How To Overcome The Fear of Change

How To Overcome The Fear of Change

Do you want to learn how to overcome the fear of change?  

Ever wondered why it is easy for some persons to welcome change easily? 

Change is constant.

It’s an essential part of life; you’ll have to deal with it whether you like it or not.

So, if you find yourself struggling with the fear of change in different aspects of your life, the tips in this blog post will help you overcome this fear and be more open to change.

Read on to find out more.

How To Overcome The Fear of Change

What is the fear of change called

Change is a thing that comes in different aspects of life.

Most times, it comes positively. 

However, this constant fear of not knowing the change will come with the fear of the unknown. 

The human brain is built to make it feels safe with the known, either good or bad. 

It makes it almost impossible for it to co-habit with the wind of change. 

It makes it resent and become afraid of change, hence the fear of change. 

The fear of change is something every individual has had, has, and will have in the future. 

Some persons have only learned how to put theirs into good use. 

Overcoming the fear of change is not impossible, neither is it a difficult thing. 

Here are some steps to take to help you over the fear of change. 

Tips On How To Overcome The Fear Of Change 

Why change is so difficult

Most times, people fear change because of the uncertainty that it brings.

Even more, people fear negative changes than they do positive changes.

Hence, here’s how to overcome your fear of change, either negative or positive changes.

Identify Your Fear

The first important step to solving any problem is to identify what the problem is.

So to overcome your fear of change, first identify what your fear is.

Are you afraid of the change itself or the aftermath of the change?

Most times, what people fear is not the change but the consequences of the change.

For instance, some people fear success or fame because they feel that they’ll no longer have time for their family and other important aspects of their lives when such changes happen.

In this case, they’re not afraid of success but the aftermath of the success.

So, identify what you’re actually afraid of about the changes in your life.

This way, you can then take active steps to ensure that the changes don’t negatively affect your life as you thought they would.

In our example above, ensuring a proper work-life balance and setting priorities right will avert the consequences of such change.

Ready to Overcome Your Fear of Change

Accept/Embrace The Changes

Most people resist change to avert the unforeseen consequences that such changes would bring.

This is not the right way to overcome your fear of change.

Rather than resisting change, accept the changes.

This doesn’t mean seeing giving in to the negative situation and seeing yourself as a victim of circumstances.

This would only lead to self-pity and regrets.

Instead, accepting change is all about believing that things happen for a reason, either good or bad.

Hence, whatever happened, learn from the experience and move on.

More so, accepts your faults and improve yourself.

Above all, this is one way to overcome your fear of change that requires courage, determination, and honesty.

Use A Reward System: It Makes it Easy to Accept The Change

Change is all about moving from the known to the unknown.

This can be a very uncomfortable situation.

It’s even more difficult for your mind to accept this transition, especially when you’re trying to change habits.

This is why you’re so afraid of the change in the first place.

Rather than force things, use a reward system.

This reward system is all about rewarding yourself for the small, consistent actions you take towards making those changes in your life.

This way, your mind like it’s gaining an additional reward rather than losing something it’s used to.

Consequently, helping you get over your fear of change and improve yourself.

Bear in mind, however, that your reward should be based on things that encourage the change and not vice versa.

How to Conquer Your Fear of Change and Transform Your Life

Fight The Fear Not The Change 

One of the mistakes some people make is that they fight change because of the unknown outcome. 

They don’t even bother to imagine that the outcome could be positive. 

When they do that, they become stagnant. 

However, when you ask yourself what your fears are all about, it helps you overcome them.

Rather than fighting it, position your mind that the change will be positive towards you. 

If, for instance, you once thought about changing your career, but the fear of failure in the new career overpowers you; Don’t fight that fear of changing your career.

Instead, fight the fear of failure that’s stopping you from advancing in your career and making progress in life.

Thereby helping you to overcome the fear of change. 

Avoid Thinking Of Your Past And Future, It Will Help You To Overcome Your Fear

When you plan to implement certain important in your life, and you start thinking of the mistakes you made in the past; Indirectly, you are being reminded that you may repeat the same mistake. 

As a result, you begin to struggle with self-doubt and the fear of change.

Thinking about those past mistakes could eventually stop you from implementing those changes.

This is because your mind keeps telling you that you’ll make the same mistakes again and experience another failure. 

Even more, thinking so much about the future will also make you feel overwhelmed and stop you from taking any step.

Bottom line, it’s good to take note of past mistakes so that you can avoid repeating them and be concerned about the future consequences of your actions.

However, do not think about the past and future so much that they fill you with fear and eventually stop you from taking any action on your goals.

Instead, focus on the present, work on your goals while keeping the lessons from your past mistakes in mind, and being optimistic about the future.

Thus, helping you overcome your fear of change.

how to overcome fear of change in the workplace

Break Your Goals into Small Plans

One of the things that cause the fear of change is the ambiguity of your goals.

It’s natural to feel overwhelmed when you have ambitious goals.

It makes you feel like you may be bitting a little more than you can chew and that your goals are unattainable.

This might fill you with fear stop you from taking active steps to achieve your goals.

To overcome the fear of change, you have to learn how to break these goals into smaller actionable steps/plans. 

If, for instance, you want to start a business enterprise, you should probably break your business goals into short, medium, and long-term goals.

More so, you should further break down each goal into monthly, weekly, and daily plans.

This way, your goals become more manageable and less overwhelming.

Thereby helping you overcome your fear of change.

Embrace Your Imperfections; It Will Help You To Overcome The Fear Of Change

Imperfections are not meant to reduce our self-worth or tie us down from developing ourselves. 

They are meant to inspire us to do better. 

However, when you refuse to acknowledge them, there will be no way for you to improve them. 

Even more, it is this refusal to acknowledge these imperfections that lead to the fear of change.

You fear how people may perceive you or what they may say about when they consider you imperfect.

More so, you see your imperfections as a sign of weakness or vulnerability.

Thus you resist positive changes that may make you a better person.

On the other hand, when you acknowledge your imperfections, you’re more open to accepting the changes that will help you improve.

Overall, accepting your imperfections and vulnerability makes it easy to overcome your fear of change and accept positive changes in your life.

Strategies For Managing the Fear of Change

Always Remember That Failure Is Not A Destination

One of the major reasons persons avoid change is because of the fear of failing. 

We tend to forget that failing does not define a person. 

Also, we imagine that one failure is enough to bring a goal to an end. 

However, we forget that failure is only an experience and not a destination. 

So, no matter how many times you fall, always rise and try again. 

Similarly, remember that without failure, there can be no success. 

In all, having this growth mindset will help you see failure as a learning experience, consequently helping you overcome the fear of change.

Come Out Of Your Comfort Zone And Try Out New Things

The comfort zone is a mental space where you feel safe.

It can be a really calm and comfortable place to be.

There are no risks involved, no uncertainties, or surprises; Just a pattern or habitual way of doing things.

This often leads to complacency, and you skeptical about making changes in your life.

If you want to overcome this feeling and start implementing positive changes in your life, then you’ll have to come out of this mental space.

Some of the best ways to come out of your comfort zone include taking calculated risks, trying out new things.

The more risks you take and new things try out, the more comfortable you become in making changes in your life.

Consequently, helping you to overcome your fear of making changes in your life.

Reasons for fear of change

Always Hope For The Best And Plan For Worse Case Scenarios 

Change is a two-way thing; it either affects you positively or negatively. 

It is this uncertainty that makes people reluctant to change.

However, planning ahead helps you to be more in control of these uncertain situations.

Therefore when taking any major step in life, hope for the best.

Likewise, bear in mind that sometimes things could happen beyond your control.

So, also have a backup plan for the worst-case scenarios. 

Making such plans helps anticipate the consequences of your actions and how best to tackle them.

It also puts you in control of the situation, and you feel less overwhelmed in uncertain situations.

Consequently, helping you overcome your fear of change and be more confident to face uncertain situations.

Want To Overcome Fear

Have Some Supporters Around You; It Helps You To Conquer The Fear Of Change Easily

When making major changes in your life, it’s always good to have some moral support.

These could be from family members, your colleagues at work, your friends, etc. 

They are in your life to cheer you up when you are down, encourage you to take bold steps, and rejoice with you when you are rejoicing. 

So, having positive people around you to support you every step of the way can make the change process less overwhelming.

More so, knowing you’ve got someone to catch you when you fall boosts your confidence to take a leap of faith even in uncertain situations.

Overall, getting moral support from other positive people can make change less overwhelming and help you overcome your fears.

Why am I scared to make changes in my life

Do Not Second-Guess Your Choice; It Strengthens You To Overcome The Fear Of Change

When you decide you want to make a positive change in your life, do not begin to second-guess your choice by thinking it is not good enough. 

When you do that, you are allowing the fear of the unknown outcome to rule you. 

It keeps you tied down and makes you afraid of making choices for yourself in the future. 

Therefore, when you have weighed a lot of options and made a decision, stand by it and be proud of it. 

Don’t overthink it.

Overthinking it will only make you nervous, thus strengthening the fear of change in your life.

Make and decision and go for it.

Thereby boosting your confidence to achieve your goals and helping you overcome your fear of change.

In all, these are the following ways you can overcome your fear of change.

Change is good.

Sadly, many people fear change because of the uncertainty it brings.

However, for you, learning to overcome your fear of change means you’re taking control of your life and are willing to become a better person.

Luckily for you, there are certain rewards for this decision you’re making.

Let’s examine what these rewards are.

Benefits of Overcoming Your Fear Of Change

  • First, you’ll be more in control of your life.

Fear is a powerful emotion that can control how you behave and react to situations.

So, as long as you keep nursing that fear, it controls your life.

  • Also, overcoming your fear of change helps you destroy limitations in your life.

If only people understood how fear limits them, they become less fearful about so many things in life.

When you fear change, there are so many things you won’t do.

This keeps you from taking major steps in life, thus limiting you.

So, overcoming your fear of change helps you break this force of limitation in your life.

  • Lastly, it helps you achieve your goals and maximize your potentials.

The fear of change can make you reluctant to act on your goals.

More so, it could make you unwilling to take risks and miss out on so many opportunities for growth and development in life.

Hence, overcoming your fear of change will help you break out of your comfort zone, work on your goals, and reach your full potentials.

Final Thoughts On How To Overcome The Fear Of Change

Why is changing jobs so scary

There you have it.

We’ve shared with you some simple tips on how to overcome your fear of change.

We’ve also highlighted the benefits of getting over your fear of change.

The ball is in your court.

It’s up to you to put these tips to practice and become a better version of yourself.

Overall, the benefits accrued to overcoming your fear of change are better off than nursing them.

It’s up to you to decide what you want for yourself.

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How To Overcome The Fear of Change