How To Reclaim Your Weekend

How to reclaim your weekend

Do you often get caught up with work/business activities even on weekends?  Do you constantly feel that your weekends are disappearing too quickly? Help is here! The tips in this article will show you how to reclaim your weekend for proper work-life balance.

One thing is, for many business owners, the weekend is just a couple more days to get work done.

Most business owners often use weekends to catch up on tasks that they might have missed during the week or reading up on new strategies they can implement in the business.

Sure, it may seem like it’s all part of having a productive weekend, but the truth is, it’s hurting not just their physical health, but also their emotional wellbeing.

How to maximize your weekend

According to a recent survey, almost 7 out of 10 people strive to get some work done over the weekend.

It doesn’t matter if it’s self-imposed or company mandated, the fact is, the weekend, as we know it, is fast disappearing.

More and more people are treating Saturdays and Sundays just like any other weekday.

But the continuous lack of a real weekend is starting to have a profound impact on society as a whole.

One noticeable effect is that families no longer have the luxury of the weekend to spend time with each other.

Reclaiming your weekend

Parents are spending more time working at home than actually talking with their children.

Even if some people think that working on the weekend is what’s going to put food on the table, children don’t always see it the same way.

Knowing how to reclaim your weekend will help you balance your work and nonwork obligations.

How To Reclaim Your Weekend Like A Boss!

How to plan your weekend

If you love yourself enough and care for the people around you, then you need to prioritize reclaiming your weekend.

It may not seem like a big deal right now, but taking time away from the grind might just be the thing you need to improve your life.

If you always feel like life is passing you by, then it’s time that you learn how to reclaim your weekend.

Change The Way You Think About The Weekend

Plan your weekend

Reclaiming your weekend starts with the right mindset.

If you see the weekend as more days to get work done, it will be hard for you to break from old habits.

Think of the weekend as days that you need to recharge yourself.

The weekend is not something that you just want. It’s actually a necessity in your life

Plan Your Weekend Well

Apps which help you plan your weekend step by step

When you’re overwhelmed by work, it will sometimes feel like it’s impossible to have concrete plans for the weekend.

While it’s perfectly fine to set a plan into place, remember to leave a bit of room to still be flexible.

Avoid packing your weekends too full as it will only cause you to feel more stressed about your weekends.

Do Something New And Exciting

Happy and productive weekend

Just because you spend the week stuck in a routine, that doesn’t mean that you should do the same on the weekend.

Challenge yourself to do something new and exciting that will benefit your personal wellbeing.

Don’t have any ideas for the weekend?

There’s a section later on that will give you great ideas on how you can make the most out of your days off.

Take A Break From Technology

How to be productive during the weekend

While there are plenty of ways to reclaim your weekend, the best ones involve going back to simpler times.

Being constantly connected to your smartphone isn’t going to do you any good.

It will only taunt you to check your email or read a new article about work efficiency.

Spreading your attention too thin with social apps and technology will not help you relax.

Taking a break from technology will help you rest and relax.

Put Yourself First

Plan your long weekend

Have you ever heard the saying, “you can’t give something that you don’t have?”

As a leader, it will be hard to convince others around you to prioritize work-life balance when you yourself don’t.

Part of reclaiming the weekend is reclaiming who you are as a person.

Take the time to practice self-care and put your wants and needs first.

When you take care of yourself on the weekend, you’ll become a better leader during the weekdays.

How To Maximize Your Weekend When You Absolutely Need To Go To Work

How to have a super productive weekend

Unfortunately, not all industries operate from 9-5.

Some industries need people at their desks 7 days a week to keep the economy running smoothly.

For those who don’t have the luxury of taking time off during the weekend, there are things you can do to make it work to your advantage.

All it takes is the right attitude, and the following tips so you don’t have to feel like you’re dragging yourself to the office.

Keep Your Work Hours, But Schedule To Do Something Fun Right After

Creating a more productive weekend

You can spend a full day at the office on a Saturday and still have a great weekend.


By planning something fun to do after your work hours.

Keep in mind that you’re only spending 8 hours at work anyway, so what happens after that is completely up to you.

You can even schedule drinks with your weekend crew right after you clock out.

Give Yourself A Treat

The best time to plan your weekend

Hate the fact that you’re working on a Sunday?

Then go out for brunch or lunch just like everyone else.

One way that you can make weekends at the office more bearable is to give yourself a small treat that will motivate you to stay focused on your work.

It can be as simple as playing a special Sunday work playlist on full blast to keep your spirits high.

Keep In Mind That Other People Are On Break During The Weekend

Productive things to do on the weekend

While it can be tempting to send out those pesky work emails when you’re working on the weekend, it’s best to be the bigger person and try not to distract others during their days off.

Only send emails if they are absolutely necessary.

If not, just schedule them to send out on Monday from your email server.

Have Restful Sleep On Friday

Ways to have a productive weekend

If you know that you need to be at the office on Saturday, avoid going out and partying on Friday.

Getting wasted the night before will do nothing for your work performance and attitude the next day.

Consider Delegating Tasks To Subordinates Or Working On A Shifting Schedule

How to plan your week to keep your weekend free

Being the head honcho doesn’t mean that you’re the only one qualified to take on the challenges on the weekend.

One way you can have a productive weekend is to delegate tasks to others or try to create a shifting schedule for the whole company.

If everyone on your team will pull together, then it will be easier for you to plan your weekend and make it work for everyone.

How to Reclaim Your Weekend

30 Creative Ideas For The Weekend

How do you plan your weekend

Have no plans for the weekend?

Then use this list to point you in the right direction.

Make the weekend count by spending time on yourself or others.

Here are 30 ways to reclaim your weekend that won’t cost you a fortune.

1. Go On A Hike To The Nearest Mountain To Catch The Sunrise.

How to plan your weekend effectively

It’s not just a great way to get those Google Fit heart points, but it’s also going to help you be reacquainted with nature.

Or if you’re more of a sunset person, find a great spot at your nearest beach or lake to check it out.

2. Organize A BBQ Picnic With Family And Friends.

Nothing fixes and strengthens relationships the way a meal can.

For those who want to splurge a little, you can also try hosting a dinner party at home.

3. Check Out What’s Happening At Your Local Community Park.

The best day of the week to plan your weekend

Community parks are often buzzing with events and classes during the weekend.

Try your hand at pottery class or look for treasures at the weekend market.

4. Blow The Dust Off Your Board Games And Start Playing.

It’s a great way to forget about your busy life for a while.

Want to raise the stakes?

Then invite your closest friends over for a wild poker night.

5. Go On A Road Trip And Travel To A Place That You’ve Never Been To Before.

Plan your way through weekend with guide

Try to avoid the touristy destinations and choose a place off the beaten path.

You’ll be surprised how therapeutic it is to get away from the familiar for a while.

6. Have A Bonfire In Your Backyard And Get Your Smores On!

As long as you have the space, and you follow the fire department’s regulations on starting a bonfire, you can pretend like you’re a kid again and share your favorite ghost stories.

7. Have A 3-hour Brunch, Complete With Mimosas.

Ways to reclaim your weekend

Have a leisurely Sunday by waking up late and heading out to your favorite brunch spot at around 10ish.

One of the best ways to catch up with family is over pancakes and bacon.

8. Get Your Art Fix By Visiting The Museum.

Walk around and pick your favorite gallery.

Try not to feel pressured about seeing all the exhibits in one go.

You can always come back the next weekend and the weekend after that.

9. Feed Your Mind By Visiting The Local Library.

Planning your weekend

Even if you have tons of unread books at home, visiting the local library has a lot to offer than just books.

It’s an experience on its own.

If you’re just a short drive away from one of the most beautiful libraries in the world, consider yourself lucky!

10. Go Down Memory Lane And Organize Your Photographs.

If you have a scanner at home, you can digitize your photos and create digital scrapbooks.

This activity is best shared with family and friends that you want to reconnect with.

11. Don’t Have The Time Or Budget To Go On A Trip? Then You Can Try Pretending To Be A Tourist In Your Hometown.

How to have a productive weekend

Visit your town or city with a new perspective in tow.

Ask your local tourism board for tips on things you can do or restaurants and cafes that you have not visited before.

12. Clean Up Your Act!

Declutter your home and get rid of the things that you don’t use or need anymore.

This is also a good opportunity to rearrange your furniture so you can rethink how you use your space.

13. Organize A Community Cleanup In Your Neighborhood.

Staying productive over the weekend

Once you’re done with your own backyard, it’s time to get out there and clean up the neighborhood.

Talk to your neighbors to ask about cleanup ideas they might have in mind.

14. Volunteer For A Cause That You Firmly Believe In.

Whether it’s spending time serving people at a soup kitchen or organizing a fundraiser for an environmental group that you support.

Investing time on people who can’t give you anything back in return is one of the noblest things you can do in your life.

15. Do Some Gardening.

Productive weekend activities

With greenery everywhere, it’s hard not to feel a sense of peace when you’re working on your own garden.

Develop that green thumb and start sprouting some seeds.

16. Bake A Cake Or A Pie Because Stressed Spelled Backwards Is Desserts.

Baking is more than a skill, it’s one of the easiest ways to make yourself and the people around you happy.

17. Organize A Themed Movie Marathon.

Productive things to do on a weekend

Whether it’s superhero-themed movies or romantic comedies starring Julia Roberts, there are tons of theme ideas that you can do with family and friends.

Don’t forget to serve popcorn, drinks, and other snacks to complete the movie-going experience.

18. Go On A Spiritual Retreat And Recharge Your Soul.

Whatever your faith is based on, the weekend is the perfect time to think about your greater purpose in life.

Whether it’s reading the Bible, meditating with positive affirmations, or praying to a greater power, your soul is worth spending time on this weekend.

19. Take The Weekend To Put Together A Bucket List.

How to be productive at home in the weekend

Even if you already have a bucket list, the weekend is the perfect time to go through it again and maybe add more things that you want to accomplish in your life.

To get your head in the game, pick one from your list and commit to doing it this weekend.

20. Set 10 New Life Goals That You Want To Accomplish This Year.

Why stop with a bucket list when you can also write new goals for the year?

The key is to write down realistic life goals that you can start working towards no matter if it’s already June or November.

21. Babysit For Someone Who Needs A Break Desperately.

Things to help have a productive weekend

Weekends are a great time to pay it forward.

So, if you’re feeling recharged and happy with yourself, you can try lending a hand to someone who needs it.

For instance, a young couple with toddlers or a single parent who hasn’t had any time to unwind.

Learn how to maximize your weekend by being there for others.

22. Go Camping And Spend The Night Watching Shooting Stars.

The great outdoors has a lot to offer, especially if you spend the week in the city.

One way to de-stress yourself is to go on a camping trip and spend the night looking at the stars.

23. Watch A Play, Or Be Part Of One.

Being productive on the weekend

Most local communities have theater groups that hold plays in the summer.

If you’re not the performing type, you can support these groups by showing up to watch.

But if you believe that your name is meant to be in lights, start auditioning for local productions.

24. Buy A Homeless Person A Meal And Listen To Their Stories.

While it’s not always wise to hand over change to a homeless person, sharing a meal with them can do wonders.

Sometimes, all they need is to feel like people see them so if you have the time, buy them food and start a conversation with them.

25. Visit The Local Nursing Home And Spend Time With The Residents.

How to be productive in the weekend

The elderly love it when people come to visit them, so spend a weekend engaging with them.

Most of them have grand stories to tell.

Listen well and learn from the older generations.

26. Visit Garage Sales In Your Area And Score Great Deals For Yourself Or For Family And Friends.

Need a new blender, a sofa bed, or new artwork for your home?

Help other people get rid of things they don’t need any more by supporting your neighbor’s garage sale.

And don’t just shop for yourself. Shop for others as well.

27. Get In Shape.

How to be productive on weekend

Try a workout routine, fitness class, or sport that you’ve never tried before.

If you feel apprehensive about going to the gym, look for YouTube videos to help you get your sweat on.

28. Write Letters To Yourself Or Someone You Haven’t Spoken To In A While.

Even if you don’t have the gift for putting your thoughts and emotions into words, letter writing can be good for your soul.

29. Watch And Actually Do A Couple Of DIY Art Projects.

Productive things to do over the weekend

Do you know those videos of DIY projects that you keep on seeing on Facebook or Instagram?

Stop procrastinating and actually do them this weekend.

Who knows?

You might just unleash your inner artist from within.

30. Go Out For Some Karaoke Fun With People From Work.

One thing is, just because you see them the whole week doesn’t mean you shouldn’t see them over the weekend.

Do something fun with your colleagues and get to know each other beyond the boardroom.


You have 30 ideas to choose from.

Get out there and apply these tips on how to reclaim your weekends.

Put them into use for great work-life balance.

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