How To Write A Good Speech

How To Write A Good Speech

As a leader, there will be times when you will be asked to give a speech. To present a speech excellently, you need to know how to write a good speech. By creating a good speech, you become a more effective leader, and your writing skills improve as well.

We want you to be capable of creating good speeches.

Therefore, we will share with you valuable information that will enable you to write good speeches moving forward.

Let’s begin.

How Do You Define Speech? – How To Write A Good Speech

How do you begin a speech

Speech is a form of communication in spoken language, delivered by a speaker before an audience for a given purpose.

This could be formal or informal speech.

To make a formal speech, you have to prepare before giving it by writing out your speech.

The effectiveness of your speech is based on how well you write it.

Hence, you need to know how to write a good speech.

Types Of Speeches – How To Write A Good Speech

How do you introduce yourself in a speech

To write a good speech, you need to know the type of speech you are writing.

This will enable you to write your speech according to the type of speech it is.

Hence, we will briefly discuss the five main types of speech:

Informative Speech

This type of speech aims to educate the listeners about a particular subject matter or topic.

Therefore, when you write this type of speech, you need to use facts, statistics, and data to help your listeners understand a concept.

Also, the facts, statistics, and data help to back up your assertions or claims.

For instance, when writing a speech on the history of civilization, you have to make it educative by using various historical information or statistical facts.

Informative speech does not aim at making the listeners believe certain opinions or viewpoints.

Therefore, when constructing an informative speech, you do not have to worry about making people believe your speech.

You only need to write your speech in a way that will inform your listeners about the important details on a particular subject matter or topic.

Entertaining Speech – How to Write a Good Speech

The goal of entertaining is to amuse the listeners.

Hence, it is often shorter and less formal than other speeches.

This sort of speech communicates emotions instead of figures and facts.

Therefore, when crafting an entertaining speech, you have to use funny stories or Humor.

Entertaining speeches are often used at weddings or birthday parties.

Best man’s speech at weddings is a great example of an entertaining speech.

Demonstrative Speech– How To Write A Good Speech

The demonstrative speech objective is to educate people on topics or ideas they do not know about.

The difference between this sort of speech and informative speech is that people do not have prior knowledge of the topic being discussed with this speech type.

Also, it often uses visual aids.

This is to help facilitate a better demonstration or description of a topic’s details.

When writing this sort of speech, you have to ensure you back it up by preparing tools and gadgets that will be used to make demonstrations or descriptions.

For example, if you run a tech company and want to inform the public about your new device, you can present a speech and demonstrate the way your new device works.

Your delivery of this type of speech depends on how well you demonstrate.

Persuasive Speech

Persuasive speech is used to convince the listeners that opinions on a specific topic being shared with them are right.

Therefore, when writing persuasive speeches, you need to use concrete evidence to persuade your listeners and make them believe what you say.

Also, you should use emotionally compelling words to sway the opinions of your listeners to yours.

Lawyers use persuasive speeches when speaking about their clients to the jury.

Salespersons also use persuasive speeches to persuade customers to buy a product or service.

Motivational Speech

This type of speeches’ objective is to inspire the listeners and boost their confidence in doing things or improving themselves.

Therefore, when writing this sort of speech, you have to use devices that will lift your listeners’ spirits and enhance their self-esteem and confidence.

You can use inspiring stories of people, motivational quotes, and your personal stories.

However, for a person to give this type of speech, they should be motivated as well.

Essential Parts Of A Good Speech – What Makes A Good Speech

How can I make my self introduction more interesting

Regardless of the type of speech you’re writing, there are some things all speeches should have.

These include;


The introduction is the first section of a speech.

As the name entails, it introduces the speech; the opening.

The introduction of speeches varies based on the type.

However, all speech has one thing in common; the need to get attention.

Therefore, when preparing your speech, you need to make it as interesting as you can to capture your listeners’ attention.

If your introduction is not engaging, you will lose your listeners’ attention even before your speech starts.

Body – How to Write a Good Speech

This section is the heart of a speech.

All the vital information you desire to share is written in the body of a speech.

It makes up the size of a speech.

When you are drafting a speech, you should ensure you follow a comprehensive and progressive pattern.

This will help you stay on point no matter how long it gets.

Also, it will make it easier for your listeners to understand.


This is the section where you finalize your points and end your speech.

You should not end the speech abruptly.

Instead, conclude it by briefly summarizing your leading points and make your speech a memorable one.

Importance Of Writing A Speech – How To Write A Good Speech

How do you introduce yourself in a speech creatively

What is the reason for writing a speech?

Why do I have to go through this process before giving a speech?

We will answer those questions by sharing with you the reason why it is important to write a speech.

This will inspire you to write better speeches.

It Gives You A Better Comprehension Of The Topic

When writing a speech, you research to ensure that your facts are right.

Hence, you acquire knowledge on the topic you are writing on.

However, that is not all.

Apart from gaining knowledge from your research, you also better understand a topic when you write out your speech.

This happens because when you craft and write your speech, you are not only writing out the knowledge you acquired from your research but also your knowledge, beliefs, and experience.

Combining all that helps you to gain an extensive understanding of the topic and how you relate to it.

It Enables You To Stay On Course – How to Write a Good Speech

An important reason to write a good speech is that it enables you to stay on course.

A written out speech is like a guideline that directs you on what to say and how to say it when giving a speech.

Overall, your written speech is a good way to avoid derailing when making your presentation.

It Helps You To Remember Your Speech

Have you ever been in a situation where you forget what to say during a presentation?

It is usually very awkward and embarrassing.

Writing out your speech before your presentation will help prevent you from forgetting.

This is because writing things down is an amazing way of saving information in the brain.

Also, when you are constructing your speech in an orderly sequence, it will be easier for you to remember.

It Structures Your Ideas – How to Write a Good Speech

Writing your speech helps to structure your ideas and thoughts in a way that others can understand.

There are chances that your knowledge on a topic can be scattered regardless of your expertise.

Hence, when giving your speech without prior preparation, you might end up saying your points in a disorganized manner.

As a result, your listeners will get confused.

They will not understand your points or their relevance despite how great they might be.

Writing your speech helps you to avoid such situations.

It Helps You To Practice

Writing out your speech helps you to practice before making the presentation.

When you practice your speech, it will enable you to present your speech well.

It Helps You Time Your Speech – How to Write a Good Speech

Whenever a person is asked to present a speech, he or she will be given a time limit.

Writing your speech in advance will enable you to time your speech.

As a result, you will be capable of utilizing your given time, no matter how long or short it is.

It Helps You to Make Adjustments

Another important reason for writing your speech in advance is that it helps you see and make any adjustments if your speech needs it.

For example, you might have forgotten a point, but then remember it when writing your speech.

Another example is when you use inappropriate words and then change them when writing your speech.

It Helps You to Eliminate Filler Words – How to Write a Good Speech

Filler words are those meaningless sounds or words we make to cover the silence that occurs when thinking of the next thing to say.

For example, the commonly used ones are ‘hmm’ and ‘ahh.’

A simple way to eliminate filler words when presenting a speech is by writing your speech in advance.

When you have written your speech, you will flow without pausing when presenting.

It Improves Your Speech Quality

Generally, when you write your speech, it improves its quality.

Your speech content is just as important as your speech delivery.

Hence, when you work to make your speech content and delivery good, your speech will be a success.

Tips On How To Write A Good Speech

Top tips for writing a successful speech

Knowing the various types of speech and the format for writing speeches is not enough to create a good speech.

There are some little nuggets of information that will make you capable of creating good speeches.

We will share those nuggets as tips on how to write a good speech.

Have A Grand Introduction And Conclusion

We earlier explained to you what these two sections are about.

These two sections are very important because they are the beginning and the end.

The beginning and the end of a thing have to be excellent if it should succeed.

How good the beginning is determined by how well your listeners will pay attention.

Also, the ending determines how impressed your listeners will be at the end of your speech.

You cannot start a speech well and end it badly and expect your listeners to be impressed.

Therefore, you have to construct your speech well to ensure that they are both grand and captivating.

You can begin your speech with a question, a captivating quote, or a surprising statistic connected to your speech topic.

If You Want to Write a Great Speech, Here's How to Do It

Know Your Listeners/ Audience – How To Write A Speech

When communicating, you need to put your audience into consideration.

Since speech is a form of communication, you have to do the same.

You need to know who your listeners are and create your speech in a manner that will suit them.

For example, when addressing people of different fields, and your speech is on technology, you have to define the tech terms you use in your speech.

This will help you improve your speech.


When creating a speech, you need to ensure that you get your facts and information right.

To do this, you have to research.

When you research the topic you want to write on, it will be easy to base your speech on the right facts.

This ensures that the speech will be a good one.

What makes you afraid to speak

Have Your Speech Structured Based On Its Purpose – How To Write A Good Speech

When constructing your speech, ensure that it is structured based on the purpose of the speech.

If the purpose of your speech is to enlighten people, you have to organize it in alphabetical or chronological order.

When the purpose of your speech is to persuade your listeners, use concrete evidence or powerful emotions to sway your listeners to your opinion.

Also, use transitional words or phrases between examples to ensure that your listener can follow and understand your points.

Time Yourself

If you want to write a good speech, you need to be time conscious.

Every aspect of the presentation should have a time frame.

To ensure that you abide by the time given, after constructing your speech, time yourself while reading the speech out like you are presenting it.

If your speech is longer than your time allocated to you, cut some parts off to shorten it.

How to Write a Speech to Engage your Audience

Be Straightforward – How To Write A Good Speech

When writing a speech, go straight to the point.

This will prevent you from beating around the bush with irrelevant things.

A good speech is concise.

This way, it will be easier for your listeners to understand.

Add Humor When Applicable

To add light to your speech, you can add humor.

Every good speech is capable of connecting with the listeners.

And humor is a great way to do that.

While constructing your speech, you can chip in a joke in your introduction, then an anecdote in the body, or however you want it to be.

This does not make it less formal, only more human.

However, ensure that you avoid overdoing it.

Also, make sure every joke is related to your speech.

How to Write a Speech

Use Simple Words – How To Write A Good Speech

A good speech uses simple words to ensure that the listeners understand.

Also, it ensures that the listeners connect with the speech.

So, instead of using big words or complicated jargon, use simple words.

Add Your Personal Touch

When creating your speech, make sure it has your personal touch.

Your speeches should include your feelings, opinions, and thoughts.

A good speech needs to have the writer’s touch.

Do not base your speech only on the findings from your research.

Let it be a blend of the facts, your opinions, and your thoughts.

This will make your speech authentic and unique.

Proofread Your Work – How To Write A Good Speech

To ensure that your work does not have errors, proofread it after writing.

Your work is not complete without proofreading.

The way to proofread is by reading the words aloud or having someone else do it.

As you proofread, watch out for errors and correct them.

Conclusion On How To Write A Good Speech

tips on how to write a good speech

In summary, you have to be capable of writing a good speech.

You never know when you will be called upon to present a speech.

To create a speech, you need to know the type of speech you are writing.

There are five main types of speech: informative, demonstrative, persuasive, motivational, and entertaining.

Each of these requires a particular technique to write them effectively.

However, there is a general format for constructing most speeches.

They include the introduction, the body, and the conclusion.

Writing a speech is important because it gives you a better comprehension of the topic, enables you to stay on course, helps you remember the speech, and structures your ideas.

To create a good speech, you need to make your introduction and conclusion grand, know your listener, do your research, and structure your speech based on its purpose.

You also need to time yourself, be straightforward, add humor, use simple words, add your personal touch, and proofread your work.

These tips we shared with you will help you create good speeches, provided you practice them.

So, we advise you to start today.

“Before anything else, preparation is the key to success.” – Alexander Graham Bell.

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How To Write A Good Speech