How To Think Strategically

How To Think Strategically

Do you want to know how to think strategically? Do you find decision-making a bit difficult? Have you wondered what it will be like if you could think strategically? 

The ability to think strategically is an essential skill every person should have.

This skill is even more important in entrepreneurship.

Hence, your desire to develop strategic thinking is a big step in becoming a successful entrepreneur.

This is because, with strategic thinking, you can achieve a lot and be more productive.

Strategic thinking gives you an edge in your business and also in your personal life.

We want you to be at the top of your game as a person and as an entrepreneur at all times.

Therefore, we will be sharing with you all you need to know to develop your ability to think strategically.

Let’s start with what it means to think strategically.

What Does Strategic Thinking Mean? – How to Think Strategically

How do you train your brain to think strategically

Strategic thinking is the ability to think and make decisions with an intelligent, systematic, creative, and informed mindset.

Therefore, when you think strategically, you can think creatively, figure out answers to issues, see opportunities that other people miss, and know how to use them to your advantage.

To further explain, it can help you think outside the box or out of your comfort zone.

Overall, an individual who thinks strategically is known as a strategic thinker.

Let’s find out more about what makes a strategic thinker.

Characteristics of  Strategic Thinkers – How to Think Strategically

Can strategic thinking be taught

Strategic thinkers behave and think in a certain way.

This distinguishes strategic thinkers from others.

Hence, strategic thinkers exhibit the following characteristics.


Strategic thinkers are people who make decisions or plans that will keep them waiting for the result.

Their patience is tested during the time they have to wait.

When others make hasty decisions to get quick results, strategic thinkers will not.

Instead, they make sure their decision is the right one and will be willing to wait for it to yield its result at the right time.

They are not be bothered by that and remain patient.

Eventually, they end up getting rewarded for the wait.

Flexible; How to Think Strategically

Strategic thinkers are also very flexible.

They are capable of accepting and adapting to changes when they come.

Flexibility is one main characteristic of strategic thinkers.

This is because changes are bound to happen.

Strategic thinkers mostly know how to change plans when things change to ensure that their goals are achieved.

They are like generals in battle, who adapt and think of a different way to attack when the main line of attack is blocked.

Emotionally Stable

Strategic thinkers are emotionally stable.

That is, they do not allow the turn of events to affect their emotions.

They are in control of their emotions no matter how things turn out.

As a result, they are prepared to tackle whatever comes with a clear mind.

Strategic thinkers can achieve their goals when they are emotionally stable.

Goal-Orientated – How to Think Strategically

Strategic thinkers are goal-orientated.

This is because they are driven to ensure that their goals and visions are actualized.

As a result, they put in all their efforts into making their goals and vision a success.


Strategic thinkers are self-motivated because they are goal-oriented.

That is, they do not need anyone to motivate them to pursue their goals.

They know what they want, and they push themselves to get it no matter how difficult it can get.

Confident – How to Think Strategically

Strategic thinkers are confident that everything will turn out fine.

They tend to pursue their goals with a high sense of assertiveness.

With no doubt in their minds, they evaluate, decide and execute their decisions promptly.


Strategic thinkers are also insightful people.

They are capable of seeing and understanding things from different points of view.

People will see strategic thinkers as wise people because they can solve problems and deal with issues.

They are people who do not follow one way of doing things but several ways.

Most people will not be able to predict their next line of action because of this.

Inquisitive– How to Think Strategically

This is another character trait in a strategic thinker.

They are not afraid to question things because of their inquisitive nature.

Just like a child that does not stop with the questions, they keep going on.

This is because they know that they cannot find solutions to problems without questioning things.

Overall, strategic thinkers are very inquisitive.


Everybody is smart in their own right.

However, when we say “smart,” with strategic thinkers, we mean that they can identify patterns and make sense of them.

They are very fast at figuring things out than other people.

Progressive – How to Think Strategically

Strategic thinkers are progressive.

What we mean by this is that; they are persons who work towards making things better.

When they see a need to change things positively, they will step in and put in their effort to make it work.

Benefits of Thinking Strategically –How to Think Strategically

How can I be a better strategist

Now that you know what strategic thinking means, we will be sharing with you the benefits.

Here they are:

It Makes You a Problem Solver

As a strategic thinker, when a problem arises, you will be able to analyze that problem easily, think of several ways to approach it, and finally select the best option.

Your ability to think strategically will enable you to see things from a different perspective.

Moreover, your approach to situations will be very different from other people.

This is because you do not only know the next move to take but also because you visualize every little step in your mind from different points.

You are like a general at battle who is great at handling different situations thrown at him.

It Helps You to Stay in Control – How to Think Strategically

Have you ever met someone who is often ready for anything?

You wonder how that person seems so organized and in control of most things.

Often, the secret to that person’s control is that he/she is a strategic thinker.

When you can think strategically, it gives you an edge over things.

You will be more organized because you are thinking ahead of time.

For example, a strategic thinker will think ahead to have an umbrella nearby at all times during the rainy season.

This way, the person will be prepared whenever it rains.

It Reduces Failure Chances – How to Think Strategically

Thinking strategically also helps you make good decisions which in turn saves you from making costly mistakes.

The more mistakes you avoid, the more the chances of failure are reduced.

It Makes You a Better Leader

Most people expect their leaders to have answers to virtually everything.

When you can think strategically, getting answers to issues will be much easier for you.

This will make people believe in you and come to you when any issue arises.

Your influence over them and their trust in you will increase.

This will make you a better leader to them.

It Makes Things Easier – How to Think Strategically

When you are a strategic thinker, things that others find difficult will seem easy for you.

Making good decisions will also become easier for you.

Tips on How to Think Strategically

Tips for How To Think Strategically at Work

We know that not everyone is a strategic thinker.

However, we also know that you can develop yourself to think strategically.

There are certain things you need to learn to enable you to think strategically.

Here they are:

Question Things

It is often said that “a person who asks questions won’t miss his way.”

Strategic thinkers are people who question things.

If you desire to be a strategic thinker, you have to learn how to ask questions.

Be inquisitive; do not be scared to make inquiries about things.

Be like a child who tries to know the whys to almost everything around him/her.

When you encounter something new, ask why.

Even when they are things you knew before but do not clearly understand, ask why.

Keep questioning, no matter how difficult it might seem to get answers.

The more you keep pushing for answers, the clearer things become for you.

Gradually, questioning things around you will become natural to you.

Also, your cognitive brain will develop to become better.

How do you think strategically as a leader

Think of Different Approach to Things – How to Think Strategically

When we think of doing something or looking for a solution, we think of just one method or approach.

That should not be the case for you if you intend to be a strategic thinker.

You have to broaden your way of thinking.

Do not limit yourself by only looking at things from the traditional point of view.

You can break free of your comfort zone.

You have to be open-minded and grow out of doing things the way it is usually done.

When you are thinking of how to achieve a goal or seeking solutions to problems, you need to learn to put aside the thought of doing it the usual way and think of different ways.

As you continue breaking out of your conventional way of thinking, you will become more creative and innovative.

Learn to Prioritize – How to Think Strategically

To become a strategic thinker, you have to learn how to prioritize your tasks.

Know what is important and put it above every other thing.

When you prioritize your important tasks, you will focus on doing them, and it will still give you time to do the other tasks.

When you can do this, you will become more organized.

How can I be more strategic at work

Be Knowledgeable at all Times

Knowledge is power.

Therefore, if you desire to stay at the top of the game as a strategic thinker, you need to know what you are doing at all times.

As a strategic thinker, you need to be someone who reads and researches a lot.

If you do not know certain things, your capacity to think broader on those topics might be limited.

So, keep yourself informed on different topics.

Try not to limit your knowledge to only topics in your niche.

Listen to People

As a strategic thinker, you need to listen to other people’s ideas or options.

This will give you more ideas and information about the particular topic that is discussed.

You can listen to the options of your mentor, partners, workers, and also your clients.

When you do this, you learn more.

Also, you can get the opinions of people wiser, older, and more experienced than you.

All these options and ideas can come in handy when you are about to make a decision.

It will help you determine what works best for you and what will not.

You can get amazing ideas from anybody.

However, ensure you weigh ideas or advice you get from people before implementing them.

Why is strategic thinking difficult

Accept Change – How to Think Strategically

As a strategic thinker, you have to learn to accept and adapt to changes.

This is because things can change, and when it does, your course of action needs to change too.

Ensure that for every decision you make, there is a plan to tackle challenges.

This will give you an edge over unforeseen circumstances.

It will seem like you knew it was coming and were prepared for it.

This way, you will not be shaken by that change but accept and adapt to it.

Important Steps in Strategic Thinking – How to Think Strategically

How can I be more strategic than tactical

Now that you know what you can do to develop your strategic thinking skills, here are some important steps in strategic thinking.

When you want to decide on something, strategic thinking comes in handy.

However, you cannot just start racking your brain by thinking.

There are steps you have to take to ensure that you think strategically.

When you follow these steps we are about to share, you will find it easier to make a good decision.

Step 1: Be In Sync with Your Vision/ Goals

The first step to take is to ensure that you are in sync with your vision.

Have a clear picture of what you are pursuing to the point that you can describe your goal or vision in details

Get connected to the source of that vision inside you.

When you do this, the drive to complete that vision will be very great.

Stay in sync with your vision at all steps of the way.

Step 2: Ask Questions – How to Think Strategically

Once you are in sync with your vision, the next step is to ask yourself questions.

These questions have to be peculiar to your situation or goal.

The main question to ask during this period is; ‘what do I need to do to achieve my goals?’

Step 3: Think it Over

There are two different ways to go about this.

They are:

Analytical Method of Approach – How to Think Strategically

This is the method most strategic thinkers go with.

The first thing to do is to jot down the answer to all your questions.

Ensure that it is well detailed.

This will provide you with clarity and help you move forward in thinking about your goal or vision.

Meditative Methods of Approach – How to Think Strategically

This works best if you want your instinct to guide you.

With this, you do not need to write anything out.

Create a space and time where you can relax.

When you are relaxed, let your answers float into your subconscious.

You can use one of these methods, whatever works best for you.

Just be sure that you create time in your schedule to think it over.

Step 4: Create Your Plan – How to Think Strategically

The next step is to create your plan.

You have to weigh all your options and decide what is best for you.

Creating your plan is by identifying the actions you have to take to achieve your goal or vision.

Some of those actions might be short-termed, while others might be long-termed.

When planning, everything should be clear, and each step needs to be thoroughly detailed.

They also need to be practical actions that will lead to success.

Step 5: Visualize

This is the last and most important step.

It involves mind-mapping, brainstorming, diagramming, drawing pictures, creating charts and, all other forms of creative thinking that will enable you to get out of your comfort zone.

This step helps in keeping the process going by making the plan creative.

Your strategic mind is more engaged at this point.

This is when you think of alternatives and create plans to counter any obstacle.

Conclusion on How to Think Strategically

Ways to Improve Your Strategic Thinking Skills

When thinking strategically, you need to be flexible, open-minded, innovative, and creative.

You can work towards being a great strategic thinker.

Remember, you can do that by being inquisitive; do not be scared to ask questions.

Be someone who listens to other people’s options.

No matter who the person is, you may get something reasonable and useful from their option.

Try to prioritize important tasks.

Study and research different topics.

This will keep your mind sharp and help you figure out other ways of doing things.

Lastly, learn to accept and adapt to changes.

Do not stick to your conventional way of doing things; break out of your comfort zone!

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How To Think Strategically