How To Respect Women

How To Respect Women

Do you want to know how to better respect women?

Are you looking to be a better person overall by learning how to treat women with respect?

Are you a business owner, CEO, or entrepreneur looking to grow a gender-inclusive working environment where women are valued and respected?

In the past, gender inequality was dominant in most societies and countries at large.

Men were considered more important or qualified than women.

This is true as you could see men occupying top positions in the corporate world or politics.

For instance, men were considered fit to be engineers while women were considered fit to be secretaries.

Also, men were considered to be fit for presidential positions while women were given ministerial appointments.

Furthermore, gender-based violence was rampant with women being the most victims.

Looking back through those years a lot has changed in the society and corporate world at large.

We are beginning to see positive changes as societies and the world at large are embracing the concept of gender equality.

However, despite these, there still seems to be a lot of discrimination against women.

We still see “boys clubs” in most organizations where women are sidelined or boycotted.

This proves that a lot of work still needs to be done to completely breaking the cycle of gender inequality.

A great way to start would be learning to treat women with respect.

Either as a business owner, entrepreneur, or regular individual, you can make a difference in the world by learning how to give women the respect they deserve.

Hence, see the blog post on how to respect women.

This is so that you can be a better person capable of treating women with respect.

Read on to find out all you need to know.

How To Respect Women

Ways Men Can Better Respect Women

Women should be given the respect they deserve.

This is because they are just as important as men.

However, what we see in society is women being treated as weaker vessels and oppressed in some scenarios.

However, women can get the respect they deserve if everyone be it schools, business, corporate organizations, and society at large learn how to treat women better.

Before we go on discussing how to treat women with respect, let’s consider what respect means or what it means to show respect.

What is respect?

Respect is a way of treating someone or something with value or special regard.

It also means acting in a way that shows that you’re aware of and you value someone’s rights, emotions, and feelings.

Furthermore, to show respect means acting in a polite, kind, and courteous manner towards people.

For you to truly know how to respect people, you need to understand people as well as their emotions.

Hence, before we discover how to respect women let’s consider things you should know about women generally.

Things To Know About Women

Teaching Boys to Respect Women

Although women have different personalities, there are still some things that all women have in common.

These are things that have to do with their emotions, behavior, feelings, and physical abilities.

Often, women have been said to be complex creatures that you can never truly understand.

However, understanding women can be a lot easier when you know a couple or more things about their overall personalities.

Hence, here are some things you need to know about women.

This is so that you can understand them.

Thereby helping you treat women better and respect them.


  • firstly, they are humans like you.
  • like to be valued and respected.
  • also like to be listened to.
  • can be more in tune with their emotions
  • have respect for themselves and as such don’t like to be trampled upon.
  • can also be mentally and emotionally tough if they want to be.
  • can be as hardworking as men.
  • are also highly intelligent and can be very creative.
  • don’t like it when their opinions are taken for granted.
  • like to be listened to and considered as a priority.
  • Overall, women simply want to be appreciated.

Now you know a couple of things about women, let’s move on to consider how to treat women by treating them with respect.

How To Treat Women With Respect

Here’s how you can show respect to women in your business, professional, or personal relationship with them.

Treating women with respect is as simple as showing high regard for their bodies, emotions, and opinions.

Hence, here are some ways to behave and not to behave in your interpersonal relationship with women.

Respect Women By Listening To Them

Ways to Treat Girls With Respect

When someone is speaking, courtesy demands that you listen attentively.

Doing something else or being absent-minded can be very disrespectful.

Hence, one way to respect women is to give them your undivided attention most especially when having a conversation with them.

To do this, ensure you maintain eye contact when discussing with them.

Also, use positive body language such as nodding in affirmation or other gestures that show that you’re focused on the discussion.

This shows that you’re giving your undivided and genuine attention because you value their opinions.

Thereby helping you treat women with more respect.

Show Respect By Allowing Women To Speak

respecting women and girls

This is another important point to consider on how to show respect to a woman.

Most times, men can be very domineering.

By this, they like to be in control all the time and in every situation.

This is true especially in their interaction with women.

Most men feel that women do not have the right to speak especially in a gathering of men.

This is a barbaric belief that needs to be stopped.

Women have just as many rights as do men.

Given this, they should be allowed to freely express themselves and share their opinions when they need to.

Hence, when a woman is speaking, rather than shut her up, allow her to speak.

Give her your audience and allow her to express her thoughts freely.

Consequently, helping you treat women better and respect them.

Respect Personal Boundaries

how to respect a woman

Women tend to have a lot of respect for themselves.

Due to this, they tend to have certain reservations or limitations to how they want to be treated.

More so, the desire to preserve their self-worth and dignity as women make them set some personal boundaries in their interpersonal relationships with people.

Hence, when dealing with women, ensure to respect these boundaries.

You can respect these boundaries by being mindful of how you make physical contact with a woman.

For instance, if a woman decides not to allow hugging as a form of greetings or exchanging pleasantries, you should respect that decision.

In this situation, a friendly handshake or a wave of the hand and a smile would do.

More so, seek their consent if you must make any form of physical contact with them.

Thereby, helping you respect women.

Be Polite And Kind

how to treat a woman

Another thing you should know about how to respect women is to be polite and kind.

Women are generally gentle creatures.

Given this, you should be careful with how you treat women.

Women should be treated with politeness and kindness.

For example, when a woman does something wrong or makes a mistake, rather than raise your voice at her, speak to her calmly.

Rather than treat her badly by humiliating her before everyone, call her aside and let her know what she did wrong and suggest ways she can improve.

Doing so shows that you respect her dignity as a person.

Also, when you see a woman in distress, if it’s within your power to do, offer a helping hand.

Hence, be kind and polite in your relationship with women.

Thus helping you practice empathy and respect for women.

Never Get Physical

how to deal with a woman

Another thing you should know about how to respect women is that you should never get physical.

By this, we mean using physical force against a woman.

Like any other person, sometimes, a woman can get on your last nerve, through her words.

She could say all manner of words to you that could make you lose your cool.

When this happens you need to be the stronger party and learn to control your emotions.

Rather than hit her or turn her into your punching bag, walk away from that situation.

This isn’t a sign of weakness as a man.

Rather it makes you a better person and shows that you respect women.

Hence, to respect women better, never get physical with a woman regardless of the amount of provocation.

Never Body Shame 

what is disrespectful to women

Another thing you must never do to a woman is body shaming.

This affects all genders.

However, women tend to fall victim to this more.

Never use words that present a negative image of a woman.

More so avoid comparing one woman’s body/personality to that of another woman.

All women are different and are such have different personalities or physical structures.

Even more, every woman is beautiful and unique in her own way.

So avoid calling a woman fat or too skinny.

Rather use words that show that you care about their wellbeing and make honest suggestions that could help them improve.

Consequently, helping you treat women with respect.

Mind Your Manners 

being respectful to a woman

Another thing you should be mindful of in your interpersonal relationship with women is your manners.

This has to do with the way you speak, behave, and your general attitude when interacting with women or anyone generally.

Hence, you should be careful not to use swear words, farting or burping when interacting with women.

Also, you should be conscious of using the words please, thank you, excuse me, offering to hold the door open, showing empathy, etc.

This is so that you don’t come off as being rude, insensitive, and disrespectful.

Never Call A Woman Demeaning Names

how to treat a woman with respect

Calling a woman names can be highly disrespectful.

Hence, in your interpersonal relationship with women never call them names.

Using demeaning words such as slut, stupid, loser, gold digger, shameless, ugly, a woman without character, etc. can tarnish the image and reputation of a woman.

Hence, avoid using such words in your interaction with women.

This shows that you value their dignity as a person.

Consequently, making you a better person capable of treating women with respect.

How To Respect Woman In The Workplace

Moving away from various forms of interpersonal relationships, how can women be respected in the corporate world?

Here are some tips on how women should be treated in the workplace.

See Women To Be Just As Competent As Men 

how a man shows respect to a woman

Most times especially in the corporate world women are treated as second-class figures.

They are treated based on their gender and physical structures rather than their skills, competence, or qualifications.

This is why you often see most men in top management positions while women occupy minor roles.

Hence, in the workplace, women should be seen as competent to handle any job just as men are.

Women should be given equal opportunities to take on important roles just as men as long as they are competent enough.

Thereby, helping women to be respected in the workplace.

Treat Women Opinions/Ideas As Valid

how to show respect to a woman

Another way to respect women in the workplace is by giving them the due attention that they deserve.

Most times especially in the corporate world women are treated like they know nothing about how things are done.

As such their opinions or ideas are considered invalid or wrong.

Hence, to better treat women with respect, learn to respect their opinions and ideas.

When women speak, drop your personal biases and give attention to their opinions or ideas.

More so, analyze the opinions to see if they are useful in addressing the situation at hand rather than discarding them because it came from a woman.

Thus helping you show women respect in the workplace.

Reward Their Hardwork

Ways to treat women better

Women can be just as hardworking as men in the workplace.

Sometimes they even show more dedication and commitment to work than men.

Sadly, this hard work sometimes goes unnoticed as a result of their gender -being women.

This is an unfair treatment toward women in the corporate world that needs to be stopped.

Rather than that, hardworking women should be rewarded in the organization just hardworking men.

Give them the promotions and other incentives that they deserve.

Thereby, helping you treat women with respect.

Now you know how to treat women with respect both in and out of the corporate world.

Breaking the cycle of gender-inequality goes beyond how you treat women.

Other things need to be done to ensure a more gender-inclusive organization.

Let’s consider what these things are.

How Every Business Owner/Entrepreneur Can Ensure A Gender-Inclusive Organization

respecting girl

Here are some ways you can ensure a gender-inclusive organization that respects women as a business owner or entrepreneur.

  • create a company culture that ensures women are treated with respect.
  • give equal opportunities for growth and development in the organization.
  • equally encourage both genders to take on leadership roles/positions.
  • set up strict rules or regulations that guard against gender discrimination in the organization.
  • develop teams that are made up of both genders.
  • assign tasks in the organization based on competence and qualification and not on gender alone.

Final Thoughts On How To Respect Women

Respecting women

That’s it on how to respect women.

In any society, workplace, or organization, there’s a need to know how to treat women with respect.

This is so that the rights and dignity of women are preserved and upheld.

Use these tips now to learn how to treat women with respect either in your business, work, and personal life.

Thereby making you a better person overall.

Do you believe women have equal rights as men?

As a business owner or entrepreneur, what do you do to ensure that women are respected in your organization?

Please share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

We would love to hear from you.

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How To Respect Women