace.

But when members of a team often spend most of their time on individual tasks, they may lose their ability to work as a team.

Poor teamwork can also be an offshoot of poor relationships between members of the team and even you the employer.

Challenging Clients/Customers – How to Overcome Obstacles at Work

The challenges mentioned so far have been limited to the workplace and the people working there.

However, other external factors pose work obstacles too.

For instance, a challenging client or customer.

You most likely come across understanding and polite clients or customers more.

But every once in a while, you’d face a difficult client or customer that will give you a hard time.

A difficult client or customer can make the entire workforce, including you feel frustrated.

Our Ever-changing World – How to Overcome Obstacles at Work

If we’ve learned anything about our world in the past few years it is that the world of business is unpredictable.

Business structures and strategies are ever-changing.

It also doesn’t matter whether your business multi-national or small, these changes will affect it one way or the other.

If you look back to just ten years ago, you would become aware of how much has changed in the workplace since then.

The sad thing about change is that it creates a lot of uncertainties.

More often than not, these uncertainties often result in several challenges.

This is especially true when you do not plan toward the changes.

Inadequate Training – How to Overcome Obstacles at Work

The world is ever-changing and a lot of skills that were in demand are fast becoming outdated.

Whereas, other skills that didn’t even exist are now replacing these outdated skills.

Therefore, employees and even you as a business owner need to be trained to match the current trends.

When the workforce is inadequately trained, the skills needed to run the workplace optimally will be lacking.

Subsequently, inadequate training often results in several other challenges, especially productivity and expertise issues.

Not Being Able to Keep Up with Technological Advancements  

One thing that has changed the way things are done in today’s business world is technology.

There are several technological advancements; so much so that keeping up is very difficult.

This in itself is a major challenge for many businesses, especially startups.

Not being able to keep up with these advancements also often causes several other work issues.

When your workforce can’t meet up with technological changes, it can never be as efficient as a workforce that is technologically trained.

This will reduce your business’ chances of meeting up with its competitors.

 Not Being Able to Retain Employees Due to The Competitive Environment – How to Overcome Obstacles at Work

In today’s world, several roles require specialized skills.

Sometimes, getting people to fill these roles can be quite the hassle.

When you eventually find them, you want to do everything within your means to make sure they stay with you.

But doing this can be a challenge.

Why? Because the same way you need someone with that specialized skill is the same way other businesses need them.

They may even be willing to pay more than you are offering and your employee can decide to go for the better offer.

You might find yourself struggling to make sure that you retain this employee.

But sometimes, despite your efforts, they may still leave for a better offer.

Tips on How to Overcome Obstacles at Work

Now that you know some common obstacles that you might face or be facing at work, it is time to discuss tips on how you can overcome these obstacles.

Remember, the first step to overcoming any work-related obstacle is identifying it.

Once you have identified it, then you can figure out what to do about it.

Therefore, you need to assess your situation and identified the challenges you have at work.

If you have, then as you go through these tips, keep an eye peeled out for those that apply to your issue.

Although all the tips discussed below can be used to overcome most work obstacles, some of them are better suited for specific obstacles and challenges.

With that being said, let us now look at some sure tips on how to overcome obstacles at work.

1. Do Not Panic – How to Overcome Obstacles at Work

Once you have identified a work obstacle, the first thing you need to do is understand it.

Your initial instinct might be to panic and send yourself into panic mode.

But try not to do this.

Panicking will only make the challenge look bigger than it is.

Instead, take time to calm your nerves.

Give yourself a break, if you can, take a walk around your environment.

If a walk won’t calm you down, then try closing your eyes and relieving yourself of stress.

Meditation and breathing exercises can help in this case.

If you rush into panic mode, not only will the problem look more daunting than it is, but you might end up creating more trouble for yourself.

2. Understand the Obstacle – How to Overcome Obstacles at Work

Once you’ve calmed yourself down, you need to understand what the challenge is exactly.

At first glance, the issue might appear quite complicated.

But this complexity can be removed when you take your time to understand the problem.

The first thing you need to do is know what the obstacle is exactly.

Try to understand it as best as you can, even if this means asking someone to explain the obstacle to you.

Try your best to find the source of the challenge; analyze it deeply until you reach its root.

Ensure you fully understand the problem by explaining the problem to someone.

Sometimes, simply explaining the challenge to someone else can give insight into how the problem can be solved.

3. Consider All Areas of the Obstacle

Before you choose one solution to the problem, first consider every area of the challenge.

Do not think any area is irrelevant to finding a solution.

Rather, consider all areas and come up with solutions while keeping these areas in perspective.

Make a list of the possible solutions you were able to come up with.

Try not to overlook any solution while making your list.

A solution might not look so feasible when you think about it, however, it might end up being the best solution to overcome the obstacle.

Once you’ve made your list of possible solutions, consider everything on the list.

Then, you can pick the solution that has the best chance of solving the obstacle.

4. Divide the Obstacle and Make It Smaller – How to Overcome Obstacles at Work

Remember that some challenges often lead to other problems.

This means that a problem that looks very big most likely is a combination of several small problems, with a root problem.

So, the best thing to do when you are confronted by a big obstacle is to divide it into smaller parts.

Since you have taken your time to study and analyze the challenge (tip 2) then you most likely know all the smaller challenges that have come together to make one big problem.

Write out all the small challenges and then come up with solutions for them.

This way, you can solve the challenge step by step.

Dividing the obstacle into smaller bits will not just help you focus on solving the problem, but it will also help you track your progress.

This way, you would know whether you are succeeding at overcoming the obstacle or not.

5. Delegate If You Need To

Sometimes, delegating the challenge to someone else can be all you need to do to solve the issue.

For instance, if you are running a small business, then you most likely would be in charge of hiring employees.

This can be a challenge if you do not have the time to do this or if you keep hiring the wrong people.

Instead of bothering yourself with this task, you can delegate the job to an agency that will help you fill your vacant roles.

Delegating challenges can help you solve the problem and take extra work off your table.

Do not be shy to admit that you need help when you need it.

6. Stay Positive – How to Overcome Obstacles at Work

It might be easier to allow the obstacle to weigh you down.

But this isn’t the best way to go about it.

Even when the obstacle is looking big, stay positive.

When you stay positive even in the face of a big obstacle, your focus on overcoming the challenge won’t shift.

7. Keep Tabs On Your Progress – How to Overcome Obstacles at Work

You may be focusing on the bigger picture so much that you won’t realize that you’ve been solving the problem bit by bit.

So, when you are working towards overcoming an obstacle, make sure that you keep tabs on your progress.

Celebrate your little wins.

This would help you stay motivated as you work towards completely eliminating the problem.

How to Overcome Common Obstacles at Work

Aside from the tips that shared so far, some specific obstacles often require specific solutions.

Therefore, let’s now look at some solutions to the common work obstacles discussed earlier.

Ineffective Communication Between You and Your Employees

The best way to overcome the challenge of ineffective communication is to improve your communication skills.

Know that communication is different for everybody.

That this type of communication worked with A doesn’t necessarily mean that it would work with B.

Also, always listen to what your employees have to say, and don’t be too fast to brush off their thoughts or opinions.

Employee Motivation Challenges – How to Overcome Obstacles at Work

Lack of motivation is a common work obstacle because what motivates one person might not motivate another person.

Therefore, if you want to solve this issue, you need to come up with several motivators that you are sure a wide range of your employees would find appealing.

Your motivators can range from free foods to paid leave to even monetary rewards.

Performance Issues

Performance issues often have a root problem.

For instance, your employees may not be as productive as they should be because they lack motivation.

It could also be because communication is ineffective.

Therefore, the best way to solve performance issues is to figure out the root of the problem and then solve it.

Poor Teamwork

To tackle the obstacle of poor teamwork, you need to encourage collaboration among your employees.

Having individual strengths is great, however, they should be able to work together to achieve common goals as well.

You can boost teamwork and collaboration by making sure that every employee knows, understands, and supports the business’ mission and values.

Challenging Clients/Customers – How to Overcome Obstacles at Work

You need to train your employees and even yourself on how to handle difficult clients and customers.

Great communication skills can sometimes help you understand even difficult clients and customers.

Our Ever-changing World/ Not Being Able to Keep Up with Technological Advancements

Your solution to these obstacles should not be to wait for the changes to come.

Rather, it should be to stay ahead of the change.

Always be ready for change; be ready to embrace it alongside everything it comes with.

You and your employees should be ready to understand and learn whenever something new comes up.

Inadequate Training – How to Overcome Obstacles at Work

The solution to this obstacle is simple.

 Train your employees properly.

You most likely will spend money doing this, but you shouldn’t let this stop you.

Think of it as an investment.

You would notice an increase in productivity when you have properly trained employees.

At this point, you would start getting your return on investment.

Conclusion on How to Overcome Obstacles at Work

As a business owner, you would surely experience an obstacle at one point or the other.

When these obstacles arise, you need to know how to handle and overcome them.

The first thing to do is to identify the problem.

Once you have done this, you can now work towards overcoming it with the tips shared in this article.

Remember that every obstacle is surmountable regardless of how overwhelming it might be.