How To Stay Determined

How To Stay Determined

Determination is a vital factor that determines a person’s success. Without determination, you may find it difficult to stay focused and motivated to keep working towards your goals. If you don’t know how to stay determined, then you would be limiting your chances of succeeding as a business owner or leader.

Luckily, this article can help you solve this issue.

Here, some key tips on how you can stay determined even in the face of challenges and setbacks will be discussed.

What It Means to Be Determined – How to Stay Determined

A determined person typically has the will to keep working towards their goals and vision even when the path to success is filled with ups and downs.

When you have determination, you won’t quit when the road gets tough.

Your determination will help you to persevere and stay committed and focused on your goals even though you have to go through a lot of challenges to achieve the goal.

Perseverance and consistency are two words people tend to use in place of determination.

And they are often correct because you can’t be determined and not be consistent or do not know how to persevere.

Being determined means knowing that your road to success will have obstacles but that you can overcome them all if you can persevere and remain consistent.

A determined person knows that the only time they fail is when they give up.

So, it doesn’t matter if they are failing at something, they know to keep going on until they achieve what they had set out to achieve.

Determination is not just something you need to achieve a particular goal or complete a task or project.

It is something you need to have to win in life; you have to stay determined in every area of your life.

Why Do You Need to Stay Determined – How to Stay Determined

Yes, being determined is important for success.

But why is it vital?

What makes determination so important?

You would almost always be faced with obstacles even when what you are looking to achieve isn’t that difficult.

Determination is what would make you keep pushing on despite these challenges.

If you are not determined, throwing in the towel would be your next step of action once things get too difficult.

Well, there are several reasons why you need to stay determined; the following are some of the most important ones.

Determination Helps You Persevere Until You Reach Your Goal – How to Stay Determined

The road to success is not a short one.

It is long and filled with obstacles, setbacks, and even failure.

And when these things come up, it is easier to become discouraged and let go of your goal.

However, if you are determined, you’d have the will to keep persevering until you reach your goal.

There are so many business owners that would have not reached their goals if they hadn’t persevered.

A perfect example is Jeff Bezos of Amazon.

Before Bezos built Amazon into what it is today, he had several other ideas that failed.

One of such ideas was the online auction site that later turned into zShops.

This brand ended up failing.

But Bezos didn’t give up, he still had a goal and he kept working with the idea behind zShops until it became Amazon Marketplace.

Imagine if he had given up; he most likely wouldn’t have become the global household name he is today.

Visit here to see other examples of entrepreneurs who became successful despite failing big before.

Determination Helps You Overcome Challenges and Setbacks

No matter how much you try to avoid issues, you may still end up facing them because of how unpredictable life is.

So, you need to be strong even in the face of problems.

When you are determined, you won’t lose your cool when you are faced with challenges and setbacks.

Determination is what will give you the strength and courage to overcome challenges, setbacks, and even failure.

It gives you the “I can do it” attitude that makes it easier for you to stay strong despite the odds.

You become resilient and face your problems head-on.

And even if you fail at something, you won’t let it discourage you.

Yes, it is only human to feel bad after failing but determination won’t let you spend all your time feeling sad and discouraged.

Rather, it will make you see failure as something to learn from.  

Instead of getting discouraged, your determination will make you see the lesson in your failure so that you can use it to do better next time.

Determination Makes You More Creative – How to Stay Determined

Determination does not just make you resilient in the face of challenges, but it also increases creativity.

How? Simple, when you have to keep going on even when one door closes, you would need to turn on your creativity to open new doors.

You would always think of better and more creative ways to get things done.

Determination Increases Productivity – How to Stay Determined

You can’t be determined and not be productive.

Productivity is one of the by-products of determination.

This is because you’d always be motivated and focused on your goals; you’d always be working towards reaching what you set out to achieve.

There’d be no room for distractions or laziness.

Determination Makes You Comfortable with Taking Risks

Determination will build your self-confidence and make you stop doubting yourself.

It will turn you into a self-believer; you’d become more confident in your skills and abilities.

This would make you more comfortable with taking risks because you know you can always bank on your abilities.

You’d be able to try out new things and go out of your comfort zone.

Being a risk-taker is vital to a person’s overall success.

If you fail to take risks, you may never achieve something substantial.

How Do You Know a Determined Person? – How to Stay Determined

Determined people often have certain characteristics and qualities that distinguish them from other people.

One common quality determined people have is resilience.

A determined person is strong-headed and resolute; they are constantly striving to achieve their goals despite the obstacles in their ways.

They see setbacks and failures as an opportunity to learn.

Determined people are also problem solvers.

They do not let negativities and difficulties get the better of them.

When faced with a challenge they do not mop around or let it discourage them.

Rather, they think of solutions to the problem.

Focus is also another quality of determined people.

They do not let other things distract them from their goals and aspirations.

Their full attention is always channeled to the goal or task they are working on.

If they have to shut out the world to ensure absolute concentration on their goal or task, they do not mind doing it. 

Conclusively, a determined person is resilient, consistent, firm, and focused on their goals.

These are the qualities that make them successful.

Observe the people around you and see if you can spot these traits in any of them.

You’d find that the person who possesses these qualities would have a better life than the other people around them.

This is why you need to become a determined person and get all these qualities; so that you can improve your chances of succeeding.

Effective Yet Easy Ways to Stay Determined – How to Stay Determined

It’s easy to be determined at the start of a project, task, or goal.

However, maintaining your determination until you achieve what you are after is somewhat difficult.

Things will happen, challenges will come up, you may lose motivation and focus, and you may even fail.

All of these things may reduce your resolve to keep going on.

However, your determination will help you to keep going even though things are not the way you want them to be.

But how do you become determined?

How do you stay determined even in the face of challenges?

The following are some effective yet easy ways to remain determined until you achieve your aim.

1. Get Rid of Distractions

Most times, people stop being determined because they let other irrelevant things take over their time and mind.

So, when your determination is slowly fading away, assess yourself and find out what is making you distracted.

Identify the particular thing or things distracting you and get rid of them.

It doesn’t matter what your distractions are; if they are making you lose focus when you should be doing important things, then they have to go.

For instance, if you spend a lot of time aimlessly on the internet, you can get rid of your distraction by adding a productivity extension to your browser.

This extension can let you block sites that often distract you for some time.

2. Remind Yourself Why You Are Trying to Achieve What You Want to Achieve

Before you start a task or set a goal, you should know the why of the task or goal.

This means you should know why you want to achieve that goal or task and what you stand to benefit from reaching the goal or completing the task.

When you know the purpose of a task or goal, then you can use it to stay determined even when there are obstacles and setbacks along the way.

Remind yourself why you need to keep pushing on.

If your goal or task does not have a specific purpose, then you may find it difficult to stay determined when things become rough.

So, always make sure you make specific goals.

3. Keep Track of Your Progress – How to Stay Determined

You may feel discouraged and feel like quitting when it doesn’t look like you are making any progress.

However, sometimes, you may have made progress, but you just do not realize it.

This is why you need to track your progress as you work towards anything.

Even when you have challenges and setbacks, seeing how far you have come can go a long way in making you stay resilient and consistent.

If you are making progress, then you will feel motivated to keep pushing on.

And if you are lagging, this may make you realize why you have to put in more effort.

To be able to track your progress, you have to make sure that you set measurable goals.

Measurable goals often have metrics and milestones to calculate progress.

For instance, let’s say your goal is to generate a certain number or percentage of new customers.

You can track your progress daily, weekly, or monthly.

Checking these milestones will help you stay motivated.

And on days or weeks when you do not do as well as you used to, you can sit back and find out what you didn’t do right or how you can do better.

4. Develop a Positive Mindset – How to Stay Determined

A determined person is always positive.

They usually do not let challenges and other negative situations get the better of them.

Rather, they see the good in even very bleak situations so that they can keep hope alive.

Build yourself to always think, act, and feel positive.

5. Change Your Mindset Towards Failure – How to Stay Determined

Another way to stay determined is to see failure differently.

How you see failure will determine your reaction to it.

If you see failure as something to weigh you down and make you feel discouraged, then that is the way you will react to it.

But when you see failure as a stepping stone towards your success, then that is how you will react to it.

Because you failed does not mean that you should give up.

Rather, it means that you can come up with a better way of doing that thing.

Condition your mind to see failure as a necessary tool for your success.

The same thing goes for setbacks and challenges.

See them as things put in place to make you better at what you do.

Overcoming failure and challenges becomes much easier when you see it from a positive point of view.

6. Build Your Self-confidence

Self-confidence is a necessary ingredient for determination.

This is because one of the many things that stop people from staying determined is self-doubt.

When you doubt your abilities, you won’t see yourself achieving your goals.

You would keep thinking that you do not have what it takes to reach your goal and become successful.

And when you can’t envision yourself succeeding, you will give up at the slightest inconvenience.

So, instead of letting self-doubt and negativity make you lose faith in yourself, try to see yourself in a different light.

Build your self-confidence to the point where nothing can make you feel less of yourself.

When it seems like the obstacles won’t stop coming or the challenges are beyond you, whisper self-affirmations to yourself and keep pressing on.

At the end of the day, you’d see that those challenges that looked undefeatable were simply little bumps on your path to success.

7. Divide Your Tasks into Smaller Parts – How to Stay Determined 

The chances of you losing your determination are a lot higher when you try to tackle a big problem as it is.

Therefore, when you want to accomplish something big, make it easier by breaking it down into small parts.

This will make the project or goal less challenging so you can face it squarely.

When you see yourself completing these smaller tasks, your resolve to get the whole task done would be strengthened.

You won’t spend time second-guessing yourself.

Once you finish one task, you would move on to the next, and then the next, then the next, and you’d keep going, building momentum until you achieve your goal.

8. Take Breaks – How to Stay Determined

The last thing you want when working on a task or goal is to get burnout.

Determination does not mean you should not give yourself a break now and then.

In fact, it becomes even harder to stay determined when you keep pushing yourself without taking breaks.

Do not over-exert yourself by working for a prolonged period without taking a break.

Skipping meals and not getting enough sleep will only do you more harm than good.

Therefore, make sure you take enough breaks as you work towards your goal.

If you fail to give yourself rest, then your body will force you to by falling sick.

And you may end up taking more time recovering than you would have taken to rest.

9. Envision Your Success – How to Stay Determined

See yourself succeeding.

When there are a lot of obstacles and setbacks on your way, envision the future.

See that you overcame the obstacles and succeeded despite them.

Daydreaming may seem like a silly thing to do when you have a business to run but it will surely help to keep you determined.

10. Reward Yourself – How to Stay Determined

As you track your progress, celebrate your small victory.

When you complete a task on your checklist, reward yourself.

The reward may be as little as eating your favorite meal or cookie.

It can be going to your favorite restaurant, taking a day trip, going to the spa, or just about anything that will make you feel motivated.

11. Do Not Beat Up On Yourself

It’s normal to fall short sometimes, after all, you are only human.

So, when you do not meet a target, do not be too harsh on yourself.

Do not beat up on yourself and make yourself feel like a loser.

Even though you could have done better, do not spend time making yourself feel bad.

Just accept your failure or mistake and try to not make them again.

Nothing good will ever come out of making yourself feel like a loser; it will only slow down your drive to get to your goal.

Conclusion on How to Stay Determined

Staying determined will help you reach your goals faster.

But it isn’t so easy to do.

You would experience challenges and setbacks along the way that would make you want to give up.

But you should always remind yourself that you can overcome these challenges.

Practice the tips discussed in this article and make sure you do not stop striving towards your goal.