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How To Shutdown A Narcissist

How To Shutdown A Narcissist

Do you want to know how to shutdown a narcissist so you can regain power and take control of your life?

As a business owner/entrepreneur, do you struggle with narcissistic employees in your business?

As a regular individual do you struggle with a narcissist in your relationship?

Dealing with a narcissist either in business, work or personal relationships can be very tough.

However, there are effective ways to shutdown a narcissist and gain control over your life.

How To Shutdown A Narcissist

Managing a Narcissist (How to Shut Them Down)

Narcissism is the act of having an excessive interest in one’s self and physical appearances.

It can also be referred to as being selfish, excessively self-centered, arrogant, and having a false sense of entitlement.

A narcissist always poses a lot of problems in different forms of relationships.

As a business owner, you could have a narcissistic employee who refuses to take to correction and feels like he/she is better than everyone else on the team.

This could be very bad as it would create an unfavorable work environment for the rest of the team members.

Thereby, making it difficult to ensure productivity and efficiency in your business.

More so, you could be dealing with a narcissistic person in your personal relationships such as a friend or partner and they could be very controlling.

Overall, narcissistic people are toxic people that you have to deal with before they ruin your life completely.

So, how do you identify a narcissist?

Characteristics Of A Narcissist

Ways To Shut Down A Narcissist

For you to be able to shutdown a narcissist, you need to understand their behavior pattern.

Narcissistic people have certain traits/characteristics and they include;

  • They lack empathy (concern for other people’s feelings)
  • Narcissists are selfish or self-centered.
  • Also, they have a false sense of entitlement.
  • They are also bullies.
  • They feel superior to other people (always feeling important).
  • Furthermore, they are very arrogant.
  • They are in a habit of exaggerating their achievements just to make people around them feel less of themselves.
  • They exploit other people.
  • Narcissists are always in need of constant praise and admiration.
  • They are control freaks.
  • They can’t work well with teams.
  • Even more, they struggle with fear of rejection and ridicule.
  • They feel easily threatened

Overall, narcissists are so concerned about themselves that they feel deserving of people’s loyalty and admiration.

Also, they are determined to satisfy their ego even at the expense of hurting the feelings of other people.

Having one or more around you either in business, work, or life generally often leads to problems and emotional hurt.

Hence, the need for you to know how to shutdown a narcissist.

Causes Of Narcissism

Boundary Tools to Shut Down Narcissists

You might be curious to know what leads to narcissism.

Let’s examine some of the factors that lead to narcissism.

There’s no clear-cut answer as to what causes narcissism or Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) in medical terms.

However, there are many factors that have been suggested to be responsible for narcissism or NPD in some individuals.

They include;

Bad Childhood Experiences

Childhood such as abuse, excessive criticisms among others can make individuals grow into adults with toxic personality or personality disorder.

For example, a child who was bullied throughout his/her childhood days might grow to be a bitter adult who takes pleasure in bullying other people.

More so, a child who experienced excessive criticism might grow up to be a perfectionist and might be obsessed about getting constant appraisals from people around him/her.

Thus making the individual develop narcissistic behavior patterns.

Powerful Steps To Shut Down A Narcissist

Parental Upbringing

Another thing that could make an individual a narcissist is parental upbringing.

Many parents out of love for their children, excessively pamper their children (giving them so much love and admiration).

Such children grow up feeling the need for pampering and attention even in adulthood.

Hence, they become narcissistic adults seeking undeserved attention and admiration from everyone around them.

Psychological Or Biological Issues

Psychological and biological issues can also cause narcissism.

Genetics, trauma, abnormalities affecting the connection between the brain and behavior can also lead to narcissistic personality disorder.

These are some of the factors that could lead to narcissism.

Tips On How To Shutdown A Narcissist 

 Unexpected Ways to Shut Down a Narcissist

As earlier stated, a narcissist would stoop to any level just to feed their ego.

People who have narcissists in their lives usually become victims of emotional abuse.

Narcissistic people tend to make their victims develop low self-esteem just to make themselves feel superior.

A narcissist would make you feel bad even if they are the ones at fault.

Having to put up with a narcissist tantrum in any given situation can be very challenging.

As a business owner or entrepreneur, having a narcissistic employee as part of your team would make it difficult to foster collaboration.

Thereby, making it difficult to ensure productivity and efficiency in your business.

More so, having a narcissistic friend, spouse, or family member can make life very difficult for you as an individual.

Hence, the need for you to know how to shutdown a narcissist.

Here’s how you can shutdown a narcissist, break free from their manipulative tricks and emotional abuse.

Ignore Their Tantrums (Don’t Indulge Them)

how to checkmate a narcissist

One of the ways to shutdown a narcissist is to ignore them when they try to get to you emotionally.

Narcissists enjoy getting attention from people.

More so, they try to get to their victims by using various manipulative tricks.

If you pay attention to them when they try to hurt you emotionally, you’re only giving them the enjoyment they so desire.

One of the things that get to a narcissist is being ignored.

So, rather than exchange words with a narcissist or try to prove to them that they are wrong by arguing with them; ignore them.

The more you pay attention to them, the stronger they feel and get.

Therefore, to shutdown a narcissist, and gain back your emotional balance, do not let their words and actions get to you emotionally.

Ignore them each time they throw tantrums at you.

Know Your Self-Worth

how to stop a narcissist in his tracks

Another effective tip on how to shutdown a narcissist is to know your self-worth.

One of the traits of a narcissist is bringing down other people and destroying their self-esteem.

A narcissist could say so many hurtful words to hurt your self-esteem and satisfy his/her ego.

However, if you practice more self-awareness, you’ll build self-esteem.

Once, you know your self-worth, you’ll be unmoved by whatever the narcissist would say to bring you down emotionally to make you lose self-esteem.

Thus, helping you shutdown a narcissist.

Learn To Control Your Emotions

how to crush a narcissist

Narcissists gain power over people by trying to control their emotions.

This is why people who deal with narcissists experience emotional abuse.

A narcissist could trigger your emotions resulting in you reacting emotionally through their manipulative tricks.

However, if you learn to control your emotions, you can determine how you react in any given situation.

For example, you can learn to remain calm every time a narcissist is having an outburst.

Overcoming a narcissist all boils down to not giving them what they want.

Hence, to shutdown a narcissist, learn to control your emotions.

This is so that when a narcissist pushes you to react emotionally in a certain way, you can react in a different manner.

Thereby, disarming the narcissist.

Set Boundaries

how to deal with a narcissist

Another effective tip on how to shutdown a narcissist is to set boundaries.

Decide how you want to be treated and which behaviors will be acceptable to you and state it clearly to the narcissist.

This is because if you continue to condole the narcissist behavior, you’ll continue to suffer emotional hurt while the narcissist continues to feed his/her ego.

For example, make it known to the narcissist that you won’t accept name-calling and abusive words.

More so, state the next step of action you’ll take if these boundaries are not respected.

The narcissist might have a hard time coming to terms with the boundaries that you’ve set.

Hence, you need to remind them of theses boundaries each time they are about to cross the line.

Thereby, helping you shutdown a narcissist.

Be Bold And Firm

how to disarm a narcissist

This is another important tip that can help you shutdown a narcissist.

Narcissists get intimidated by other people’s confidence.

This is why crushing the self-esteem of their victims makes them feel good about themselves.

When dealing with a narcissist, be firm and bold no matter the circumstances.

For example, if you’re being bullied by a narcissist, be bold enough to stand up to him/her.

The narcissist would feel threatened by your confidence.

Thus, helping you break free and shutting down the narcissist.

Cut Them Off

how to get rid of a narcissist

Sometimes having tried everything possible to get a narcissist to change, they might still not have a change of mindset.

What do you do?

Do you sit back and continue to endure the emotional hurt that he/she puts you through?

At this point, your best option to shutdown a narcissist is to avoid them.

By avoiding them, we mean cutting them off your life.

This might be a very difficult thing to do especially if the narcissist is a family member or a loved one.

However, you need to think of what’s best for you; put yourself first and cut off all communication or connection with the narcissist.

Sometimes this is the only option you got because it’s usually very difficult for a narcissist to have a change of mindset.

So, that’s how you shutdown a narcissist generally.

However, situations might be different and depending on the situations you might need a different approach entirely.

For example, say you’re a business owner or an entrepreneur and you have a narcissistic employee.

The way you’ll handle a narcissistic employee might be slightly different from how you’ll handle a narcissistic family member, partner, or friend.

Hence, here are extra tips on how to shutdown a narcissist in special situations especially as a business owner.

How To Shutdown A Narcissistic Employee

how to control a narcissist

How do you shutdown a narcissist employee as a business owner/entrepreneur?

A narcissist employee would find it difficult to corporate with other members of the team to achieve organizational goals.

Even more, a narcissist employee would rebel against the company’s policy and procedure.

Thereby, making it difficult for you to ensure a conducive and productive working environment in your business.

Overall, narcissists are not good team players and would foster competitiveness and distrust among team members.

Hence, here’s how to shutdown a narcissist as a business owner/entrepreneur before they ruin your business.

Enforce The Rule Of Team Spirit And Cooperation

How do you shut up a narcissist

A narcissist is excessively self-centered.

However, a narcissist can be tamed in an environment where there are strong work ethics such as team spirit and cooperation.

Hence, as a business owner/entrepreneur you should enforce the culture of team cohesion in your organization and be strict about it.

This would force the narcissist employee to adapt to the company’s culture.

Hence, helping you shutdown a narcissist employee.

Be Generous With Giving Feedback

phrases to disarm a narcissist

One of the traits of a narcissist is the need for recognition and admiration.

A narcissist employee would be pleased with receiving feedback, especially positive feedback.

Hence, whenever a narcissist employee in your organization achieves a milestone or does something good, give him/her positive feedback.

More so, get other members of the team to also appreciate their efforts and commend their hard work.

Giving this kind of feedback and recognition would stop the narcissist employee from throwing tantrums around just to get noticed and appreciated.

Thus helping you shutdown a narcissist employee as a business owner.

Let Them Know Who’s The Boss

How do you defend yourself against a narcissist

Narcissists are excessively arrogant and full of themselves.

A narcissist employee if allowed would undermine your powers as the boss in your organization.

Hence, you need to make it clear who’s the boss by being firm and confident as a leader in your organization.

When you need to make certain decisions in your organization, be bold and firm about it.

This doesn’t mean that you should be an oppressive leader (you would only end up being a narcissist yourself).

It just means that you should be a confident leader and not allow a narcissist employee to undermine your leadership.

Thus helping you tame and shutdown a narcissist employee.

Set Clear-Cut Boundaries

How do you stop a narcissist from hurting you

Just as with dealing with narcissists in other forms of relationship, you also need to set boundaries when dealing with a narcissist employee.

You need to state clearly in your company’s policy what is acceptable and unacceptable behavior in your organization.

Even more, you need to set up disciplinary actions that would be taken if those boundaries are crossed.

For example, you need to state clearly that employees should treat each other with respect and that abusive language would not be tolerated in your organization.

This would help to tame the narcissist employee’s negative behavior towards other members of the team.

Thereby, helping you shutdown a narcissist employee.

Let Them Go

how to stay one step ahead of a narcissistIf you’ve tried everything possible to get a narcissist employee to change his/her ways and nothing seems to be working then it’s time to let such an employee go.

Having warned a narcissist employee of his/her behavior but he/she seems reluctant to change, you should cut him/her off from your organization.

This is so that you can prevent other members of the team from having to deal with a toxic employee.

Conclusion On How To Shutdown A Narcissist

Secrets to Outsmarting a Narcissist

Narcissistic people are very manipulative and good at playing games to get what they want.

For example, they could get into an argument with you, and with their manipulative games leave you feeling confused and like everything was your fault in the first place.

More so, they are experts in making people feel bad about themselves.

Thereby, hurting the emotions of people around them.

As earlier stated, one effective way to deal with a narcissist is to deny them what they want which is attention.

This always seems to get to a narcissist.

Ignoring or avoiding a narcissist always seems to hurt them.

This is because they enjoy being in control of peoples’ emotions.

Hence, you can refuse to give a narcissist control over your emotions by ignoring or cutting him/her out of your life completely.

Thus, helping you shutdown a narcissist.

Furthermore, while you might be hurt and you feel like also hurting a narcissist’s feelings by taking drastic actions, sometimes showing them love can turn things around.

Sometimes, narcissists pick up their behavior patterns due to factors beyond their control.

This means that they might also be in need of help.

Hence, you should shutdown a narcissist by encouraging him/her to see a therapist.

There are many therapeutical procedures that can help people with narcissistic personality disorder change and become better individuals.

Thus, rather than being harsh on a narcissist, you could show help him/her seek professional help.

In what ways have you tried to deal with a narcissist?

What has been your experience so far?

Please share your thoughts with us in the comment section below we would love to hear from you.

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How To Shutdown A Narcissist